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And that's it, now on BBC One we can join the


The general election campaign kicks off at Holyrood,


with heated exchanges at First Minister's Question Time.


Campaigners say unhealthy school dinners may be contributing


How cycling to work could almost halve your risk of heart


We meet the two footballing brothers on opposing sides in


And, from being busy with her classroom studies to taking


part in an offshore drama - we catch up with the schoolgirl


who's taken part in her first lifeboat rescue.


I was inspired by my older brother. He's been a crew member since I was


very young. It went really good. There have been furious


exchanges at Holyrood, The First Minister


dismissed Labour's Jeremy And the Tories came under


sustained attack over This from our Political


Editor, Brian Taylor. It is absolutely despicable,


disgusting and unacceptable... Outside Holyrood, political leaders


joined a protest against a law which once women to prove that they have


been raped if they want tax credit for a third trial. The First


Minister challenged her Conservative opponent. Do you support the rape


clause in principle, or do you, like me, think it is utterly boring?


Answer the question. -- it is utterly apparent. Is the First


Minister does not like the two child tax policy, she can change it. Shame


on Ruth Davidson and the Conservatives. She broaden the


attack, arguing that only the SNP could protect Scotland. The rape


attack, arguing that only the SNP clause has been introduced by a Tory


government at Westminster with a clause has been introduced by a Tory


tiny majority. If that's what a Tory government can do with a tiny


majority, let's just think of the damage a Tory government, an


unfettered, out Tory government can do with a bigger majority. Yesterday


in Westminster, Nicola Sturgeon indicated she might contemplate a


Progressive alliance with Labour if the numbers stacked up. Ruth


Davidson seized upon by. And we will say no to a second referendum so


that Scotland can get on with building better schools and public


services. What about the plans of the SNP? The First Minister's very


first intervention in this election has been to say that she would put


Jeremy Corbyn in number ten. Labour's Jeremy Corbyn has ruled out


a collision with the SNP, and Nicola Sturgeon steered clear of such talk


today, arguing that Labour had no transfers winning. You only have to


take one look of the polls to know that Jeremy Corbyn ain't going


anywhere near number ten Downing St on his own or with the help of


anywhere else. They said that they wanted the Tories to win UK power to


drive Scots towards independence. It wanted the Tories to win UK power to


suits the SNP for the Tories to stay in power, because the only thing the


SNP has ever cared about is independence. Willie Rennie wanted


early sight of the SNP manifesto. He suspected it wouldn't contain a firm


commitment of the European Union. We know what she and her government or


up to. She's trying to get Brexit supporters back onside, so she is


going soft on Europe. Nicola Sturgeon said her manifesto would


emerge in due course. For now... I support membership the European


Union. Brian Taylor, Reporting Scotland, Holyrood.


Our Political Editor Brian Taylor joins me from Holyrood.


That's the general election campaign well and truly started, Brian!


What about the issue of independence?


Will this election be, as some have suggested,


The issue was certainly raised repeatedly at questions, you know,


tactical and strategic exchanges. I think from Nicola Sturgeon's point


of view she does not want this to be or intend this to be, I have spoken


to several Government ministers here at Holyrood, and they don't expend


-- expect this to be a referendum on a referendum. They held at the last


election 56 out of the 59 Scottish seas. They see it as a possible trap


that if they fall even a fraction below that extremely high level than


perhaps their Conservative opponents would say, you are slipping back,


the demand for a referendum has eased, slacken, gone away. So why do


not think they want it to be about that. They want to be, as they put


it, standing up against a hard Brexit and Tory austerity. Does that


mean that Nicola Sturgeon has given up a referendum? The answer to that


would be no. As Brian said there,


the idea of a so-called progressive alliance between Labour,


the SNP, the Greens and Liberal Democrats has been


floated by those hoping for a united But Labour has ruled out any deals


with the SNP after the 8th of June. Our Political Correspondent,


Nick Eardley, reports. The next Prime Minister of the UK,


Jeremy Corbyn. It is an ambitious aim if you believe the polls. But


Jeremy Corbyn think this election is still up for grabs. But you might


put him in ten Downing St in seven weeks' time. Much of the media and


the establishment are saying, this election is a foregone conclusion.


But of course they do not want us to win. Because when we win, it is the


people, not the powerful, who wins. Many think it is unlikely that will


happen. Especially without the help of other parties. He says no to a


coalition. But what about an informal arrangement? If we were to


become the largest single party but not have a majority, we would then


set out our policies. It would then be for the SNP, policy by policy, to


decide whether they thought they should vote with us or not, that is


the honest way of doing politics. For now, it's hypothetical. Many


think it is likely to happen. But the Conservatives say it is a


danger. There is a very clear choice between strong and stable government


with strong leadership under Theresa May and the Conservatives, or a


coalition of chaos with Jeremy Corbyn propped up by the Scottish


National Party and the Liberal Democrats. The SNP says it would be


interested in alliances, if that could keep the Conservatives out of


Government. But they think it is unlikely. There is no prospect of


Labour coming back into power on the back of this election. Of course, in


the unlikely event that there were to be ways we could oust the Tories


from office and support our progressive alliance, we could do


that. It is not just the Nationalists that have been rooted


as potential members. The Greens say they are disappointed that Labour is


ruling out a formal deal. I'm deeply disappointed, and people up and down


the country are disappointed because it is yet more of the same kind of


politics that puts their own political self interest above the


interests of the country. Labour have ruled out a deal so early in


this campaign because they think that rumours of one seriously


damaged them last time around. But that is exactly why the


Conservatives will talk up the prospects. Opinion polls suggest it


is extremely unlikely. But at the end of the day it is all down to


you, the voters. Jeremy Corbyn think this race is far from over.


Too many sweet puddings and not enough fresh vegetables -


that's verdict of health campaigners on some of our school dinners.


Obesity Action Scotland says improvements to school meals


could play an important part in reducing childhood obesity.


The Government is reviewing the guidance it gives to local


authorities on what should be in the meals we give to pupils.


Here's our Education Correspondent, Jamie McIvor.


For some youngsters, their school dinner is the most important meal of


the day. At this school, fresh fruit and vegetables are always an option.


It's important that you always healthy and you get your five a day.


It's not OK to have pizza and chips every day because it's bad for your


help. Is it OK to eat sweets some of the time? It is only for treats, not


everyday. There are Government guidelines to try to make sure that


the meals on offer are healthy and varied. Councils are responsible for


the local service. Scottish Government have strict legislation


that we followed to the letter. Chips only appear on the menu once a


week. What is most important is making sure that the other options


that are available are healthy and enticing for the young people point


many schools and councils would highlight what they see as good


practice. But although there are national guidelines, is their


national consistency? The quality of school meals that are offered across


Scotland varies dramatically. Local authorities tended to offer puddings


more often than soup, and they regularly serve processed food and


red meat. We feel that needs to change. They also want schools to


cut down on processed foods, and the change. They also want schools to


vegetables, soups and salads should take priority over puddings. The


Government is currently reviewing the guidance. What I would say to


parents is that the standards that we have in place or enforced that


Jude, they are of the highest quality, they guarantee that young


people are getting high-quality, high nutritional value food in their


schools, but we are constantly considering and assessing those


regulations to make sure that the high standards that we to set are


able to be delivered in practice and we set up inspections to make sure


that is the case. Back in this dining hall, healthy choices seem to


be popular choices. Councils can be held to account for the quality of


school meals, and the council elections are just a fortnight away.


The campaigners say candidates elections are just a fortnight away.


across the country should commit to improvements.


The former Rangers owner Craig Whyte has gone on trial accused


of a fraudulent acquisition of the club.


The 46-year-old faces two charges relating to the purchase


Our Business Correspondent David Henderson is at


Well, Sally, the case got underway here today. No evidence was led, but


a jury was selected for this case. It's made up of eight men and seven


women. Craig Whyte faces two charges relating to the way the club changed


hands some six years ago. He is charged with fraud and with a breach


of the companies act. The first charge, the fraud charge, alleges


that Craig Whyte pretended to the then owner of Rangers, Sir David


that Craig Whyte pretended to the Murray, that he had sufficient funds


to take a controlling stake in the Ibrox club. And the Crown claims


that in fact Mr Whyte did not have sufficient money, but funded the


deal through a loan taken out against future season ticket sales


for Rangers. The second charge under the companies act centres on the ?18


million payment between Mr Whyte's company and Rangers to clear a bank


debt. Mr Whyte has pleaded not guilty to both these charges. David,


there has been a lot of publicity in this case, hasn't there? What did


the judge have to say about that? Well, that's right. The judge, Lady


Stacey, asked the jury to consider matters before evidence was to be


heard. She said, do you know Craig Whyte? Were you a Rangers


shareholder or a season-ticket holder at the time of the deal? Is


there any good reason, she said, why you can't be impartial in this case?


In the event, none of the jurors had to be excused, and the first witness


is expected to begin giving here tomorrow in a trial which could


last, Sally, up to 12 weeks. David, thank you. David Henderson at


Glasgow Crown Court. The Scottish Government has asked


the Chief Inspector of Constabulary to speed up his investigation


of transparency within It follows concerns,


voiced at a Holyrood committee, that senior SPA figures were acting


as if they were running the Kremlin. The watchdog responsible for holding


the police to account itself on the end of some tough questions. This is


not the Kremlin you're running. The Scottish police authority taken


not the Kremlin you're running. The task over what the committee chair


described as a culture of secrecy. Today's exchanges at Holyrood stem


from a review of governors carried out by the SBA chairman at the


request of the Justice Secretary. Among the more controversial


elements of the new framework, a decision to hold committee meetings


in private. But what really exercised MSPs was the fact that


many of those discussions about the new framework were also held behind


closed doors. Something has opened this governance, as basic as


governors, being decided, all behind closed doors in a way that is going


to be nodded through by the obviously compliant nonexecutive


members of the SBA, without saying a Dickie bird about it, and we're all


supposed to accept that as a good example about open, transparent


governance?! The document is probably about this thick and they


had to distil it down to get it into a proper document. They had to have


these discussions among the members. Shaking her head in the public


gallery, a former board member who describes herself as collateral


damage. Forced out, she claims, for publicly raising concerns about


transparency. I do understand the need to try to keep a control on


things. But I think it's the wrong answer. I think the only way ever,


in any public body, to live is in an open and transparent and accountable


way. Have you thought about drawing position at all? No, I haven't. I


think we're on a journey. Is it perfect? Their is not perfect. But I


think in the last 12 months or so there have been significance that


is. What another SPA review of governors was planned for June, MSPs


is. What another SPA review of were. But tonight the inspection


timetables has been accelerated, agreeing to the Justice Secretary's


request to provide a report within one month.


Cycling to work could cut your risk of cancer and heart


That's the conclusion of a five-year research project by experts


Cycling to work is something many people across Scotland do each


morning. Former rugby star John people across Scotland do each


Beattie is a recent convert, and now does it pretty much every day. I


started off doing three miles each way. And now at ten miles each way,


and it's not difficult. I'm not some kind of road cycling demon. I'm just


getting on a bicycle and going a few miles to work. But many of us don't


commute to work by bike. Maybe we put off by sharing the with cars all


the time it takes to get to the office. But could the latest


research on the issue change minds? Glasgow University research is


logged into the habits of 250,000 commuters across the UK over a


five-year period, and said there was a link between regular cycling and a


45% reduction in getting cancer. It suggests the activity could cut the


risk of heart disease by 46%. In fact, the study said regular cycling


could cut the risk of death by any cause from 41%. This organisation


collects old bicycles to be done up and sold an affordably. It has also


carried out a successful project with local companies to get more


people to bike to work. You are just used your daily routine of getting


the car and going. But once you get people to make that first step, it


is easier to keep going, because it is a very fun thing and they are


saving money and it is faster get is a very fun thing and they are


around town. But one of the researchers from the Glasgow


University said he says boosting cycling will need new


infrastructure. If you look at places like Amsterdam and


Copenhagen, the majority of places like Amsterdam and


cycle. They don't do that because they are being virtuous, they do it


because it is the easiest way to get around town because the


infrastructure is there, they have cycle lane separate from the


traffic, places you can safely lock your bike. I have been the kind of


person who has cycled to work on the past. But on the basis of this


latest study, it's about time to give it a go. Andrew Black,


Reporting Scotland, Glasgow. When Hibs and Aberdeen meet


on Saturday in the Scottish Cup semifinal at Hampden,


brothers Graeme and Andrew Shinnie will face up, hoping


for very different outcomes. The midfielders have never


played against each other in a competitive match,


so how do they feel about doing it Our Senior Football Reporter Chris


McLaughlin has been finding out. On Saturday this place will be


packed to capacity, thousands of Aberdeen fans over there and


thousands of Hibs fans over there. But right here, right in the middle


of Hampden will be a set of parents absolutely torn. I think we will


have to get the kit man to stitch a half Aberdeen, half Hibs top. For


our parents is a great occasion. One of us will be missing out on the


final, on the other hand they will be delighted to have one in the


final. Graeme lifted the cup two years ago, this was him securing the


semifinal spot this time around. I think they are both good players.


Graeme tells me he's so much better than his brother but I've watched a


lot of Hibs lately and I know Andrew was a very good footballer himself.


Who can forget last year and Hibs ending their long wait for the


trophy. Just days after securing promotion, this time the pressure is


off. We know we have a real acid test on Saturday, but they are the


cup holders, they will want to hold onto the trophy as best they can.


And so back to the brothers. I think it will be a good scrap, I'm going


to back myself. Andrew is a bigger boy than me, but I'd like to fancy


me. Probably me. I was the younger ones I used to get away with more


than what Andrew did. I'm going to go for myself. Me.


than what Andrew did. word to Hibs striker, Jason


Cummings. He's not interested in arm wrestling, when a wrestler came to


the club he decided to take diving to a whole new level.


Andy Murray says he's disappointed to be out


of the Monte Carlo Masters after throwing away a strong lead,


but feels he's moving in the right direction


The world number one was beaten in the third round.


Kheredine Idessane reports on another early exit


In magnificent Monte Carlo, could Andy Murray live up to his


surroundings? The early signs were promising indeed. His opponent was a


Spanish clay court specialist, and took the first set. Although the


Spaniard hit back immediately to force the deciding third. It was


textbook Andy Murray as he raced to the lead, but despite shots like


this the winning script was ripped up as 4-0 became 4-4. Being 4-0 up


in the third, I haven't lost many matches like that in my career so


I'm disappointed but my elbow felt pretty good, I served much better


today than I did yesterday and that will only get better so hopefully I


will keep going in the right direction. His year as world number


one started with defeat to Novak Djokovic in the Doha final but the


grand slam ended early in the fourth round. It emerged Andy Murray was


suffering from shingles, which made his win in Dubai all the more


repressive. -- impressive. After one month out, he survived one round in


Monte Carlo. A disappointing year so far but his status as world number


one isn't yet under threat. Could Monaco's lost the Portugal's gain?


The special Toblerone to show we cannot stop thinking of you because


for us you are more than number one, you are a real superstar and we love


you... What's more likely is Andy Murray playing an extra clay court


tournament next week either in Barcelona or Budapest.


A schoolgirl has taken part in her first lifeboat rescue,


after getting the call-out when she was in class.


Eighteen year old Danielle Marr joined other crew members to help


a vessel that had broken down off the Fife coast yesterday.


Lifeboats on a rescue mission. 25 foot vessel suffered mechanical


failure. A short time earlier Danielle Marr was in class, busy


with her studies. Alerted by a pager message, Danielle was on her way to


her first rescue. I thought, this is the first time, I wasn't really sure


what to expect when I got down there. Danielle made it here on foot


in a matter of minutes ready to play her part in the rescue. She has been


a lifeboat volunteer for several months. She has carried her pager


since January. When it goes and off, the waterproofs replace the blazer.


I have been inspired by my brother, following in his footsteps. What


went through your mind as you headed out? I was pretty unsure because


I've never been on a shout before but it went really good. The RNLI


depends on volunteers like Danielle. It is essential. Without the


Youngblood, we would stagnate, we would get to the point where we


don't have people fit all young enough to do the job, and hats off


to the school for their support and allowing her to do it. One rescue


under her belt, Danielle is waiting for the next time you call goes out


but not during the exam she is sitting in a few weeks' time.


Let's get the latest on the weather outlook.


It is turning quite cold. Some lovely spells of sunshine around.


The best of the sunshine in the east, which topped 19 degrees.


Further west with the cloud it was cool but if you had blue skies in


Aberdeen it was a very pleasant day indeed. Tonight pretty cloudy across


the board, outbreaks of rain across the north and west extending


southwards, but the good part of the central lowlands and the south dry,


and on the mild side. Cold across Shetland, windy too from the


north-west. Tomorrow a cloudy morning, this rain edging southwards


through because of the day but the further south and east you are any


wet weather light and patchy and it should brighten up as we head


through the afternoon. In mid-afternoon still available cloud


in the south. Temperatures ten and much cooler, further north it should


be brightening up by this point. Forget the 19 degrees we had today.


With it a few showers coming on the strong winds, some of those showers


could be a touch wintry across Shetland. Overnight some late spells


of sunshine, and relatively calm as we had through towards Saturday.


High pressure nearby. Still that north westerly flow but largely dry


and fairly cloudy. Some morning brightness around, but showers


across the far north and north-east. Wintry across the hills and


temperatures reaching to Celsius but again wintry for Shetland. On Sunday


an area of low pressure moving across the country, and a spell of


wet and windy weather focused across northern areas. As it clears as we


had through to next week, we open the floodgates for really cold


arctic air. April showers of rain, sleet and snow. That's the forecast


for now. I will be back with the late bulletin just after ten o'clock


news. From everyone on the team and right across the country, goodbye.


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