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The latest news and weather from around Scotland presented by Catriona Shearer.

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Angry exchanges at Prime Minister's Questions over Brexit


Left out - families promised an investigation


into the deaths of their babies are excluded from


Is there a criminal turf war in Glasgow?


We look at the history of gang-related violence


And, we're at Ricky Burns' training camp as he shapes up


The Prime Minister claims Scotland will be leaving the European Union


regardless of whether or not we vote for independence.


Theresa May also told SNP MPs that "constitutional game-playing" should


not be allowed to break "the deep bonds" of the UK


after the SNP's Westminster leader Angus Robertson told Theresa May


she was breaking promises to secure a UK-wide agreement on Brexit.


Our political correspondent Nick Eardley reports from Westminster.


What future for the union? Theresa May does not want another referendum


to happen but at some stage the Prime Minister has to decide whether


she will allow it. In the Commons she was asked with reference to the


SNP manifesto pledge if it could hold one in Scotland was taken at


the EU against its will. Though she agreed that the Government should


stick to its manifesto promises and, if so, it she cannot object to the


First Minister sticking to hers? In response, a hint perhaps on what


might influence Theresa May's decision. I of course recognise


there was a boat that took place for the Scottish parliament and the


First Minister was returned as First Minister in a minority government.


Since September 2014, the Scottish people were given the opportunity to


vote on whether or not they wish to remain in the United Kingdom. They


chose that Scotland should remain part of the United Kingdom. The SNP


wants you to know they have tried to find a middle ground but they say


the UK Government is not listening. Another plea today for a compromise.


But... If she is not prepared to negotiate on behalf of the Scottish


Government and secure membership of the single market, people in


Scotland will have a referendum. The PM insists her deal will work for


the whole UK and says the union is more important than the EU. We have


been one country for over 300 years. We have fought together, worked


together, achieved together. And constitutional gameplaying must not


be allowed to break the deep bonds of our shared history and our future


together. There will be more conversations before Article 50 is


triggered but it seems I there will be a deal which meets the demands of


ministers in Edinburgh. The most important question that remains


tonight is will Theresa May allow another independence vote? Unlikely


we'll get a more substantive answer on that until after Holyrood debate


sit next week. As seasons change in Westminster, we will wait to see on


whether you will boat again. that they remain committed to full


independent membership But they acknowledged


that the position would only be completely finalised in time


for the planned referendum. The comments follow an academic


survey which indicated support for independence


is at a record high. This from our political


editor Brian Taylor. For Scotland, the campaign


continues, and the dream shall never die. And for the SNP, it never has,


although for the rivals that is a recurring nightmare. The latest


academic survey suggests independence is backed by 46%,


double the figure five years ago. Devolution attracts 42% while just


8% want no parliament at all. Among the options on the EU, 25% would


quit while 42% want to cut be you's our. It might be hard to win more


converts to independence with a pro-EU pitch. You'll agree if we


are, and if it is going to be based on somehow trying to get Scotland


back into the European Union, today's evidence shows it will be a


more difficult argument for the First Minister and the SNP to make


them we otherwise thought. There is no clarity about staying in Europe.


Nothing said about currency. It adds to the confusion. If Scotland were


on their own, stuff would get done and we would not get pushed to one


side. Do not get me started. I find the whole thing is like the


gramophone record. It is stuck. For some, Brexit is a driver for


independence and others the deterrent. What is being proposed at


the moment about leaving the UK is not independence. I think it should


go ahead. Yes. A lot more has changed since the last referendum.


Just as the idea of leaving the European Union. And there should, I


think, be little doubt about this. Does that explain why Nicola


Sturgeon noted the final policy position on Europe would depend on


prevailing circumstances to be absolutely clear full membership


remains SNP policy for the big Scotland has been taken out of the


new, might the initial focus be upon retaining the single market? The


single market membership is really important for Scotland. Exports


depend on it, jobs depend on it. Respectable EU nationals and


Scottish jobs depending on them, we need the single market. The problem


is we have no clarity from the Brexit position from the United


Kingdom government. We need clarity. Just now it is looking worrying


indeed. If it is a running jump of a hard Brexit cliff said that is good


for Scotland and we an alternative. It is about having a Scottish seat


around the table to fix it. That is what we can do with independence. In


the 2014 referendum, 16 and 17-year-olds had a vote and they


were included in the survey for the first time with the young


substantially backing independence. Scotland's choice if and when it


arises again. Can we actually get any


clarity on this issue Clarity is a rare and precious


commodity in the miasma of uncertainty surrounding wrecks it


and the independence referendum. -- wrecks it. -- Brexit. I do not think


they will talk about the mantle of the existing UK membership. They


would be in favour of discussions and negotiations, either protracted


or according to the SNP, relatively easy with Labour leave Brussels


welcoming Scottish membership. There is the question of the objective. I


think it possible. You heard Fiona Hislop. She said it is impossible to


be precise because there is zero clarity from the UK position. Around


the time of the referendum they might be setting out something of a


route map which perhaps in the first instance might involvement the ship


of the single market as the top priority. It has to be stressed and


Nicola Sturgeon and others might be stressing they still see as the


objective Scotland as an independent member state of the European Union.


Thank you, Brian. Five of the six families,


promised an investigation following the deaths


of their babies, have been excluded The Health Secretary


ordered the review following the "unnecessary" deaths


of six babies at Crosshouse hospital in Ayrshire,


in the past nine years. The review team says it's


offered an open invitation But the BBC has learned it will only


formally look at cases that happened Our correspondent Lucy Adams has


been looking at the story. Good evening. The Scottish Cup and


has recorded a review of care at a Scottish hospital. The Government


ordered a review into six baby death at Crosshouse Hospital in command.


The six families, five have been excluded from the review. Some have


asked that we do not identify them. Babies a, B and C will not be


included. Police who died in 2009 and Campbell who died during


childbirth in 2012 will also be excluded for the Lucas Morton is the


only case from the original six who will definitely be included. He died


during childbirth in November, 2015. Rebecca Pringle who was not part of


the original six was born in December, 2011. She won't be


included in the review either. Rebecca was born at the hospital


five years ago. Her mother was told she would not survive. They told me


that Rebecca would be transferred to the hospital. At the hospital they


told me Rebecca would die on Christmas Eve at ten o'clock in the


morning and they took her ventilator off. What happened then? Rebecca


continued to breed. They do not know why. She should have passed away.


She has cerebral palsy and cannot walk or talk and finds Aquarians


soothing. I find it disgusting it takes families to dying children to


die before the Government listens. Dawn says her life was split apart


when her daughter died in 2009. We thought that this is finally a


chance. It is absolutely devastating to find out there is a cut-off


point. It is almost like our stories are not valued and the experiences


we have been through, they mean nothing. The reason that December


2013 was chosen by the health care Scotland as the date was many of the


cases had already been looked at during a previous review. They have


spoken to those families and any issues emerging from those


discussions, even if those cases that predated December 2013 should


be part of their report. Families like Rebecca's they may have always


wanted answers are not compensation. They want to ensure mistakes are not


needed. The H IS review is due to be published shortly. If the family do


not get answers, some believe the next step is public enquiry.


Unemployment in Scotland has fallen for the first time in four months.


The latest figures show the number of people out of work


between November and January was down by 16,000.


But there's a warning that political uncertainty is denting


Our correspondent David Henderson reports.


It is firms like this one which are driving up employment in Scotland.


Glasgow based Allied vehicles has found a booming market for its


wheelchair accessible cars and vans. And boosted its workforce with 200


new staff in just the last two years for the now it is looking to France


and Germany for new sales. So I asked the company's and if the


Brexit vote throws a spanner in the works. People come from the


continent, Europe. Sales wise we are seeing an increase in sales. Between


the two, we're in a better position at the moment, the Euro against the


pound and export is really good for us. This company is growing fast.


Others are more concerned about the road ahead. As the UK looks to leave


the European Union, some firms are holding off from making key


decisions on investment and employment. For now, the latest jobs


market figures are pointing in the right direction. The unemployment


rates and employment rates in Scotland are pretty much where they


were before the financial crash although those years ago. As always,


it is a mixed picture. There are some weaknesses in the labour


market. Wages are still below the prerecession level real terms. In


activity in the last year in Scotland has increased. That is


people who are not in work and not seeking work. So, what lies ahead.


The's economy? The survey suggests employers could be planning job cuts


in the coming months. We see two things. There will be a very large


financial services sector in Scotland which will begin to fall.


There is a lot of uncertainty now, both with the referendum for


independence and also with Brexit. Some employers see that uncertainty


as grounds to be cautious, to batten down the hatches. For others, it is


business as usual. You're watching BBC


Reporting Scotland. There've been angry exchanges


at Prime Minister's Questions over Brexit and an independence


referendum. An ?8 million fund is


launched to help restore Scotland's peatlands and reduce


greenhouse gas emissions. Police say they're investigating


whether a series of shootings in the Glasgow area in the past few


weeks are linked. They're also trying to establish


if they're part of a turf war Our Home Affairs Correspondent


Reevel Alderson reports on the history of gang-related


violence in west central Scotland. It is 2006 and this garage in North


Glasgow is where a feud between two Glasgow families erupted. Police


animation revealed to a jury web two men, working for the Daniel family,


had shot dead a member of the Lions clan and badly winded two others. In


January, 2010, a man he worked for the Daniel family was gunned down in


a supermarket car park. A convicted kid came dealer was charged with the


murder. He was cleared. For a short time there appeared to be a truce in


the war. It sparks up and then it dies down. I am sure they do not


through intermediaries have a proper truth but they backed off from time


to time. What we are seeing now is it is all about business and drugs


and it is for control of the hugely lucrative drugs market. In recent


months, it has appeared the truce has ended. The Duchess bug in


September 2015, a man was shot outside Bishopbriggs primary school.


A drug dealer was murdered at traffic lights in Kelling Park. That


is a Park. I'm shot outside a primary school. There was another


shooting outside Shawlands. Police say they cannot rule out links


between the shootings and organised crime. The reality is there are


serious organised crime groups. These groups do have access to


weapons and are not afraid to use these weapons in public places


against each other. We need to investigate that to try and


determine a motive. There are a number of activities that these


organised crime groups become involved in, the money-laundering or


drugs or that the types of things we need to look at to establish whether


there are links between the incidents that have taken place.


Detectives say all the shootings have been targeted but gathering


evidence to establish if they are linked takes time.


The murderer of teenager Paige Doherty is to have his


deli business dissolved and its assets seized.


32 year old John Leathem stabbed the 15 year old 61 times


at his shop in Clydebank before dumping her body.


Companies House has now given two months notice that his business


will be struck off the register and its assets handed to the Crown.


The driver of the lorry which overturned on the Forth Road Bridge,


in January, blocking it for 19 hours,


has been fined ?1000, banned from driving for two years


and ordered to re-sit the driving test.


Aleksander Niemiec pleaded guilty to dangerous driving by failing


to comply with prominent road signs showing the bridge was closed


to high-sided vehicles due to strong winds.


Meanwhile a Lithuanian lorry driver whose vehicle overturned


on the Forth Road Bridge yesterday, causing major traffic disruption,


56 year old Juozas Zilvys denied dangerous driving by failing


to comply with road signs prohibiting high sided vehicles.


He was granted bail and his trial was set for June.


An ?8 million fund to help restore Scotland's peatlands has


been launched by the Scottish Government.


The restoration work will help reduce the country's


Our environment correspondent Kevin Keane reports from Perthshire.


Almost 2000 feet above sea level and these two figures are we sculpting


the landscape. They are covering over the beer patches of peatlands


being exposed like this means carbon is escaping into the atmosphere.


They hold the equivalent of about a years of our emissions from


Scotland, all the industry, so it's important we are holding it in


place. If it goes into the atmosphere it is going to exacerbate


climate change and that is why we are doing this, to cap it and keep


it in place. This wonderland contains about 12 kilometres which


is being rebuilt. We keep pushing down. Keep pushing until it


basically stops. This shows that the peat is deep and the more the is the


more carbon in the land contains. peat is deep and the more the is the


Without the restoration it's released into the atmosphere,


contributing to climate change. Work like this is still in its relative


infancy, so far 10,000 hectares have been restored and the plan is to


have 20,000 text ears restored every year until 2032. The restoration


here cannot go ahead without the consent of landowners and for many


it seems counterintuitive. I did think that sounds very odd because


back in the 70s my mother got grants to do a lot of training and this


seemed to be going completely the opposite way. But thinking on it,


it's going to benefit wildlife. Around 1.7 million hectares in


Scotland is covered in people tweet peat land. Covering it will take a


while but should have a significant impact on our climate change


targets. A revamp of Aberdeen's Union Terrace


Gardens has been approved. The project will see better access


to the sunken park in the city centre as well as a cafe


and gallery space. In 2012 a ?120 million proposal


from businessman Sir Ian Wood to raise the level of the park


was scrapped by the council. A Glasgow-based artist


has won this year's Gareth Reid beat off competition


from 54 other artists to win His prize was a commission to paint


the TV presenter Graham Norton During the process,


the pair discovered Reid - who's originally from Belfast


- teaches life drawing Environment set job well for this


kind of competition where you are drawing in front of a lot of people


within a time frame as well. That's the kind of day job, it helped. The


greatest part of it was never mind meeting Graham Norton and everything


which was great, but to have that picture in a national collection is


just the icing on the cake. Motherwell have appointed Stephen


Robinson as their new manager The 42-year-old from


Northern Ireland had been interim boss since the sacking


of Mark McGhee last month. Robinson's had one win and one


defeat in his two matches in charge. St Johnstone visit


Fir Park on Saturday. Coatbridge boxer Ricky Burns


will defend his world super-lightweight title


against Namibia's Julius Indongo next month, but BBC Scotland has


been to his Essex training base to see what it takes to get


ready for such a clash. It provided a snapshot


of the intense physical and mental preparation required before stepping


into the ring in Glasgow in April. Early morning and Ricky Burns is


hundreds of miles from home. It's the first of many gut-wrenching runs


in the streets of Brentwood NSX. 12 weeks, that's how long I usually


come down for. Maybe a week or two weeks and then home for a weekend.


You are training to three times a day so you have no time for anything


else so it's good being down here because you are away from all the


distractions. First test of the day, the dreaded triangle. Just under 1.2


kilometres, there are some hills involved as well. You do it once,


get unaddressed, go again, and another minutes rest, that's the way


they like to work it. The camp is run by trainer Tony Simms. Is good


to work with, he's the ultimate professional. He loves training,


always doing the right thing, always eats well. He lives well. He trains


really hard. Back, had breakfast, just chilled out for a couple of


hours and now we are on our way to the gym for the second session. Once


that's done, same again, same routine, home, chill out for a bit


and then back to the gym tonight. The intense training programme is


geared towards victory and unification of the WBA and IBF light


welterweight titles. Expecting a hard fight, big tall southpaw, big


long-range, but if it all goes to plan I'm up for that. Every minute


counts in Ricky Burns preparations, the big fight in Glasgow on the 15th


of April. The gloves are off for the forecast because we are expecting


some snow? In the hills, don't get excited. It


was not too bad today, some sunshine around, cloudy conditions for many,


the atmosphere at a picture from our weather watcher. High-pressure to


the south, low pressure to the north, warm sector conditions


meaning it will be a wild night, -- mild night. Quite breezy around the


West Coast, light rain and drizzle across the north-west and at times


elsewhere as well. Some hill fog and perhaps some mist and Mark around


the coast. The overnight temperatures in towns and cities


around 7-9dC for many so quite mild. That's how we start tomorrow, a mild


and fairly cloudy morning with some outbreaks of rain. As we head


towards lunchtime the wet weather turning heavier and more persistent


so a soggy lunch and early afternoon but it is clearing through,


brightening up behind it but also turning colder. Let's look at


mid-afternoon, still across parts of Lanarkshire, Lothian and Borders


still quite cloudy and wet but further west towards part of Galilee


and ears are drying up, some sunshine. North of the central belt


it's pretty bright, some sunshine but it will be thoroughly blustery,


temperatures falling away. It's going to feel chilly, and the snow


as well but it's in the hills and mountains. As we head through


towards the evening, the rain clears, it remains breezy and


showery and further wintry conditions across high ground.


Looking ahead towards the end of the week on Friday still fairly breezy


and then we have this area of rain edging and from the Atlantic. Let's


take a closer look, for the central belt and South it's pretty wet and


great, further north some sunshine but where we have the wet weather it


will be quite cold, 4-6dC, breezy as well in the south-west. That's the


forecast. Now, a reminder of


tonight's main news. The Prime Minister claims Scotland


will be leaving the European Union regardless of whether or not


we vote for independence. Meanwhile the SNPs Westminster


leader Angus Robertson told Theresa May she was breaking


promises to secure a UK-wide The Chancellor Philip Hammond has


been forced into a U-Turn over last week's budget plan to increase


National Insurance contributions It follows a backlash both


inside and outside parliament. I'll be back with the headlines


at 8pm and the late bulletin just Until then, from everyone


on the team - right across the country -


have a very good evening.