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degrees. Fiona. Thank you, Sarah. That's all from the BBC News at


a family of Syrian refugees and the young son they thought had


Football fans join family, friends and former players


to pay their last respects to Celtic great Tommy Gemmell.


A fellow Lisbon Lion says the only person missing


He would have loved it. This would have been right up his street.


Former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg warns


the Scottish Liberal Democrat conference that Brexit could lead


And can Scotland spring a surprise on the six Nations champions at


Twickenham? They thought their son was dead -


killed in a bombing raid in Syria. But a refugee family now living


in Mid-Lothian have been reunited with their eldest child


who was trapped, alone Mohamed Karou's father said


it was the end of a five-year nightmare and praised those


who helped rescue his son. Cameron Buttle has


been to meet them. It is hard to believe the horrors


that this young boy has seen. Today, playing in a park, a stick and a log


are enough to keep him happy. He never strays too far from his


father, enjoying being part of the family he had not seen for five


years. TRANSLATION: I am so happy. I can't


describe how happy I am. I am overwhelmed. It is a miracle to have


him with me here. They lost Mohamed during a bombing


raid. They searched for him but were told he was dead. Years later, after


the rest of the family had fled Syria, a relative got a message out


to say their son was alive. TRANSLATION: It has been a long


time. He really felt desperate until he would come and join him in


Scotland. His father twice smuggled himself back into Syria but could


not get to Mohammed. Now relocated in Scotland, the family pleaded for


help, and against all the odds, a rescue mission was mounted and


Mohamed arrived in Scotland a few weeks ago.


TRANSLATION: The operation went a very secret way and no information


was revealed to us, just for his protection. The lack of information


made me sometimes worried, sometimes concerned, but I always knew that it


was going to happen at some point. The family's plight hit the


headlines when it was raised in Westminster by their local MP last


year. In the background, a support team from Midlothian Council lived


every moment with the family. On the phone to the Home Office everyday in


my office. The team was there to make sure the family was supported


and no stone left unturned to make sure Mohammed could get here. Beyond


that, there are those we do not know, people on the ground in the


Syria to help Mohammed. We will never know who they are and we can't


thank them enough for what they did. We will probably never know how he


was brought here to Midlothian to be We will probably never know how he


reunited with his family. Syria is still incredibly dangerous and the


agencies involved will not talk about it because it might jeopardise


future operations. TRANSLATION: He has been denied from


his childhood life so I hope this new life will bring him back some


childhood memories. The funeral has taken


place of the Celtic great and Lisbon Lion Tommy Gemmell


who died last week. Hundreds of fans turned out


to pay their last respects as the funeral procession set off


from Celtic Park this morning. Fellow Lisbon Lions


were amongst the pallbearers. Among the thousands gathered outside


Celtic Park, many remember the goal. He has scored a great goal. He has


Celtic Park, many remember the goal. done it. Others have only seen it on


TV, Tommy Gemmill in 1967 scoring in Celtic's European cup final victory,


TV, Tommy Gemmill in 1967 scoring in the first by a British club,


securing his place in history. Just a legendary club. His goal. Here to


play a risk -- pay respects. I used to make his suits. I am a Celtic fan


through and through. He was a fabulous player and look at the


pride he brought a Glasgow. When the time came to say farewell, the


reaction was spontaneous, the funeral cortege making the journey


to the crematorium where family, friends, former team-mates and


rivals gathered. Green blazers against the sombre backdrop, his


fellow Lisbon Lions. There have been many fine fullbacks who have worn


the hoops with distinction but undoubtedly the name of Tommy


Gemmill would be right up there with the best of them, may he now rest in


peace. A tall, athletic full-back in his prime, a close friend described


his attitude as illness took its toll. One of his favourite sayings


was, why should a living man never complain. I didn't think there was


anything left for Tommy Gemmill to do to prove he was an inspiration. I


was in nor of his courage, strength and character. In two months, on the


50th anniversary, the Lisbon Lions will gather again. Missing will be a


cherished team-mate, a life today remembered and celebrated. What


would he have made of this? He would have loved it. He was always a show


man and that -- this would have been right up his street.


A pilot has been jailed for ten months for boarding a flight


from Scotland to the United States while under


Carlos Roberto Licona, who's 45 and from Texas,


was due to serve as First Officer on the United Airlines flight


from Glasgow to Newark on 27 August last year.


He was taken off the plane after security staff smelled


alcohol on his breath when he entered the airport.


Licona was jailed after pleading guilty to the charge


The Scottish Liberal Democrat leader, Willie Rennie,


has claimed his party now represents "majority opinion"


At the party's annual conference in Perth,


Mr Rennie said the Lib Dems were the only ones now giving full


support to Scotland's place in both the UK and the European Union.


From Perth, here's our political editor Brian Taylor.


Curling, the roaring game. Sharing this venue with the curlers, the


Liberal Democrats reckon they are entitled to make a bit of noise,


too. Liberal Democrats speak for the majority of people in Scotland. We


are pro-United Kingdom, but we also wanted to stay in the European


Union. 62% of Scots won to that, so we represent the majority of public


opinion, and our ambition is to get that high in the opinion polls. He


talks of healing divisions, but the party's only Scottish MP reckons


nationalism is well out of kilter. Alex Salmond will tell you that all


he wants is for decisions about Scotland is to be made by people


living in Scotland. How is that different from Nigel Farage wanting


to take back control from Brussels? Or even Donald Trump wanting to do


deals, great deals, that will always put America first? Nick Clegg


formally led the Lib Dems and is now put America first? Nick Clegg


speaks for them on Europe. He told me of plans for a further EU


referendum on the Brexit terms. If the British people were to say, we


don't want to jump off the cliff and would rather stay on terra firma,


clearly, it would then be for us as a nation to decide whether we


actually after all want to stay in the European Union. You can see that


as a prospect, that Brexit does not happen? Only if the British people


change their mind. To be clear, a second referendum is roundly


rejected by the UK Government. Nick Clegg argued that liberalism was


still alive in Europe, if not thriving. Party leaders believe they


can remedy that in Scotland by supporting two unions, the UK and


the EU. They have also been talking about


how to tackle the country's drug problem. They have. Drugs policy


motion carried here at the conference. They backed


decriminalising the possession of drugs for personal use, and the


establishment of centres where addicts could inject heroin while


receiving advice about how to get off drugs. They backed treatment,


rather than punishment. What should we read into the absence of Tim


Farron? I am told he is attending a big birthday for a close member of


his family. He is not here. The conference seemed to get on without


him. There is a curious upbeat atmosphere, because they feel they


have found a formula, that UK- EU formula that would allow them to


appeal to voters in Scotland. We will see.


Plenty at stake for Scotland's rugby players tomorrow.


They play England in the Six Nations at Twickenham.


Our reporter David Currie is there for us now.


David, this is a huge game for the Scots.


Yes, it is indeed. Even an empty Twickenham can be awe-inspiring, but


with two wins from three matches so far in the tournament, victory for


Scotland tomorrow would give them a real chance of going on to win the


six nations for the first time. Historically, winning here for the


Scots is rare, but the build-up to this year's match has been a bit


different. This is a tale of mystery and suspense. Why, for instance, did


Scotland break with tradition and training in the grounds of their


hotel, rather than Twickenham, on the eve of the match? We felt there


was a park across the road where we could get done what we needed to do,


so that was the reason. We are comfortable having a jog around


across the road. Fair enough, but who has been putting the frighteners


on one of the team's top performers? What's happening! ? You have


survived a wheeze scare, a few scares, at the hands of an arch


prankster. I have zero confidence in walking along the corridors. I'm a


bit worried he will jump out. It has been a challenging few weeks. John


Barclay, the Scotland captain is responsible. But England have been


spooking the Scots at Twickenham since 1911. Scotland have won here


just four times, first in 1926 and most recently 34 years ago. Now in


his seventh decade, can this hero of that 1983 victory offer some


grandfatherly words of wisdom to the 20 17 team? The players will know it


is tough. We have played well this season but England are a different


kettle of fish at Twickenham. They are to beat. But if we get our set


piece right, take every chance that comes along, and we are good at that


at the moment, I think it is our comes along, and we are good at that


best opportunity for years. This is the England team the Scots will have


to beat to end that losing streak at Twickenham. But perhaps John


Barclay, Stuart Hogg and company will have a few nasty surprises in


store for them. Worth remembering that England are going for a world


record equalling 18th consecutive international win. However, Stuart


Hogg says that Scotland will not roll over and let England tickle


their bellies. If they did, that would be the biggest surprise of


all. You're watching BBC


Reporting Scotland. A family of Syrian refugees and the


young sum they thought had been killed by a bomb are reunited in


Scotland. Celtic are looking to


make it four wins out of four against their city rivals


Rangers this weekend. A senior MEP from the ruling party


in Spain has suggested his country would not try to stop an independent


Scotland joining the European Union. Esteban Pons says the issue


of Catalonian independence would not mean Spain would try to stop


Scotland from re-entering. Our political correspondent,


Nick Eardley, is in Explain what this


is all about, Nick. was not on the official agenda at


the European Council but it is on many people's lips. Last night we


looked at how the EU might treat the Brexit negotiations. Tonight we are


looking at how an independent Scotland could be treated by the EU


down the line. Have things changed since 2014? I have found out that


one Labour MEP might change his mind. Europe's leaders met again


today but without the UK. Theresa May was on home soil, as talks in


Brussels focused on celebrating European integration. But the


Scottish Government is keen to maintain links with Europe. How to


do that means the independence question might be asked again. The


Spanish Prime Minister rallied against Brexit today. In 2013 he


suggested that Scotland would have to work its way back in. He has an


independence movement of his own in Catalonia. Senior SNP figures have


sought to distance themselves from that movement, pledging to stay


neutral. Esteban Pons is from the Prime Minister's party. If Scotland


wants to come back, they have to begin the procedure, like any other


country. There is no sense that Spain would want to veto Scotland


joining the EU? If you think about Catalonia, the Catalonian situation


is very different to the Scottish situation. Some think an independent


Scotland would be welcomed to the club, though from the outside. Those


on the pro-UK side think the case is stronger than last time. They think


trying to re-enter comes at a heavy price. To get back in, you have to


sign up to the Common Fisheries Policy. I would not want Scottish


fishermen back in that, it is a bad thing. The easiest ways to give up


on everything you think is important that others tell you you can't have.


That is not good for Scotland. The new case for independence has not


been set out yet and there is no guarantee it will be, but the


possibility has Scotland's longest serving MEP rethinking his answer. I


don't know how I would vote in another referendum. The thought of


Scotland remaining part of the European Union would be appealing to


me, so there is an emotional appeal towards independence that did not


previously exist. But he adds that the economic case for independence


is weaker. The SNP here is focused on the shorter term. My focus is to


find solutions to where we are immediately. Where we get to in


future, who knows? There are few certainties as the UK approaches


Brexit, but the more questions will be asked and more debates


Reporting Scotland will host a debate looking ahead to the impact


of Brexit and the future options for Scotland on Tuesday,


If you'd like to be part of the audience and put your


questions to our panel, details of how to apply can be found


on the BBC Scotland News website, on the Reporting Scotland page.


The reliability of ScotRail services has improved again in recent weeks.


New figures for February and early March show the annual average


performance figure for ScotRail services has risen to 90.3%.


The result ends the contractual need for a performance improvement


In September last year, the Scottish Government demanded


improvements when ScotRail fell below this benchmark.


Some of the biggest emitters of greenhouse gas emissions


have the lowest climate change targets, according


It says the transport and agriculture sectors need to make


a greater contribution than ministers have already set out.


Our environment correspondent, Kevin Keane, joins us now.


This is the Parliament's response to the Scottish Government's flagship


climate plan. This is the document itself. It sets out some ambitious


targets to try to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 66%, two-thirds the


base level, by 2032. It sets out exactly how that will be achieved,


sector by sector and industry by industry. What these four committees


who have been scrutinising this document have said is that, in some


areas, those ambitions are not ambitious enough. They particularly


pick out agriculture and transport as being two of the main


contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, but which have weaker


targets than other industries. They say the two sectors need to do more.


They raised concerns about what are termed "techno fixes" technical


solutions to some of the problems. Which basically means replacing


diesel and petrol cars like these with electric vehicles to overcome


some of those emission problems. What the report is saying is that


actually instead you should be looking at practical solutions that


involve behavioural change, for example, getting people out of cars


completely and on to public transport, walking or using bikes.


The Environment Secretary says that these targets have to be realistic


and workable. MSPs will debate this next week. Thanks, Kevin.


Former Scotland international footballer, Denis Law, is to be


The 77-year-old was born and brought up in the city,


but during a glittering career that included spells at both Manchester


United and Manchester City, he never played for his local team.


The Denis Law Legacy Trust now helps develop street football


In football, Celtic are looking to make it four wins out of four


against their city rivals Rangers this weekend.


But it looks like the visitors will have a new manager


Alasdair Lamont is at Ibrox for us now.


Yes, indeed. It looks increasingly like Pedro Caixinha, a 4-year-old


Portugese will be confirmed as the new manager here at Ibrox ahead of


that trip to Celtic Park on Sunday. He will arrive in Scotland tomorrow


and will take in the game on Sunday, albeit from the stand rather than


the dug-out. He has been managing in Qatar up until recently. He has had


spells in Mexico and also in his home land of Portugal. He did his


coaching badges here in Scotland. It's fair to say hiss first


experience of Scottish football as a manager will be something altogether


different. As Glasgow's heavyweights prepare for a fourth showdown of the


season, odds on favourites Celtic have won all three previous


meetings. Thing a agree gay score over those games is 8-2 in Celtic's


favour. Their supremacy is laid out starkly in their overall points


haul. This fixture has so far been kind to the Celtic manager, living


up to all his expectations. Celtic-Rangers game is reknown


throughout the world as one of the great Derby games, if not the


greatest. It's an intense affair. Supporters are passionate. The


Celtic Park game was a great start being the first one for us. If we


can play to thatle level, and play to how we have been for most of the


season, then we hope that can get us a result. With Rangerseth yet to


appoint Pedro Caixinha as their new manager the task of engineering the


most likely Old Firm upset will fall to the interim boss. He is


determined his players will thrive in adversity. He


Said today: He has handled it really well. Hopefully, he goes to


Parkhead. I'm sure Kenny and Lee has told him what to expect. He knows


what it's all about. Hopefully, he can get something from the game. For


that to happen, they will have to stop Dembele. It was a good day to


remember. It's gone now. We have another game on Sunday. The majority


inside Celtic Park will expect this Old Firm theme to continue. Anything


else would be a serious surprise. The Royal Scottish National


Orchestra is off on its first tour The orchestra, along with violinist


Nicola Benedetti, will perform eight concerts at seven venues


across the state of Florida, Our arts correspondent,


Pauline McLean, reports. It was 1982 when the RSNO last


toured the US. Nicola Benedetti wasn't born. Most of the seven


concert halls that play across Florida weren't built. It is


enormous centre of culture in North America now. The reason for that is


because so many people retire to that place. Everyone who loved the


Chicago Symphony, the Pittsburgh Symphony and so on, so many have


retired down there. Over the last several decades they got together in


each community and built fantastic concert halls. Touring is expensive


it's vital in boost the profile of the orchestra. Known to music fans


in the US through the 200 plus records recordings they have made.


We have a lot of people who lisp to us in on the radio today. It's


important and allows us to reconnect with our audience. Where are you?


That is me there. The first US Tour was in 1975, 17 concerts


That is me there. The first US Tour weeks. Raymond Williamson, a Board


member at the time, believes it was an important turning point. There is


something that happens when an orchestra is playing on tour, it's a


different audience. There must be a rush of adrenaline. The playing


takes on an age and excitement. It's something that orchestras, in my


view, have to do. The 1982 Tour under its serving director, Sir


Alexander Gibson, put Scotland on the map. It included a number of


Scotland compositions and a performance at Carnegie Hall. There


is room for an reel as an encore. Time for a look at the weather


now with Christopher. It's not going to be as good as we


were expecting tomorrow? Thank you. Yes, good evening it was cloudy and


damp for some of us, if not many of us today, there was some brightness


coming through at times. Thank you to our weather watchers for the


pictures. Tonight our attention is on rain moving in off the Atlantic.


The next few hours will be cloudy with drizzle around, hill fog at


times. Cold front will edge in off the Atlantic bringing in a band of


rain. Further south and east you are the wet weather will be light and


patchy. Not as cold as last night, overnight lows in towns and cities


five to eight Celsius, but cloudy and damp. Saturday, cloudy and damp


start. That will improve as the rain clears. There is a legacy of cloud


behind it, not brightening up as much as we had hoped for this time


yesterday. In the south it will be cloudy with outbreaks of rain at


times and hill fog across the hills. Through the central belt reasonably


dry, cloudy, brightness coming through for Edinburgh. North will


have more sunshine. With lyinged winds 13 degrees is possible. --


lingering. If you are hill walking or climbing in the north-west that


is where the best of the sunshine will be. Fog to the Galloway Hills.


The afternoon will be dry, but cloudy. The north and east of any


high ground there will be breaks in that cloud, too. There is not a huge


amount of snow on-the-runs. The winds will ease after dawn and


fairly cloudy. As ever, check to see what is open and running before


setting off. The rest of the afternoon into the evening and over


night still some drizzle in the far south. Fog elsewhere, fairly cloudy


but dry elsewhere. Sunday, we do it all over again. The weather front


will bring outbreaks of rain and brightening up by the afternoon for


many. High pressure close. Here is the detail for Sunday. Band of rain


in the west. It moves its way eastwards, fragmenting as it does


so. Look what is coming behind it, some sunshine. For both Saturday and


Sunday the afternoons will be dryer and brighter with some sunshine for


some. The that's the forecast for now. Is disappointing, Chris. The


forecast, not you! That's Reporting Scotland I will be back just after


the Ten O'Clock News. Until then, from everybody here on the team in


Glasgow, and across the country, have a very good evening. Bye for


now. So, like, you get sponsored to swap


clothes with somebody for a day. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


OK, I don't get that. So, maybe... I don't get that.


..you wear your mother's clothes? Yeah, yeah, yeah.


OK, I don't get that. So, maybe...


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