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The First Minister is under fire over delays to new NHS


trauma centres in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen.


Travel disruption as snow and icy conditions hit across Scotland.


Is pressure to meet deadlines causing lorry drivers to ignore


regulations. If the load isn't there in time, you will be fined. So money


Also on the programme: will be taken off your agreed price.


Some improvements in Scotrail's


performance, but it's still failing to meet punctuality targets.


And, this watch was on board the first ship to be


Now a Glasgow museum is searching for the family of its owner.


The health service took centre stage at Holyrood today,


with the First Minister facing a claim that lives could be put


at risk, because of delays in creating four new specialist


trauma centres at hospitals across Scotland.


The centres - in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen -


were scheduled to be in place now, but they won't now be fully


Nicola Sturgeon says it's correct to take time


Here's our political editor Brian Taylor.


Trauma centres already exist. Here is the First Minister touring one in


Dundee. They deal with casualties from major incidents. Plans to


upgrade and integrate them were due to be completed last year. But that


has been deferred. Communities have been expecting these centres for two


years and are now told to wait at least another three. I think they


deserve a fuller explanation. Labour spot lited Aberdeen and said an


enhanced trauma centre there was vital to cope with emergencies that


might arise in the North Sea. The life saving medics told me what


they're telling the Government, more delays will cost lives. The First


Minister said initial plans has been questioned by clinicians. That


prompted a rethink and a delay. But they decided to stick with four


centres. We are not talking about creating from scratch four new


facilities that currently don't exist. These four hospitals in


Aberdeen, Dundee, Glasgow and Edinburgh already provide excellent


trauma care. What we are taurveging about is -- talking about is


continuing to enhance what they do and to join up the services they


provide with the services that other hospitals provide and with the


service the ambulance service provides in an integrated network.


These were robust exchanges, reflecting the emotive nature of the


topic. There are two competing diagnosis. The opposition said a


promise has been broken. But Nicola Sturgeon said that a plan had been


sensibly restructured in the light of advice and action was now in


place. This row has highlights the challenges facing the NHS, our


correspondent is at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary for us tonight. We have


heard a lot about the NHS crisis in England. I think it would be fair to


say in Scotland the picture looks better, but that doesn't mean to say


it is not facing its own huge challenges. If we look at A


figures, the figures show in Scotland we are 10% better off. But


the Government's own targets in Scotland for waiting times haven't


been met since September last year. And that goes for other waiting time


targets too. The annual report shows it only made one out of eight key


targets. In term of social care, we are doing good work on the ground,


but there are too many people struck in hospital for too long because


there are no care packages and we are facing a recruitment crisis for


staff not just in rural areas, but in cities. So we are maybe not using


the words humanitarian crisis to describe the NHS in Scotland, but


the chair of the BMA said the NHS was struggling. And 40% of the


entire Scottish budget is spent on health and health boards are


struggling to balance the books. Thank you.


Snow and ice have caused disruption on Scotland's roads today.


A section of the M74 was closed during this morning's rush hour


causing long tailbacks and there've been a spate of accidents


Winter in Scotland - a season with many different faces. The


picturesque, capable of turning into something less forgiving. Sometimes


with damaging results. On the M74 this morning the conditions brought


traffic to a stand-still. A four car collision a as a result of the


winter's first major snowfall. Across the country the snow has been


patchy. But where it's fallen it has caused problems. Here just outside


Dunblane you see the kind of problems that drivers have been


seeing. It took six hours to fwree this delivery -- free this delivery


van. And Sir Chris Hoy was rescued by a gritter after his car spun off


the road. But the general picture for those monitoring major roads was


one of isolated disruption. We have had to deal with a number of


incidents, some closed roads, we have had to deploy our gritters in


fact we had 241 gritters out last night and we dealt with temperatures


down to minus eight and a half degrees. As those gritters welcome


back being put to work, the impact was felt far and wide. In the


Highlands and Dumfries and Galloway a number of school were closed. Some


ferry services to the islands were cancelled. Rough seas hinting at


what lies ahead for some - strong winds, snow and ice all feature in a


series of weather warnings that last until tomorrow evening. Staying mind


of of what a Scottish winter is capable of remains the message. And


more snow are forecast tonight. Craig Anderson is in Inverness. What


is expected where you are? As we saw and heard in Steven's report, the


majority of problems today have been on the roads. But as the day wore


on, well, the weather got more benign, with the snow showers


getting fewer and further between. But we are not out of winds. The


forecasters say that tonight the snow showers, the like of which we


have had will merge into longer periods of snow and that will be


accompanied by severe gale force winds up to 70mph. That may turn to


rain in coastal areas and that may mean that in those areas there will


be overtopping with high waves and the winds of harbour walls and


coastal road and on high ground we could have blizzards and drifting


snow. Yes, I know it is the winter and we should expect the weather,


but we have seen a lot of bumps and shunts on the road and BBC


Scotland's travel unit has been telling us that already there are a


lot of drivers having difficulties on many roads. So the message is


take care and be prepared for the conditions and anybody that is


travelling, particularly in the early hours of tomorrow, be prepared


for disruption and be prepared to look forward to the weekend, where


the forecasters say this the first wintry snap of 2017 should have


passed most of us by. Thank you. And we'll have a full


weather forecast at It isn't the first time a high-sided


lorry has been blown over by gale force winds on the Forth Road


Bridge. But yesterday's incident,


which caused major travel disruption, has raised questions


about whether lorry drivers ignore warnings because of


pressure to meet deadlines. As John McManus reports that's


the claim of one driver who's been Open again and running smoothly. It


was different on Wednesday, when the Forth Road Bridge was closed because


of this accident. The driver's been arrested. But it is not the first


time high-sided vehicles have been caught out on the bridge. So why do


drivers risk it? This driver who was caught up in yesterday's delays says


industry colleagues are under pressure. Our customer pays for the


transport and they say to the company, if the load isn't there by


the time that we stipulate, then you will be fined. IE, money will be


taken off of our agreed price. And the companies certainly... That,


they project that pressure on to the driver. There are no official


figures on how many HGV ignore high wind warnings. But the police were


sufficiently concerned about the dangers to lorries that it launched


a campaign in October. The company dangers to lorries that it launched


running the Forth Road Bridge said it passes details of incidents to


the police, but the onus is on the drivers. It only takes one to bring


the bridge to a closure and the consequences of that we saw


yesterday. And it was reliant on the drivers following the signage.


Otherwise one HGV can close the bridge. Haulage companies can get


help. This industry body posts advice on driving. Drivers are not


under pressure from operators to ignore road traffic signs and any


safety advice. Across Scotland, high-sided vehicles and high winds


often don't mix well. Drivers be ware.


A heroin addict has been jailed for life for murdering her


41-year-old Sandra Weir battered Mary Logie to death


at the pensioner's home in Leven in January last year.


She was convicted after the jury heard she had been stealing


money from Mrs Logie to fund her drug habit.


At the High Court in Edinburgh, Weir was ordered to serve a minimum


The punctiality and reliability of train services in Scotland have


improved over the last month according to figures


But although it's the third period in a row that the company has


reported an improvement it's still operating below the target set


The timely arrival of a train during a snow flurry in Glasgow today. The


puncturety of services got better, but they're still below the targets


set by the Government. We are not at the level we want to be at. What we


are busy with is a rolling programme that will continuously improve


punctuality. In the last month almost 90% of services ran within


five minutes of when they show. Which ScotRail see as proof they're


heading in the right direction. It is a lot better than it was. There


is few delay. You can get to where you want to go easily. What is your


experience? When there has been delays, there is replacement buses


and I can't say we have been stuck anywhere. We could probably do with


having slightly nicer trains I would think. Some new trains are promised


from September. But issues like the signalling fault at Haymarket


yesterday will continue to put a dent in the figures. Milngavie


station one of many stations where services were disrupted throughout


the central belt. This is a busy commuter line and one traveller said


he is not seeing any improvement. It used to be that the service was


generally very reliable. And now every week I often get a taxi home


from work if the trains are significantly delayed. Events on the


network can affect services anywhere and that is what you get when you


have a network as busy as ours. So we have a total focus to minimise


the effect of signalling failures or rolling stock failures. Last week's


disruption at Airdrie was a child's scooter thrown on to over headlines.


ScotRail says things will continue to improve. Their challenge is to


convince their customers of that. Labour's UK leader, Jeremy Corbyn,


has appeared to contradict a call by the Scottish Labour


leader for a new Act of Kezia Dugdale made the suggestion


last month, as she outlined plans Here's our Westminster


correspondent, David Porter. Jeremy Corbyn... 251,000. On his


election as Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn promised to be a friend of


Scotland and a frequent visitor. Krit sicks say he has not -- critics


say he has not delivered. He disagrees. I have been in Scotland a


lot of times and in Scotland again next Friday. Others talk of tensions


between himself and Labour's Scottish leader, Kezia Dugdale on


the crucial question of constitutional reform, these


enthusiastic and wants a new Act of Union. He sounds less than keen. I


want us to look at the constitutional relationships. I


wouldn't use the words new Act of Union. Who we will be doing is


looking at a new constitutional convention for the whole of the UK


and there is a need to have a discussion about the relative powers


in Scotland, in Wales and in Northern Ireland. Of devolved


Assemblies. Tonight Scottish Labour issued this response:


But what about the central faultline in Scottish politics - independence?


Should the First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, call a second referendum?


I don't see the need for one and I am not asking for one and I don't


think she should call one. Jeremy Corbyn knows this an important year


for Labour in the UK and Scotland. Council elections in May and helping


to frame the wider debate on Brexit will loom large.


Tonight's top story: The films First Minister is under fire over delays


for new A centres and why the Edinburgh rugby club may relocate.


An agreement has been reached to ensure that foreign workers


on freight boats serving Orkney and Shetland are paid


Transport Minister, Humza Yousaf has announced that a new charter


arrangement will resolve the long-running row


This cargo boat waits for a weather window to seal to Aberdeen.


But there is good news for the crew on board.


An agreement has been reached to ensure


all the seafarers are paid at least the minimum wage.


And new charter arrangement will see the operators


of the Lifeline ferry contract take over the running of cargo vessels.


The crew were being paid less than the minimum wage.


As soon I became aware of the situation, we


now have agreement in place to pay at least the minimum wage.


The RMT union has launched a high-profile


They called on the Scottish Government to intervene.


They held a protest at the quayside in Aberdeen and marched


If you had let us know were coming today, we


could have done our homework and found out exactly what the issue is.


However, it is a Scottish Government contract


and RMT remain absolutely convinced and certain


that the rates of pay that are collectively bargained


The new contract comes into force next month.


A look at other stories from across the country.


Oil and gas service company Akker Solutions is to cut


The company says it's likely that 100 of the redundancies


Akker is blaming the decision on market conditions.


Campaigners opposed to plans for ship-to-ship oil


transfers in the Moray Firth have been protesting outside


The Cromarty Firth Port Authority wants permission to transfer


millions of tonnes of crude annually at sea, and insists the risk


But opponents say any accident could pose a threat to the Firth's


It could be disastrous. One accident between these ship to ship oil


transfers, just one accident, good destroy the ecosystem or set it back


decades. Tourists come here to see that, they don't come here to see


oil to oil -- oil transfers between ships.


Craft beer company BrewDog is threatening to pull the plug


on expansion plans at its brewery in Aberdeenshire, over a row


The Ellon-based company wants to build a hotel,


restaurant and conference centre, creating 80 jobs, but it claims


Aberdeenshire Council wants 60 times the fair market


The authority says it has a responsibility to ensure best


In the village of Birkhead near Elgin they have celebrated the New


Year with this tradition. Despite 50 mph snow showers, locals carried a


flaming barrel around the town. It is said to bring good luck to the


village. Pieces of the Clavie are said


to bring good luck and are given In Rugby, the Scotland international


Duncan Weir says his club, Edinburgh Rugby, had to relocate


from the home of Scottish Edinburgh are going well


in the European Challenge Cup this season, but they're struggling


in the Pro Twelve league, as they have done in


the past few campaigns. So to help improve their fortunes


they've sought pastures new, This will be their home for the next


few years at least. They have given the rugby facility they bit of a


makeover, constructing a couple of temporary stands. Although not quite


as quickly as this time-lapse would suggest. It means moving out of


their former home and Scotland's largest rugby stadium, Murrayfield.


We're coming here to make it a more hostile environment. As you pointed


out, playing in front of a small crowd in a big stadium, rather than


a crowd of 5000 packed in a 5000 seater stadium will make it a much


better atmosphere for the layers on the field and hopefully get a more


special bond with the fans as well. Edinburgh's first match at their new


home is a week on Friday when they played the Romanian club Saracens in


the European Challenge Cup. Before that, they have a hugely important


home match in the same competition against English side harlequins this


weekend. A win for them would just about see them through to the


quarterfinals. We want to win the game and by doing that it takes any


other peripheral stuff out of the equation. We need to go down there


and perform and do well. One way to look at Edinburgh's move is to say


they've downsized, but it may just turn out they have found their dream


home. Sir Andy Murray is in Melbourne


preparing for the first Grand Slam He goes into the Australian Open


as the world's number one player and will be in the other half


of tonight's draw from his Murray has made the final


of the event no fewer than five Glasgow's Riverside Museum has


launched an appeal to find the family of the owner of a watch


in their collection. The watch belonged to Sid Worral,


a chef on board the Athenia which was torpedoed on the first day


of the Second World War in 1939. Our arts correspondent


Pauline McLean takes up the story. The watch itself is nothing special,


it's a perfectly ordinary 1930s man's wristwatch. But the story it


has to tell is really fascinating. It relates really strongly to this


vessel, the Athenia, witch was the first ship to be sunk during a II.


-- during World War II. When the ship was still be there than some of


the other young men were the last of the boat, he ended up in a lifeboat


and there were two badly burned cooks. Dad was talking to them and


doing what he could to comfort them. One cook, I believe his name was


Sid, said do that, could you keep my watch for me? Jenny believed Sid


died and kept the watch until his own death two years ago, when his


family gave it to Glasgow, where the Athenia was built. But curator Emily


was convinced there was much more to the story. Having found a letter in


the city archives which found Sid recovered in Galway before returning


to Glasgow. He says there are only two dividers here, another cook from


Worral. This linked it with the name said. While Sid maybe be gone, she


is keen to reunite the watch with his family. It's not just the


objects, if the stories that they tell. The watch is not that


interesting as an object but it is the story around it. We would like


to take that story forward and complete it and put it on display,


that would be fantastic. A watch which travelled the world and


survived against the odds, just like its owner. Paul


How's the weather looking? Thank you very much indeed. Good evening, it


has certainly been wintry for some of us today and more on the way


tonight. This is the latest rain and snow radar. Quite moderate across


the North at times but overnight a further spell of snow and high


winds, so further Met Office yellowed beer where warnings are in


force. There are the showers in the West and south-west clearing away,


but look across the far north, the Northern Isles, this area of low


pressure bringing high winds and outbreaks of rain. Those wins the


severe storm force at times but as the air moves south, likely to turn


to snow. -- as the rain moves south. A significant amount of snow at


times. This is ten o'clock the night until the early hours. There will be


some blizzards at times, so very difficult conditions on the roads


for travelling. Still breezy but it will be cold, frosty and indeed I


see. Looking ahead to tomorrow and Friday, that low pressure is moving


its way down the North Sea, opening the floodgates to cold northerly is


once again and they would be strong leading to big waves around northern


and eastern coasts with some of those waves crashing over at times,


but it will be a sunny day. Still a few snow showers around. It's a


sunny and crisp day but it will be cold. Perhaps only around one or two


or three Celsius. It really will feel quite bitter indeed through the


rest of the afternoon, the rain turned to snow because there are


further showers through the Highland region and in towards Aberdeenshire


too. In the weekend, high pressure not to far-away and through the


course of the weekend it will feed in some milder air, certainly by


Sunday. But Saturday is still a cold day. A crisp day, some sunshine and


Sunday. But Saturday is still a cold icy patches around, some snow at


times. Come Sunday, the milder air should be with us. It will be cloudy


with some patchy rain in the West and has been mild at comes in over


the cold ground, there will be some mist and low cloud to content with


too. That is the forecast for now. Thanks very much. That is Reporting


Scotland. I'll be back with the headlines


at 8, and the late bulletin just Until then, from everyone


on the team, right across the country, have a very good




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