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The Scottish Labour party gathers in Perth.


Federalism is on the agenda, but those by-election


More bad news for the Royal Bank of Scotland, as it reports


The school that's teaching pupils how to deal with the stress


and depression caused by life as a teenager.


If you're on one social media it is like you have to have all the


profiles, everyone has to see everything you are doing in your


life and you have to keep up with them and you are maybe telling


people think she would not normally tell them.


Scotland will attempt to record their first win over Wales since


2007. And, the plan to protect


the RED squirrel, by eradicating the rival grey


squirrels in Aberdeen. The leader of Labour in Scotland has


been setting out an upbeat vision for the future of the party as part


of a federal United Kingdom. By contrast Jeremy Corbyn,


the UK leader, has been recovering from a bruising by-


election defeat, at the hands Our political editor Brian Taylor


is in Perth at Scottish Labour's Brian, Kezia Dugdale


wanting to focus on federalism but was that


overshadowed by Jeremy Corbyn and Labour's chances of government


ebbing further away? Let's put it this way, there are two


elements to politics, there is policy and in that regard Labour


think that the announcement on federalism gives them a big


cardboard alongside that is power. In opposition you get to say things


but in government you get to do stuff. Kezia Dugdale is stressing


the autonomy of the Scottish Parliament but she is only too well


aware that difficulties for Labour south of the border tend to wash


north to Scotland. Nice to see you. It started with a kiss, and a


promise. Kezia Dugdale knows the last thing Labour wants to talk


about is the constitution. Labour needs a new offer. Our vision, the


Scottish Labour vision is for a radical reshaping of the UK that


offers a poster Brexit solution that delivers for it the four corners of


these islands. It is time for a new act of union. Your speech was great!


Kezia Dugdale visualisers a People's Convention. More clout for the


regions of England. On the fringe, she even suggest that it could be


put to the Scottish people if another independence referendum is


held. I don't want to be another referendum. I can certainly see a


legitimate case for if there were to be a referendum that you might put


something as strong as a federalist solution the ballot paper.


Implementing that would require Labour to be in power, not on the


horizon, according to one delegate. It has never been tougher being a


Labour member then now from a UK It has never been tougher being a


wide perspective, we have never looked further from forming a


government. Labour held of Ukip in the Stoke by-election but lost


Copeland to the Tories, so where does that leave the leadership of


Jeremy Corbyn. It is a disappointing result. I can't help but think, it


is to blame for that. Jeremy Corbyn is our leader, he has the support of


the entire Labour Party because we have to get on with it. Personally,


I didn't vote for him but he is my leader, so I'll support him. The


voice of the members, what does the leader think? Should Jeremy Corbyn


consider his position? I am 100% behind him. I have a job to do here


in Scotland. It is an autonomous party. I'm going to continue doing


that. The conference will hear from Kezia Dugdale tomorrow and from


Jeremy Corbyn on Sunday. Brian -- and Kezia Dugdale has been


talking about the pressures Yes. That was also at that fringe


meeting, reflecting that since the beginning of the years she has split


from her partner of nine years and her best friend has died. She said


it was dreadful and appalling to cope with but she did so simply by


taking it one step at a time. But there will be huge pressures in the


party and Labour need to take some galloping strides to advance its


position both north and south of the border. In one regard, I think there


will be movement on that idea of the


People's Convention and I think that Tom Watson, the Deputy Leader of the


party may give it its backing tomorrow and it is expected in the


next few weeks or months that there will be an actual move to set up


such an initiative. There was more gloomy news


for the Royal Bank of Scotland today as it reported a 7 billion pounds


annual loss -- the ninth year in a row that its


failed to make a profit. The bank is now looking to make


savings of two billion pounds, which will mean job cuts


and more branch closures. But its chief executive wouldn't be


drawn on their scale. I have not put a number out and I


will not. My view is to always talk to our people first and there will


be job cuts in this organisation, there has to be, given that over the


next four years we will take ?2 billion worth of costs out of the


organisation to make us a really good bank. These things are


happening because banking is changing and it is changing rapidly


as well and we need to be a competitive bank.


I'm joined now by our business and economy editor Douglas Fraser.


Douglas, are these losses better or worse than predicted?


They are a lot worse and the pain goes on for longer. There is a core


bank in their summer struggling to get out. It made not a bad figure in


profits. That was last year. Set against that, you have ?10 billion


of fines and legal costs and restructuring, that is for


mis-selling, for claims that they misled investors, rigging markets,


?2 billion for restructuring and a huge bill for trying to carve out a


bit of Royal Bank of Scotland, which they called a different name, that


has failed and they cannot sell it or floated and the costs of


reintegrating it back into RBS and getting rid of the tuba gating


branches, that looks like billions more, effectively for achieving


nothing at all. So, how does RBS hope


to turn this around? There is that core bank, it is


attracting customers as well. They need to get these fines and legal


cases behind them, their plans have slept for another year, they don't


expect a profit from this year and we are looking at ten years of


losses, probably more than ?60 billion of losses by that time and


because they have slimmed down from the one of the biggest banks to


focusing only on the UK and Ireland, costs are high relative to income by


industry standards and they want to continue cutting costs, ?3 billion


over the past two years. That means a lot of jobs, it means branch


closures and that is partly because the industry is changing. Most of


their customers use digital and mobile banking, one fifth use only


their customers use digital and that so financial technology is a


threat and an opportunity and RBS wants to be at the forefront of it.


Thank you. The man who advises the UK


government on Scots law is to appear before a sheriff in Edinburgh,


charged with a firearms offence. Lord Keen is accused of failing


to secure a 12-bore shotgun It's understood Lord Keen


was reported by police investigating Leuchars in Fife is to


become the centre of Army The Defence Secretary Sir Michael


Fallon was in Scotland for a meeting of the MoD defence board,


which met in Edinburgh He confirmed spending of one point


seven 7 billion pounds on HM Naval Base Clyde,


the site of the UK's nuclear submarines, and on the Lossiemouth


fighter jet base in Moray. The Scottish government said


it was "too little, too late". One in ten adults are currently


on anti-depressents. And its estimated that almost half


of adults with mental health problems developed them before


they left school. Now, a school in one


of Glasgow's most deprived areas is training parents,


pupils and staff how The aim is to intervene


early, BEFORE mental Our correspondent


Lucy Adams reports. They do have worries, but what kind


of impact does it have a new? These fourth-year pupils at St Paul's high


school in Glasgow are learning how to manage stress. Other people can


judge how they look on social media and back and get them stressed. From


exams, obviously, you need them for your future to get a good job, go to


university. Pressure from your friends because you feel if they do


better than you, you feel as if you have done something wrong and it


knocks your confidence. Relax. The eight-week course offers pupils


practical ways of dealing with eight-week course offers pupils


anxiety. The aim, not just for these pupils, but for their parents and


their teachers is to learn new ways to cope with stress. So that they


can get on with their lives. It started with a psychological test of


all the pupils. We were a bit surprised at just how many of the


pupils were already showing signs of difficulties with anxiety and


depression, around numbers back or out of ten of them at the start of


the programme. By the end of the programme, we had cut that in half,


but when we followed that up, we were seen that they were still


continuing to improve. Lauren was so stressed that she ended up in


hospital before her preliminaries last year. My foot was getting very


sore and I was not able to walk on it. My mother took me to the


hospital and they said it was an explained what it was but because I


was at explaining that it was about exam time, they said it was really


due to stress. It is not just about exam pressure,. If you're on one


social media, you have to have all the profiles, everyone has to be


able to see what you are doing in your life when you have to keep up.


You are telling people may be things that you would not usually tell


them, where you are going, what you are doing all the time. It is


constantly, so everyone has an insight into your life. The modern


world is not just stressful for pupils. Classrooms can be stressful


situations, both for pupils and for teachers. It really helped me to be


able to identify what stress was happening. The council says it will


now assess the results and look out which other schools could benefit.


Those involved believe stress management could help everyone,


young and old. Lucy Adams, Reporting Scotland.


A memorial service has been held for the former


The veteran politician, who spent 43 years as an MP,


The ceremony at St Michael's Parish Church in Linlithgow was attended


by prominent Labour figures from Westminster and Holyrood.


Among those was the former Labour MP Brian Wilson, who paid tribute


There was a privilege to know him, to work with him, to agree with him


and sometimes even to disagree with him. He was, by any standards, and


utterly unique political figure and in a generally grim period for


politics, it is a bleak thought that there is even less respect in his


career for the importance of being awkward and even fewer politicians


with the diligence and independence of mind to pursuit that designation.


You're watching BBC Reporting Scotland.


The Scottish Labour Party gathers in Perth.


Federalism is on the agenda, but those by-election


And still to come - Scotland's women footballers are going full-time


ahead of this summer's Detectives investigating the death


of a north-east man nearly a year Police had even turned to the BBC


Crimewatch programme, in what they described as a lengthy


and complex investigation into the death of 67-year-old Brian McKandie.


Rebecca Curran reports. Brian McKandie's body was found here


at his cottage on March 12 last year. The 67-year-old's death


prompted a huge police investigation. Hundreds of motorists


were stopped by officers in the weeks that followed and Brian's


brother made an appeal on the BBC's Crimewatch programme. Somebody must


know what happened to Brian and we would ask them to look to their


conscience and call the police. We have lost our brother and we just


want to know what happened and why. With the anniversary of Brian's


death approaching, police stepped up investigations. On Monday this week,


officers carried out a fresh surge on the roads and today, they


confirmed a 23-year-old man has been charged in connection with Brian


McKandie's death. Expected to appear at Aberdeenshire Crown Court on


Monday. The police says enquiries continuing and a police hut has been


situated here today for anyone with concerns. Police are in attendance


at another property today as part of their investigation.


The Cowdenbeath football player who'd admitted betting


against his own team has been released by the League Two club.


Dean Brett told BBC Scotland he hoped to have a future


with Cowdenbeath, but would accept their decision at a


disciplinary hearing. He's now been told he has no


future at Central Park, and has had his contract terminated.


This week, he was also banned for four matches,


with a further four suspended, for using homophobic


A look now at other stories from across the country.


Detectives investigating the rape of a woman in Renfrewshire have


asked for help to trace her missing trousers.


The woman was attacked by a man on a path near


Wallace Primary School in Elderslie, on Monday evening.


Police have urged people to check gardens and bins


Profits at Standard Life have increased by nine


The Edinburgh based insurer and asset manager made


a pre-tax profit of more than ?7 hundred million.


a pre-tax profit of more than ?700 million.


The assets it manages increased by 16%.


The company says it will add staff in Frankfurt and Luxembourg


after the Brexit vote, as part of its contingency plans.


The Scottish government has defended the Borders Railway after claims


the infrastructure vision for the project was "short-sighted".


Think-tank Reform Scotland said the route had been left with limited


potential for expansion, and that the Edinburgh


to Tweedbank line had shown thinking was "too small"


The Scottish Government said the railway had proved a huge


success and it expected more investment in future.


Three Scottish dogs are being honoured by a vet


charity for their bravery and devotion to duty.


Police dog Ozzy is getting the prestigious PDSA gold medal


for disarming a man who threatened to blow up a block of flats.


Fellow police dog Sweep has won the order of merit for his work


detecting drugs and firearms, and civilian dog Sabby will also get


the award for supporting people with learning disabilities.


The difference they can make, the lives they have saved, whether it be


taking the dog of the street or finding the person with dementia


that has gone missing. I feel very lucky to have a job that you


genuinely get up in the morning and think, I wonder what'll happen


today? In sport, it's another big


weekend for Scotland, They play Wales at Murrayfield


tomorrow, from where our sports And David, this is a really


important match for both teams. Yes - with one win and one defeat


each so far in the tournament - whoever wins tomorrow's match


still has a chance to Not so for the losers -


so plenty at stake tomorrow Scotland have home advantage


but this is a venue Welsh players and supporters seem


to love visiting. Not quite tourists, more like


pilgrims. Upholding a tradition with a biennial visit to Edinburgh. What


is so special about this fixture? Friendly, happy people and to us, we


come to Scotland and we have a fabulous time. It is brilliant. How


many times have you been coming? 40th year this year that I have been


coming. That tried by Luke Phil Bennett, legendary drive. Absolutely


brilliant try. They were a brilliant team in the day as well. Wales are


usually associated with... It tends to be a high-scoring game and lots


of good tries. Certainly, if you look at the teams on Saturday, lots


of firepower. If the weather holds up and it is a decent day, I would


expect quite a lot of tries scored. Ten years, Scotland haven't beaten


Wales. I thought it was eight. Is it ten? Obviously not a big issue for


you! I am the eternal optimist but it will be a tough game. There have


been many references to the training and it will be a different animal we


play against this week than we have done in the past. The Welsh of


course are not unbeatable any more and contrary to myth that every


Welsh person has a good voice. SINGING


I can't predict the score - but I'm confident the rugby will be


much better and more entertaining than the singing.


Scotland's women footballers are going full-time ahead of this


summer's European Championship. National coach Anna Signeul


is calling it a real breakthrough for the women's game.


A new funding package is allowing the players who work


Kheredine Idessane went to meet one of them to find out more.


Let's go. Listen to the referee. Sound advice to the footballers of


the future. Female footballers of the present in Scotland work before


they play. This one is normally an active schools coordinator but from


now until the summer's European Championships, she gets to go


professional. What difference will it make. Hopefully a big difference


in terms of being able to be rested and recovered going into sessions


and able to give 100%. We are in preseason but the next thing we need


to look at now is the technical aspects of the game and tactics


going forward into the Championships. Having the time to


focus on that should make a huge difference to each player and the


team in general. Patron of the team, the First Minister, helped with the


announcement today and she will no doubt remember a similar arrangement


which allowed the Scottish women's hockey team to go full-time in the


run-up to the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. How much has


been provided for our female footballers to go professional? The


overall package could be worth over ?100,000. A third coming from the


Scottish football partnership, a ?100,000. A third coming from the


third from sport Scotland and a third from energy provider SSC. So


many young girls would look at these players and this team and want to be


one of them. I think it will actually have so much benefits,


positive benefits coming on after this.


Any more reds? LeAnn Ross is giving up the day job to become a full-time


footballer, at least for a while, but she's hoping she and her


Scotland team are paving the way for girls just like the ones she has


been teaching for one day to become full-time footballer is right here


in Scotland. Hundreds of volunteers are to be


enlisted to help ensure the long term survival of Scotland's


native red squirrel. The scheme aims to reduce grey


squirrel numbers in southern and central Scotland,


and eradicate them Our environment correspondent,


Kevin Keane reports. It might look like free food but


this cute little red squirrel is giving a piece of himself every time


he lifts the lid. Inside, little sticky pads take a tiny sample of


the of the animal brushes against it. These are collected and examined


to find that the prevalence of the red and grey squirrels. We have two


here that are from the two species and without much doubt, the one on


the right is grey and the one on the left is red. Sometimes you find


both. That is when you really need a microscope to look at these pads


because you have crisscrossing hairs from two species on the same piece


of Velcro and you have to look very carefully. The ?2.5 million funding


from the lottery fund will be used to set up large-scale community


monitoring. They will then be able to target areas where grey squirrels


are advancing and reduce their numbers. That is happening already


in Aberdeen with huge success and now there is a new aim of


eradicating grey squirrels entirely. It behaves like an island population


so it is spread out and what we have managed to do is restrict them and


eradication is feasible. This scheme has its critics. People asking,


should we be killing one animal in favour of another? Conservationists


argue this is an invasive species whose presence is causing the


decline of a native animal. It is estimated just 120,000 red squirrels


survive in Scotland and if the grey squirrels are controlled, the team


hope that number can increase. A fairly decent day of weather in


the east particularly. The rain A fairly decent day of weather in


clouds have been moving in from the west during the afternoon and indeed


tonight, it looks west for most of us and fairly windy. The rain will


turn to snow for a brief period across the hills and the very


highest roads but fought turning back to rain and it will be fairly


persistent. Strong to gale force south-westerly winds, especially


across western and northern isles and through Sam Northeast in coastal


areas. Becoming increasingly mild as we go through the night with


temperatures recovering to around seven to nine Celsius during the


early hours. Tomorrow, we have a lot of cloud and further outbreaks of


rain and gale force winds. It is an improving picture through the day,


the bulk of the rain going to the south east and leaving behind much


drier and brighter conditions in the afternoon. Sunday perhaps holding on


among the southern uplands. Further north, a mixture of bright sunny


spells and a scattering of mostly light showers. After a very mild


morning, I think things will feel fresher tomorrow afternoon with the


arrival of westerly winds although they will be easing a little bit


compared the morning. If you are heading to Murrayfield tomorrow for


the Six Nations, favourable conditions, bright or sunny spells,


highs around eight Celsius and light to moderate westerly winds. For hill


walking and climbing, a very wet and windy morning although improving for


most come the afternoon. For the Galloway hills, perhaps some light


rain. West or south-westerly winds, 30-40 mph. We will have some rain


across the border hills perhaps, otherwise, some showers and winds


from the south-west ranging from 30-60 mph. Tomorrow evening,


remaining rain clears away and a few showers holding on across northern


areas, especially a tossed of frost perhaps developing under clear


skies. Sunday, we start dry in the east although generally we will have


a fairly cloudy day with some outbreaks of rain. Some drier and


brighter interludes and winds strengthening from the south-west.


Now, a reminder of tonight's main news.


Kezia Dugdale, The leader of Labour in Scotland -


has been setting out an upbeat vision for the future of the party,


By contrast Jeremy Corbyn, the UK leader, has been


recovering from a bruising by- election defeat, at the hands


I'll be back with the headlines at 8pm - and the late bulletin just


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