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Tonight on Reporting Scotland: Standing shoulder to shoulder in


Whatever our disagreements, in this chamber or any other, we stand


united in our core values of democracy, human rights and the rule


of law. These values are strong, and they will endure.


Also on the programme: As Police Scotland remember


their fallen colleague in London, we look at how security measures


Too drunk to fly - a pilot is jailed for turning up


to work two times over the legal limit.


Fears for the future of a national running programme


And Scotland booed off in the end by the supporters.


And the national side must do better in their World Cup qualifying match


Scotland's political leaders have all declared their determination


to maintain democratic freedom in the face of terror.


They were speaking at Holyrood as more details emerged of


This from our political editor Brian Taylor.


Shuffling just a little self-consciously, MSP is prepare for


a minute's silent and solidarity. The event consciously time to


coincide with a similar tribute at Westminster.


This shocking event should serve to remind us of the importance of


holding firm to our humanity of defending our democracy. The First


Minister arrived for questions knowing that all had changed,


changed utterly. Above all, we stand in solidarity with London, a


vibrant, diverse, wonderful city that will never be cowed by mindless


acts of violence. Terrorists seek to undermine our values and destroy our


way of life. They will not succeed. Whatever our disagreements, in this


chamber or any other, we stand united in our core values of


democracy, human rights and the rule of law. These values are strong, and


they will endure. APPLAUSE


Rivals applauded each other, determined to project unity, to defy


terror. The First Minister stressed there was no intelligence suggesting


a specific threat to Scotland, and she urged vigilance as she outlined


the police response. That response does involve a substantial uplift in


armed officers on duty, and also a configuration of resources to ensure


that there has been a high-profile non-armed police presence across the


country. Ruth Davidson praised the police and security services while


condemning the culprit. Yesterday a coward killed three innocent people


and injured many more in an attempt to attack the symbol of our


country's democracy. His attack on our values failed as he died, while


paramedics demonstrated what our civilised society is as they tried


to save him. And also it warned that there should be no backlash against


Muslims. This cannot and must not turn into a war on anyone community.


Bringing people together must be part of the solution to combating


terror. The lasting injury that some people wish to inflict upon us all


is to destroy the empathy and solidarity which our society depends


upon, so we must all be united in expressing and buildings that


empathy and solidarity, in particular challenging those who


would seek to blame, stigmatise and alienate people on the basis of


their religion. Nicola Sturgeon vigorously endorsed that, reflecting


upon her own Glasgow constituency. Finally, Willie Rennie recalled his


time as an MP walking to work over Westminster Bridge, then a scene of


splendour, yesterday a scene of horror, a crime scene. I don't think


I will be a will to walk that route again without thinking of the people


run over. The woman in the river. The police and the people injured.


The three people who died, perhaps some were tourists taking pictures.


Parliament move reflate other topics, hospitals, care of the


elderly, mundane, yes, defiantly so. A determination to maintain


democracy, to carry on. Solemnity, sympathy, solidarity. And


Brian Taylor joins us now from Holyrood. Can you update us on


arrangements for the debate, the continuation of the debate that was


interrupted by yesterday's events? It was a debate on the possible


transfer of powers to this Parliament, to hold a further


referendum. Parliament was suspended, that debate will now go


ahead on Tuesday of next week with a vote that day. Is it fitting that


there should be such an early resumption of Parliamentary


discourse, of Parliamentary battle, if you like, between the various


parties? Yes, I believe it is, just as it is fitting that the Prime


Minister was determined to go ahead next week with triggering article 50


and the beginning of Brexit. In the face of threat, it is a reassertion


of democracy. Brian Taylor at Holyrood, thank you very much


indeed. Today's tributes at Holyrood


reflected events at Westminster, where MPs returned to the House


of Commons after From there our political


correspondent, Get undercover now! Get undercover!


24 hours after panic and terror. Westminster was quiet this


afternoon. Security still tight. Police are still present. Flags


flown at half-mast. But this city has faced attack before, and always


got back to business, with heavy hearts, but defiant. A minute's


silence from politicians, followed by calls for unity. Today we meet as


normal. As generations have done before us and as future generations


will continue to do. To deliver a simple message. We are not afraid.


Note terrorist outrage is representative of any faith or of


any faith community, and we recommit ourselves to strengthening the bonds


of tolerance and understanding. Cherishing what happened here


yesterday, with staff coming together who were terrified and


frightened, all supporting each other, and that in itself is a way


to say to terrorism that it will never win. Defiance in tribute, but


also reflection, on the innocent victims and how Westminster starts


to move on. The sister of a police officer, who none of us really know


what they have to go out to do everyday in a uniform, and the sad


fact is that somebody lost their life yesterday predicting so that we


can come back to work today. What has been really heartening the


support there has been, and the fact that we have gone back to work


today, and carried on as normal, and that means that anybody who seeks to


bring down democracy does not win. On the day, people are very


determined, often very calm, and there is quite a lot of camaraderie


looking outreach other, but it is often the next day and the days


after that that it sinks in, and certainly what you could see today


was that people were almost more shaken today than yesterday, because


the different what if scenarios started to run through people's


minds. Tonight, some of the streets around the centre of British


democracy are reopening. A political village under wider city getting


back to business, hurting, yes, cowed, no.


In the aftermath of the Westminster attack, Police Scotland


stepped up patrols for - as they put it, "reassurance


Senior officers have held a series of meetings aimed at reviewing


Our home affairs correspondent, Reevel Alderson, reports on the way


Almost ten years since the terrorist attack on Glasgow airport, then, as


in the atrocity yesterday at Westminster, a vehicle was used as a


weapon, in this case to deliver explosives. But it failed was more


to luck than physical preparations, but security lessons were quickly


learned. You used to be able to drive right up to the front doors of


Glasgow airport terminal building to pick up or drop off passengers. But


after the 2007 attack, that became impossible thanks to the


installation of these steel bollards, which are called hostile


vehicle mitigation devices. Some vehicles are still allowed, such as


these taxes, but they are controlled by automatic number plate


recognition systems. Armed police are routine sites at Scotland's


airport, and were deployed during the Commonwealth Games. The man who


organised the counterterrorism effort across Scotland following the


airport taxes more places may now need to be protected by armed


officers. With regard to these very iconic sites which are also crowded


laces, I think that the chance of an attack taking place in these places


is very large, so why wouldn't you have an armed police presence, as


happened yesterday, to deal with that? It was announced last year


that the number of firearms officers in Scotland was to be increased.


These are deployed across the country to respond rapidly to


firearms incidents. Some of those completed their training today. We


pride ourselves on primarily being and an armed police service, and


pride ourselves on primarily being that is what we intend to remain. We


do have a substantial armed capability which we have deployed


appropriately last evening and again this morning. I am confident that we


have the appropriate countermeasures to protect officers and staff and


members of the public, both with and without firearms.


Ultimately, it is individual police officers who are in the front line


against terrorism. At police headquarters, a wreath was laid to


remember the officer killed yesterday guarding Westminster.


Other news now. A pilot who admitted preparing


to fly a passenger jet from Glasgow Airport to America,


while more than double the legal alcohol limit,


has been jailed for ten months. 35-year-old Paul Grebenc was first


officer on a United Airlines flight last August, when concerns


were raised about his He's the second member


of the plane's crew to be jailed Willie Johnston reports


from Paisley Sheriff Court. The pilot Richard here after his


arrest last summer, along with fellow United and nines pilot


Carlos. They were due to fly a Boeing 747 with a passengers on


board from Glasgow to Newark on the 27th of August last year. They


arrived at the airport early in the morning after a night at a Glasgow


hotel. Security staff smell alcohol on the pilot's breath, and raised


the alarm. Police removed them both from the flight. The co-pilot was


seven times over the legal limit flying and was jailed for ten months


seven two weeks ago. Today Paul Grebenc was also jailed after


admitting intending to fly with alcohol in his system. They test


found 42 micrograms of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood. The legal


limit is 20. Passing sentence, the judge said there were mitigating


circumstances, including difficulties in Paul Grebenc's


private life, but he was experienced pilot who must've been aware of the


dangers of flying under the influence of alcohol. He had also


flouted his employers' guidelines and ignored what they regarded as a


safe eight hour gap between drinking alcohol and flying. After the


hearing, Paul Grebenc's wife, herself a pilot with the US Air


Force, left caught without comment. Two other pilots were arrested last


July before they were due to fly from Lars go to Toronto. They are


also accused of being over the legal limit for alcohol, but denied the


charges, and will appear again in April.


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A reminder of tonight's top : Scotland's political leaders


declare their determination to maintain democratic freedom


And still to come: An unfriendly atmosphere for Scotland,


Big changes lie ahead in how schools are run.


In a speech today, the education secretary John Swinney said


the status quo was not an option if standards are to improve.


He also said it was worrying that some didn't accept


But critics fear councils could be undermined or that head teachers


Here's our education correspondent Jamie McIvor.


The Scottish Government says it wants to be judged on education, but


its record is mixed. Both literacy and numeracy are not good enough and


helping more children from disadvantaged areas scored top marks


is easier said than done. Detailing the challenges that we faced...


Today, John Swinney signalled he would tackle critics head-on. He


opts giving parents and schools more help but some do not want big


changes. There is a strong body of opinion which does not accept the


need for change. What is worrying is that body of opinion is from within


Scottish education. I want to be clear that my opinion, the view of


the Scottish Government is clear. Looking at the data, the status quo


is not an option. Change is needed, change is happening and more change


is coming. John Swinney may have a mild manner


but the government could have a real fight on its hands. Some in local


government will resist any attempt to reduce their role in the system.


Some headteachers are worried about additional bureaucratic


responsibilities. I'm interested to hear what it is headteachers want to


do that they cannot do. Our members are saying what they want is proper


support, they want systems which are are saying what they want is proper


not bureaucratic. The body which represents many parents thinks in


heads could also empower parents. The attitudes and values of the


headteacher, that dictates how the school works with parents, because


it trickles down. We hope what we will see is an empowerment of


headteachers to work more effectively with the parent body.


John Swinney accept improvements will take time. Other parties point


out the SNP has been in charge for almost ten years. More details to


possible changes of how schools are governed is expected in June.


RBS has announced that it's shutting 30 more Scottish branches.


The bank, which has already closed dozens of branches here since 2015,


said 176 full-time posts would be affected.


It added that the move was in response to the growing


popularity of mobile and online banking.


The union Unite said RBS was "turning its back"


on the communities that had been the foundation of its


It's been hailed as a big success - an initiative that encourages


beginners to get off the couch and take up running.


But despite attracting 40,000 members to 300 clubs, Jog Scotland


is set to lose its funding from next month.


Scottish Athletics says it had no choice, after ?100,000 of government


Here's our health correspondent, Lisa Summers.


Jog, walk or run. This Tuesday night group is a typical drug Scotland's


success story. And there are many inspirational stories about the


health benefits -- atypical Jog Scotland's success story. About five


years ago I was 100 kilos in weight. I was on the maximum dosage of blood


pressure tablet and one day I stopped and said I had to do


something about it. I looked around for ways I could improve my health.


Within a year I had lost a third of my body weight and of medication


totally. This is what Jog Scotland is all about, getting people to


enjoy exercise. 70% of those who join were inactive before signing


up. That is why those here are surprised that such a success story


is under threat. Scottish Athletics say this is not about reprioritise


into support elite athletes after budget cuts. They said they had no


choice after ?100,000 of support was withdrawn. We are absolutely


devastated and shocked as well. Jog Scotland tick the boxes for physical


activity and inactivity to active, so we are perplexed. The Scottish


Government says the money was never ring-fenced but money was given to


develop a sustainable Jog Scotland ring-fenced but money was given to


model. They said is up to the Scottish Government and Scottish


athletics to discuss their priorities. The joggers here say


however it is funded, Jog Scotland is too valuable a resource to lose.


We have 40 people on a Tuesday night. People's the 40 people


dressed up to go running. I see for pull -- 40 people who will be lying


in an NHS bed suffering from heart problems and obesity. That is what I


see. Boo us if we're rubbish -


but at least come and see us! That was the message today


from the Scotland The national team play Slovenia


on Sunday, looking for a vast improvement on last night's


draw with Canada. There has been precious little to be


happy about in the Scotland camp of late. Last thing in the face --


laughing in the face of adversity is a national trait. Many footballers


will play key roles on Sunday. The more individuals you have on the


picture are confident in the way they are doing things, the better.


It is fantastic and it will only increase their performance, their


confidence and of course it rubs off on the group. Say that's that.


Certainly, the supporters are in need of a lift if the reaction to


last that's draw is anything to go by, and more empty seats are


expected at Hampden on Sunday. I would only implore the supporters to


come along and if we are rubbish, boo us, but come along because you


never know, we might be decent and you might have something to cheer


about. We expect to see a positive reaction on Sunday night, that the


supporters could enjoy. But with just four points from four games,


have the supporters done enough? May at times, 45 minutes worth, the


results have not been good enough to suggest we will qualify, but then


again, you can turn things round. I think there is a bit of quality in


the squad, they are capable of getting the results but they need it


now. I do think we have any chance of going to Russia. Gordon Strachan


knows even a win against Slovenia will not guarantee that but it might


help lighten the mood of the rest of the footballing nation.


Talking of lightening, I think you have some mood lighting news for us?


It is warming up, Sally. Hello, some lovely sunshine around


for many of us. The cloud was stubborn but it is on its way out


tonight. If you had the sunshine, a very pleasant day. That cloud will


thin and break further. Dry, clear and cold for central and southern


Scotland. Cloud Innova tonight with outbreaks of rain. Where we have the


cloud and wet weather, it is clear and cold. Tomorrow, it is largely


dry, fine and bright. Certainly, south of Inverness, some sunshine


around. North of Inverness, something cloud in the morning but


clearing by the afternoon. By mid-afternoon, really quite


pleasant. It will feel quite good. But the cloud, high clouds turning


some of that sunshine a wee bit hazy at times. Further north, some


thicker cloud edging into the Moray coast. Moreover breeze coming from


the south-west. However, temperatures nothing too low. Now


for the rest of the afternoon, evening and overnight. Little in the


way of change. It is largely dry but where it is clear it will be cold


with Frost. It is all thanks to high pressure, exerting its influence


sitting overhead and keeping us dry and settled at the weekend. There


will be some thicker cloud and a few spots of rain at times. Saturday is


another bright and sunny one. Look at the temperatures. Maybe up to 16


Celsius, way above average for the time of year. The high pressure


still with us into Sunday. The orientation changing somewhat. More


likely to have some cloudy weather across eastern Scotland. In the west


it will be quite mild for the time of year. That is the forecast for


now. That is lovely. Thank you. I will be


back at 8pm and then after an extended ten o'clock News. Good




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