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The largest North Sea pipeline, delivering more than 40%


of Britain's oil and gas, is bought by the Grangemouth


Why we need to do more of this, a warning that 1.6 million


Scots are inactive and at risk of an early death.


Her husband wants more people to be aware of the illness to help


It still haunts me greatly because in the last week, I would say of


Liz's life, she was delirious, she was nauseous, she was constantly


vomiting. Also on the programme,


The 94-year-old who played a pivotal diplomatic role


during the Cold War. And Brendan Rogers says


he's not going anywhere. Celebrations as Celtic win


their sixth league title in a row. At this moment in time I am very,


very happy, very content, in every aspect of my life. I am in my dream


job, that is the reality of it. A ?200 million deal's been struck


to sell the North Sea's oldest oil pipeline,


Forties, which pumps 450,000 barrels of oil every


day from the North Sea. BP has been running the Forties


pipeline since it was first Its new owners - Ineos -


already own the Grangemouth refinery Here's our business and economy


editor, Douglas Fraser. The symbolic Royal start to the


North Sea oil boom 42 years ago. And they are indeed it is. No longer


shipped by tanker the 40s pipeline made did fireball, since then it has


carried the lion's share of 43 billion barrels of oil from the


North Sea. The system covers oil and gas from 40 offshore installations


from 40 operators to a single landing point and then it goes


through three pumping stations to Grangemouth and a terminal by the


Forth Bridge. BP and all associated with them have been in the forefront


of achievement on our continental shelf... When BP started operating


at the company was half owned by the government. It is now selling it to


at the company was half owned by the INEOS which already owns Grangemouth


refinery and petrochemical plant. INEOS have skill in running assets


efficiently, we think we can apply the same skills to the pipeline


system, we are trying to extract maximum economic value out of what


everyone understands is a declining stock of oil and gas in the North


Sea. BP insists it is still committed to the North Sea and


installations like this one West of Shetland but it is looking into new


assets. Is about what skills are best for new acids, -- which assets,


is we are exploring and drilling wells etc but for INEOS, they have


experience and baby taking 40s pipeline system from the reservoir


to loading arms and Tigers and they will be running these assets from


now on. 300 staff to be consulted and no redundancies planned yet as


Grangemouth workers found the hard way in 2013 INEOS can be very tough


in driving efficiencies. You are effectively signing the keys of the


kingdom to one individual, a company driven by one individual. They were


speaking about such a key asset, not just to the Scottish economy but to


the UK economy. The oil that flows to the refinery and petrochemical


plant here is just half of what it to the refinery and petrochemical


was at peak production for the North Sea but and is reckoned that it


could still be operating 30 years from now. One small pipeline, a very


big asset for the economy. Douglas Fraser, Reporting Scotland,


Grangemouth. The First Minister is in California,


where she is due to discuss climate Our Correspondent James Cook joins


us from outside the state capital Jackie, I think she hopes to achieve


a couple of things. First and foremost she wants to exchange ideas


with the governor of California, a Democrat who has been a fierce


opponent of President Trump especially on climate change. The


two share an interest in reducing emissions whereas the White House


and Trump has made it clear that it favours economic growth over climate


change. The First Minister will also discuss trade and investment, she


stresses she will meet executives from some Californian companies who


are investing in Scotland. And also she will be making a speech tomorrow


at Stanford University, one of the world's leading universities at


which she will discuss Brexit and the Middle East and of course she


will discuss Scottish independence. As for the reaction to that back


home, as it can imagine, some protesters are coming past us now.


This is what happens all the time in the United States these days, what


people are saying back home especially opposition politicians is


that the First Minister should concentrate on the day job. Those


were built words of the Scottish Tories, they say she should get back


to work and stop grandstanding abroad. Thank you, James Cook.


Nearly 40% of Scots are physically inactive.


A study by the British Heart Foundation warns that


as a result 1.6 million of us have a significantly increased


risk of coronary heart disease and early death.


Woking up and appetite, these fitness fanatics in Glasgow


regularly squeeze in an exercise class in their lunch hour. Finch and


brightens your day, breaks up your day, gives you a better outlook,


something to do when I go back to work I am energised, refreshed,


focused. Alaves you just end up putting on weight when you work in


an office so I think it's important. It makes me feel good, means I can


get away from my desk for half an hour, come to the gym, meet people,


and it keeps me fit. It seems so simple but the British Heart


Foundation say not enough of us are doing it.


The charity estimates 1.6 million people in Scotland are physically


inactive. They say the average man spends around 84 days you're sitting


down. For women it is 81 days ago. And overall women are 24% more


likely to be classified as physically inactive than men. What


we should be doing according to medical guidelines is 150 minutes a


week spread over a few days of something that gets the heart


moving, a brisk walk, running or cycling. For some people as part of


their daily routine, for many it is not. Inactivity is something that


can really creep up on you. And apparently it is creeping up on


around one quarter of us. Of course you will find people sweating


in the gym but just a few hundred yards away how active are people on


the streets outside? I didn't figure that I was unfit until a doctor


actually said, you need to do more exercise than just walking. Not a


lot of people to sport, I can't think of one of my friendship group


that does it. Received lots of many people walking on the streets, maybe


they are going in taxes than they should walk. The British Heart


Foundation say it is no laughing matter and doing regular vigorous


exercise like this will significantly reduce the risk of


coronary heart disease or early death. Rebecca Curran, Reporting


Scotland, Scotland. Seven months ago Julie Walker


and her six-year-old son, Lucas, Today it's emerged that safety


measures there remain unchanged despite a group being set up to look


at the provision of safety equipment Our reporter Steven


Duff joins us now. That's right, Jackie, a lot of talk


about risk assessments, what we should do but we still don't


actually know what happened on that Saturday afternoon last August, how


Julie and her six-year-old son Lucas got into such difficulty that they


lost their lives. We still don't know if any extra life-saving


equipment or lifeguard cover would have made any difference that


afternoon. We still don't know if the life-saving equipment that was


in place was working properly and we also don't know whether any


provision of lifeguards would have made a difference. The problem we


have is that the City Council, this agency, has admitted that nothing 's


safety wise has been done since the incident seven months ago. Currently


on the beach there is no change in the provision of equipment, because


at the minute the risk assessment process is being carried out. The


management group met for the first time eight weeks ago is the group


has not been long together. That it is seven months since two people


died here. You are saying it only met eight weeks ago? That's in


response to the National strategy drowning. Julie's Sun and because's


older brother Samuel survived, last August, other people in the water


survived, frenetic efforts were made to try to save this family. Thank


you very much. A widower campaigning to raise


public awareness of the condition sepsis following the death


of his wife says he's "astonished" that some Scottish health boards


are wary in case it cases "alarm". BBC Scotland can reveal one NHS


board is warning it could increase "unnecessary" attendance


at GP surgeries. Sepsis kills around 44,000 people


every year in the UK. Sepsis is a hidden killer


responsible for more deaths than lung cancer or breast, bowel and


prostate cancer combined. Hard-hitting video about a


potentially lethal conditions, and awareness of symptoms save lives but


some health. Want us to have more information. Liz Robertson is a


victim of sepsis, she died in hospital last year, her husband


believes she could be still alive if she had been diagnosed sooner. It


still haunts me greatly because in the last week I would say of loses


life, she was nauseous, delirious, constantly vomiting, she did not


know where she lived. This doctor is one of Scotland's leading experts in


sepsis, treats patients every day for sepsis and nose increased


awareness can mean the difference between life and death. I would


support an awareness campaign. We've been working with health care


professionals but we need you to help us. For every hour's delay in


antibiotics the risk increases by 8% so if we can get people in the


community to the hospital is quicker that will surely make a difference.


Somehow boards like NHS Grampian would welcome a national campaign


raising awareness of sepsis among the public, they say. All actively


work to raise awareness of sepsis that some health boards are wary.


NHS Dumfries and Galloway said a public campaign specifically about


sepsis may cause alarm and increase and necessary attendance at GP


practices or A E departments. NHS Forth Valley said it is necessary to


consider the unintended consequences of inappropriately increasing public


awareness. See the expression on her face? Jim focuses on the good


memories and the hope that speaking about his loss may stop others dying


from sepsis. Greater awareness to the public would be a very, very


good legacy. Fiona Stalker, Reporting Scotland.


A legal battle between a grandmother and the Aberdeenshire golf resort


owned by President Trump is under way at the small claims


It's an unlikely case, being brought by the woman


after she was filmed by Menie Golf Resort staff doing


She says that filming was a breach of data protection law.


Rohan Beyts, left, arrives at court, one woman taking on a large company,


making a claim against Donald Trump's International golf club in


Scotland. This is her at home, she told the court she likes to take


long walks, on April 11 last year she went for a walk on me Menie


estate. She passed the golf course, where she was on the beach she


realised she needed the toilet urgently. She said she went into the


sand dunes where she thought no one could see her and she said she


followed 90 laying Scotland guidelines on what to do if you need


to go outdoors. -- mountaineering Scotland. Three days later there was


a knock at the door and police charged with you relating in a


public place in a manner which would have caused or was likely to have


caused annoyance. She said that she was shocked to think that she was in


the view of everyone. Police later said that three men, two of whom


were employed by the development, had secretly filmed her. She said


she knew she hadn't done anything wrong and the Procurator Fiscal took


no action. But, upset, she took out a claim instead. Felt that people


should not be filmed when they are out in the country doing something


that... I was not doing anything wrong. It is something that many


walkers, many climbers, people who access the outdoors do. It is a fact


of life, there are not toilets out there. At the time Trump


International wasn't licensed to hold such data, in view of strict


data legislation laws, Rohan Beyts said she made this a good of the


fact that he opposed the development from the early stages and was


involved in a Facebook page, Tripping up Trump. The lawyer for


the organisation said that from her posts she didn't appear distressed.


She continues to challenge the claims. The case will be heard again


tomorrow. The largest North Sea pipeline -


which delivers more than 40% of Britain's oil and gas -


is to be bought by the Grangemouth What's it like going


into a black hole in space? We have the answer to that and other


mind-boggling scientific questions. We all dream of a peaceful


retirement with Frank Meehan is 93 and enjoys his


days in Helensburgh. But as a BBC Scotland documentary


to be shown this evening reveals, the work he looks back put him


at the centre of 20th Frank seems much like any other


pensioner. But in fact, this modest man was a key player in some of the


most erratic moments of the Cold War. His parents were from


Clydebank, where Frank was born in 1924 in America and spent the first


nine years of his life there, before moving back to Scotland. At the end


of the war he was conscripted into the U.S. Army. On a whim, he applied


to join the diplomatic service. I read in the army newspaper, stars


and stripes, that you could get a free day pass to take the


examination. The three-day pass was something that any GI would look at


carefully. I went to do the written exam. I did not do terribly well in


it. I managed to scrape through, enough to be eligible to take the


oral examination. I did a bit better, I think. I'm an early


highlight of Frank's was his part in the Gary Power spy swap drama. An


American plane was shot down over Soviet territory. It leads to an


admission that the US has been conducting reconnaissance flights


over the Soviet Union biplanes like this one. Frank was sent through


checkpoint Charlie into East Berlin. this one. Frank was sent through


You were a young diplomat and you were at the epicentre of the global


Cold War which could have exploded at any moment into a third World


War. Did you feel the burden on your shoulders? I do not remember it that


way. There were tense moments, obviously. I didn't know when I was


working, I did not know how he would be. Would he be well and would I get


him? Would I be able to get out myself? It was all such touchy


stuff. Frank would rise to become US ambassador in Czechoslovakia, Poland


and then East Germany. He served right through the Cold War and nine


US presidents. Why did you decide to settle in retirement in Scotland and


not go back to the United States? That is fairly easy. My wife wanted


to come here. I felt I owed it to her a bit. I dragged her around


Eastern Europe all her married life. When we came here it was our 23rd


full move in our married life. When you have asked a wife to do that, I


think you do owe her something. One of the key elements of the UK


leaving the European Union is uncertainty over the rights


of people from the EU Facing concern over their future,


some are applying for We've been following the story


of one such woman who's been This woman arrived in the Highlands


from Poland on a six-month working holiday. 13 years on she's still


from Poland on a six-month working here and is well-known in Inverness


is a popular trader in the cityVictorian market. However you?


Good, thank you. Living and working here for over a decade was not


enough to give her the right to vote in last year's EU referendum. I


disagree with that. I have decided to live in this country make this


country might own. Only because I don't have a British passport I'm


not able to make any decisions for the future of myself and my family.


With the referendum outcome casting a shadow, the owner of the shop is


taking matters into her own hands but she is in the process of


applying to become a British citizen. She is furiously revising


for two upcoming citizenship tests. Sometimes it is very entertaining


and sometimes quite scary. You do have very common questions about


what do British people eat for Christmas? When you have questions


like, what is the population of Muslim people in Britain? And you


are thinking, how many British people know that? To make that very


point she has been putting British citizens to the test. So, the


question is, what is the correct order of the patron Saints days? And


you have three options. Whenever you feel free, press the button. Failed.


Apparently. Who'd have thought it? You to wonder whether it will help


in everyday life in Britain to know when Saint Patrick's Day is. OK.


I've read it? A very impressive hillfort can still be seen today at


Maidenhead Castle. What English county does it standing? Up Dawson.


I was going to say Cornwall. Wrong. Not relevant to becoming a citizen,


I don't think. She has travelled from Inverness to Glasgow, taking a


I don't think. She has travelled major step on the road to becoming a


British passport holder. She re-emerges to hours later after


sitting compulsory tests in English and UK general knowledge. At the


end, they tell you if you have passed or not. I did pass both of


them. There is much believe she is now on course to apply for a British


passport. But the Polish immigrant will be required to swear an oath of


allegiance to Queen and country to citizenship ceremony before finally


adopting Scotland as her legitimate home. I will be really very glad to


be able to vote in an election and to make a difference in this


country, since I have been living there for such a time.


Brendan Rodgers has assured Celtic fans he is staying at the club.


If you are happy and you know it, raised the flag. At the Celtic


training ground today it was pretty much a league title loving. They


have good reason to celebrate. This was empowering their way past heart


yesterday. It was never really in doubt. Like so often this season


they put on a show to go with the victory. The architect of the club's


they put on a show to go with the since the sex was once again the


focus of today's back pages. -- success. The man who has been now is


not interested for now. 18 months after the Liverpool job, I was


sacked. Now I am very happy and content. I'm in my dream job. That


is the reality of it. The other reality is his players are on course


for a treble and a possible season unbeaten. I know you do not like to


talk about it but there must be something you focus on in that


dressing room. It is the history that people talk about for years and


years. To get the squad to do that, I believe we have the potential. We


just need to keep working hard, as I have said. Something this man


demands. But they know when they do they get the rewards.


What's it like going into a black hole?


The Edinburgh science Festival is aiming to do this and more.


Is it art or is it science question at scientists used lasers to


simulate lack holes in the laboratory. This artist was working


alongside them. The whole version are making light travel slower than


the speed of light then making it vanished down a cosmic plughole. I


spend most of my residency probably looking like I was doing nothing. I


chose to sit in the laboratory corridor, which was not very


comfortable. Every time someone was milling around, I would peer over


and ask questions. There is a tendency to think about art and


science as being separate. Here is a work of art that the base of the


laws of physics. After this exhibition is over it would be used


in a scientific experiment. Researchers will be using it to save


energy can be extracted from vortices like these. Elsewhere in


the exhibition Art inspired by research into the waters of


Scotland, including a coral reef in the Western Isles. The data and


information the scientists gather has a great beauty to it. It is very


tactile and sensory. It has been interesting for me talking them


about how we can represent that and asking interesting questions like,


if you were to walk along the sea bed at 600 metres depth of the


coast, what would it feel like and what would you see? The artist did


not just watch but worked with the scientists. The process involved a


lot of design, discussion, sketching ideas. Much like science. I don't


think it's that important that the public understand the details of


what we are doing in the lab but what is important is that the public


has a good time, enjoys themselves and see something new and learn


something new and gets excited about the science. More than a dozen


artists are taking part in the exhibition. It is at this venue


until mid-May to show that science is beautiful.


It has been a going downhill type of day for many of us with rain moving


in from the West. Blustery conditions for many. Particularly so


along the West Coast and across the Northern Isles. This evening and for


a time to write, further bands of rain coming in from the West,


crossing the country and eventually clearing away into the North Sea. In


the early hours, a lot of dry weather with showers moving in


across the North West and Northern Isles. Clear spells in the sheltered


east and a touch of ground frost. For the most part, temperatures


around two to five Celsius. Wins will be veering westerly overnight.


Tomorrow will start the day with a lot of dry weather. Plenty of


brightness and sunshine. A chilly start as well. As we go through the


day cloud will increase across many areas and we hold on to the showers


across the North. There will be fairly frequent showers and at times


heavy with hail and strong to gale force winds come tomorrow afternoon.


Across much of the mainland, a fairly cloudy prospects tomorrow


afternoon. The best of the brightness and sunshine will be in


this sheltered East. Temperatures will peak around 13 Celsius. The


showers continued to affect the Western Isles and the north-west


Highlands, accompanied by brisk, westerly winds. Tomorrow evening the


winds will strengthen further across the Northern Isles. Gusts up to 65


miles an hour and the showers will continue to affect the North also


goes into Wednesday's high-pressure building in from the south of the


back of things to come with more settled weather coming our way for


the second half of the week. On Wednesday we will see a few showers


across western areas at least in the morning. The best of the brightness


and the sunshine will be in the east with highs of 13 Celsius. Thursday


looks mostly dry. The best of the brightness will be in the East.


Frank Meehan is 93 and enjoying his retirement in Helensburgh,


That's nine Presidents you've worked for? Yeah, that's right. Gosh.


Allan Little talks to Scotland's cold warrior.


Join Jackie Bird for the latest news headlines, and Glenn Campbell for a special debate with voters quizzing both sides on what the EU referendum means for Scotland.

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