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So it's goodbye from me and on BBC One we now join the BBC's


The BBC finds evidence that dozens more have faults


I think this is why the whole industry has to look at the system


and how they can manage that system better than they have as is


indicated at the moment. Also on the programme,


demonstrators gather in Glasgow to protest against the so-called


rape clause in the UK The Scottish Conservatives say that


Holyrood's welfare powers should be used to mitigate it.


How robots are transforming work down on the farm.


The airport seizures that show that travellers aren't paying


attention to the rules when they go through security.


And boxer Ricky Burns goes head to head with his opponent for what's


been billed as the biggest fight of his career.


A BBC investigation has found that construction faults have been found


They're similar to those that led to the closure of 17 schools


Fiona Walker from our investigations unit can tell us more.


It was this time last year that parents discovered it wasn't just


one school in Edinburgh that has been badly built, but 17.


Now in a Freedom of Information request, the BBC has discovered that


71 more schools in Scotland have been found to have similar defects.


These schools are located across 15 local authorities and that takes


the total, when you include Edinburgh, to 88 faulty schools


What's also emerged is that 11 local authorities say they haven't yet


carried out the more detailed intrusive checks


These are surveys the report into the Edinburgh scandal said


It was only when nine tonnes of all came crashing into the playground at


this primary school last January that they realised the school hadn't


been built properly. The official report said it was lucky nobody was


killed. It then emerged that 17 schools in the city were potentially


dangerous. But the number of schools we now know to have been affected as


prompted this reaction. Is actually frightening to think there are so


many schools that potentially have the same problem. Let's not forget


that, at that school, somebody could have been killed. Defective bits


like this were part of the problem. Because the faults were not found in


one or two rogue builders, the construction industry says there


needs to be changes to the way that work is supervised and signed off.


The whole industry has to look at the system and how we can manage


that better than we have, as is indicated at the moment. As repairs


continued today, councils were reminded of their duty to make sure


their buildings are safe. It's vital that parents have the confidence and


guarantee that buildings are safe and secure for their children, and


that's why the obligation must be taken very seriously by local


authorities, to ensure that buildings are properly constructed,


that they are certificated in terms of the design and structure that has


been undertaken, and that the safety of young people can be guaranteed as


been undertaken, and that the safety a consequence.


This is where is all started - but where does it finish?


82 of the 88 schools the buildings have been fixed.


However these problems may not just be confined to schools -


in fact, the way that all public buildings are bought


and built in Scotland is now the subject of review.


It has emerged that Gerry King, who has been chairman


of Celtic Boys Club, has been charged in connection with


Police Scotland confirmed that a 65-year-old man was charged


on the 15th February, and a report has been sent


Mr King, a teacher at Glasgow's St Martha's Primary School,


has been suspended from teaching duties by Glasgow City Council


pending the outcome of the police investigation.


It's understood the charges relate to alleged activities


There's a protest in Glasgow tonight against a UK-wide change to tax


credits that's become known as the "rape clause".


The First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, has described


But the Scottish Conservative leader, Ruth Davidson,


has challenged the Scottish government to use its own welfare


powers if it wants to do things differently.


Here's our political correspondent, Glenn Campbell.


These protesters gathering in Glasgow are against the new policy


restricting child tax credit claims to the first two children, and they


are far from impressed by the exemption for women who conceive a


third or subsequent child as a result of sexual violence. In order


to claim for the third child that has been conceived through rape, a


woman has to fill this out and then she has to get a third party to sign


it to say, yes, she has been raped. This is an extreme measure that they


are expecting women to go to. I think it shows a complete lack of


understanding around rape, sexual assault and the impact it has on


women. The Department for Work and Pensions says that women who have


children through rape are specifically exempted from the two


child policy so that they don't lose out on benefits, and they say that


such cases will be handled with compassion. In America last week,


the First Minister said the policy mistreats rape survivors. They have


to prove, they have to prove that mistreats rape survivors. They have


the child was conceived as a result of rape. Oh, my God. Now, it is a


disgusting and disgraceful policy. On social Minister, the First


Minister said it was shameful that the Scottish Conservatives defended


the policy. Kezia Dugdale said it was terrible but Ruth Davidson


hadn't spoken out. They have housed in something they say they oppose


but they are choosing not to do it because they would rather take the


UK Government and change the system in Scotland, and I think the First


Minister choosing to do that and not putting forward proposals to changes


opens after allegations of hypocrisy. It is cruel and it


stigmatises not just the women but those children, too. The SNP say the


so-called great clause and to those children, too. The SNP say the


policy for tax credits should be scrapped across the UK.


Staff on Virgin Trains East Coast are to stage a 48-hour strike


in a row over the role of guards and jobs.


The RMT union announced the stoppage for the 28th and 29th of April.


John McManus is at Edinburgh Waverley Station


Cast your mind back to last summer, and Scotland's rail commuters were


subject to a series of strikes called by the RMT on ScotRail, which


was about the role of guards and, specifically, who opens and closes


the door on the train. This upcoming strike called by the RMT on Virgin


Trains east coast is about a similar issue. Virgin Trains say they have


recently restructured the roles of their on-board customer team and, as


a result, the train guard now also looks after other duties, for


example, managing the catering team. The RMT say that may be a slippery


slope towards guards losing their role of opening the doors, which


they say safety critical. The RMT is pursuing this with train companies


across the UK. Southern is one of them, in the Home Counties. They say


they are not backing down. The guard's role is safety critical.


He is there to do with any emergencies or collisions. You take


the guard away, then that leaves the driver, and it also ensures that


there is less anti-social behaviour on our trains if you actually have a


safety critical guard on the train. I spoke to Virgin Trains east coast


this afternoon. They say they have no intention of changing the role of


the guard with regard to operating the doors. They also say, with


regard to the strike at the end of April, they are expecting to run a


timetable as near as normal as possible. It's worth pointing out


that last summer's dispute between the RMT and ScotRail was resolved


when both sides compromised, deciding that the drivers would open


the train doors and the guards would close them.


NHS nurses across the UK are being asked today


if they want to take industrial action over pay.


It comes weeks after both the Scottish and UK


Governments announced a below-inflation pay rise.


The online poll will test the appetite for a strike among


members of the Royal College of Nursing, the UK's


Well, it appears to have been sparked after quite a few years of


frustration over pay rises for nurses below the rate of inflation,


and we should say that, unlike previous action like the junior


doctors strike in England, this will apply to nurses in Scotland. That's


because the Scottish Government has accepted, like the UK Government


has, the recommendations of the independent body that advises on


wages for the NHS, which is a 1% rise. The RCS union say that


accommodation pay freezes and caps mean that nurses have effectively


had a 14% pay cut since 2010, and that now some of them are struggling


to cope. Some nurses have had to take second


jobs. We sadly know that some nurses have had good food banks. We also


know that 700 nurses across the UK and onto our foundation for hardship


grants. -- have gone to. We know that nurses are affected by this


reduction in pay and are having to work harder and find other ways of


bringing their income in. I recognise that, with inflation


rising, there are concerns from the RCN. We would want to discuss


further with the RCN through partnership arrangements and we take


that forward. At the moment, we have a pay review body recommendation for


one year, 417-18, and we will continue to discuss with the RCN


one year, 417-18, and we will what we do beyond that.


The online poll is just to gauge members across the UK, their


reaction. It isn't official industrial action. More than 40,000


are working in Scotland. They were asked for a view on whether or not


they support action short of a strike or full-blown strike action,


and the results of that will be known in May. Depending on what they


say, that could trigger a formal ballot on industrial action.


Around 200 jobs are expected to go at the Dounreay nuclear site


The company decommissioning the site says it expects most to be


Unions have expressed disappointment and say they believe


there is enough work to support all the existing jobs.


A sheriff said the court is going to write to the legal aid watchdog,


after she heard it had not yet approved a request to fund


the parents at an inquiry into the death of a schoolgirl.


Keane Wallis-Bennett, who was 12, died when a PE


block wall fell on her at Liberton High School in 2014.


No criminal charges will be brought, but there will be


You're watching BBC Reporting Scotland.


The BBC finds evidence that dozens more schools across the country have


As the Easter getaway begins, airports warn travellers to check


the rules on what they can take on the plane.


Robots and advanced computer systems are set to transform the way work


That's according to a report from Scottish Enterprise,


which says automation will bring big changes to all parts of Scotland's


Our business correspondent David Henderson has been to a dairy


farm that relies on robots to do much of the work.


This is a dairy farm with a difference. For hundreds of years,


farmers have been milking cows but, here, it's a robot which does that


job. It's helped the farm become more productive than many of its


rivals. The benefits for the cows are unbelievable, because they can


go on to the robots whenever they want. It's a stress-free atmosphere


for them. To be honest, if the cows are happy, get more milk. As the


cows eat, another robot gets to work, serving up the food like a


helpful way to. In the last 100 years, farming has been transformed


technology, whether its tractors or robots, like this thing. These days,


fewer people than ever work on farms, and yet they have never been


so productive. The robots will tell us how much milk has been produced


over the next day... Machines are changing the way that farmers work,


telling them what they need to know and taking over dull and difficult


tasks. The biggest benefit for us is being able to utilise the technical


skill of our staff to the greatest of their ability. The robots allow


us to deal with all of the repetitive jobs that can be


automated. A new report from Scottish Enterprise spells out how


almost every workplace in the country will face changes because of


clever machines, so where do people fit in? The opportunity, the big


prize is to help develop individuals, to redeploy people, to


get that higher value work and to harness machines and, if we can do


that, that will improve productivity throughout the economy. At Dundee


and Angus college, they are rising to that challenge. Students here


learned to control a new generation of machines, aerial drones. Digital


technology now is all around us. It touches every single sector that we


work in. Without preparing young people and older adult returners


with these skills, we won't have the workforce that we need going


forward. Without advanced robots, farms like this one would find it


much harder to operate, and today putt -- today's report makes it


clear that technology is creating putt -- today's report makes it


jobs where it didn't exist before, but few workplaces will remain


untouched in the years ahead. This weekend will be one


of the busiest of the year And staff at the busiest -


Edinburgh - are calling on travellers to pay more attention


to the rules and restrictions about what you can and can't


take through security. Every year they confiscate tens


of thousands of pounds From Edinburgh Airport,


here's Cameron Buttle. now. It is hard to believe people


can get it this wrong. It is a small part of a hall from Edinburgh


airport. Tens of thousands of pounds worth of alcohol over a year. It is


not just alcohol, it is certain types of equipment and toy guns,


which are also getting confiscated. Here to tell us more is the security


supervisor at Edinburgh airport. People seem to be getting it quite


badly wrong. People are still confused by the rules. The excessive


amount of alcohol comes through. People are not understanding they


can put it in now hold luggage. What about when you had to take this kind


of thing off? People are still confused. Especially someone from


the UK who should really know. It is hard to believe this kind of thing


cannot go on a plane. Anything that resembles a gun. On an x-ray, we


have to take it off. Thank you very much indeed. A very busy weekend at


Edinburgh airport. 76,000 people will be departing alone over the


Easter weekend. What happens to all of this stuff? In the past the guns


have been destroyed and this is poured down the drain. Thanks to


lobbying by staff, they have now been allowed to give this to a


charity of choice. after ignoring an order to make


an offer for the remaining shares King is deemed to have breached


Takeover Panel rules and was given until yesterday to bid for two


thirds of Rangers' shares. The businessman said such an offer


wasn't in the interest of either This all relates to purchases or


attempted purchases of Rangers shares towards the end of 2014.


Effectively resulting in the overthrowing of the previous board


and Rangers coming under the control of the current chairman, Dave King,


and like-minded fans and investors, including Douglas Park. Because they


acquire more than 30 descent of Rangers shares and the takeover


panel deemed them to be working as a concert party, King was told he


needed to make an offer to other shareholders of more than ?11


million. After Anna failed -- after a failed appeals process he was


given to yesterday to do that. When that appeal failed he went to


Edinburgh to try to have the order enforced. What next? It is difficult


to predict exactly how the court might view this. Dave King has so


far argued any offer would not represent value for Manny for


shareholders as the 20p he would be offering is below the current value


of Rangers shares. Regardless of how the court looks at it, the takeover


panel has their own potential sanctions if it continues to refuse


to comply with the orders, the most serious of which is called financial


cold shouldering, which prevents city institutions dealing any


further. Ricky Burns can consolidate his


place as one of Scotland's best ever boxers, if he wins this weekend's


world title unification That's the view of former


world and commonwealth until after his bout on Saturday


night with the undefeated The end of a long, hard road. Hours


in the gym, doing a Muhammad Ali. Float like a butterfly and sting


like a bee. It is Ricky Burns's 34th birthday


today. Round of applause and happy birthday to him. Business for the


birthday boy this weekend. In my opinion, this is the biggest bite of


my career. I cannot wait. We have a tough fight on our hands. He will be


my career. I cannot wait. We have a a tricky opponent. We are confident


about getting the job done. There is always plenty of hyperbole around


these fights. I went to Edinburgh University for expert opinions on


Ricky Burns place in Scottish boxing history. He has to be considered one


of the greatest Scottish boxers of all times. Even his amateur


pedigree, you had a lengthy amateur career. Over 100 fights and the 40


plus professional fights now and world titles in three different


weight divisions, you have to put him amongst the best. That means a


difficult night for this man. Julius Indongo has ever been beaten in his


21 fights. I believe Saturday night, I will show my talent. My talent


will prove them who I am. A win for Ricky Burns would add the IBF and


IDA world super lightweight titles to the WBO one he already owns. This


could create career defining contests to come. Time now for the


talking to stop. Work is done. Victory in Glasgow this weekend is


in his own hands. A ground-breaking art show,


which allows people to HEAR as well as SEE the works,


opens in Edinburgh this week. The Oregon Project is a series


of landscapes created by artist Our arts correspondent


Pauline McLean reports. And so the paintings in this gallery


are all based on little moments in our various Scottish mountains.


Gradually losing his side has made painting more challenging for keep


salmon that it has not stopped him. These landscapes are the result of


many trips into the Scottish mountains. He sketches what he can


see and completes the work in his studio. To years ago he took on a


new challenge, the Oregon Project offered a new landscape and the


chance to include sounds and sights. What we have done is try to create a


system where you can map colours to sounds and the tickly where you can


track where a person is relative to a piece of artwork and about that


into a sound representation of what they would see in front of them.


into a sound representation of what result is an interactive artwork is


accessible to everyone. From the birdsong to the wind in the grass


and even the sound of an artist at work. The closer you go, you start


to trigger sounds and you can hear the drawing sounds. We realise each


of the types of mark that I made made a different kind of sound. It


is an important breakthrough for artists and audiences. Maybe in a


few years' time when you go to the National Gallery in Edinburgh, you


might start to get back kind of experience. That would be great for


people who are cited but especially for people with low vision. You get


this interpretive, audio experience of the paintings on the wall which


so many struggle to actually see. Already, he is working on ways to


bring those layers of sound to his beloved Scottish landscapes.


Let's see how the weather is looking as the Easter weekend approaches.


Sunshine and showers sums it up. Thank you to one of our weather


watchers in the Highlands full sending in this stunning image of


threatening skies. This evening and tonight will bring a fair amount of


cloud over Western and southern Scotland, especially with further


showers and eventually longer spells of rain moving in through Argyll,


perhaps the Glasgow area. The clearest conditions will be across


much of eastern and northern eastern Scotland. We may see some grass


frost developing once again in shelter. For the most part


temperatures holding up around 3-7 C with light, moderate westerly winds.


Tomorrow dawns with a lot of cloud over central and southern Scotland


and further outbreaks of rain for a time. Through the day the rain will


gradually clear away to the south. Tomorrow afternoon, that leaves us


once again with a mixture of bright and sunny spells and showers. The


showers across the north-west Highlands, the Western Isles, the


far north and Northern isles especially will be frequent and


heavy tomorrow afternoon. It will feel chilly for most of us again.


Temperatures around ten, 11, with fresh, westerly winds. Tomorrow


evening the showers will continue with brightness or sunshine to end


the day. The showers perhaps Tanni wintry across the hills over the


Highlands into tomorrow night. Saturday, fresh to strong


north-westerly winds will feed showers into the North, especially


with brightness or sunshine in between. Much dry with longer spells


of sunshine further south and quite a war feel. On Easter Day, Easter


Sunday, some uncertainty. We may see wintry showers leading into the


North and we may see some rain in the West. That is the forecast.


Basher al-Assad said claims his tonight's main news...


Basher al-Assad said claims his Armed Forces are behind a chemical


weapons attack on a town last week fabrication.


I'll be back with the headlines at 8pm, and the late bulletin just


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