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Claims of a Scottish government U-turn over business rates as it


announces a multi-million pound package aimed at


MSPs vote for top earners in Scotland to pay more income tax


Concern that thousands of young carers are suffering stress,


I was never quite like are the kids, because I had my mum was... I had


Also on the programme: issues being out with others.


the Scottish king brutally murdered


nearly 600 years ago - now plans are unveiled to search


We are the sirens. Changing the game!


And netball gets a reboot as the Scottish Sirens take


to the court for the start of a new national Superleague.


The Scottish Government has announced a ?44 million package


The Scottish Government has moved to quell a business rates revolt


by announcing a package of financial support.


44 million pounds will go to curb rate rises in the hospitality


industry, the North-east and in the renewables sector.


The move has been widely welcomed - although the Conservatives said


Ministers had been forced into a climbdown by


This from our political editor Brian Taylor.


Table ten. It was lovely! Sheila? We told you about how her


hotel faced a business rate increase of more than 100%. She warned her


community, already blighted by the oil downtown Michael Cole downturn,


risk becoming a ghost town. The Minister already acted,


attempting to cut rates and exempting more small firms but it


was not enough. With particular pain being felt by hotels, pubs,


restaurants and cafes, their value is linked uniquely to turnover. Many


were facing huge increases, and so this... I can confirm today that we


will offer a new national relief that cap increases for hotels at


12.5%. The announcement covers the entire catering industry, 8500


premises. But the owner of this five Aberdeen hotel is still refusing to


pay any increases at all. -- 5-star hotel. Aberdeenshire has been badly


hit by the downturn, some areas will also be capped at 12.5%.


If they listened to the chamber and members, we would expect to see real


benefits over to the businesses in the region. There is additional


support for the renewal for sector. Tories welcomed the moves, but felt


they had been forced into a U-turn, after denying there was a problem.


It is typical actions from a government that time and again fall


asleep at the wheel and only wake up when they crashed the car into the


wall! Back to Sheila in Stonehaven, she scrutinised the statement today,


and her response? Personally, it is a big relief. In real terms, they


would go up by ?100 per month rather than ?1000 per month. It is a big


relief. I can relax, not having to sit and analyse whether I will have


two lay off staff or not. One satisfied company, but a review of


business rates is due in the summer. Meanwhile, MSPs have voted to set


income tax for the coming year - and for the first time


the arrangements here will be Higher earners living in Scotland


will be asked to pay more than those in England,


Wales and Northern Ireland. For as long as revenues have flowed


from income tax, the charges applied have been the same on both sides of


the Tweed River, and in all parts of the UK but that is about to


change... In Scotland, tax isn't going up, but SNP ministers have


decided not to match a tax cut for higher earners in the rest of the


UK. If there's a percentage of taxation in Scotland which is


marginally higher, it is well spent if spent on the NHS. We are one


country and should have the same tax and money spent everywhere. From


April, you will pay income tax at 20p in the pound on annual earnings


of above ?11,500, same as south of the border. But there is a


difference for those paying higher tax rates of 40p per ?1. Elsewhere


in the UK you would only pay that rate on earnings over ?45,000. In


Scotland, the threshold is frozen at ?43,000. It means higher rate


taxpayers here will pay up to ?400 more each year than elsewhere in the


UK. With policies like free prescriptions and free university


tuition, the finance secretary argues that Scotland has the best


deal on tax and services. But there are those who think the government


is not making enough use of its tax powers. We are disappointed there is


not enough there to battle austerity and support public services. My


union is a union of tax workers, and we believe in tax, justice, and


redistribution of wealth. Others things that taxing Scots more than


those in the rest of the UK could damage the Konta me. I think it


could be a significant disadvantage for Scotland in the longer term. --


economy. It's the potential for sending out messages that Scotland


is going in that direction and we think I tax is the country's future.


There will always be a disagreement over how much tax we pay, but what


income tax, it is never politicians income tax, it is never politicians


-- it is never politicians here setting rules for those in Scotland.


Let's get an overview of today's events at Holyrood


from our political editor Brian Taylor.


Brian, these are economic decisions on rates and income tax,


but how much are they politically driven?


It is very substantially politically driven. Nothing stirs the minds


rather than anxious voters, and by contrast, nothing is more than


opportunity for opposition parties. On the question of business rates,


conservatives were piling in on this one. It was a slow burner, an


accumulation of a series of protests from individual businesses but it


grew into a substantial and significant road indeed. It was a


challenge for the Scottish Government.


challenge for the Scottish -- significant role. Did they answer


every point? The Conservatives said that they had not. The SNP believe


that they have given ammunition to their party with local elections due


in May. With the issue of the tax decisions, and money to be raised by


the tax decision, much of it in the deal with the Green party, is being


diverted to local councils. It was a basis of the Labour complaint. Local


services overall were benefiting but now they can argue that more money


is going to councils. Labour are not happy and say it is insufficient,


and say it will leave councils short. These are big battle grounds,


if you like. The SNB believe that they have given defence to their


candidates. -- SNP. Local elections happen in May, and in Scotland,


there always appears to be an election pending, or a referendum,


or both! Brian Taylor, thank you. A stonemason has told a fatal


accident inquiry into the death of an eight year old boy


who was killed by a falling gravestone, that the memorial was


a 'definite hazard and dangerous'. Peter Hayman told the hearing that


had he seen it before Ciaran Williamson's death


he would have fenced Ciaran Williamson's family leave


court, having heard testimony from a stonemason who examined gravestones


at Craigton Cemetery after the accident. Here, on the evening of


the 26th of May nearly two years ago, Ciaran Williamson came here to


play with friends. Not long after arriving, a gravestone fell on top


of him. Today, the court heard from Peter Hayman from the National


Association of memorial Masons, who told the fatal accident enquiry that


if he inspected the gravestone before Kiran's death, he would have


it was a definite hazard and danger it was a definite hazard and danger


-- fenced it. Under questioning, he said that the problem with the


gravestones was a lack of dowels, combined with the roots of a nearby


tree clamping over it. He said the headstone would have failed or


fallen at some point anyway. Later, a representative for the Council


asked that if he thought the headstone was so perilously balanced


that the wind could knock it over. Peter Hayman replied no, but if it


was leaning further, it might. Later in the afternoon, there were tears


from Ciaran Williamson's family, as the pathologist reports detailing


his injuries was read out. It said that the stone fell on top of his


head, and then fell further down and hit his chest and tummy. His death


was instant. The fatal accident enquiry here at Glasgow Sheriff


Court continues tomorrow. When we think of carers,


usually we assume they are adults. But it's estimated there are almost


30,000 carers in Scotland who are under 18 -


and more than a quarter of them Whilst many are proud


of their role as young carers, others suffer serious stress,


isolation and depression. I hope it isn't he saw one...


is partly paralysed by an autoimmune disease. Is that good? Not bad for


me! Her 13-year-old daughter, Abbey, is her Qera. I was never like the


other kids, because my mum is... I had some issues like being out with


my friends, or I would have to be home if my dad was at work -- carer.


Do you want chicken, or chicken? Over a quarter of Scotland's Young


carers care for more than one parent or sibling, or care for them alone.


She has to be my Qera, and I regret it, she should be a teenager and do


the normal things that teenagers do the normal things that teenagers do


-- carer. There are 29,000 young carers in Scotland. It is thought


many more are trying to cope. Scared of asking for help in case they are


separated. There are those who have more demand, and heavier


responsibilities. In some instances, that would impact on their mental


health and we must make sure we have the appropriate services for those


young people. The survey found many feel left out or stressed. Peer


support groups can help. I've become more confident because I'd gone to


things like that, before I was not confident at all. Now, I'm feeling


slightly better. The Scottish Goodman says that young carers make


a vital contribution, they spend ?130 million on targeted programmes


but except more support is needed. Sometimes we fall out about it. She


gets fed up and I understand that. Are you all right? I don't think I


am special, it's how I have to be. For as long as I could remember, my


mum has had the disease and I have lived with it. There is nothing I


can do. It is just how things are. Police in Renfrewshire


are investigating reports that a 27-year-old woman was raped


on a pathway behind An area near The Wallace School


in Elderslie near Paisley The suspect is described as a white


male aged between 35 to 50 years old with dark receding hair,


and a medium to stocky build. One of the senior figures carrying


out the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry Glenn Houston, seen here


on the right, was the only He remained on the inquiry team last


year after the resignation of the chair, Susan O'Brien QC


and panel member Michael Lamb. One survivors' group


has described the news Police are investigating allegations


of malpractice involving It follows claims of cronyism


within the department responsible for services such


as cleansing and roads. An internal council inquiry started


last year while the senior manager responsible for the service


resigned last autumn. Police Scotland say their inquiries


are at an early stage. Claims of a Scottish government


U-turn over business rates as it announces a multi-million pound


package aimed at Who will fill this man's boots as


captain when Scotland take on Wales in the six Nations?


A Scottish architect has helped pioneer a virtual reality guide


to designing buildings for people living with dementia.


Charities say more than 90,000 people in Scotland currently have


dementia and that figure expected to rise.


It's hoped that by allowing architects to "virtually" attain


a sufferer's point of view then more sympathetic designs will result.


If you are a gamer, you might be familiar with this, the virtual


reality headset. But what it is demonstrating today is something far


from a game. It is being used to show you the world as you would see


it and then through the eyes of someone with dementia. OK, let's


have a go... I am in a care home. Everything is very beige, but my,


now things are getting quite difficult to make out... It looks a


little bit muddy, I'm not enjoying it. Many people with dementia have


cognitive and perceptual problems, meaning interpreting what you are


looking at is problematic. This is a different room altogether, there is


a bright purple blanket on the bed. With the filter on, things are still


much easier to see than they were in the beige room. It is interesting, I


can navigate my way around the room, and see where everything is. It just


isn't as bright as it would be for someone who does not have dementia.


We need to understand that if there is in contrast, things are


invisible. In the beige room, for many people with dementia, they


cannot even see the bed properly. In the bright, clear and bold design,


the bed is very obvious and clear. You can immediately work out what it


is and where it is, and where to sit You can immediately work out what it


if you want to sit on it. You go You can immediately work out what it


into the bathroom and you can see the toilet instantly. You are more


confident and more relaxed and more independent, and safer. I think what


it does, very clearly, is help you to understand exactly what someone


with dementia lives with. And, from that, you can design out risks like


trip hazards, material changes and contrasts, so they can see what you


see. You design from empathy. What it has done is take the knowledge


that doctors and academics have had about dementia for years, and put it


into a way that designers cannot just see it, but experience it. It


is hoped it will bring about more dementia friendly buildings in the


future. A look at other stories


from across the country. the oil services giant the John Wood


Group has reported a 28% fall in annual profits, operating profits


were 2016 were $244 million. That's $100 million down on the previous


year. The company says the industry continues to present challenges. A


quarter of women in Scotland don't take part in sport or physical


activity. That's compared with 13% of men. That's compared to a


self-selecting survey of more than 3000 people. The majority said they


did it for health and social benefits. Plans for a multi-million


pound artificial surfing break on the outskirts of Edinburgh are to be


unveiled at a series of public consultations. Wave Garden would


turned this quarry into a huge lake with a machine that created waves


for any level of surfer. The development expects to create more


than 80 jobs. Depeche Mode will headline the BBC six music festival


in Scotland. They will be joined by Belle And Sebastian and a host of


other acts. The festival takes place across the city with Depeche Mode


playing at the end of March. Glasgow is a really big part of the British


music scene. When I sit in my studio in London and talk to artists who


are on tour and say where are you excited to go, they always a


Glasgow. Obviously a massive massive musical heritage up here. It's


really exciting to be here this year.


He was brutally murdered on this day 580 years ago and plans have been


unveiled to search for the tomb of King James I.


He was buried in Perth and finding his grave would be part


of a project to create a major visitor attraction in the city.


The city of Perth. Could it have become Scotland's capital back in


the 15th century? King James the first had big plans for the place.


He held several of his parliaments in Perth. It's in this area the


Charterhouse would have stood... James wanted the city to rival


London, with a university to match Oxford. I'm not sure whether perp


would have been the capital but it was definitely in the running for


being the capital in a way that the murder halted the idea in its


being the capital in a way that the tracks. That murder took place in


this Priory where James had royal apartments. Today a pub stands on


the site. James tried to hide from his enemies underground in an area


similar to this pub cellar. He tried to flee through a hatch but it had


been blocked. His enemies got to him, they stabbed him 16 times and


the King of Scotland lay dying in a pool of blood. He was buried


somewhere near here, a monument marks the site of the Priory. Now


there are plans to search for the team. If we were to locate where the


royal tomb was within this complex, we saw what that did to Leicester


with the rediscovery of Richard III. A lot more people know Richard III


but we are looking to try and change that. When Richard III's remains


were found and reburied it brought a tourist bonanza. It is hoped James


the first could do the same for Perth. Technology like this would be


used in a new visitor centre to bring the story alive. Through the


archaeology and research will be able to recreate, for example, the


Charterhouse in which James the first, his queen and Margaret Tudor


are all buried. We will be able to do that. James would no doubt seeing


his story brought to life in the heart of his beloved city.


Scotland's rugby coaches still to publicly name his captain for the


remainder of the Six Nations. After beating Ireland and losing to


France, they are at home to Wales at Murrayfield on Saturday. The team


don't appear to have been told who will lead them either.


This is Scotland's training base in Edinburgh. Traditionally during a


Six Nations match week the captain holds a media conference every


Tuesday. Not this week. Greg Laidlaw's injury forcing him to


withdraw from the squad. So who will take over for the remaining three


matches? Might it be whoever was sitting in for media duties today? I


put my hat in the ring but I don't think that's possible. Yeah, I'm not


actually sure to be honest. There are more serious contenders.


John Barclay was captain when Greg went off against France. It was six


minutes before he had to go off himself. He's more vocal than Jonny


Gray who took over for him. He's got the experience as well. Jonny Gray


is a year and a half into captaining Glasgow and it's been a bit of a


mixed bag. His communication skills aren't as good as Laidlaw's. The


other candidate is Henry Pyrgos who has the leadership skills required.


He's coming back from injury and they'll probably start him on the


bench so it's got to be John Barclay. This seat will be filled


when they name the new skipper on Thursday.


Scotland has a brand new professional sports team,


and tonight they launch themselves to a sell-out crowd


The sport is netball, the team are called The Sirens,


they are based in Glasgow and will play in the Vitality


As Rhona McLeod reports, their creation has been


ambitious and their survival is far from assured.


An appropriate name for a team screaming out for support. The


Sirens will launch tonight with a sell-out crowd of 4000 at Glasgow's


emirates arena. That's more than attended three of the weekend's


Scottish premiership football games. It's really exciting, but it's not


just for the sport of netball. I think for women's sport and Scottish


sport it's a historic moment for us to have a professional women's team


with a TV deal, particularly when you look at the current statistics.


We are hoping this is a game changer. It is New Zealand's number


one women's sport. It's on TV readily, people know who you are


when you walk down the street. That's what we want to grow over


here. I think we are able to do that and we have the team behind the


scenes to make it happen. The team will be chasing success against nine


others from across England and Wales. The fact we are new, we don't


know what the outcome will be. That is what makes it exciting for me. If


we stick to who we are as The Sirens, then we should be


victorious. The Sirens squad is filled with ambitious signings from


Scotland and across the world. Inspiration for youngsters in the


sport will exist in abundance but investment will also be needed. We


have set up as a partnership between apple Scotland and the University of


Western Scotland. We aren't publicly funded, we don't take money from the


governing body or sports Scotland. If this is to be sustainable we need


to attract more investment, that comes from commercial investors. The


Sirens will face wasps netball tonight for a centre pass at 7:45pm.


And its time for the weather now with Kawser.


A lot to fit in this broadcast. Good evening. It is already quite wet


across many western parts of the country and will continue to see


further outbreaks of rain. You can see the rain piling in from the


West, heaviest across the North West. It will continue to make


progress further south-east as we head into the evening. A stormy


scene here sent in from one of our Weather Watchers on the Isle of Skye


earlier today. While we continue to see further outbreaks of rain this


evening it's going to become very windy indeed. Is the scene for this


evening. The rainbow progress further south-east. Behind it


clearer skies but blustery showers falling as snow. It's across the far


north and north-east, and for the Northern Isles where we have the


strongest gusts perhaps reaching severe gale force. There are weather


warnings for those areas lasting throughout the night and for much of


the day tomorrow. It's going to be a cold night competitor last night.


Tomorrow starts cold, blustery, showers continuing across the North


West. Maybe even the odd rumble of thunder. The strongest winds across


the far north continuing for much of the day. Let's take a close look at


tomorrow afternoon. The winds will moderate across the mainland and


will start to see those showers moderate across the mainland and


becoming fewer and further between. More sunshine across more central,


southern and eastern areas. Temperatures back to around average


for the time of year but feeling cold in exposure to the winter.


During the evening a brief respite, clearer skies and a touch of frost.


Then we'll see rain pushing through across the south-west during the


evening. This is associated with Storm Doris. A deep area of low


pressure bringing heavy, persistent rain and strong winds. The strongest


will be towards the south across north-western parts of England but


as the heavy rain moves into the colder air over Scotland, it will


form increasingly as snow. At a higher ground, the southern uplands


in particular but even in lower levels, there is potential of snow


during Thursday morning. The Met office have issued a Yellow Warning


for the risk of snow and the potential of some disruption. Keep


up-to-date with the forecast. Now, a reminder of


tonight's main news. The Scottish Government has moved


to quell a business rates revolt by announcing a package


of financial support. MSPs have voted to set income taxed


for the coming year. And for the first time


the arrangements will be different Higher earners living in Scotland


will be asked to pay more. Our next main bulletin is just


after the ten o'clock news. Until then, from everyone on the


team, right across the country, Nawal El Saadawi,


the world-renowned Egyptian author A fearless feminist


facing a world in turmoil.


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