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To the north of the country. -- especially to the north of the


country. A three year old boy dies


after being knocked down We look at the changing face


of the jobs market as the latest figures show more people


are looking for work. A lot of students have their own


dream of doing their own thing, that seems to be a chef trait.


Also on the programme, a Holyrood inquiry looks


at whether the gap between men and women's pay is having


Concern that plans for a big increase in the amount of forests


And a major blow for Scotland's Six Nations campaign as captain


Greig Laidlaw is ruled out for the rest of the tournament.


A three-year-old boy has died after he was knocked down


The incident happened yesterday in the village of Crossgates.


This farm is about a mile north of the village Crossgates near


Dunfermline, it was here yesterday evening that the three-year-old boy


was knocked down by a vehicle on the farm. He has been named as Stuart


Nelson. The emergency services were called just after five o'clock but


they were not able to save him and he was reportedly to have died at


the scene. This tragic event has affected people here and the local


community council said the family are highly thought of and respected.


The local minister said the news has shocked and stunned people. It is so


sad. It is the parents who have the heartbreak. I would not like to lose


a son or daughter at that age. Tragic news. What happened at


tea-time last night. It is one of the times that everyone is pulling


together, sending condolences to the family. Police are now investigating


the incident. The Health and Safety Executive said it is aware of the


incident and is also making enquiries.


The number of Scots seeking work in the final three months of last


year was up by 6,000, to reach 135,000.


That's while the number of people IN work was also up.


And new figures show the productivity of Scottish


Our business and economy editor, Douglas Fraser, joins us now.


The monthly labour force survey shows unemployment slightly up


in Scotland and slightly down across the UK as a whole.


The jobless rate reached 4.9% - a notch


Over the whole of last year, there was a drop in Scots


But with economic inactivity rates rising, there was also a drop


of the number in work, by 20,000, both those


Compare that with the really striking story about the jobs market


across the rest of the UK last year, with employment up by more


than 300,000, and most of those going to women, working full-time.


Now, one of the main changes underlying these numbers has been


Even places where, as a customer, you might think workers are earning


a wage, increasingly, they're running


a small business, for which they need


We are starting with a salmon which is like... You just want a job, a


pay packet, but the modern jobs market is not that simple. Two soups


and two chickens and two beef. In catering and hospitality at the city


of Glasgow College the ability to run your own business affairs can be


as important as kitchen skills. There is inspiration on hand


as important as kitchen skills. Masterchef winner. There is a


mixture of students, whether they go into self-employment or work for big


companies, but many students have their own dream of having their own


restaurant and it seems to be a kind of chef trait, they want to be doing


their own thing. Next door this hair salon takes those with cutting


skills and helps them build up their cutting edge business mouse. --


cutting edge business intelligence. People have often done this of their


own backs, but these business skills do not come naturally. It is about


how to enter contract and how to run a column and how to manage your


money and how to pay for your stock. Joanne Pinkerton has taken her hair


cutting skills around the world but the trade winds have brought her


back home to a different jobs market. What has changed, not just


as simple as going into a salon at the end on a Saturday, you get a


brown paper kit and that initial wage. What is happening now, when


they have finished their training, they want to know, what am I allowed


to do? What does this contract mean? So Joanne is renting a chair in this


new College salon where the tips aren't just from customers but from


In other figures out today, pay rose last year by 2.6%,


And that's while prices are on the way up.


The inflation figure rose this week to 1.8% -


the gap between them represents the squeeze on real spending power.


Scotland's retailers reflected on figures for January sales.


After a merry Christmas at the tills, they said


the start of this year looked 'dreich' to them.


And signs of improvement in Scotland's productivity,


nearly closing the gap with the UK as a whole.


This measure of efficiency is vital to our economic well-being


and rising living standards, and neither Scotland nor Britain has


The data tells us that in 2015, business services, finance


and construction have all been improving, but manufacturing?


A man has been convicted of a murder in North Lanarkshire that happened


James McGowan killed Owen Brannigan at a house in Coatbridge.


He was also convicted of headbutting a man at this


Later in the same evening he went on to a house


where he found his former brother in law and attacked him repeatedly.


McGowan admitted what he'd done during phone calls to a mental


health helpline while he was living in Adelaide in southern Australia.


He was extradidated to Scotland last year to face trial.


He had returned to the house with his friend, Thomas Stewart, who is


now deceased, as well. They had had a drink in the evening and were


settled down to watch the football, when Owen fell asleep on the couch.


James McGowan came in to the house and he was armed with a knife and he


set about stabbing Owen repeatedly on the couch.


Why do women still earn less money than men?


That's the question MSPs are asking as an inquiry's launched into how


Despite laws being introduced on equal pay almost 50 years ago -


on average, full-time women workers in Scotland earn 6% less than men.


Our political correspondent Andrew Kerr has more.


1970, Glasgow, the year equal pay became law, a lot has changed, but


maybe not that much. Going on current trends, research suggests


the pay gap won't be eradicated until 2069. And equalising women's


productivity could add almost ?600 billion to the UK economy.


Campaigners explained why full-time women workers still earn 6% less


than their male counterparts. It goes far beyond pay discrimination,


there is still a stark segregation in the types of job that men and


women do, with women more likely to be found in low paid undervalued


jobs such as cleaning, care and retail and admin. Women still do the


bulk of underpaid caring, and coupled with a lack of flexible


working, that means women are less likely to be found in higher paid


senior positions. So caring responsibilities could have a


long-term scarring effect on pay, pension and promotion prospects.


MSPs want to hear your views. How does this affect an impact the


Scottish economy, could more be done and could it be beneficial? We want


to look at this with an open mind and see what we come up with. If


closing the Bay -- pay gap can help the economy, it stands to reason it


can boost business. I've seen the positive intent and positive things


that can help the economy, having women on board, if we have a more


diverse workforce. For some the way ahead is complex but for others


straightforward. We worked just as hard, most of the time even better.


We just do it. It is not that hard. If you take tea breaks -- if you


take breaks to have kids, you should not be penalised. It is not a


straightforward question. It is a nightmare to work that one out


because it has not been sorted out for, when was the gender equality


act? 1970. We have a long way to go. Employers politicians and society as


a whole now have to see how to make more progress after 50 years of


trying. A special law to protect shopworkers


faced with physical or verbal abuse from customers,


is being called for by The organisation says its members


are entitled to the same legal protection from the public as those


in the emergency services. This attack happened in Glasgow last


year. And for many shop workers, abuse, verbal and sometimes physical


and even violent, is on the increase. You made the front page


news. This man was attacked by a metal bar in his shop in Edinburgh


and still has the scars. The stitches in these fingers, and


stitches in here. They have cleaned up my face and this and that, but


there was blood everywhere in the shop. Barbara who works in Fife has


this advice for the don't stand up to them because you don't know, stay


behind the till and do the thing you are meant to do, phone the police.


In the last year there has been a 40% increase in violence and other


forms of abuse against retail workers over the period before. In


Scotland in a survey of 128 shops, 92% said they had experienced abuse


either verbal or physical in the last year. With the owners of


retailers to check the age and ID of people buying things like alcohol,


there are fears they could be more at risk of abuse. And so there are


calls for tougher laws to protect those behind the tills. We had a


robbery last night. There is a law which protects Boadicea workers from


violence, a specific category of us, and also in terms of impeding them,


so you can't obstruct emergency workers. We want to extend that


principle, we are saying if we are asking retailers to uphold the law,


they need the protection of the law in terms of physically, from


violence, but also just having the ability to disable I'm doing my duty


and it is illegal to stop me from doing it. -- having the ability to


say I'm doing my duty. Surely no one should feel unsafe in their


workplace. A three year old boy dies


after being knocked down Kilmarnock are looking


for a new manager after Scotland will have to play


the remainder of this season's Six Nations rugby championship


without their captain, Greg Laidlaw will play no further


part in the competition Our sports reporter David Currie


joins us now from Murrayfield. Yes - after a promising


start to the Six Nations with a heroic win against


Ireland, and a narrow, bonus point defeat to France,


Scotland will have to play their three remaining matches


without their leader on the pitch. Ankle ligament damage ruling him out


of two home games here against Wales and Italy, and sandwiched


between them an away trip There's far more to a captain's


rolled an organisation and motivating players -- captain 's


role. Talking with royalty and other VIPs before matches will now be


another man's responsibility for the rest of the Six Nations. Greg


Laidlaw's absence will be felt. He has been hugely influential for a


number of years, from just before the World Cup, really, and he will


be missed. His goal-kicking will be a loss and his leadership in


big-ticket and his game management. He is a hugely important figure. --


leadership in particular. He is so important so it will be felt. Our


chances have to go down. His leadership powers and his kicking


prowess under pressure helped Scotland beat Ireland at


Murrayfield. They recorded their first opening-day victory since


2006. His influence over this year's tournament ended during the defeat


by France in Paris on Sunday. One former Scotland player says the


scrum-half is not in -- is not irreplaceable but you could argue


Ali Price is quicker and he is more eager and he has a better pass and


he plays the system every week with Glasgow so I would not panic about


Greg Laidlaw not being in the team. So what of the leadership role? Who


should take the captain 's armband? A number of captains, Josh is the


captain with Glasgow, but I would go with Jonny Gray, he is the


co-captain at Glasgow and he knows what goes with being a captain and


it won't affect his performance. It won't faze him and I would go with


him, Jonny Gray. The decision is for the head coach Vern Cotter. One he


has time to make. The next Scotland match is a week on Saturday against


Wales. Who does Vern Cotter go to when his go to man goes home? That


is a question which will be discussed in rugby clubs and bars


between now and whenever Vern Cotter goes public with his decision.


Thanks for joining us. Plans to significantly increase


threaten wild moorland according to mountaineers and gamekeepers.


They've jointly written to the environment secretary raising


Our environment correspondent Kevin Keane reports.


High up in the Perthshire hills, and a dramatic snow coloured the two


covered Glenn accessible only by a dramatic snow coloured the two


foot. Or in our case, 4x4. For Bob Connolly, this is his workplace.


There is moral and under that white stuff and he does not want it last.


Basically, Heather is one of the rarer types of habitat in the world.


In Britain, we have a very large percentage of it, and to cover it in


trees is just vandalism. Unusually, the gamekeepers have joined forces


with Scotland's climbers and hill walkers to raise their concerns.


This land, they say, is what brings in the tourists. They talk about


this landscape. They do not talk about going for wanders through


woods, they like to be able to see, it's not very great today but you


can see the hills around you, you see the shape of the landscape.


Forests and woodland play an important part in protecting our


environment. The trees themselves are good at soaking up the


greenhouse gas emissions that might be emitted elsewhere. What this is


about is getting the right balance between those environmental needs


and protecting Scotland's landscape. Here is how the mirrors look at a


milder time of the year. -- here is how the moors look. The groups do


not object... As trees are chopped down, they are replanted but the


government wants to increase the amount of land covered by forest


from 70% just now to 25% in 2050. It says that the increased woodland


creation that it will be taken forward in a sustainable way


including working closely with the range of stakeholders.


But beauty is in the eye of the bottled and getting the mix of


landscape right want BEC. -- will not be easy.


A look at other stories from across the country.


A 23-year-old man has been charged in connection with a road accident


in which a 2-year-old girl died. The girl died after a two car crash in


Cupar Angus in October. Her brother and sister were seriously injured.


More than ?1000 has been pledged towards the funeral of a boy who


died two days after he went missing without his medication. The online


fundraiser passed its target within a day. The teenager, who was said to


have diabetes, was reported missing on Saturday afternoon. The


accountancy firm EY is set to shed over half its workforce in


Inverness. The company says it is proposing to move its audit and


account compliance service to other parts of the company. It says the


tax team remains unaffected. Shetland and Moray councils are to


increase council tax. It means that eight out of the 32 local


authorities have now voted for an increase. The 13th Glasgow Film


Festival opens this evening. Final preparations are underway for the


European premiere of Handsome Devil, a movie set in Ireland. It is now


one of the largest film events in the UK. Over the next 11 days, there


will be more than 300 screenings and events showcasing films from 13


countries. That is a place for many different movies at this festival.


There are some fascinating documentaries, and the red carpet


colours are always good fun. Our audiences have a very broad taste.


The discovery of a bronze spearhead decorated in gold in Angus has been


called a valuable find. It is one of only a handful of such weapons found


in Britain and Ireland, uncovered last year by archaeologists


excavating a site which is being turned into football pitches in


Carnoustie. There are around 70,000


motability cars in Scotland - it's a welfare benefit that gives


people with disability Reassessment of the system


has already seen many As the Scottish government prepares


to take control of the benefit, some disabled people fear


they could lose their indepdendence. Tonight the Department of Work and


Pensions said that the number of people receiving motability had


increased. For decades, these three wheel cards were the only sort of


transport for disabled drivers. -- three wheel cards. Why the 70s, the


vehicle no longer met city revelations and disabled drivers


were given funds by the government to invest in a standard car. To be


on the scheme, you need to be on one of two benefits. Even the disability


living allowance or personal intended payments. What is the


nature of your disability? I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis,


relaxed and remitting, 12 years ago. It has caused weakness in my arms


but obviously the main problem for getting around is the weakness that


has been caused in my legs. getting around is the weakness that


people have been transferred to PIP, they are being reassessed and some


are having their benefits that, consequently losing their


entitlement to a mobility vehicle. David was one of those and he had to


hand his car back. It took six months and two appeals before it was


returned. How important is having this motability vehicle to you? I


always see it as almost an extension of the crutch. I cannot get about


without the crushed and I cannot get about without my car. -- without the


crutch. Without it, I would be unable to go to work and contribute


to society. I would be unable to pay my taxes and all of these kind of


things. Scotland is getting power over mobility benefits. The Scottish


Government say that they would like to take a different approach from


Westminster. At this stage, we are still looking at options, and we are


having the discussion, but we absolutely recognise the importance


of that scheme for many individuals. To live an independent life, and


also to access opportunities for employment, or to stay in


employment. What is David's advice for the government? The government


need to look at it from a person-to-person, illness to


illness, point of view, rather than a one size fits all. My time is


precious and it is vital that I need to be able to do the things I can do


now while I still can, and so to go from that to be told that I have to


sit for months and not be able to do things to the best of my ability, I


found that really unfair. The Scottish Government is currently


consulting with disabled people to try to get it right.


The Premiership side Kilmarnock are looking


It follows today's departure of Lee Clark, who's gone


Brian McLauchlin is at Rugby Park in Kilmarnock now.


Brian, was there any indication this was going to happen?


It was a surprise, Jackie. It is exactly a year to the day since Lee


Clark took over the manager's position here at rugby park. The


club were struggling at the bottom of the Scottish Premiership. It is


fair to say that they had a fairly rocky start under Lee Clark. The


club managed to retain their status and the top flight of the Scottish


football after play-off success against Falkirk. There was a major


turnover of players in the summer, no fewer than 11 new players came to


Rugby Park last summer. One of them being Superman Coulibaly, who the


club signed under a free transfer, but sold for a profit of ?800,000.


To my client is sixth in the Scottish Premiership but earlier


this season, the English League 1 side Bury contacted Kilmarnock to


see if Lee Clark would be capable to Lima available to take over the


manager's position there. Lee Clark made it clear he wanted a new


challenge in England and he wanted to move south, to be closer to his


family, and the package was agreed. What now for Kilmarnock? Clark's


assistant, Lee McCulloch, has been handed the job on an interim basis


until the end of the season and he will be assisted by another coach


here. They have already made applications for the job. However,


if Lee McCulloch is doing a reasonable job between now and the


end of the season, he has to be seen as the main contender to take on the


job on a long-term basis. Let's get the weather. It was a


fairly cloudy day for many of us but mild. Stay mild tonight but also


quite damp and breezy. The culprit, low pressure towards the north-west,


bringing these outbreaks of rain in. And a strengthening West and


Southwest wind. The rain is stretching into the country. The


rain and wind mean that it is certainly not going to be a cold


night. Five or six Celsius in town, perhaps a few spots dipping cooler


but for many it will be miles. The rain is still with us tomorrow, as


will be the wind. It means that it is going to be a cloudy, damp


morning. Expect some rain through Stirlingshire, Falkirk, perhaps


towards the capital. By the afternoon, a lot of the wet weather


will ease. Still reasonably cloudy. Some wintry conditions coming in


towards the east. With the rain coming from a westerly direction,


you will feel it in the central belt. It is difficult to know where


the showers will be, but most of them will be in the west and


north-west, and frequent across Orkney and Shetland. The rest of the


afternoon, into the evening, we will start to see further outbreaks of


rain. Elsewhere, reasonably dry but as we had overnight to Friday, with


a ridge of high pressure, it will be quite cool with a patch of frost.


Friday, that will still be with us. Outbreaks of rain edging towards us.


Drizzle in the Highlands and Islands. The best of the brightness


in the east. Once again, it will be miles, up to 10 Celsius. And so to


the weekend. Two Miles Davis, and on Saturday there will be some fairly


breezy conditions with showers. Further rain by Sunday night. That


is the forecast. And that is Reporting Scotland. Join me at


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