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The Deputy First Minister promises more funding for EU students


and tells the SNP conference that their rights


United in grief - the family and friends of Mike Towell


welcome his opponent Dale Evans at the boxer's funeral.


Packing up the Burrell Collection as the Glasgow museum prepares


Stewart Hogg's delighted to be staying at Glasgow Warriors,


but will the team be happy after tonight's


And a new statue commemorates the women and children left behind


EU students in Scotland have been promised funding for another year.


But John Swinney - who made the announcement at the SNP


conference in Glasgow - also challenged UK ministers


to guarantee the right for EU students to stay


The conference also debated whether this was the right time


for the SNP to call another referendum on Scottish independence.


This from our political editor, Brian Taylor.


This woman is run Sweden, just one of 2500 EU students at Aberdeen


University. After the Brexit filled the university promised their study


places were secure but still, they fret. For themselves and for those


who want to follow them. A lot of my friends are EU students so it was


worrying for every single person. At the SNP conference John Swinney


promised to extend funding to EU students for another year, 42017 and


18, but he wants UK ministers to guarantee their right to stay


regardless of Brexit negotiations. These people are not cards to be


played. They are fellow human beings, to use them as negotiating


chips is obscene and this party and this SNP government will have none


of it. The conference broadened the by welcoming family from Australia


who eventually won the right to stay in Scotland. Alex Salmond said the


story showed the Conservatives' true intent. If we stick to London room


we know what exactly lies in store- boils down to its essence, a closed,


intolerant backward looking society. Theresa May's little England. The


party Deputy Leader had an explicit warning for Theresa May. If you


continue to ignore the expressed will of the people of Scotland, if


you refuse to even consider how we might protect Scotland's place in


the EU, NBN no doubt, your days as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom


are numbered. But does it all add up to an early referendum? Delegates


are not entirely certain. Some argue yes. The message to the Prime


Minister is this... The days of Scotland being sidelined or over.


Redmayne means remain, our voice will be heard. Some say... The next


independence referendum must be one that we are confident we can win.


When the time is right or the issue is off the agenda for decades. I


would urge caution and while I applaud the sentiment of the


resolution, my concern is that we're tying the independence referendum


solely to the trigger of Brexit. Reflecting on the dilemma, Nicola


Sturgeon told delegates, welcome to my world. Welcome, indeed, to post


Brexit politics. Rarely pure, never simple.


And Brian joins us now from the conference in Glasgow.


That debate about a second referendum reflected a genuine


It does, a genuine decent dignified honourable division of opinion, not


an objective, they yearn for independence but over the strategy


for bringing that about and whether to hold an early referendum. Those


for bringing that about and whether who say perhaps an early referendum


is justified say that the UK that was on offer in the referendum in


2014 has changed as a result of the Brexit vote, it is no longer there.


They also characterise opinion among the right in England as being


xenophobic and they believe Scotland will resile from that and that


argues for independence. Those counselling caution say this is a


time of uncertainty caused by the Brexit vote and does an early


referendum not add to that uncertainty? They also argue that


perhaps there are some people who supported independence in 2014 but


do not particularly favoured the European Union, perhaps ordered to


leave in the referendum earlier this year. In other words, the Brexit


vote being a trigger to hold the referendum, but is this the button


to push to get the yes vote? It is a genuine dilemma for the SNP.


Hundreds of mourners have attended the funeral


of the boxer Mike Towell, who died after a bout


The service at St Andrew's Cathedral in Dundee was also


attended by his opponent, the Welsh boxer Dale Evans.


It's emerged that in the weeks before the fight Mike Towell,


who was 25, had been suffering from headaches but had put


The family of Mike Towell say the two weeks since his death have been


surreal. This morning, they gathered at St Andrew's Cathedral in his


Dundee home to say their final goodbye. And there were not alone.


Around 300 people joined them, friends, ordinary people from Dundee


and members of the boxing fraternity. To pay their respects.


Among them was Dale Evans, the fighter who delivered the globe


Among them was Dale Evans, the which floored Mike Towell. He later


played his own tribute at this mural. In a statement, the family


said that Dale Evans had also been through so much and no fault would


never lie with him. This was just two boys boxing and doing what they


loved best. That spirit of generosity was also evident in the


funeral service. One of his friends spoke and he was very humorous, he


talked warmly about his life and the upbringing he had, he was a hardy


boy with a great sense of humour. A man who was very much loved among


friends and family and the boxing community. The funeral is not the


only way that Dundee is remembering Mike Towell. There is a huge amount


of respect and affection for Mike Towell and his family here in


Dundee. But questions remain about the state of his health in the lead


up to that fatal fight. The biggest moment of his career! Mike died


after his life-support machine was switched off following his collapse


in this fight last month. It later emerged he had been suffering from


headaches during training. What is clear is that his family is


devastated. But they say they will also smile every day at his memory.


The two-year-old girl who was killed after being hit by a car


in Perthshire has been named as Harlow Edwards from Cupar Angus.


Her six-year-old brother and 17-year-old sister were also hit


when the car mounted the pavement after being


They're both in hospital with serious injuries.


The accident happened on the A94 yesterday afternoon.


Police say they're very concerned for the welfare of a woman


from Ayr who's gone missing with her two children.


29-year-old Farah Fadli, who's also known as Farah Gillespie,


was last seen by a friend on Wednesday morning.


It's believed she was with her ten-year-old son


McKenzie and her daughter Eva, who's four.


Police say it's very unusual for Farah not to be


The human rights group Liberty says it's continuing attempts


to have an inquest reopened into the death of a Scottish


It follows today's ruling at the High Court in London


authorising a fresh inquest into the death of another serviceman


Our home affairs correspondent, Reevel Alderson, is here now.


Remind us of the background to this, Reevel.


The story goes back to March 2002 men Private James Collinson, who was


17, in the army training, was found dead from a single gunshot wound,


training at the Deepcut Barracks and an inquest was held into the death


with an open verdict returned. Since then his parents have tried to find


out a little more about what happened. Private Collinson was a


fourth young soldier to die at the Deepcut Barracks, where evidence


emerged of severe bullying. This was not available to the inquest and


since then his parents have asked for the MoD to release mental health


records, medical records and also material about how the army cared


for their son. Today in a separate case the High Court in London gave


permission for a new inquest to be held into the death of Private Sean


Benton, the first of these four young soldier to die and the human


rights group Liberty had asked for various bits of material from the


MoD which had not been available to the inquest and they say that now


they also have secured disclosure of similar documents relating to the


death of private Collinson but so far there has been an update on


whether or not any inquest will be sought or even ordered into his


death. It was impossible to date to contact his mother or father. Thank


you. A woman has been charged


with the attempted murder of two police officers on duty in West


Lothian. The officers had responded


to a report of concern for a person at around 4pm yesterday afternoon


on Hopefield Drive in Blackburn. An officer sustained minor injuries


after being struck by a black Mini Cooper and was taken


to hospital as a precaution. Scotland's exam body has admitted


to a series of mistakes in one of last summer's


computer science tests. There were a number of coding errors


in the National 5 question paper, according to a report


by the Scottish It also found several typographical


mistakes in the paper, The SQA said adjustments had been


made to the grade boundaries to make sure no candidates were affected


by the errors. In just over a week


the Burrell Collection in Glasgow will close its doors for four years


for a multi-million While the A-listed building


is refurbished, the collection of more than 9,000 artefacts will be


moved - some of it into storage, and some into exhibition


spaces at home and abroad. Our arts correspondent


Pauline McLean reports. I have got a beautiful and unique


carpet fragment from the ancient city... It was made their way carpet


weavers. In 1610. Deep in the basement of the Burrell Collection,


there are many treasures which have never seen the light of day. It has


lived in these stories for many years and we are hoping that with


the new refurbishment it will appear in a story about figurative imagery


in Islamic art, is it permissible or forbidden, given it is so


in Islamic art, is it permissible or controversial? Less than a fifth of


the collection is on public display at the moment and in the new


building that will be nearer to 90%, including the basement, which will


be open to the public for the first time. This is the biggest


undertaking since the Burrell Collection first opened in 1983. It


must be a great satisfaction to you to see this building open and its


treasures so well displayed. Its parkland site far from city centre


pollution is a condition of the bequest. As a shipping baggage, Sir


William Burrell was concerned about keeping his treasures safe. It was


where he also insisted in it never turning abroad. But the city argues


that was outdated and after a lengthy legal battle, it overturned


the condition and while it is closed, key artworks will tour the


world, raising the profile of the collection as well as funds. This


has been a great pivotal achievement for us, it means we are released on


the world stage for the first time and that means it encourages great


collaboration with international partners such as the Museum of fine


Art in Houston, where four pictures will go on display imminently. Most


of the 9000 artefacts will go into storage carefully wrapped and boxed


and catalogued in the coming months. Ready to go on display in the new


Burrell Museum in 2020. You're watching BBC


Reporting Scotland. The Deputy First Minister promises


more funding for EU students and tells the SNP conference that


their rights should be guaranteed. And still to come: A new statue


commemorates the women and children left behind


by the Eyemouth fishing disaster. The most advanced collection


of unmanned drones and remotely operated vessels ever assembled


is currently taking to the skies - and the waves - as part of a major


military operation The exercise involves naval staff


and defence contractors from several countries and is designed to show


how these devices can help keep frontline forces away from the most


dangerous situations. The land Warrior exercise is


bringing together an unprecedented number remote devices that flight,


swim or sale on the water, to see just how they function together in a


real warfare scenario. It sounds like James Bond stuff but these


devices really do exist. It is all about the best tool for the job and


people are crucially best at making the decisions and the machines are


best at gathering information and helping us decide when to intervene.


These patrol boats behind me look like standard vessels but there is


one important difference Daesh there is no cockpit, there is no wheel,


because they are designed for unmanned operation. They are


controlled by a human but, crucially, that person is kept well


out of danger. Countermeasures which we demonstrate here are inherently


dangerous. If we can move people further away from the danger of


those mines and use the unmanned systems to do what we call dull,


dirty and dangerous, that is a good thing. This exercise in and around


the Hebrides has involved 50 different types of unmanned craft, a


dozen defence contractors and forces from several countries. The unique


aspect is the integration of 50 unmanned technologies joined in


coalition, accelerating the autonomous learning capacity,


collaborating in the science and technology realm and innovating with


world-class navies into a fleet exercise. What many in the military


have come to realise is much of this technology is emerging from outside


the defence industry. And some is even available on the High Street.


This exercise is an attempt to exploit the capabilities and push


the boundaries of how this technology can be used to counteract


enemy or terrorist activity and protect our troops.


Let's take a look now at other stories from across the country.


Police say a fire at a derelict hospital in Aberdeenshire


More than 60 firefighters were called to Glen O'Dee


Some patients at a nearby community hospital were moved internally,


while firefighters tackled the outbreak


This morning, my reports are that our patients are all settled. They


came through the night without any ill effects and it is business as


usual. The public is to be given


the opportunity to take a cyber-tour of a multi-million pound defence


scheme earmarked for the flood-prone A virtual reality headset will be


used as part of an exhibition next month to give local people a greater


insight into the project. Dumfries and Galloway Council


hopes it'll help address concerns about the impact


on parking provision. The Forth Bridge has been voted


Scotland's greatest man-made wonder. The Unesco World Heritage Site


captured almost a third of the votes in a survey by Visit Scotland,


surpassing Edinburgh Castle, the Kelpies and the


Glenfinnan Viaduct. The vote was carried out


by the national tourism organisation to mark Scotland's year


of innovation, A torchlight procession


through Stornoway this evening will mark the opening of this


year's Royal National Mod. Gaelic's premier festival returns


to the Western Isles Apart from being a celebration


of language and culture, it's hoped the event will provide


the area with an economic boost. Hate crimes against disabled people


occur frequently in Scotland, but most go unreported


and there are few convictions. Now a touring film campaign aimed


at school children has been launched It's a collaboration


between Police Scotland and a leading disability charity


based in Renfrewshire. There are 1 million people


registered with a disability or long term illness in Scotland. 97% of


disability hate crime goes unreported in Scotland alone. There


were only 112 prosecutions last year for disability hate crime.


Glasgow Warriors begin their Champion's Cup campaign


tonight when they face English Premiership side


Head coach Gregor Townsend has admitted his club should have


fared better in European competition by now.


Retaining their star player on a long-term deal has been


a welcome boost ahead of this big match, as Kenny Crawford reports.


This is one happy Glasgow warrior, partly because laces are not the


only thing he has been tying up recently. Scotland international


Stuart Hogg has signed a new contract until 2019, which is his


wife as much as it suits him. Both our parents are just a couple of


hours down the road, so it is easy to pop down. The issue goes, happy


wife, happy life. If that wasn't the case, I would be in trouble.


wife, happy life. If that wasn't the everything seems perfect. But time


for a reality check. The Champions Cup is rugby's top European


tournament and it replaced the Heineken Cup, which had been running


since 1995. But in those 21 years, Glasgow haven't managed to make the


conversion from group stage to quarterfinals. Given the rugby we


have played throughout the season, especially in the last few seasons,


we believe we have not achieved our potential and this is another chance


to do better. For that to happen, Townsend's Glasgow must barge their


way through a tough group containing last season's cup runners-up, racing


92 of France and two clubs who have won the Heineken Cup twice, monster


from Ireland and English side Leicester Tigers. Their director of


rugby, Richard Cockerill, has voiced concerns about playing on Glasgow's


artificial pitch tonight, but Tigers players don't appear to be so


bothered. We have got experience of playing with them. They are a good


side, well coached. Glasgow have already shown their domestic


pedigree with eye-catching wins over the likes of defending pro-champions


Connacht this season. Now it is time to replicate that on the European


stage. Well, you can listen to how that


Glasgow-Leicester match unfolds on BBC Radio Scotland's Sportsound


tonight on 92 to 95 FM. Tennis now, and Andy Murray produced


another impressive display to reach the semi-finals


of the Shanghai Masters as he bids He beat the Belgian David Goffin


6-2, 6-2. He'll now face either Jack Sock


of the United States or France's Gilles Simon


for a place in Sunday's final. It was one of the darkest


days in the history 189 fishermen died on Black Friday,


14th October 1881 - the day of the Eyemouth fishing


disaster. The Berwickshire fleet was caught


in the eye of a ferocious storm. The boats smashed against the rocks


close to harbour, in sight of the families


of many of the fishermen. Today, a memorial was unveiled


to commemorate the women # Throughout that morn, they sweated


hard and worked readily. The storm had come from nowhere, trapping the


fishing fleet who were desperately running for sure.


# Suddenly from the depths of hell, if fury raged. Only to be smashed


against the rocks in sight of their women and children. This money is


for the Dazzler families left behind. It is called women and


bairns. This is my mother and her mother. It was my great grandfather


who was lost in the disaster. Every figure is in memory of each of the


women and children. Yes, it is very emotional, because you think about


these brave women, and if not for them, I wouldn't be here today, and


neither would the other dissidents. It wasn't just the men of Eyemouth


who died that day. 135 years ago, Black Friday claimed the lives of


coast. Immunities like Cove, Burma coast. Immunities like Cove, Burma


-- burn mouth also suffered terrible losses. There are long-standing


memorials to the men who died. This project was about the women. This


Eyemouth sculpture is a timeline over three days, where you have got


the storm on Friday afternoon, with the more tragic gestures. The women


are actually watching their men drowning. And then you have got


people looking out to sea, hoping to see them and come back. There is


hope as well as despair and grief and anxiety, all the things that go


with waiting and watching. It has taken more than a decade to complete


the memorials. These small communities have raised more than a


quarter of ?1 million to pay for a lasting legacy. It is for the next


generation. Ferguson is another generation down from the direct line


of the Grants, and he will be able to bring his children and


grandchildren along and tell them about the person or the statue who


is their direct descendant. This memorial is not just about the


unimaginable pain and suffering, it is about how the widows came


together, how they kept their small immunities alive and how,


generations on, their distant family still remember.


Let's see how the weekend weather is looking.


It is looking very unsettled, but we will see drier and brighter slots as


well. There would be hefty showers in the East. They will become fewer


and lighter as we had through the evening. Shetland is staying dry.


The weather will be heavy in eastern Scotland, and there is a Met Office


weather warning for Angus, Teesside and parts of Aberdeenshire from


midnight until six tomorrow. Still those brisk East or south-easterly


winds. Tomorrow, here is the low pressure responsible. It will be a


wet and windy start to Saturday, the Renicks tending right across the


country during the morning. We will see brighter conditions feeding him


eventually across the borders, and the winds will ease as well. Still


feeling cool under the cloud. We should see some sunshine to the


north of the Isles. You can expect difficult driving conditions and


perhaps some flooding where we have that warning in place. And it


becomes drier as we had through the rest of the day. For hill walkers


and climbers, some challenging conditions, with driving gales at


the tops and possibly severe gales as well. Southern ranges will see an


improvement through the afternoon, but we still have this persistent


rain. Very challenging conditions once again. You will be braver than


me if you head to the hills tomorrow. The rain will continue to


move northwards tomorrow evening. It will become confined to the Northern


Isles, where it will stay windy. It becomes largely dry for most of us.


There will be some showers on Sunday, but a better day in all for


northern Scotland. We lose the showers and rain from the Northern


Isles. A good deal of sunshine as well. It will be a fairly pleasant


day. It will be milder. Now, a reminder of


tonight's main news. I'll be back with the headlines


at 8pm and the late bulletin just Until then, from everyone


on the team right across the country, have


a very good evening.


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