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The SNP accuses Theresa May of pursuing


The Prime Minister says the Scottish Goverment's


200 jobs to go at the Clydesdale bank as unemployment rises across


Scotland. a new headquarters for the world


leading institute studying I have done 16 studies so far. The


worst was eating cabbage for breakfast.


supermarket aisles for people who want to take things


And, an injury scare for Andy Murray -


but he still managed a straight sets win in the Australian Open.


The SNP has accused the Prime Minister of pursuing


a "Little Britain Brexit" - which would hit jobs


During Prime Minister's questions she was quizzed on what her plans


to take the UK out of the single market would mean.


However Mrs May said Scottish government proposals


would be taken seriously, but that the biggest


threat to the economy here was the the nationalist threat


Our Westminster correspondent Nick Eardley reports.


Britain, Britain, Britain. Why would you ever want to leave? Probably not


the Brexit Britain Theresa May envisages but not everyone is


impressed with her vision for life outside the EU. This German


newspaper thinks the Prime Minister is leading Britain into isolation,


and image borrowed by the SNP to raise domestic concerns. Concerns


over what leaving the EU single market could mean for Scottish


businesses and the money in your pocket. When the forecast for


people'sincome is as likely to drop by ?2000, and that 80,000... That


80,000 people may lose their jobs in Scotland as a result of the hard


Tory Brexit plan of the Prime Minister. Does the Prime Minister


believe that this is a price worth paying for her Little Britain


Brexit? We will be working to ensure we get the best deal in terms of


access to the single market and continuing to cooperate in


partnership with member states of the EU. His party is dedicated to


taking Scotland out of the single market by taking it out of the


United Kingdom. Scottish Government proposals will be considered at a


meeting tomorrow, the PM added. There are elements of the Scottish


Government's plan ministers in London agree with. Access to the


single market will be on the table, but membership, the Scottish


Government's key demand, is not something the UK Government thinks


feasible. It is clear Scotland cannot be a member of the single


market if it is not a member of the EU, and the UK will not be a member


of the EU. Theresa May arrived in Davos to sell her vision of a global


Britain to the World Economic Forum. She hopes they and you the voters


buy into her vision of a brighter future. Her opponents are worried


though that storm clouds are gathering. Some news tonight about


the Supreme Court Brexit Case? That is right. Next week the highest


court in the land will deliver its verdict on who can start the formal


process of leaving the EU. The UK Government appeals a decision that


the parliament behind me needs to vote. Ministers in London think


their executive powers are enough. The Scottish Government will watch


the verdict with anticipation because their top law officer argued


the impact of Brexit on devolved areas means Holyrood should have a


say in that process. We will find out on Tuesday what role the UK


Parliament and perhaps the Scottish Parliament play in triggering


article 15. Hundreds of jobs are going


in the banking sector with Clydesdale announcing tonight


that it's shutting It comes on the day of mixed


economic news for Scotland with high street sales up but unemployment


rising last autumn. Our Business and Economy


Editor, Douglas Fraser The Clydesdale bank has identified


40 branches it intends to close in Scotland with 200 job losses and


roughly the same size of cuts with its Yorkshire Bank branded England.


The Airdrie savings bank told staff it will close its doors at its


remaining three branches with 70 jobs lost. Deposits for 40,000


savers are safe, loans will be transferred to TSB. It is winding up


after 182 years and as Britain's last independent savings bank will


stop it makes my blood boil, the fat cats, City of London, who brought


the financial crash upon us, walk away with big bonuses, and the


people who ran the Airdrie savings bank, many on a voluntary basis,


have to face this closure because of the regulation resulting from the


greed of the fat cats in London. Retailers said they had a Merry


Christmas in years perhaps because shoppers and businesses expect


inflation so best to get big purchases in early. British pay rose


in the year to November by an average 2.8%. What about jobs? The


latest survey covers autumn and shows a rise of 11,000 more Scots


looking for work taking the total to 139,000, an unemployment rate of


5.1% while the UK rate is at its lowest for more than a decade. The


number of Scots in work... For those creating their own companies it pays


to be adaptable. It might still be an uncertain time


for Scotland's economy, but despite challenges facing the job markets,


necessity is still the mother of invention. This storage company in


Paisley is typical of many across the country. It is doing very well.


Most of its customers are small businesses, some of them newly


launched, who need to store materials or goods at a cheap price.


It is doing so well, above these storage units it has launched a


suite of offices for hire on a monthly bases aimed at companies


unsure what the future holds long-term. We try to take away


uncertainty and hope the business comes in and takes the space for a


month, grow the business, bring it back down in size again, to try to


make it work for them. This small company is typical of those who


moved in. The best option for them as they map out their future. It


makes it better for me in the long run that I do not pay out a lot of


money on a big fancy building, and rent a big space that I will maybe


not be able to fill. The number of storage companies has jumped in


Scotland, providing a secure route through the


Yet more numbers today from the Scottish government,


showing sluggish growth in output from across the economy.


It grew only a fifth of one percent from July to September, and the same


The UK economy's been growing at three times that pace.


Another factor could be constitutional uncertainty,


not only about Brexit but also about Scotland's future.


The Scottish government has been defeat in parliament this evening


on its plans to abolish the Highlands and Islands


During a Conservative-led debate - opposition MSPs said the plan


But ministers say they're wanting to make changes


Our political correspondent Andrew Kerr has the story.


It is not just the carrots that are for the chop. Ministers want to get


rid of the board of Highlands and Islands enterprise and merge it with


that of Scottish enterprise. Local decision-making will still take


place, they say. This distributor near Inverness has been helped by


grants administered by the board and general business support. It was


formed almost 15 years ago and from the outset, H ie helped us in all


sorts of aspects of business improvement from marketing, brand


work, to best practice, process innovation, things like that.


Ministers say the change will boost growth will stop the Conservatives


say it is about centralisation. It is the board that makes HIE special,


having a separate board allows HIE to use experience and expertise of


business leaders to further its aims. Labour back them. The more


digging we do on this the more it seems clear they are making it up as


they go along. They're only aim is centralisation, ignoring the needs


of the Highlands and Islands. The economy secretary said he is not


getting rid of Highlands and Islands enterprise or HIE for short. We will


also protect local decision-making, management and delivery. HIE will


not be abolished. Yes, 64, no, 63. With no abstentions, the motion as


amended as agreed. The government was defeated with MSPs calling for


the decision to abolish the board to be reversed. It is believed


ministers will seek cross-party talks to find a way forward, but the


opposition said the Scottish Government must listen to the will


of Parliament. A government scheme to compensate


rail passengers with free tickets following criticism of rail services


may not go ahead unless Holyrood's rural economy committee


heard today that Abellio Scotrail and Transport Scotland


are still discussing how to implement the free week


for season ticket holders, which was announced in the Scottish


Government's draft budget. It's one idea being considered


by ministers preparing a plan to meet Scotland's


climate change targets. The technology is already being used


in Norway in a scheme built Our environment correspondent


Kevin Keane reports. This is a medium-sized town 40 miles


outside Oslo. Since 2010 homes and businesses here have been heated


using water from the fjords. It is extracted at about 8 degrees and


returned at around four, the heat drawn under pressure is enough to


create hot walks for a huge network of radiators -- hot water. The heat


pumps were made in Scotland. These are refrigeration units used to


essentially cool down the air and the system for district heating is


more or less doing this in reverse. Equipment like this made in Glasgow


was exactly what was used in the system in Norway. Very similar to


Norway in the layout. The director of Star Renewables has tried to


convince politicians hear of the merits of heat pumps. They need


electricity but are kinder to the environment than gas boilers or


electric heating, so why the reluctance? I think it is an


abstract concept that we can harvest the river the heat, rivers are Chile


already. It is down to bringing a combination of technology we produce


in our factory and also the imagination and desire of the


communities and government to see better solutions. District heating


does exist in Scotland. For more than a decade Aberdeen has built a


network of hot water pipes for council flats and public buildings.


2500 properties are served from this one building and their heating bills


are significantly less. With this, it is created by gas-fired


electricity generators who sell power to the grid. It is not carbon


free, but it could be. When the infrastructure is built you could


bolt on the front end of the technology, as they improve and


become more mature. Heating accounts for more than half of our energy use


and Scotland. Whether ministers see this as the answer will be revealed


and Scotland. Whether ministers see when the draft climate change plan


is published tomorrow. The SNP accuses Theresa May of


pursuing a little Britain Brexit. The Prime Minister says the Scottish


Government proposals will be discussed. And from the NFL to BMX,


the former American football superstar who almost came to a


sticky end in Paisley. This may seem an odd time to be


thinking about breakfast, but it's never far from the minds


of researchers at Aberdeen University's Rowett Institute -


a world leader in study of food and nutrition, which


is currently focussing Its brand new base has just


been opened by Camilla, Here's our science correspondent


Kenneth Macdonald. We will do the measurement now and


might hear cooking noises. We will do the measurement now and


to what measures what volunteers like Ian are made. I have done 16


studies. The worst was eating for breakfast. Red cabbage one day and


the next week, it was white cabbage breakfast. Red cabbage one day and


and the following week it was Cale. It is researching better ways to


start the day. So a choice of breakfast. Which would keep you


feeling fuller for longer? I would go through this with fibre and fruit


and tomatoes and fruit juice. Obviously better than the old eggs


and bacon. But I would be wrong. The one that I would choose is the high


protein because I know from research that will be good outfitting me up.


I will have a busy morning, so I am less likely to grab an unhealthy


snack. Protein is the key, but it is better if it is plant protein and we


can grow it here. We ran studies better if it is plant protein and we


that showed that a diet high in plant protein reduced some of the


risks associated with long-term high-protein animal -based diet. In


some instances sawyer is understood some instances sawyer is understood


-- is unsustainable so we are looking at sources in Scotland. If


you want to be able to stick to a diet, it would be nice to think in


future we could design diet specific to each individual, but at the


moment we are at the stages of looking at the effect of diet


composition. I'm sure it might be something we can work towards in


future. The spin offs from a century of Rowett Institute research range


from this, to Scotch pies. A major supermarket chain has


launched an initiative designed to make life a little less stressful


for some of its more The Tesco store in Forres has set up


a special relaxed checkout lane where customers will be served


at a more sedate pace. It's been developed


with Alzheimers Scotland but, as Craig Anderson reports,


many people may welcome We've all been there, we've done a


big supermarket shop and put the groceries through the checkout.


Coming down the conveyor belt, faster than you can put them into


bags. You've got a big box of cornflakes, grapefruits rolling


around. You're getting a bit frazzled. Here is a solution. What


about life in the slow lane? The idea was dreamt up after staff were


trained to recognise the particular needs of customers living with


dementia. Just by giving people a bit more time at the checkout, can


help people. Having somebody that understands some of the problems


that people living with dementia and their carers might be facing, can be


so supportive for them. This is the first relaxed blame of its type at a


major supermarket in Scotland. It may seem a little at odds with the


apparent aim of most stores to get shoppers through the tills as


quickly as possible. In some cases, that's what people want. There's


also another angle. That's other shoppers, other groups of shoppers.


A few years ago we started a dementia awareness session in the


store, and what we have done has been borne out from that. We have 42


dementia aware colleagues in the store. In addition to those coping


with disability, it could prove a boon to other customers, too. With


people with social anxiety, depression, autism, learning


difficulties, or just a mum with three kids who wants to take it easy


at the checkout. The relaxed blame is open one day a week but if


successful, Tesco say they could expand it further days and many more


stores. Sir Andy Murray is through


to the third round of He beat the 19-year-old Russian


Andrey Rublev in straight sets. But the victory was not


without its troubles, In the golden setting sun, a


memorial in bronze to one of tennis's all-time greats. They even


named the stadium after him. And among those congregating outside,


some support for Andy Murray. Absolutely and eat tonight. He's got


to do it. He will do it. Determined to repay such faith, the world


number one walked into the stadium to face eight Russian qualifier 150


places below him in the rankings. He made his move to break Rublev 4-2


before seeing out the set 6-3. And then the gulf in class became clear.


If the first that was competitive, the second wasn't. One by the Scot


without conceding a game. -- won by the Scott. Then, plenty to worry


about for the top seed and his entourage, but how would the ankle


affecting for the rest of the match? His movement didn't seem too


impaired, he was able to see off Rublev 6-2 in the third for another


straight sets win. His next port of call is a TV screen. I haven't seen


the replay so I don't know exactly what movement I did. We are trying


to find that now so my physio can see exactly which movement I did. It


feels all right, just now. It's a bit stiff and sore but I can put


weight on it, which is positive. I'm sure it'll be a bit stiff and sore


tomorrow. I think it be all right. Despite that slight injury scare,


Andy Murray is safely through to the third round. Next up, America's Sam


Querrey on Friday for a place in the last 16.


The family of the owner of a watch in Glasgow's Riverside museum have


been reunited with the timepiece after an appeal.


The watch was donated by a survivor of a passenger ship torpedoed


by the Germans on the first day of the second world war.


Our arts correspondent Pauline McLean reports.


A moment in time, and a story of survival for both this watch and its


owner. From Glasgow which has been hosted them to nearly a fortnight,


the last American survivors set sail across the Atlantic and the American


flag... It belonged to a badly burned chef on board the Athenia. He


gave it to another passenger for safekeeping who kept it safe for


almost 80 years, assuming its owner died of his injuries. But Sid


Worrell survived. This is him being taken ashore in Galway. The family


was departing and one of the neighbours had gone to the cinema


that night. She saw the survivors at Galway in Ireland, and she saw my


uncle. So my grandmother hotfooted it down to the cinema, got there


just as the manager was closing up for the night. He kindly opened up


the cinema, and rerun the newsreel while she was sitting in the empty


cinema. She was able to confirm that he was one of the survivors and she


now knew he was still alive. He moved, he was married to my


grandmother. And he became a hospital porter. Sid died in 1973


and his family didn't know his watch, kept safe in Canada for eight


decades, had been returned to the Riverside Museum, until BBC Scotland


shared an appeal for information. Today they saw it for the first


time, and despite the curator's offered to return the watch, they


wanted to stay in the collection. It's a bit of history, it's better


if it stays here, then my future family can come and see it. They'll


have my memories. And the watch which Sid gave way almost 80 years


ago, will go on display in the museum shortly, along with the full


story of an ordinary man and an extraordinary tale of survival.


He was one of the highest paid sportsmen in the world.


So what was American Footballer, Marshawn Lynch, doing on a BMX bike


in Paisley and very nearly coming to a sticky end.


A wheelie on Paisley high Street which nearly ended very badly


indeed. This American visitor is clearly more used to riding on the


right. But dodging and weaving, as Marshawn Lynch's 's bestiality on


the American football fields. -- speciality on the American football


fields. He is one of the game's best running backs of recent times. It is


thought he was at Paisley for a spot of promotional filming for this


year's Super Bowl in Houston, Texas. As well as dicing with death on his


bike, it seems this huge American football star did spend some time in


that spot. But what he was doing there and which tartan may have


taken his fancy, that has been kept under wraps. All the staff have had


to sign a gagging clause. Very Hollywood. The current crop of NFL


players in Britain to promote their games in London this autumn are most


amused at the antics of a man seen as a sporting hero. I think he is


retiring now so he has more leveraged to go and do crazy things.


I think that is just him being him, staying true to who he is and having


fun. He's a guy who doesn't trust his instincts and his body so he


probably wasn't worried about it the whole time.


I think he nearly retired the ever! Now the weather forecast.


It was a cloudy day for many, beautiful blue skies in Moray.


Tonight, mostly dry and mild. If you've had sunshine today, some


clear skies tonight could see the temperature dip into freezing.


Patchy outbreaks of rain in the far north-west on the Northern Isles.


Temperatures foremost around 6-8 . We've had those clear skies today,


clear skies tonight and a touch of frost perhaps some fog as well.


Tomorrow, similar to do today. Largely dry, mostly cloudy, and once


again, fairly mild for the time of year. The best of any sunshine in


the north-east. Elsewhere, a fairly grey afternoon. It is mild and the


winds are light. Perhaps they few spots of light rain across the


hills, through the Southern uplands. Further north, perhaps 9-10, the


best of the sunshine through the north-east. A bit more cloud


tomorrow in the West and across the Hebrides with a few spots of rain.


Similar towards Shetland, the winds still reads from the West, South


West. Little change through Thursday night. Any clear spells leading to


temperatures falling away. Friday, and high pressure still with us, but


with the winds going around in a clockwise motion, will be dragging


in colder, drier air from the near continent and delivering ink it


across West and north western parts of the country. That dry air will


mean more sunshine. After a gloomy week, more sunshine coming through


here. Hopefully improving for the Glasgow area. Into the weekend,


high-pressure staying with us. Largely dry, there will be some


brightness, some sunshine around. Not wall-to-wall sunshine. Average


temperatures and in the north-west some patchy rain.


Now, a reminder of tonight's main news.


The SNP has accused the Prime Minister of pursuing


a "little Britain Brexit" - which would hit jobs


I'll be back with the headlines at 8pm, and the late bulletin just


Until then, from everyone on the team right across the country,


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