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Tonight on reporting Scotland: a BBC investigation discovers trafficked


women are being sold repeatedly to gangs in Glasgow as part of a crime


at work. Asian crime gangs will provide accommodation. Also in the


programme, jurors in the trial, here from the lawyers that represented


Craig Wighton arranges takeover. We made a couple taking on the big six


energy providers by setting up their own gas and electricity company. And


as the draw for the 2019 Rugby World Cup is made, one former player says


the Scots should target a place in the semifinals.


Good evening. A BBC investigation has discovered trafficked women are


being sold repeatedly to Asian crime gangs in Glasgow as part of a


massive international organised crime that work. Once in a vacuum


goalless trafficked to the city three times, others have been sold


and forced into sham marriages. The law enforcement agency is now


investigating. Sam has this exclusive report.


What you are watching is an illegal deal. How much do you want? This


Romanian is selling a kidney to the woman beside him, she says he is his


wife. He does these transplants all people are now the second most


lucrative commodity next to drugs, sold for Labour or exploitation and


for their organs. We discovered criminal gangs are now targeting


specific areas of Scotland for the selling of women trafficked from


abroad. There's a high number of victims and that's because there's a


link between Eastern European crime gangs who have human trafficking is


one of the things they do, but mixed with Asian crime gangs in Glasgow.


So European crime gangs will provide victims and Asian will provide


accommodation. I went to Slovakia to try and track down some of the


victims, including one girl who was trafficked twice previously to


Glasgow, but when we get to the house, we are in for a shock.


You think your daughter may have been trafficked?


Other victims also appear to have been trafficked again. We know now


there are three girls currently missing, who are back in the UK in


Glasgow? Yes. And inside this house, this girl was sold for a sham


marriage by a family member. This birth certificate, there is no


farther's name. It allows them to apply for EU residency. The family


called the traffic and tell the mind they're asking awkward questions. If


I start to ask the questions I really want to ask, the men are


going to get very angry? I'm taken by a social worker to what is known


locally as a transit house, where girls are kept for a few days before


being transported to Glasgow for sham marriages. How many girls would


have come? Five, ten? Hundreds? More than 100. Really? Really. Slovakian


police discovered many sold into sham managers are then being


sexually exploited by the men who buy them.


Back in Scotland, I searched the marriage records and found numerous


suspicious marriages between young Eastern European brides and older


Asian men with the same address is being used on multiple occasions,


and yet little trace of any of the couples living there. This street


cropped up many times with numerous sham marriages attached to hear.


This street has more than a dozen links to marriages between Pakistani


This street has more than a dozen men and Eastern European brides in


recent years. I'm going to try and see if I can speak to them. See if


they are there. Hello, I'm looking for... He was registered as being


married and living here, but he's not here? No. OK, the next one, the


bride, the groom and the witness or gave this as the address. You don't


know any of the names of the people? The man that was registered as


living here, he's gone? And his wife, she's gone? Right, no luck


living here, he's gone? And his getting anyone. One of a dozen


marriages linked to this street. Brides, grooms, witnesses to the


weddings, and of all of the doors I've knocked, not one couple lives


there. Not one witness a nobody. Euro poll, the EU's Laurette agency,


confirmed Scotland is now being specifically targeted by the


trafficking trade. And you can watch Sam Poling's


investigation Humans for Sale in full tonight on BBC One


at 9pm. A lawyer who handled Craig Whyte's


takeover of Rangers football club has told a court that Mr Whyte


was presented as a man of the deal, that Craig Whyte had


the funds available to buy the club. Mr Whyte denies fraud,


in connection with his acquisition Our correspondent David


Henderson reports. The London lawyer who played a key


role in the deal to buy Rangers Football Club, Gary Withey. His


client at the time, a company run by Craig Whyte, who acquired Rangers in


2011. He is now on trial here at the High Court, accused of pretending he


had the funds available to buy the Ibrox club. But Gary Withey said he


got the impression Craig Whyte had lots of money. Gary Withey told the


court that Craig Whyte was portrayed in the City of London as someone


with substantial financial wealth. One person, he said, confused Craig


Whyte with a whiskey tycoon. At one point, he said, that's who I thought


I was dealing with. Much of today's evidence focused on whether Craig


Whyte had the money needed to buy the Ibrox club, and the assurances


Gary Withey gave our behalf of his company that funds were in place to


make a deal possible. The jury was shown an e-mail, the so-called


comfort letter, allegedly sent from Gary Withey's firm months before the


club changed hands. The lawyers for the Rangers owners. In it it said


there would be up to ?33 million in funding from a financial


institution, to be utilised for the acquisition for the club. Gary


Withey said, I would not have signed a comfort letter unless I had


comfort. I don't like he said. It's not proper, you just don't do it.


The prosecutor Alex Prentice highlighted a deal involving Craig


Whyte and a company around the time Rangers was sold, Ticketus. An


e-mail that said necessary steps had been taken for the sale of season


tickets. Gary Withey returns to court tomorrow to give more


evidence. Craig Whyte denies the charges on the trial continues.


There's been a dispute over the impact of Brexit


Doctors' leaders have warned of an uncertain future for more


than 200 GPs in Scotland who came here from other parts


This from our political editor Brian Taylor.


The local GP, originally from Poland. Talk of Brexit leads her and


fellow EU nationals anxious and they fellow EU nationals anxious and they


-- their concern extends to their patients. I want my patients to have


access to GPs whenever they need to, in emergency situations as well as


routine appointments. I'm not sure what will happen to that. It can be


potentially dangerous. The issue took centre stage in the election


campaign today, with a focus on Brexit. Here's one I made earlier!


Who made all the pies? Nicola Sturgeon did. She said the EU


doctors issue proved the need for a big SNP presence in the Commons.


This really highlights the dangers of a hard, reckless Brexit. That


makes it really important that this election delivers MPs from Scotland,


will fight Scotland's corner, not MPs who were just be a rubber stamp


for Theresa May, whatever she wants to do. Kezia Dugdale is talking to


worried nurses. Scottish ministers say they have funded every pay


recommendation. The doctors, Labour says things can only get worse.


There is a workforce crisis among GPs, but let's not pretend Brexit


calls that, it existed long before that because of decisions SNP made.


It would get worse with independence. In Dingwall Willie


Rennie presses his case. He says the concern over doctors proves that


Brexit is a blunder. It is one of the many reasons we're discovering


as to why we should be remaining at the heart of Europe, because it's


going to damage our NHS, with the loss of GPs. We're going to lose


many nurses from the NHS as well. But what does it all mean for the


price of fish? Ruth Davidson and Peterhead save the industry will


gain from escaping EU rules. The SNP fears UK ministers will strike a


deal to maintain access the EU fleets. And today's other European


topic, the Tories say they want an agreement to keep EU doctors here,


but they diagnose other health problems. We have to look at our NHS


staff of the future. Why is it at the moment there is an ineffective


cap on doctors going to medical schools and doctors for the future


question about something we can sort in Scotland. Student numbers in


medicine have long since been controlled but competition has eased


slightly in recent years. Back in Millport, this doctor has just


celebrated her first year as the island's GP. She hopes for many


more. Health is a devolved matter -


under the control of MSPs. And there was a debate on NHS pay


at Holyrood this afternoon. Our political correspondent,


Glenn Campbell's at This was a Labour Party debate,


calling for NHS staff to have real terms pay rises. Instead the


Scottish Government has offered to carry out a study on the effect of


pay restraint. But during the debate one SNP MSP, a former nurse, became


visibly upset. I hear what you're saying. My colleagues would love a


pay rise, but how can we do that with constraints that we are being


put under? Constant austerity measures of the Tory government?


In response, the Conservatives pointed out that NHS Scotland has


been under SNP control for the last ten years, and they said it was


entirely for the SNP here at Holyrood to decide how much of their


budget to spend on health. On the general election front, what


other developments today? The Scottish Conservative leader


Aretha Davidson told the BBC she is open to reviewing the operation of


the so-called rape clause. The exception that allow women who have


a third child as a result of rape to claim tax credits, which are


otherwise limited to the first two children in most cases. If this


sounds like a change in Ruth Davidson's position, I don't think


it is. She still supports the two child limit the tax credits and the


exception for rape survivors. Adding what she's doing is reminding us


that she's not against changing the way this policy is administered, if


a better way can be found. The SMP's are Pulis says there's no way of


reviewing it to make it acceptable because it requires women to share


details of their rape with the state because it requires women to share


in order to make a tax credit claim. One other thing to manage mentioned


today, nominations close tomorrow and tonight the Green Party have


confirmed they will have only three candidates standing. That is down


from 30 22-macro years ago. The Tories and Labour have seized on


that. Labour say the Greens have capitulated to the SNP, in order to


avoid splitting support for independence. The Tories say they


now look forward to the Greens withdrawing from TV debates. The


now look forward to the Greens Greens say they are fighting a


targeted campaign, so much so that it seems even Ukip will have more


candidates than the Scottish Greens. Thank you.


A headteacher has been telling MSPs how she was left "utterly exhausted"


by the job and is now seeking a new career.


She was one of a number of teachers who told


Holyrood's Education Committee today about the pressure they're facing.


The MSPs are looking at how to attract more people


into the profession and how to stop them leaving.


Our education correspondent Jamie McIvor reports.


When cameras are allowed into the classroom, it's usually to feature


positive examples. Unions often describe stress and overworked, but


it's rare to hear public testimony from those who say they actually


face these challenges. Today, MSP is heard just that. Headteacher Isabel


Marshall recently resigned from a job she loves. I have loved it. I


would advise anyone to go into as a career but I am utterly exhausted.


It's been the breadth of social demands which are mainly reached a


point where I feel I need a break. Others spoke of long hours and


constant change. I mean, I could work a hundred hours a week and I


wouldn't get it all done, to the level I would be happy with. We have


to draw a line. I mean, I can't see how I'd continue working full-time


and a low 67, it just won't happen. We seem to be reacting with


short-term ideas, where tonnes of money is thrown in and we are all


expected to learn them and embed them, but then the next one comes


along before we've had a chance to catch our breath.


This is part of a wider investigation by MSP 's into the


problems facing teachers. In some parts of the country filling


vacancies is hard, where there are also specific problems in individual


subjects. There are a number of elements on the agenda... Speaking


earlier today the Education Secretary said he would listen


earlier today the Education carefully to teachers. We have to


make sure that in every respect we are attracting the right individuals


into the teaching profession, they are being trained well and educated


well to deliver education to young people in Scotland. That they are


supported within our school environment and they continue to


enhance their professional learning. The Scottish Government's critics


argue there is mounting evidence of real problems in education. The MSPs


will publish the report later. A paedophile from Renfrew has been


convicted of abusing a girl aged between three and five,


and filming the abuse. The High Court in Glasgow heard


videos and still photographs made by 30-year-old Hugh Sim were seen


during a police investigation in New Zealand into


a paedophile chat group. This established one of the users


had logged on from the UK, and it was revealed


the subscriber was Sim. The jury found him guilty of five


offences, and he'll be A BBC investigation has


discovered girls are being repeatedly trafficked


here by organised crime gangs. And still to come -


Scotland is drawn against Japan and Ireland in the 2019 Rugby World


Cup. A couple, so fed up with the Big Six


energy providers have set up their own gas


and electricity company. David Pike and Karin Sode have


called it People's Energy and say But analysts warn it's a difficult


market and other small suppliers have failed in challenging


the energy giants. Fed up with the big six energy


providers this couple set up a rival firm. We are official gas and


electricity supplier. People's Energy promises to give profits back


to customers. There are lots of people who have had bad experiences


and feel treated unfairly and we wanted to change that. We wanted to


create a company that puts customers first that is setup to put the


customers at the centre. That is why we decided to give 75% of the


profits back to the customers. Nothing less than a revolution, we


put the power back in your hands. Energy analysts warn are risks. What


people have to consider when looking at independent suppliers is first of


all on pricing but also when the wholesale markets are volatile,


particularly when they start to rise after a period of decreases them


there have been cases of independent suppliers like GB energy supply


going to the wall and that ultimately means you need to find a


new supplier. The company say they have planned for that. We have


researched very carefully and got lots of advice from industry


experts. In fact industry experts have given their time freely to make


experts. In fact industry experts sure we are successful and we have


also made sure we have a robust hedging policy to make sure we have


bought the energy ahead and we will not be caught out by rising


wholesale prices. So our gas and electricity customers interested. In


principle it is a good idea but I think people like to know who they


are dealing with. If it got off the ground and got trusted fair enough.


If it helps people to reduce bills it is a good idea. I wouldn't try


it, not at my age! Now I'm retired and I'm quite happy with what I've


got. We are also working on our systems. They start to supply gas


and electricity across the UK this August. Morag Kinniburgh, Reporting


Scotland, East Lothian. The Scottish Football Association's


former compliance officer has told BBC Scotland a zero-tolerance


approach to betting within football has to be maintained


to prevent match fixing. This comes a day after the SFA took


action against a player and a chairman for gambling


on football matches, Our senior football reporter


Chris McLaughlan reports. I am a member of the world's


favourite online sports betting company.


Football fans can bet, players, though, count, despite some clubs


and competition is being sponsored by betting companies. The problem is


some do and not just players. This by betting companies. The problem is


is the chairman of Annan Athletic stub he's been charged by the SFA


for placing football bets gush over 4000, some against his own team. The


current rules workable? Basically have to be, according to the man who


used to enforce them. If you don't stop it now than in three or four


years' time you could be looking at matches being manipulated and if


that is the case confidence is lost in the sport and the integrity, and


the fact you are watching a free match were either team can mean Doug


McGuigan. Lewis Wynne of match were either team can mean Doug


has admitted previously to having a problem. Others say it's the norm. I


bet frequently, most weeks I put coupons on, whether it was in my


league or in other leagues in the world. And others likewise, probably


more than 50% of the players and most of the teams I play for had


bets on and I'm sure nothing has really changed that much.


But is that the case, our players are circumventing rules and betting


regularly? At our club I wouldn't say it was a big issue. Across


Scottish football in general obviously it probably still is. Play


by the rules and enjoy the prize, or gamble and face the consequences.


The terms of an uneasy marriage between football and gambling. Chris


McLaughlin, Reporting Scotland. Rugby now, and the former Scotland


star Sean Lamont says the semifinals are the target for the national team


at the next World Cup. The draw for the 2019


tournament was made today, with Gregor Townsend's men emerging


in a group with Ireland The countdown to the next Rugby


World Cup is on and it seems Scotland are quite a draw. Scotland!


The reaction of the room tells you all you need to know, Scotland are


into pool eight once again and will meet Japan in the pool stages.


The land of the bullet train is hosting, Scotland travelled there on


a successful tour last year. When they return they will face Ireland


as top seeds in their group with Japan ranked third. The rest of the


pool will be made up of two teams from qualifying. For a man who wore


the Scotland jersey over 100 times the draw could scarcely be any


better. It's a great opportunity to qualify and qualify top. What are


the expectations and hopes going into the World Cup? How far can


Scotland go? After the last one we should be looking for at least the


semis, against Australia. That is the standard we need to start aiming


for, especially the way we have played recently, there is no reason


why we can't aim for the semis and onwards. The reasons to be cheerful


are clear. Scotland beat Ireland in the first game of this year's Six


Nations and will be pleased to have avoided the likes of New Zealand,


Australia and England. Even though Japan will have the support of a


nation behind them Scotland beat them twice in their own backyard in


last summer's tests. The hosts can play, though, they famously beat


South Africa in the last World Cup and scored a terrific try against


Scotland last year. New national head coach Gregor Townsend says he


is excited by the draw. Winning the group could be the key to


progressing further because that could mean Scotland avoiding the


defending champion All Blacks in the quarterfinals. Khairuddin Ebersohn,


Reporting Scotland. -- Kheredine Idesanne.


Laura McIver is here with details of tonight's extended


We're bringing you news and views from the general election


Tonight - health's being discussed after a warning


from the Royal College of GPs about the impact of Brexit


We'll also hear from a politics number cruncher.


And now its time for the weather with Christopher.


Good evening, cloudy today than what we have been used to over recent


days but still some sunshine coming through and more this evening. In


fact, the south-westward get the lion's share and that is where this


evening's Weather watcher photo comes from. Evening sunshine for


many of us, still thicker cloud with outbreaks of light rain up towards


Caithness and Orkney but elsewhere overnight largely dry with a mixture


of cloud and some clear spells. Overnight lows in towns and cities


around 5-7dC but a touch cooler in the countryside, certainly across


the north-east and south-east. Tomorrow it is a dry start for and a


bright start for most, some morning Tomorrow it is a dry start for and a


cloud towards parts of Aberdeenshire, Angus, Tayside and


the eastern borders which will clear by the afternoon, so sunny


across-the-board. A little more cloud the further north you are


for Orkney and Shetland but drier than today without the drizzly rain


we have had. By mid-afternoon in the sunshine it is really quite warm, 20


Celsius in the south-west, Dumfries and Galloway coming towards


Ayrshire, even for parts of Lanarkshire and towards the eastern


side, mid-to high teens on the east coast with a breeze off the see it


will feel cool. Towards the north-west some sunshine, meet teen


temperatures, cloudy but dry for Orkney, some sunshine for Shetland.


For the rest of the afternoon into the evening, evening sunshine to end


the day. And then the change, on the Solway you will see showers edging


in from England. On the pressure chart you can see low-pressure


looming through England bringing some rain and humid conditions. What


it means for us come Friday is we will see showers, most of them


likely across the west coast and Hebrides, many central and western


parts of the mainland dry and sunny, eastern areas cloudy, some low cloud


at times. Into the weekend on Saturday, a wet morning but


improving for the afternoon with sunshine. This front pushes through


by Sunday giving a fresher feel, some sunshine but equally a few


showers at times. That's the forecast.


Now, a reminder of tonight's main news.


There's been widespread criticism of President Trump's shock dismissal


Opponents have raised suspicion his dismissal was linked


to his investigation into allegations the Trump election


And a BBC investigation has discovered girls


are being repeatedly trafficked here by organised crime gangs.


Our next main bulletin is at 10.30pm.


Until then from all the team, good evening.


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