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Scotland's economy is hovering close to recession


and well behind that of the UK, according to the latest figures.


A criminal gang is jailed for stealing hundreds


of thousands of pounds by blowing up cash machines.


A warning in the European Parliament that


Brexit may break up Britain - unless Scotland gets a bespoke deal.


A grandmother loses her case against Trump International


for breaching her privacy - but claims a moral victory.


To me it was never about the monetary compensation, I was not


interested in money, I was only interested in clearing my name.


Could Scotland's Russel Knox be the man


to watch at the Masters which gets underway in Augusta tomorrow?


The Scottish economy is hovering close to recession, according


They show output fell during the last three


months of last year, and fell well behind UK growth.


That continues a trend of lower growth here.


Our business and economy editor, Douglas Fraser, assesses


It takes a microscope to find signs of growth at this business in the


north of Glasgow. And as the Finance Secretary is learning evidence of


economic growth is not easy to find either. Bioscience is one of the


hopes for the future of the Scottish economy but it will need something


inventive to shake about the near stagnation of the past year for the


figures covered the final three months of last year but the output


from the whole Scottish economy falling by 0.2%. Production,


construction down most, the services sector flat compared with 0.7%


growth for the UK economy as a whole. Take the whole of the year


and to does the 16th of the Scottish economy grow by only 0.4%, very weak


growth, the UK, growing more than four times faster. Why, the downturn


in oil and gas is a likely culprit, the Scottish Government says it also


has a lot to do with consumer confidence following the Brexit


referendum decision even know that affects the whole UK. It seems to


contrast between Scotland and the rest of the UK, maybe the people of


Scotland had more awareness of the impact that it is going to have on


the Scottish economy and of course there is a different attitude to


Europe. Still strong economic foundations to our Scottish economy


and still growth in 2016. Slow growth has to do with choices made


by business but the challenge is for government. If that shrinking of the


Scottish economy is repeated at the start of this year we will be in a


recession. That is troubling for a number of reasons. But it is a call


to action for the UK and Scottish Government. These figures ought to


signal a red alert to government at all levels and its response to that


ought to be a recognition that businesses need support to grow. But


we need a competitive economy in Scotland and competitive taxes.


Forging change in Scottish finances, income tax divergence from the rest


of the UK begins tomorrow for the new financial year and there are


some signs that the economic engine is sparking better but not by much.


Inflation is back to put a squeeze on household budgets. And there is


also uncertainty in the economy. How significant are these quarterly


figures? It may look like an abstract statistic about three


months, a fraction of 1% does not seem a big deal but it is a vital


economic measure because it compiles overtime to have a big effect. And


jobs, pay, prosperity, are placed in the world, Scottish growth used to


lag behind that of the UK. In the last decade it caught up and matched


the UK average but now it has been falling behind for about two years.


Roughly dating back to when the oil and gas downturn began. You could


hear some of the reasons why the problem might be there, no one knows


for sure. There is also a question of whether we do enough for start-up


companies and to grow companies. Our people efficiently managed. And the


politics of this as well, the Scottish Government has treated this


growth figure as its main target, for the ten years it has been in


power. But if it blames Brexit uncertainty for Scotland falling


behind, there's also the question of the other constitutional issue and


behind, there's also the question of whether that is putting a bit of a


chill on consumer confidence and business investment. That of course


is independence. Fans and former players


are threatening to boycott They want the club's board


to rethink their decision to sign David Goodwillie -


the former Scotland player who was ruled in a civil court


ruling to be a rapist. David Goodwillie scoring for his


country in 2011. In January the Court of session 's rules that David


Goodwillie and his former team-mate David Robertson had both raped


Denise Clare in 2011 and they were ordered to pay ?100,000 in damages.


In the civil case Denise Claire said she was incapable of consenting


because of alcohol consumption. The judge found her to be cogent,


persuasive and compelling. But the Crown Office said there was not


sufficient evidence for a criminal prosecution. Today Denise Clare told


the BBC she is dismayed that he had been allowed to return to


professional football. He was a promising footballer but when he


left Plymouth FC in January by mutual consent, many thought it was


the end of his career. But last week Clyde football club announced they


had signed him. In a statement they said, the coverage of the signing


brings the conversation back into the media, around an event that is


clearly damaged lives and this conversation raises awareness of the


need for both responsible decisions and respect. As a socially


responsible employer we will always seek to support people to rebuild


their lives and careers especially so after mistakes. Former Clyde


player Stephen Tennant says many think it is the wrong decision. He


suggested fans who own the club could try to force the board to


change its mind. On the whole I do not like it when footballers are set


out as role models, I think is probably over four David Goodwillie


in terms of football, I do not feel he has a place in the game any more.


Many fans today said they will boycott the club from on. George


Lennox has been two games since he was eight years old. Today he wrote


to the club to say he will not return until they get rid of David


Goodwillie. As far as I'm aware a large number of people are not


coming back. A few of my friends have written big essays on Facebook


justifying the reasons for not going back. It seems the club is more


interested in staying in the professional leagues then doing the


right thing. And Lucy Adams is outside


Clyde Football Club for us tonight. And there has been further reaction?


I have spoken to a lot of people here today outside the stadium. Many


of them have very strong feelings about this. Many feel he should be


allowed to play. Some in fact think this will help with his


rehabilitation. It is important to remember of course that David


Goodwillie is appealing that civil court decision which came out


earlier this year. The context is everything. The clubs themselves


said that this was a difficult decision for them. This club faces


for the first time at the end of the season dropping out of the top


leagues for the first time in its 140 year history. But I spoke


earlier to former director Bobby Casey has said that is no excuse for


signing David Goodwillie at this stage. And that they should put good


moral decisions and the reputation of the club above their


considerations about relegation. I also spoke earlier to Denise Claire


herself and she said in her view it is time for football to grow up. She


said if David Goodwillie had gone through the civil case, if he were a


policeman or a doctor, he would not be allowed to go back to his former


job as a professional. And as such she once the system to change.


Scotland's longest serving MEP has predicted the UK will no longer


exist if the there is no flexiblity during Brexit negotiations.


Labour's David Martin was speaking as the European Parliament


debated its negotiating objectives after the triggering of Article 50.


Scotland's longest serving MEP has predicted the UK will no longer


Our political correspondent Nick Eardley is at the parliament


The various arguments on Brexit are well rehearsed. We've heard more of


them today from European politicians, from UK politicians as


well. Not everyone is toeing the party line. The Labour MEP David


Martin thinks the way the Westminster government is dealing


with the process could eventually lead to the break-up of the UK.


The city where the EU is directly elected politicians come to vote.


Strasberg is where the European Parliament will accept or reject any


Brexit deals. Today those politicians set out their priorities


and heard how some Scots see the process. Including from this Labour


MEP who says he's no longer sure how he would vote on independence. The


UK does not show flexibility in these talks, then it will not only


be the UK leaving the EU but the UK will not exist any longer. Nigel


Farage has been one of the fiercest critics of this Parliament and that


continues. He says they're making unreasonable Brexit the man. You are


behaving the Mafia. You think we are a hostage, we are free to go. From


the European fight a desire for future partnership. But also a


warning, they plan to be united and firm in protecting their interests.


Colleagues, we are going to remain partners and friends but the United


Kingdom has got to accept the fact that there will be a tough


negotiating position on the European Union side. So what are the European


Parliament 's priorities? MEPs say the UK must fulfil all of its


obligations up until the date leaves. Echoing other institutions,


they say the UK cannot enjoy similar benefits after it leaves. The call


for fair treatment of EU citizens and the motion highlighted the fact


that Scotland and Northern Ireland voted differently to the UK result.


This SNP MP hopes that could prove yours. That keeps the door open for


greater things, whatever they may be. This is the start the process


and we keep all open. There will be a lot of attempts by member states


perhaps to divide the UK and we must be united. The European Parliament


has become the first institution to formally set out what it wants from


Brexit. Later this month European leaders will meet to hammer out


their objectives too. Then the real talking begins.


Seven men have been convicted of stealing hundreds of thousands


of pounds by blowing up cash machines across the UK


Liverpool Crown Court heard how the professional and organised


criminals used dedicated, ruthless and sophisticated methods


During the year-long crime spree, 30 banks and shops in England and


Scotland were targeted. Some cash machines were blown up using


oxyacetylene gas. In other raids stolen cars were used to drag away


cash machines. An estimated ?110,000 was stolen in two raids on the


outskirts of Aberdeen. Perth and Carnoustie. The attack on the Co-op


proved to be the last for the gang. Hours after the robbery and off duty


police officer spotted a suspicious car seven miles away in Arbroath. As


shocked diners looked on armed police swooped on the car park at


the McDonald's in the town and five men were arrested. Police used a


tyre deflation weapon to stop the gang getting away. In the weeks


leading up to the arrests, detectives in Scotland and England


were already closing in on the gang. It was after an overnight raid on


the cash machines at this store at King 's Wells on the outskirts of


Aberdeen when police made a major breakthrough in the case. CCTV from


a nearby industrial estate picked up a rendezvous between a lorry and a


high-performance car. We became aware that the group had access to a


stolen HGV and they were actually using high-powered motor cars to


commit these crimes. But transporting the Audi within the HGV


to not travel -- to not draw attention to themselves. This setup


would not be lost to fans of the classic film the Italian job. They


had fuel, toilet rolls, and they had cut a small area within the outer


skin of the HGV to allow them access in and out without drawing attention


to themselves by opening the rear of the lorry. The charges that the gang


have been convicted of carry hefty prison terms. They will be sentenced


later this month. A grandmother who tried


to sue Trump International for breaching her privacy has


lost her case. Rohan Beyts took on the company


after being told there was mobile phone footage of her that had been


recorded while she was urinating in sand dunes near the company's


Aberdeenshire golf course. The sand dunes skirt the Rohan Beyts


-- the temporary golf course. One day last April by walking with a


friend Rohan Beyts got caught short and answered the call of nature in


the sand dunes. That was caught on and answered the call of nature in


camera by a member of the golf course staff. They watched Rohan


Beyts and her friends that they as they were known for their opposition


to the Trump development. Rohan Beyts said she was distressed at


being photographed at such a moment and she sued for breach of privacy.


But golf course may have registered plenty of plaudits but she argued


they had not registered the data protection arrangements necessary


for the kind of surveillance carried out. The sheriff however was not


convinced by the argument. He said that the distress suffered by Rohan


Beyts had not been caused by the golf course bridging of state


registration requirements. He said there was no link between the lack


of registration and her distress. I was in it to clear my name because I


had been accused of doing something deliberately. I have been accused of


being close to the clubhouse which I was not. I was accused of doing it


in full view of people, I could see nobody. And the sheriff has


confirmed that he believes me and that is so important. Sheriff Donald


caught in its ruling pointed out that Rohan Beyts had been urinating


in circumstances where she would have a reasonable expectation of


privacy. He went on to observe that she should not have been


photographed. I have to emphasise that officious bystanders taking


pictures of the most urinating in the countryside put themselves at


real risk of prosecution. Whether for a public order offence or


voyeurism. Anyone in Scotland walking through the countryside and


has to go is perfectly entitled to go in terms of the Scottish outdoor


access code. And Rohan Beyts has been utterly vindicated in this


case. Trump International issued a statement saying we are satisfied


that justice has prevailed. The disingenuous claim they said by


Rohan Beyts was a perversion of the truth and nothing more than a poor


attempt at self publicity in an effort to garner support for her


anti-Trump, anti-business propaganda. Tonight Rohan Beyts is


glad that the case is over and plans a series of long-distance walks down


through Scotland. She says her roots may go through few toilets but even


fewer courses. Scotland's economy is hovering close


to recession and well behind that of the UK,


according to the latest figures. Could Scotland's Russel Knox be


the man to watch at the Masters, which gets under way


in Augusta tomorrow? The First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon,


has arrived at the United Nations headquarters in New York,


where she's expected to announce new funding


for conflict resolution work. Our political correspondent,


Glenn Campbell, is at And while the UK takes the lead on


overseas aid, the Scottish Government also has a relatively


small budget for international assistance and the First Minister


arrived here in the last hour, and she would like to spend more of that


money on peace work. Symbolism is important in politics, and the First


Minister who would like one day to see the flag of an independent


Scotland flying between those of Saudi Arabia and Senegal, here at


the United Nations, has chosen this theatre of state had to send out her


government's more to world affairs government's more to world affairs


-- statehood. Her visit Karen sighs with an emergency meeting of the UN


Security Council -- coincides. Discussing the use of chemical


weapons in Syria. The UK is one of five permanent members of the


council, and the devolved minister is not involved in those


discussions, but she happens to be here at UN headquarters today to


give an address on human rights and conflict resolution organised


through the office of the UN special envoy to Syria. The First Minister


is committing extra cash to peace building work with ?1.2 million to


be spent in the next few years, training 200 women in conflict


resolution and mediation. Nicola Sturgeon indicated last night that


contributing positively on the international stage would be the


hallmark of the independent Scotland. Independence defined


within interdependence is the best way for us to build a fairer society


at home and to make a positive contribution to the world.


president of the UN General sellers president of the UN General sellers


-- assembly thinks more nations have a way to conceive it, even if they


don't choose independence. -- have a way to contribute. That is entirely


up to the people of Scotland to decide, but the more I go through


life I see life in terms of us being human beings on one planet and it is


not the divisions that are important, it is bringing us


altogether and that is why this place is so important. The Scottish


Government's cash at a little to the ?2.46 billion the Prime Minister has


committed to help Syria alone. -- adds a little. Supporters of the


union says Scottish can make a big impact internationally as part of


the UK, a global power with a big budget. And of course that is the


sort of debate that will intensify if there is going to be another


independence referendum, the First Minister said she is fairly certain


it will go ahead, despite the continuing stand-off between the


Scottish and UK governments and her political opponents wished that she


would call it off and concentrate instead on turning around the


Scottish economy. A campaign to vaccinate girls


against a cancer-causing sexually transmitted infection has led


to a dramatic drop in Researchers found a 90% reduction


in levels of the human papilloma virus in women since the vaccine


was made available in 2008. The virus is thought to account


for about 80% of cervical cancers. Public health specialists say


the large numbers of girls taking up The whole success stems from the


fact we have got a very high uptake of the vaccine and have done since


the inception of the programme and so a 90% uptake of all three doses


remove the iris from the population. remove the iris from the population.


-- virus. Events to commemorate 100 years


since one of the most significant events of the First World War


are taking place this Sunday. The Battle of Arras


in Northern France marked a major push against German forces


and featured the highest concentration of Scots troops


to fight at any point Donald Mackay was living in


Edinburgh when war broke out and he signed up for the Battle of Arras


like many young Scots. His dispatches from the front line are


this letter he sent home in 189017 this letter he sent home in 189017


-- April 19 17. He wrote this 17 days before he was killed in battle


at the age of 29. He seems to be an ordinary average young man of the


day, Nvidia felt they had a duty to go and fight -- who really felt. I


think law is a last resort, but the First World War haunts me and he


sort of haunts me, as well -- I think war is a last resort. It was


an offensive on the Western front, but the cost was high, one third of


the 159,000 casualties were Scottish. This weekend special


commemorations will be held here at the Scottish War memorial and in


France. There is nobody alive who was in that battle and so we are now


creating a lasting legacy based on stories that have been handed down


through generations of descendants. Organisers say the anniversary is an


important reminder of the past and one which will serve generations of


the future. It's one of the most eagerly awaited


events in the sporting year. Golf's Masters gets under way


in Augusta, Georgia tomorrow. And Russell Knox, one


of the two Scots competing, could be the man to watch,


according to a fellow Scot who's In the sporting calendar there are


few events which can rival its beauty, and only the best get to


battle with Augusta, but when play gets underway tomorrow there will be


just two Scots in the field. One is a former champion, Sandy Lyle, who


won 1998, but his odds to win this week tell their own story. Russell


Knox is in better shape than he has a few wins under his belt. He is


23rd in the world, although the bookmakers don't really fancy his


chances either. But as the man himself continued his preparations,


there was support back home. Maybe the conditions being a bit soft


might hamper him, he is not the longest, but he is a great iron


player and it would not be surprising if he is in the mix on


Sunday afternoon. Other European hopes rest with this man, the


Masters is the only one of the big four tournaments that has eluded


him. It has been relatively quiet which is quite nice, not that I feel


I can fly under the radar any more, but at the same time it has felt


that way to me. It has been nice to prepare and just go about my


business and try to get ready. But preparations this year have been


tricky with strong winds forecast and tornado warnings issued,


mastering Augusta this year could be even tougher than usual.


To the weather now, and it's over to Kawser.


It is quite windy, but it has been bright and quite breezy, but fairly


cloudy. There are a few holes to end the day to allow some sunny moments


and the best that has been towards the east. This picture from one of


our weather watchers, some bright blue skies, and for the evening it


is mostly dry, but fairly cloudy. In the course of the night we will have


the cloud thickener, and some of that thick enough for some drizzle,


and some fairly breezy weather across the Northern Isles.


Temperatures could dip to around 3-5 in the north-east. Elsewhere, 7-8.


Tomorrow fairly cloudy, the best of the brightness across the East Coast


and again the cloud thick enough for some light drizzle across parts of


higher ground in the North West. If you are heading out around four


o'clock in the afternoon, fairly cloudy and wet across the Shetlands,


and Orkney, brighter, and the North will have the best of the sunshine


and temperatures could reach 15. Cloudy elsewhere, the central belt


will be largely dry, like the South, and temperatures 10-11. I pressure


has been responsible for this fairly settled weather and that will be in


charge for Friday, as well. Fairly cloudy conditions will continue in


the West and the best of the brightness further to the east and


still quite breezy across the very far north and the Northern Isles


with tight isobars will stop this is the picture. The West East split.


Thicker cloud. Showery outbreaks of rain, but patchy, two wards the


ease, the best of the sunshine, and temperatures could reach 15 --


ease, the best of the sunshine, and towards the east. And we have a


change on the wafer Sunday and I will have more on that morrow. --


change on the way for Sunday and I will have more on that tomorrow.


Now a reminder of tonight's main news.


The Scottish economy is hovering close to recession according


They show output fell during the last three


months of last year, and fell well behind UK growth.


The UN Security Council has held an emergency session to discuss


the suspected gas attack on a rebel-held town in Syria.


The attack is believed to have killed more than 70 people,


Until then, from everyone on the team, right across the country,


I'm finding out for the first time I could have 17, 18 siblings.


They were the brothers and sisters scattered across Scotland.


I had no idea there were any of the others.


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