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A man who was acquitted of a gangland murder is shot


as he dropped his child off at a Glasgow primary school.


I heard a noise and thought it was an air rifle. The kids asked what


happened and I just said hurry up, because it was so loud.


The brother of a man who died in a house fire in Milngavie appears


A row at Holyrood over whether there will be


cuts to local services - as Scotland's biggest local


authority announces it will put up council tax.


fishing season brings plans to boost fish stocks on the Tay.


And, Andy Murray overcomes grand slam jitters -


and ninety degree heat - to make it through through the first


A man has been shot in a targeted attack outside a Glasgow primary


school just as children were arriving for classes.


It happened this morning in the Penilee area of the city


and it's understood the victim was a man who'd previously been


Police say whoever carried out the attack had put young children


Our reporter Suzanne Allan is outside the school for us tonight.


frightening thing to have happened first thing on a Monday morning just


as parents were dropping off their children at school. It happened


around five past nine, a man pushing a buggy approached another man who


had just dropped his child off at school and shot in the back. He then


made his way off down the street behind and disappeared.


Police have spent today examining the scene of this crime and


reassuring the public that they are safe. It was near Bell time and as


parents were dropping off their children a man pushing a buggy


approached another parent. He shot in the shoulder and ran off. One


woman told me that she heard a loud noise. I heard a big bang, I thought


it was an air rifle going off, and the kids asked what had happened and


I just said just up. Was there a commotion afterwards? No, but I saw


the children jumping and then they kept walking. These grandparents who


live around the corner have a child in school and worried. We cannot get


into our own house just around the corner. You are very worried?


Worried that we do not know what else is happening. It is shocking


for it to be at his school. And especially a primary school with the


kids away, to scare them like that. Police believe that this was a


targeted attack. The BBC understands Police believe that this was a


that the victim is 35-year-old Ross Monaghan who was cleared four years


ago of the gangland murder of Kevin Carroll, who was shot dead in a car


park in 2010. The force says it is putting on extra patrols over the


next few days. This was a frightening incident for those


involved and indeed some of the staff have been shaken up by this


incident. I would like to reassure people that we have extra resources


that are brought into the area as well as all the resources I have at


my disposal. It is the second time there has been a shooting close to a


school in the West of Scotland. There was another 18 months ago in


Bishopbriggs and as with this incident there are concerns that


children may be upset with what has happened. Fortunately most of the


children and almost all of them wear in the playground and they were safe


and secure but they dashed would've been some late comers and it is


unacceptable but these people have chosen to target this incident


outside a and potentially endanger the lives of children.


outside a and potentially endanger Well you could hear they're the


anger from the director of education but I can tell you the school day


went on relatively as normal. Until the children were brought into a


special assembly and told what had happened. Some of them had heard


about it and others of course had not. Parents were then told they


could take their children out of school and others chose to leave


them in. So the children here seem to be coping with it so far OK. I'm


told that Mr Monaghan has been discharged from hospital and


enquiries continue tonight. A man has appeared in court


charged with murdering his brother in a house fire


in East Dunbartonshire Cameron Logan, who was 23,


died in the blaze at His girlfriend was rescued from


the house and is still in hospital. Today 26-year-old Blair Logan


was remanded in custody at Dumbarton Sheriff Court charged


with murder and attempted murder. Still a significant police presence


in Milngavie today as well as forensic officers working at the


scene, there are floral tributes left to the young man who died here.


Emergency services were called just before 730 in the morning on New


Year's Day. The body of 23-year-old Cameron Logan was found in the


house. As they began to investigate what they called the complex scene


behind me, investigators concluded that they believed the fire had been


deliberately set. Rebecca Williams, the girlfriend of Cameron Logan, is


still in hospital and the brother's parents David and Cathy both needed


treatment for the effects of breathing in smoke. Today


26-year-old Blair Logan, the older brother of Cameron Logan, appeared


at Dunbartonshire and scored to face a range of charges including murder


and attempted murder. He made no plea and he was remanded in custody.


The date of his next appearance in court has yet to be set.


The SNP government's spending plans have again come under scrutiny


with claims that local services face "disastrous" cuts.


The Tories complained that people could be landed with higher council


But the Finance Secretary Derek Mackay insisted he had


offered a "fair package to local government".


This from our political editor Brian Taylor.


Money. Local authority said they left short. Ministers said there is


more for local services if you include direct funding and higher


council taxes. But it is also about holes in the road, the day-to-day


services that councils provide. For the Tories, Murdo Fraser focused on


one council. They are considering cutting 24 secondary teachers in


maths and English, removing primary school swimming lessons, increasing


the cost of school lunches from ?2 a day to 2.70, scrapping the community


wardens scheme and cutting 94 K home places. So my constituency is being


asked to pay more council tax, in some cases substantially more and


they are seeing a cut in services at the same time. Labour claim funding


was down by ?327 million. In the past few weeks we have had reports


of counsel and social work badges being overspent, teacher shortages,


also reports of 13,000 staff leaving local government on exit passes over


the next five years. The president has warned of further funding cuts


would be disastrous. But the government said that the claims were


misleading, as well as council cash, there was money going directly to


schools to boost them add extra cash from the integration of social care


with health. There are increased pressures as demand for services has


risen but in all parts of the public sector we will have to continue to


be efficient. Witty increases and resources available through the


decisions the Parliament has taken on the multipliers and ability of


local authorities to raise local income, and some of the specific


fund the government has been able to provide, I think it is a fair


package to local government. On health minister said he had met


pledges to increase spending in terms. Derek Mackay faces a bigger


question still. How to get his budget through Parliament.


Scotland's biggest council has confirmed it's planning to put up


It'll be the first time bills have gone up in Glasgow for 12 years.


It's able to put the bills up because the government's ending


Our local government correspondent Jamie McIvor is here now.


So how many other councils have said a rise is likely, Jamie?


So far only about a third of them. 3% in council tax, it is about three


pounds a month for a typical pair. Glasgow council said it was likely


to make the rise joining others including borders and West


Dunbartonshire. But most have got no public indication yet of their plans


and South Lanarkshire is going to freeze their bills again. I would be


surprised if it was the only council to do that although it is worth


pointing out that if you're in a home classed as band you're above


then your bill will rise no matter where you live because of changes to


the system that came in in April. Why have so many failed to declare


at this stage? I think to be frank in some cases political calculations


are being made ahead of the council elections in May. The council is


whether a further freeze or rise of under 3% could prove popular with


some voters or demonstrate efficiency. On the other hand some


Labour councillors I've spoken to feel they are caught between a rock


and a hard place, they argue a 3% rise in the council tax will not be


enough to avoid cuts, so they're cautious basically about something


that could look to the public like they're being asked to pay more but


perhaps still get less. On other hand the council tax is really the


only tool at their disposal when it comes to income and they could find


it hard not to use that to try to mitigate what they say are cuts in


savings that they do not want to make. We should know the plans of


every council by mid-February. Additional checks are being carried


on a North Sea helicopter fleet grounded last week


over safety fears. It follows an incident on a north


sea platform last month, which saw an S92 spin more than 180


degrees on landing. Operators are now being told


to increase inspections The inquest has begun


into the deaths of 30 tourists who were killed in a terror attack


in Tunisia in 2015. Four Scots were among those who died


when a lone gunman opened The proceedings, which are taking


place in London, are being shown It was a special holiday for Billy


and Lisa Graham from near Perth, they'd gone to a resort in Tunisia


to celebrate the 50th birthday of Mrs Graham but they became victims


of terrorist attack aimed directly at holiday-makers fellow Scots Annie


and Jim McGuire also lost their lives in the shooting, the retired


couple in their 60s were described as being very active in their local


church. It was on the 26th of June 2015 when a heavily armed


23-year-old Tunisian student began firing indiscriminately on tourists


as they sunbathed and swam. He killed 38, 30 of the British. It


remains the deadliest attack on religious people to the London


bombings of 2005. Relatives of those who died gathered


at the Royal Court of Justice in Relatives of those who died gathered


London today as the inquest into the deaths of the British victims began.


There was a minutes silence and all the names were read out. For the


Scottish relatives and survivors there was also a chance to be


involved. Arab room has been set aside at Stirling Sheriff Court


where the relatives of those who died can watch the proceedings in


London through a special TV link. The inquests are expected to last


around seven weeks and this facility will be available to them for the


whole time. The evidence today heard claims that Tunisian law enforcement


units delayed their arrival on the scene because they were too


frightened to tackle the gunman before police arrived. Relatives of


the victims have waited a year and a half for the inquest to get under


way and they help now they will finally get some answers. -- they


hope. You're watching BBC


Reporting Scotland. A man who was acquitted


of a gangland murder is shot as he dropped


off his children at It's as American as Apple Pie


and the National Football League says they may play some


matches in Scotland. Salmon fishing season has opened


in the Tay with the announcement of plans aimed at significantly


boosting fish stocks. It's claimed that restoring water


to a 17 mile section of the river system will do more


for Salmon Fishing in the area It begins with pipes and drums in


the village square. A procession towards the banks of the Tay. After


the whiskey blessing, the ceremonial first cast, marking the start of


salmon season. We always come every year. It is amazing, we meet good


guys like Chris. We never knew them before and we met them here on the


banks of the river. It is a good day out and hopefully this year a nice


catch a fish was up with a shared goal they come from all over


Scotland and beyond. Which is good for business. It is always on the


radar of fishing, whether it is salmon fishing or any other kind,


millions of pounds coming from fishing. That all depends on a


thriving salmon population. As a new season arrives, developments


elsewhere in the catchment of those managing the river cause for


optimism. This is the river Garry, an important tributary of the Tay.


Today the snowmelt is flowing but over the past 50 years are so


hydroelectric scheme has left this part of the river predominantly dry.


Work is under way to change that, opening up a new stretch to spawning


salmon. We estimate it could produce about 1500 extra spring salmon into


the Tay catchment, a significant addition to the river. And there is


no other project in Scotland that anyone could do, and individual


project, that could actually be of that scale. Prompted by an EU


directive, there is a trade-off. Clearly we will lose some


generation, we will lose around half a percent of our annual hydro


generation capacity. So it is not insignificant as I say, but we say


that the River Garry is a special case where it makes sense to


introduce water. Last autumn was poor but spring catches have


improved in recent years with conservation measures taking some of


the credit. Formula is simple, more fish in the river means more chance


of catching one. For these guys better something worth drinking too.


The former chairman of UKIP in Scotland has admitted in court


to making sexual phone calls to ten women.


Arthur Misty Thackeray, who was chief of staff


for the party's MEP David Coburn, pleaded guilty at Glasgow Sheriff


Court to the offences over a five-year period.


Billboards and van adverts accusing the BBC of bias have been unveiled


The pro-independence group Inform Scotland set up


a crowd-funding initiative last year in order to pay for the campaign


In a statement the BBC said audiences continued to regard it


as the most trusted news provider and it rejected the suggestion


A look at other stories from across the country.


The trade union Unison says almost 2,000 jobs supporting


teachers have been lost over the last seven years,


including classroom assistants, technicians,


The government says it's done its best to cushion


Prices charged by Scottish firms are rising


at their fastest rate for six years, according to a Bank


It says the economy returned to growth at the end of last year


But it says businesses are being squeezed by rapidly rising


costs of raw materials and by the fall in


Aberdeen Football Club has submitted its planning


application for a new stadium on the outskirts of the city.


The 20,000 capacity ground would end the club's long


Training facilities, a youth academy and outdoor pitches


A new primary school is being proposed for south east


Edinburgh after projections showed plans for new homes would lead


The site would be in the Broomhills housing development site.


What do you need when a big crane topples off a road


That's right: an even bigger crane to try to get it out.


Salvage experts have toiled all day to recover an 80 tonne crane


which overturned at the beginning of December on the


It settled deep into the bog and the painstaking operation


to remove it is expected to continue into the evening.


Ayrshire new potatoes could be joining Europe's best-known


foods by having their identity protected under European law.


An application has been lodged in Brussels for the county's


new potatoes and the "Ayshire earlies" to become part


It would mean Ayrshire new potatoes joining more than 70


UK protected products, including Arbroath smokies


Sir Andy Murray is safely through to the second


He beat the Ukranian Illya Marchenko in straight sets.


But in searing temperatures, Murray was made to work very


From Melbourne, here's Kheredine Idessane.


down, you know Melbourne is melting. down, you know Melbourne is melting.


-- locals need. But most seem to like it. It's all right, I'm having


a ball! She wasn't the only one. But how hot is Andy Murray around these


parts? Well, so handy, you mean. Yes, look, I don't mind him. -- Sir


Andy. He would be welcome for dinner at any time. Others didn't want to


miss the grand entrance. Another Murray milestone from his first


grand slam as top seed and world number one. But would he play like


it? The night of the round, Sir Andy Murray. First point of the


championship. -- night of the realm. Double fault. Slowly. The worst


possible start, broken in the first game. But a 0- one soon became 4-1


as Murray made his move. Four games in a row for Murray. He was broken


again saw out the first set 7-5. -- again, but saw out. It was around 90


degrees on court so when the match stretched over two hours, the


importance of this tie-break was clear.


The Scot securing it meant a straight sets win was in sight.


That was duly achieved after two and three quarters hours as Marchenko


melted and Murray marched on 7-6, 7-5.


It was tough, for sure. I think, Marchenko played well. It was very


aggressive. That made it hard. It also, the conditions. He was playing


very fast out there. The ball was very lively, which it hasn't been,


you know, in the practice week. I found it hard but I managed to get


through. Well, it wasn't a vintage Andy Murray today but the main thing


is that he's through to the next round on Wednesday, where he will


play the 19-year-old Russian Andrey round on Wednesday, where he will


Golubev for a place in the third round on Friday.


The American football season is reaching its climax in the US


but could Scotland become part of the action?


Four games are already scheduled to be played


Now the sport's governing body, the NFL, has confirmed there have


been conversations about also staging games here.


This is the Vince Lombardi Trophy, presented to the winners of the


Super Bowl. It's one of the world's most famous and iconic sporting


prizes. It's here, as the NFL are making their presence felt in


Scotland, with players from the New Orleans Saints and the Cleveland


Browns. I'm here in Scotland to be a spokesman for the Cleveland Browns,


get a chance to interact with some of the fans here. I didn't know that


this was as big a fan base as it is. It's a good idea that we are playing


games over here in multiple teams. This fall will be the first time I


will play the Saints, the Dolphins at Wembley. It will be great.


Exciting to be over here. Hopefully we will get to meet some of the


die-hard fans, they've got to be, because they are watching the games


at 3am, for in the morning, whenever we play. The NFL have four


regular-season games scheduled for London in the autumn and demand for


tickets is huge. The NFL claimed that there are 13 million fans in


the UK. Record attendance for a single London game is over 80 4000.


In the future, could any games come to Scotland? Touchdown, Vikings! I


say Hamden Park and Murrayfield at the 22 venues across the UK that are


well equipped and have the right pitch size to host the NFL game.


Although the focus for us right now is about expanding the London games,


conversations have certainly taken place and will continue to take


place with a game is possible in Scotland in the future. Visit


Scotland say we would welcome an NFL game but also recognise the


challenges. The greatest would-be stadium


capacity and capability against those in London. A spokesman for the


National football stadium says: those in the know say an NFL game


could be here in Scotland within a decade.


To the weather. It is over to Kirsty with the latest. Good evening. The


weather will be stuck on repeat over the coming days.


An area of high pressure to the south west of the UK drifting its


way over towards the North Sea over the next few days. Keeping us with a


mild south westerly airflow. A lot of cloud within the circulation of


this high pressure. In the west especially we have had leaden skies


and in the east, the best of the brightness and sunshine. That is how


it will continue over the next few days. Some clear spells this evening


initially in the east. However, clouding over fall as the night


progresses with some and patchy outbreaks of rain continuing to


filled in from the north west. Misty and murky conditions for many of us


with extensive hill fog around the west and south, especially. A mild


night with temperatures around six to nine Celsius for most. Tomorrow


dawns on a cloudy note, misty, murky conditions. Light and patchy rain


drifting away to the south and the EEC as we go through the day,


leaving largely dry conditions. With the best of any sunshine in eastern


areas. Some hill fog, misty and murky skies lingering in some parts


of the South tomorrow afternoon. Lots of cloud but look at these


temperatures, double figures for all of us with highs of around 12


Celsius. Around double the average for the time of year. Some


brightness and sunshine perhaps in the Northern Isles. Through


Aberdeenshire in towards Angus and Fife tomorrow afternoon.


South-westerly winds freshening, especially across the western and


Northern Isles, perhaps touching gale force in the evening tomorrow.


Otherwise remaining dry as we head into tomorrow evening. Low cloud and


hill fog across the South especially. Wednesday, not much in


the way of change. Cloudy skies for many and light and patchy outbreaks


of rain. Especially in the west. The best of the sunshine in the east.


Very mild. Now, a reminder of


tonight's main news. A man has been shot as he dropped


off his child at a Glasgow primary school just as other children


were arriving for classes. It's understood the victim had


previously been cleared The inquest has begun


into the deaths of 30 tourists who were killed in a terror attack


in Tunisia in 2015. Four Scots were among those who died


when a lone gunman opened I am back with the late bulletin at


10:25pm. Let me see them hands up.


Let's do this.


Join Jackie Bird for the latest news headlines, and Glenn Campbell for a special debate with voters quizzing both sides on what the EU referendum means for Scotland.

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