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Rising costs? Is this a start in the rise of the cost of living?


Ukip's only elected politician in Scotland says


People have suggested that but I will wait to see what people say. We


need someone we can unite around, but I do have experience of running


Scotland and hopefully that will be helpful. We will be looking at David


Coburn's chances. How the granite city is becoming


breastfeeding friendly. Dozens of cafes, shops


and restaurants are signing-up to a scheme to welcome mums


and their babies. Celtic's manager says


European progression is not on his team's mind ahead


of their Champions League game. And where the Lord of the Isles


becomes the Lord of the Dance. The prices we pay -


in shops, online, for travel and for household bills


- are rising. Official inflation data almost


doubled - last month - and it's widely expected this could


just be the start of a new bout One of the main factors driving this


up are fuel prices - our Business and Economy Editor


Douglas Fraser has been filling up: Inflation had risen to 0.6% to


August, and it was expected to rise, but it was up 1% in September


against a basket of goods, one of the reasons was the increase in fuel


costs, petrol and diesel have been rising steeply and they are expected


to continue rising in the weeks to come. They have been hit by a double


whammy, the crude oil price, Brent crude, is the benchmark price and


that has been rising and in January it hit a low point of $30 but now it


is over $50. The pound since the European Union referendum, it has


dropped in value, so anything which is valued in foreign currency


including oil, that has become more expensive. That is driving costs up


right across the economy. Inflation is measured with a shopping basket


of more than 700 everyday items in the household budget and many of


them will be affected by the same thing, since Britain decided to


leave the European Union our currencies Sterling has declined in


value, down about 18% against the dollar and the Euro and that is


having an impact. The price of importing raw materials is up. Two


more items rising fast, clothing and hotel and restaurant bills. But


there are exceptions, competition remains fierce in the supermarkets


keeping prices down, and that means food prices continue to fall in


September, but don't expect that to last. The price inflation basket is


a very large one but it is not big enough to include housing costs, and


we also get figures on them, as well, the average home in August


sold for 4.3% more than last year, nothing like the price rises seen in


England, partly because of the Aberdeen effect. The oil sector is


stored and city prices have plunged 18% in the year to August. -- the


oil sector stored. Home-buyers and consumers are looking for


confidence, but they are facing uncertainty and that is where the


inflation figures today, we can put up with inflation, as long as we can


expect to see income rising, but is it rising, when it rising future and


who is left behind? We will find out more when we get wider figures about


the Labour Party -- the Labour market tomorrow morning. STUDIO:


Thanks for joining us. UKIP's David Coburn says he's


considering running to become the UK leader of his party -


if he's asked by colleagues. There's a leadership vacuum in UKIP


- which has had a torrid time But, the party's former Scottish


chairman says he "laughed" when he heard David Coburn -


Scotland's only elected Ukip politician -


was considering the move. Our political correspondent,


Andrew Kerr has more. David Coburn was elected two years


ago to serve in the European Parliament. Now his sights could be


set on the top Ukip job. Nigel Farage's departure has left a power


vacuum in the party, his successor Diane James was imposed for just 18


days, as the leadership contest opens David Coburn has said he could


be persuaded. Many people have suggested it, but I will wait to see


what people say. It is more important to get someone we can


unite around, that is the most important thing, but if nothing else


I've got some experience in running Scotland so hopefully that would be


helpful, but we have a lot of people, very talented in Ukip and we


need to settle on somebody who will do a good job that we can agree


with. But the MEPs shunned by the Scottish political establishment


with the SNP calling him a buffoon today. There are wider problems for


Ukip with the leading leadership contender having dropped out after


an alleged fight with another MEP. You have elected politicians


fighting each other where there is this hatred in some cases towards


Nigel or anyone who is seen to be associated with him. Some people


called me his puppet, things like that. Whilst that is happening, they


are letting down the members and also themselves. I do think at this


stage Ukip is governable. David Coburn doesn't recognise that


portrayal. We are not easy to govern, why should we be questioned


portrayal. We are not easy to what we are ordinary people, it is


want to head for the House of Lords. want to head for the House of Lords.


-- why should we be? But here in Scotland, for some people the


prospect of David Coburn becoming Ukip's UK leader is a step too far.


Ukip's former Scottish chairman fell out with the party, and he gave his


reaction to the news about David Coburn. I laughed when I heard it


and I phoned a few friends, former Ukip, who also had the same


reaction, it is not funny, but it is farcical. The idea that the man has


any leadership qualities to lead a party like Ukip is beyond bully. If


David Coburn decides to run he could be against these Ukip figures, Paul


Nuttall, Suzanne Evans and Rahim to Sam. These people and the party have


achieved what they set out to do, Brexit. David Coburn might wonder


about the leadership, while others wonder about the future direction of


the party. There were numerous failings


in the treatment and assessment of a mentally ill man


who attacked his parents in Troon, killing his mother and severely


injuring his father. That is among the conclusions


of a report into mental health services in Brighton


where Graeme Morris was living, prior to travelling to his parents


house in Ayrshire four years ago. Ten patients of the Sussex


Partnership Trust have killed Aileen Clarke has been looking


into this Scottish case. In October 2012 Graeme Morris who


was 30 at the time travel to his parents home in Troon and he slept


and -- slapped and pushed is Martha and beat up his father, leaving him


severely injured -- slapped and pushed his mother. He was diagnosed


as a schizophrenic and pleaded guilty to cobble homicide and is


being detained indefinitely. He had attacked his parents this was such


was his paranoia he believed his father had abused him and along with


his mother was part of a secret Satanic cult. This lengthy


independent report into Graeme Morris's care in Brighton where he


was living has found a number of failings and weaknesses in his


treatment and assessments and a failure to involve either his family


or a former partner, when assessing the risk he might pose, a missed


opportunity, this reports says. To discover, that he was using drugs,


for example, and legal highs. Despite that the report concludes


that Graeme Morris's violent attack on his parents was neither


predictable or preventable. However the report notes that his family do


not agree. They believe it could have been predicted and prevented.


Today the chief executive of the trust responsible for his care, gave


this apology to his father. I trust responsible for his care, gave


apologise entirely, this is not something we wanted to happen and I


can understand how devastating it is for him, there is nothing I can say


that can bring his wife back. I would want to assure him that we are


serious about learning the lessons. What are the recommendations from


the report? The main one is that the trust but in place a way of making


sure they can get the views of family members when trying to assess


the risk of a patient -- put in place. Graeme Morris's father was so


concerned he phoned his son's GP and told him, but the report points out


that that information that he was threatening to kill his parents,


that did not seem to reach some of the other medical professionals who


were then carrying out the assessment, and that is a key


recommendation here. I spoke to Graeme Morris's father and he didn't


want to give any interviews, the family don't want to talk publicly


about this, but he said they had made their views very clear to the


reports and we have reflected that. We should also say that this is just


one case admits a whole number of cases that this trust have had to


investigate where patients have gone on to kill people -- amidst a whole


number. There has been reaction to the report. Thank you very much.


Police are appealing for help to trace a violent


criminal who has absconded from Castle Huntly


31-year-old David Arthur, who was on a temporary period


of leave, was last seen in Shore Road in Perth on Monday.


Police said he has convictions for violence and warned members


Arthur has connections to the Paisley area and inquiries


are continuing there and throughout Glasgow.


Three women arrested in connection with the death of a 16 year old girl


in Midlothian at the weekend have been released from police custody.


The 43 year old, 17 and 16 years old had been due to appear in court


today in connection with the death of Shellie Callaghan


Police had been concerned that the girl may have had access


The number of people killed in fires in Scotland has gone


45 people died, that's up four on the previous year,


according to the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.


Overall the number of fires also rose.


More than half the callouts were false alarms and hoaxes.


More details for an immigration removal centre next to


The Home Office wants to build a 51-bed "short-term holding


facility" to house those awaiting removal from the country.


It follows the announcement last month that the controversial


Dungavel removal centre in Lanarkshire is to close next year.


The plans are currently being considered by


Ou're watching BBC Reporting Scotland.


The prices we pay for shops and household bills are rising,


inflation almost doubled last month. And still to come, the Lord


of the Isles becomes Lord of the Dance as he visits


the Royal National MOD in Stornoway. Dozens of cafes, shops


and restaurants have signed up to a scheme to recruit


"breastfeeding friendly" They'll all carry a sign


in their window so women will know they're welcome


to nurse their babies. Figures show almost half


of new mums feel uncomfortable It is still a fairly uncommon sight


in public, but here in Aberdeen that could be about to change. Businesses


are being recruited to display their breast-feeding friendly could


Angels. I have gone to a few places myself where I've been desperate to


breast-feed and to have a sign on the door to say that you are welcome


is good and I will feel less uncomfortable. Still in this country


compare to Sweden where I'm from, you rarely see people breast-feeding


in public, and it is important that women who had just given birth have


got the opportunity to go out and do what needs to be done and also have


safe places to breast-feed, where we have facilities to change our babies


and just to be left alone. This is one of more than 60 cafes, shops and


restaurants in Aberdeen which have already signed up to the scheme,


they will display a logo saying that breast-feeding is OK here, women can


see it as a safe and secure environment for them to breast-feed


here. The aim of the scheme is to reduce the stigma and to make it


more acceptable to the public. It is a woman's right to be able to


breast-feed in public but it is helping them to feel more


comfortable to do that. This cafe is already a haven for breast-feeding


mothers, but now it is official. We already a haven for breast-feeding


have had a great response, we have done this now for four years and


there has been no negativity from any guests and we have been bold


enough to say, use our units to breast-feed. Is this it scheme


something older mothers approve of? Someone of my age, we didn't do it,


but it is all changed now, for the good. When you were breast-feeding


he would not have gone to a public place and done it? -- you would not.


If it had been happening at the time, I would have done, but


everything was hidden in those days. This is the logo to look out for, it


is dotted around businesses in Aberdeen city centre but the scheme


is already expanding into rural areas, another important step to a


breast-feeding friendly society. A look at other stories


from across the country. Two men killed in separate road


accidents on the A77 in Ayrshire at the weekend have been named


as Henry Millar, who was 36 His car crashed into a tree near


Monkton. And, in a separate accident,


31-year-old father of two, Lee Gilchrist, from Ayr,


died later in hospital after his car The headstones of 85 men who died


serving their country have been reinstalled at Sighthill Cemetery


in the north of Glasgow. In the 1950s, the Commonwealth War


Graves Commission took down the original stones as the cemetery


had fallen into disrepair. The grave of RAF Sergeant Andrew


Brownlie is among those reinstated. He was killed in an air crash in


Ireland and his body was repatriated here and buried here. We know very


little about it, but he was coming back from Egypt on a bomber and it


crashed in Ireland having been lost in bad weather. We did family


research and found out about him and the accident. It's great to come up


here and see his headstone reerected in the cemetery.


An Edinburgh school, which recently closed its doors,


is donating thousands of pieces of furniture to help


The head teacher of Portobello High School was among those helping


to load up a shipping container with tables,


They've been removed from the old building before it's


demolished and sent to Ghana, where they'll be


Children are having to carry their own tables and chairs to walk miles


to schools. Some schools don't even have chairs in classrooms. Children


have to sit on the ground to learn. Obviously, this will make a big


impact and also enable the children to want to go to school is. The


Defence Minister has confirmed that all eight of the Type 2 6Frigates


being commissioned for the Royal Navy will be built in shipyards on


the Clyde, but has refused to announce a timetable for


construction. She was speaking in a debate in Westminster. The SNP MP


Martin Docherty-Hughes said that by failing to say when the ships would


be built, the Government was harming the security of workers at the


shipyards. The Celtic striker,


Leigh Griffiths, has changed his Twitter name to Shorty -


that's after Gordon Strachan left him out of the Scotland


team for lacking height. However, the Scotland women's team


say that size doesn't matter. Anna Signeul's squad are getting


ready to face the Netherlands in a friendly international


on Thursday and despite being statistically smaller


than their opponents, the Scots believe they


have no disadvantage. It's the first get together for


Scotland after qualifying for their first major finals Euro 2017. A


friendly international against the host, the Netherlands, will provide


a physically challenging game. As Scotland take on these big


footballing nations, there's no doubt they also encounter big


footballing opponents. If we compare the goalkeepers in the top four


seeded countries, Germany has a 1 meter 80 keeper. Close to 6 feet.


France is 1.75. England is 1.80 and the Norwegian keeper 1.73 compare to


Scotland's at 1.70. She is quite unconcerned to be the shortest... We


have new boots with high heels. I'm blessed with God gave me. We can


compete against the taller teams. We work on tactics and know what to do.


Woe betide any team that under estimate us because of our height.


The Scotland coach say the Scottish lack of height holds no frustrations


for her. If you look at Can Kim Little, one of the best


players in the world, she's not much over 160 centimetres. You look at


Erin, she's the same height. It's good to be small also. Low centre of


gravity. She maybe will not win the headers all the time in the box,


definitely out on the pitch they are great players. I think variety is


very good. The Scots may not be the biggest, most physical team, but


they plan to stretch their assets to the limit. They take on the


Netherlands on Thursday night. Celtic host German side


Borussia Monchengladbach A victory would help


secure an extended run Here's our senior football


reporter, Chris McLaughlin. A club that's hop overoring its past


heroes of European be football is preparing for a night where new ones


could step forward. This year's Champions League experience for us


is going to be a great learning for us. From when we last played against


Manchester City, we are a better team, I feel. We are getting better


as each day goes on. The younger players are gaining more experience


and this type of occasion, again here tomorrow, will really benefit


the players. Of course, we are here to win and tomorrow night, in


particular, our home games we want to ensure that we can get a victory.


They almost got one last time out. This was the performance that gives


Celtic hope. Celtic v Manchester City last month. Few predicted it,


but those who were there would never forget it. It gives you belief


naturally because you perform well. If the performance will be poor


tomorrow, we can't even talk about that game. It has to go


step-by-step. This is the first step that game. It has to go


against City. The next step is at Celtic Park tomorrow where we also


need to show that we are good. City needed no introduction, but what do


we know about tomorrow's visitors? Nicknamed the Foals due to their


desire to field young vibrant players they are 9th in the


Bundesliga. They have no points. They have key players injured,


including Raphael. They could have made a point begins Barcelona. They


lost. They are under pressure here more than Celtic, I think. A draw


will do, I think, for Borussia Monchengladbach. This place will


rock tomorrow night, of that there is absolutely no doubt. The last


time when Manchester City were here the home side were the underdogs.


Tomorrow, well, it's not so clear. But after a big performance comes


high expectation. Now they are in a Group that many say is the toughest


of all the Champions League groups. For Celtic, at the very least,


there's hope. Work on the refurbishment


and extension of Perth The ?16.6 million transformation


began in February this year and is due to be


completed by late 2017. The theatre has been at the heart


of Perth's cultural life for over a century with the current work


promising to restore the B-listed Edwardian auditorium


to its former glory. Prince Charles, known as the Lord


of the Isles, when he's in the Western Isles, has been more


the Lord of the Dance today. He has been in Stornoway visiting


the Royal National Mod. The eight-day celebration of Gaelic


language, music and culture is being held on the islands


for the first time since 2011. His Royal Highness, Prince Charles,


visited Stornoway on the isle Isles of Lewis today. There he attended


the Royal National Mod, a week long festival of gaelic language and


culture which includes competitions as well as light hearted events.


APPLAUSE. Prince Charles also cut a cake on the 125th birthday of the


organisation behind the Mod. Then he presented the gaelic Learner of the


Year Award to an unusual candidate. TRANSLATION: When I was working in


Glasgow as a pizza chef I developed a big interest in Scottish culture


and folk tradition. I quite enjoyed travelling around Scotland.


Especially on the West Coast. That brought me to the Outer Hebrides.


His Royal Highness opened an new whisky distiller. It's a boom for


us. We are a small distillery. In terms terms of how important we are


to the Hebrides, it can't be under stated. There are bigger


distilleries around with a higher profile, his visit reinforces how


important it is. We are a distillery, we are here to employ


people and give a life line to the island in terms of employment and


keeping familiesesies here. The Prince, also known as the Lord of


the Isles, also enjoyed a taste of the Hebrides.


Now, here's Graham Stewart with details of Scotland 2016.


Will plans for a new immigration removal centre near Glasgow Airport


mean a fairer deal for those being deported from Scotland? Assaber Dean


shopkeepers show their support for breastfeeding on the premises - we


ask why it's still such an issue. That is tonight, BBC Two, 10.30pm.


Now the wlt from Christopher. Thank you thank you dry, settled weather


in the forecast this week. We need to look to the jetstream to


understand why. This fast moving ribbon of wind. The shape is


important. This upside down U, horseshoe, if you like, keeping


weather systems at bay. Under the apex high pressure sits that will


drift over the British Isles keeping us largely dry and settled autumnal


sunshine, one or two light showers, chilly by night. Today we had rain


to the south-west which cleared through, a case of sunshine and


showers. Most of the showers were to the west. Tonight the showers will


fizzle and fade away, confined to coastal parts. Inland Scotland will


be dry, but breezy. Temperatures should not fall away too far. A


number of showers around the highland and islands up towards the


northern isles. Inland Scotland will be dry. Temperatures in towns and


cities, six or seven Celsius. In the countryside a few shelter spots down


to two or three. Tomorrow, the high pressure will edge in, keeping this


low pressure at bay. Providing a largely dry and settled day. Yes,


there will be a few showers around the West Coast and indeed the east


coast. The showers in the west will fade away. For most a dry, fine day


with lovely spells of sunshine. Because the wind are lighter


temperatures should feel better than today. Cloud to the eastern side, a


few showers here. For most it is dry, bright and sunny and any


showers will be few and far between. Now the rest of the afternoon into


the evening and overnight and we hold on to the cloud and a few


showers. Aberdeenshire down towards the Borders they will clear away.


Elsewhere, dry, clear and much colder than this coming nightle.


Thursday gets off to a chilly start. Perhaps one or two light showers


through through the borders before clearing. Plenty of sunshine, crisp


autumnal conditions, light wince, temperatures of 12-13, that is the


forecast for now. Thank you very much, Christopher.


Now, a reminder of tonight's main news.


The prices we pay in shops, online, for travel and for


Official fugures show inflation almost doubled last


expected this will be just be the start of a new bout


I'll be back with the headlines at 8.00pm and the late bulletin just


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