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The latest news and weather from around Scotland presented by Jackie Bird.

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The Labour group on Aberdeen council is suspended from the party


after forming a coalition with the Conservatives against


This isn't about positions, this is about the job Labour councillors are


elected to do protect public service, to invest and defend public


We'll be live in Aberdeen with the latest.


As unemployment falls again in Scotland, we take a look at how


the so-called gig economy is changing the world of work.


The frightening moment a schoolgirl's tongue got trapped


It took hospital staff more than four hours to free her.


Why this multiple sclerosis sufferer is rethinking his plans


And, after another early defeat for Andy Murray,


can the world number one recover his form


Scottish Labour has suspended all nine members of the Labour group


of councillors in Aberdeen for breaching party rules


and forming a coalition to run the City Council with the Tories.


Fiona Stalker's there for us this evening.


Fiona, talk us through what's been going on there today.


Well, they say a week is a long time in politics, how about a few hours?


It has been a day of deal, resignation, and suspensions but a


coalition of, are now running Aberdeen but not even is happy.


Labour's 5.00 deadline came and went. Kezia Dugdale demanding the


nine Labour councillors remove themselves from a coalition with the


Tories are. They refused. Your reaction your suspension? I am


disappointed because I have been a member of the Labour Party for a


long time or group took the decision we wanted to go into coalition


because we feel it is best thing for the people of Aberdeen, we feel that


we have negotiated a good deal with our partners which means that we


have anti-austerity means within the programme that will be brought


forward. The controversial development seen by many as the


reason Labour got a thumping at the local elections but tonight they are


back in power. The deal don with the Tories. A Labour Lord Provost was


elected, nominated by Conservatives. The SNP, the biggest party left in


opposition What have seen is a dark day for democracy s they are the


three headed hound of hell. It it was a day of comes and goings, the


Tories giving up council leader hip to Labour, despite being the bigger


party. Has democracy I been done today? It is not the party with the


most councillor that formed the coalition, but the group is coming


together to have a storm partnership, so with 23 members I


think it is fantastic for the city. Amid the turmoil the Liberal


Democrats lost a councillor when one of theirs crossed the chamber to


join the independents. I think there will be anger among a large


proportion of the population in Aberdeen. They will be angry there


is no change. I am shocked at the behaviour of the Conservative Party


and Labour. One member of the public has made their feelings known about


the new coalition. What happens next? The nine councillors have been


suspended from Scottish Labour pending an investigation, they are


calling themselves Aberdeen Labour and they say they will continue to


campaign alongside the Scottish Labour colleague, for the up coming


Labour colleague, for the up coming general election.


Well, in the last half an hour, Scottish Labour Leader Kezia Dugdale


This isn't about position or golds round the necks of councillor, this


is about the job they are elected to do to protect public service and


defend thenment the deal coming from Aberdeen didn't pass that test, that


is why it was rejected by the democratic body of the Labour Party,


why that must be respected and why we have moved to suspend the


we have moved to suspend the councillors.


And with me now is our political editor Brian Taylor -


Brian, how damaging is this to the Scottish Labour


I certainly think the general election is concentrating minds that


it is what this row is about. Let us reremember a couple of facts in the


previous set of council, both Labour and the SNP in various guises,


whether in coalition or partnership with the Conservative, the SNP ruled


out a deal with the Tory, Labour ruled out not a deal with the


Tories, but any deal they said would increase austerity for communities


but to be fair to Labour, in advance of the agreement in Aberdeen, a


panel of the Scottish executive committee said they went happy with


the deal, they thought it was the wrong thing to do and they said it


should not happen, the councillors wept ahead regardless. How does this


affect Labour? There will be some voters in Scotland who will discount


this, they will pay no attention to it, they will pay no heed, they will


vote as they are going to vote regardless. Some will be impressed


at dug danger taking what is seemingly a tough stand, frankly


against member of her own party, but there another prospective. People


tend not to vote for parties that are pay tenially divided. It tends


to deter the voters. Earlier Kezia Dugdale was asked on our sister


programme on BBC Radio Scotland how she would rank her campaign and


Labour's campaign from one o ten, she gave it six or seven with three


weeks to go. I am not sure tonight she will be increasing that score


all that much. Thank you for that. And speaking of the general


election, the Liberal Democrats have published their UK election


manifesto and reaffirmed the party's opposition to Scottish independence


and a second indy referendum. But it's Brexit that's


at the heart of their campaign. Here's our political


correspondent, David Porter. Elections, battle buses and


manifestos go together. The Liberal Democrats key is Brexit is not cut


and dry. Do you have people based in markets to do the face to face...


How Brexit pans out will affect everyone, including this start up


company in Glasgow. It provides loyalty cards for the small business


sector. That deal ultimately will have to be signed off and the


question is who should do that? Who should have that choice about


whether that deal is good enough? I don't think it should up to the


Government or to Parliament, I think it should be the people that have


that final say, and the option to remain in the EU if it a bad deal


that Theresa May brings back from the negotiations.


Out on the stump the SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon. She is keen to


frame Brexit debate from the nationalist perspective. The key


choice for people is whether we are going to give the Tories a free


hand, not just to pursue Brexit but to pursue an extreme form of Brexit.


An extreme Brexit could put 80,000 Scottish jobs on the line, my


message in this election is if you vote for the SNP, you are giving me


a mandate to demand that Scotland's interests around that negotiateling


table. Rights answer if you are a Tory, at


this nursery in Thornley bank the focus on early years education, but


Brexit is never far away. Once you have asked that question, I think


our experience in Scotland shows we shouldn't have to be dragged back


and reasked us until the side that lost get what they want out of the


end of it. We made the decision, we are leaving the European Union, the


idea now is who is going to get the best deal, Jeremy Corbyn or Theresa


May? I trust Theresa May, to get a much better deal than I would trust


Jeremy Corbyn. Labour's leader also clear of the


challenges ahead. I think the result of the EU


referendum should be respected and even has to work hard to get the


best possible deal from Brexit. That involves rejecting the Tories's hard


right-wing approach to Brexit, the way do that is to vote for a Labour


Government on 8th June. At Holyrood a different tone from the election.


A visit from Brendan cox whose wife Jo Cox was murdered last year. I


think it is more important during times where we disagree to remember


the things that are more fundamental to say of course we can disagree


with each other but there is no space for hatred within that debate.


The Scottish party leaders took time out from the cut and thrust of the


campaign, to sit down together for tea with Brendan cox. All agrees


some things are just more important. All agrees some things


are just more important. Unemployment in Scotland has fallen


by 14,000 in the last But the world of work is changing,


with more people now earning money through the so-called "gig economy"


- where one-off services - like taxi rides and takeaway meals -


are arranged by mobile phones. While some enjoy the freedom


of life off the payroll, there's concern about the level


of rights and benefits these workers are entitled to,


as our political correspondent, And relax. This mass Sergeant


therapist is enjoying her new career after being made redundant. Being


self-employed, Elizabeth is her own boss. She doesn't receive sick pay


or paid holidays but there is a Huang. A of freedom I am in charge


of everything. I think if I sat down with somebody, and spoke about the


plus points and also the challenges of being self-employed, to being on


a payroll we could probably come up we the same amount of items on each


list albeit they would be very different. There has been a rise in


traditional self employment like this since the recession. But the


world of work is changing. At the swipe of a screen, with the new gig


economy. Big companies link workers to customers for a one officer


advice, and take a cut. It's sold as giving workers more control but the


reality for in uber-driver is different. Deisn't set our own fare,


we are to in control of our own earnings, we have to do it the


uber-way or the high way. But on the high ways of Glasgow, uber-put us in


touch with one driver who sees the benefits of working for himself and


the company. You press a button you are working, you press a button you


stop working, nobody is there telling you what to do. That is the


foundation of flexible working as far as I'm concerned. There is


currently an independent review into the gig economy. In this election


the parties are making various promises round increasing works'


right and better pay. Budding Chancellors will want to make sure


they don't miss out of tax revenue as self employment increases. If the


next UK Government tries to address some of these issues round


differences in tax treatment, between the self-employed and


employees that has to go alongside changes in the employment rights of


people working in the self employment sector. So as office


staff enjoy a lunchtime rest in George Square politicians in this


general election campaign are working hard, to try to adapt to


this changing world of employment. Yesterday, we brought you


news of the longest running criminal A husband and wife were convicted


of fraud and money laundering, with victims finding out they no


longer owned their homes. The court proceedings


cost around ?7.5 milion. But the case raises questions


about the future of these trials. This trial has been


remarkable in many ways - it was originally scheduled


to take 4-6 months. It lasted more than


a year and a half. In that time, the judge officially


retired, but had to be kept on, a juror got married,


and a lawyer's baby was born. But can you imagine being called


for jury duty and finding, that your normal working life had


to be suspended for more Jurors do get paid, but if you're


in a higher paid job But this case also raises questions


about the legal system itself. The whole trial was on edge when


the number of jurors fell to 12 - the minimum number required


to reach a verdict. If another juror had


been unable to continue, So, are jury trials the best way


to achieve justice in long In terms of very very serious case,


involving very complicated financial concepts and influents the ordinary


person might not be familiar with you might well ask is this value for


money and is it good justice, the best way to deliver justice? I am


not sure on either test whether with are delivering that in Scotland


are delivering that in Scotland today.


The Scottish Government is planning to look at the work of juries -


it will be at least two years before we find out more.


Another question raised by the case is who is prosecuted.


Lawyers who carried out the property transactions which turned


out to be fraudulent, were not put on trial.


Some of the families I spoke to who lost their home in the scam


say the professionals involved should be tried too.


Every single home report, surveyor should be held account, in my eyes


Yet, because they gave evidence for the Crown they effectively have


immunity from prosecution in the criminal court


The BBC has discovered that two of the lawyers involved have been


struck off by their regulator and two have previously


been disciplined - all for other matters.


Other lawyers take these matters very very seriously, it is a


privilege to an extent to be able to handle money, and that being so,


there is a zero tolerance of mortgage fraud within the profession


The Law Society of Scotland, who regulate lawyers,


have said they will wait for papers from court before they decide


whether they will look at the actions of the solicitors


involved - but what's certain is there are problems with them


There is also, separately, an independent review under way


into whether lawyers need to be better regulated.


So there is plenty to look out for after what is now a historic case.


A child's travel mug has been withdrawn from sale across Europe


by The Disney Store after a school girl from Kirkintilloch


Hospital staff had to use bolt cutters, a hacksaw and drill


to remove the screw-top cup from the seven-year-old's mouth.


The company said it was an unfortunate incident


that they had taken seriously by immediately stopping sales


A day out in the park is the best way for a little girl to get over


her ordeal. Because this time last week the


seven-year-old spent hours in hospital with her tongue stuck


firmly in the lid of her drinking bottle They tried various tool,


scissor, bolt cut evers, eventually a hack saw. That was what worked the


best, they tried to use some local anaesthetic in her tongue which was


painful. She was screaming at that point. I had to held her down. The


mark on her tongue is healing nicely. Fortunately she doesn't


remember much about what happened in hospital, but her injury did make a


few things difficult. Talking and eating. I couldn't eat. It turns out


what happened to Megan wasn't an isolated incident. Another mother


from Midlothian has been in touch with this family, to say that her


nine-year-old son's tongue got stuck in a similar travel mug. The main


difference is her child didn't end up in hospital. It was a Disney cup


like this which caused the problems. In a


Three other mugs have also been withdrawn from sale, while there for


plans for a full recall, customers can return the mugs for a refund.


Komi An Inverness man who planned


suicide clinic next month is to defer the visit.


Colin Campbell, who's been encouraged to seek support


by a fellow sufferer, has called for more help for others


NHS Highland says support for MS patients is tailored to suit


individual needs and is very much driven by them.


how people should be looking at this is Colin is worn out with having had


this illness and his death will give him release. Colin Campbell speaking


earlier this month about his plan to end his life in Switzerland after


being unable to face another winter stuck in a second-floor flat with


multiple sclerosis. Isn't as nice? This is better than sitting indoors,


isn't it? Now his life has taken a different turn after being contacted


by a fellow MS sufferer who is encouraging him to access better


support for his progressive illness. I had to fight very hard to get my


help and I found lots of barriers. I now have carers, promote abilities


Cooter, and a great life now, but a few years ago, my story was very


different and I can see Colin the way I used to be. What did you think


of that, Colin, going on your scooter for the first time? I think


was excellent. I enjoyed it and I agree it's totally liberating. The


56 inroad has now decided to defer his visit to the Swiss clinic while


he seeks more help and treatment. My situation was extremely bleak. This


has given me some kind of optimism which I definitely didn't have, so I


owe that to her. There's a lot of people forgotten, who needs a lot of


help and are unaware there is help and that's why people like me go to


Switzerland. So a new direction and new hope for someone who felt he had


nowhere left to turn. You won't ever want to be slower game. It's boring


being slow. Jackie O'Brien, Inverness.


Andy Murray says he's still in with a chance of winning


the French Open tennis despite his recent slump in form.


It continued with last night's second round defeat


at the Italian Open, his fourth early exit recently.


Italy is Fabiola Fellini, sending Andy Murray packing. Getting the


crowd going. The world number 29, the latest player to beat the number


one. I wasn't creating enough chances on my own. Normally during


matches, your opponent might give you a few opportunities with some


errors. So you hope to create a few yourself but that certainly wasn't


the case today. In Indian Wells, it in March, he was knocked out in the


second round. After that, a third round exit at Monte Carlo. Signs of


a revival when he reached the semifinals in Barcelona, but it


proved to be short lived with defeats in Madrid in the third round


and Rome in the second. Often there's a to number one and I


remembered in December, he was beating Novak Djokovic becoming the


greatest player in the world. He's a couple of injuries with shingles, a


debilitating illness and also an elbow injury. The French Open, a


week on Sunday. Murray reach the semifinal in 2015. I have to work


harder these next ten days. Really prepare very well, make the most of


every single day. And then really work my way into the tournament.


This man may help Murray get back to his best comment grand slam coach,


Ivan Lendl, the men ten to three major titles. They will be reunited


in Paris. And the cream of Scottish


athletics is preparing for the World Championships


in London and next year's Commonwealth Games


on the Australian Gold Coast. Scots endurance running


is at an all time high with several Scots training at an elite


British Athletics high Rhona McLeod went to see


them in action and sends Welcome to Northern Arizona which


lies at an altitude of 7000 feet. It makes it absolutely ideal for


distance and middle distance runners to train. It's about fitting what we


take, eight weeks at home, into four weeks or so getting fitter a lot


quicker and also being away in this sort of environment, yeah, it's been


really good so far. Lindsay Sharp shares are trading house with fellow


Scot Andrew Prichard. To get the most from their high altitude


training, there oxygen levels are measured every day. 97 again. Every


morning we do this morning monitoring. We let the doctors know


we slept fine and we feel good in the morning and if there's anything


wrong they can come to us and find out what's happened and why. Mostly


just to check our oxygen levels. I'm happy. They currently tread these


trails along with Lindsay. Are they a new breed of Scott 's performance?


The Scottish teams in the past have enjoyed the trip and the tracksuit


and we saw them getting a lot closer to it in Glasgow where we were much


closer to medals than before. In in during this I have no doubt will


have the medals from the Gold Coast have the medals from the Gold Coast


-- in endurance events. The efforts being made are huge. Punishing


sessions. All planned to deliver a Scottish success at sea-level.


Finally, a shaggy dog story with a happy ending.


Nan the sheepdog has been rescued after falling over


She'd been chasing a rabbit and tumbled more than 100 feet


Nan managed to scramble back onto a ledge and a coastguard


She wasn't hurt, and was glad to be reunited with owners,


And time now to get the weather from Christopher.


Thank you. Good evening. Fairly pleasant conditions for many of us


today. On the satellite picture, the high cloud in the south-east,


showers feeding in across the West with some heavy ones in the


south-west of the moment. If you had the blue skies, very pleasant day.


This evening, though showers fading away and most places becoming dry by


the end of the night. Some clear spells around but temperatures in


towns and cities should hold around 7-8 and in the countryside, chilly,


not far off freezing in the north-east and south-east so


tomorrow a few showers to start the day for the Western Isles and


Glasgow. They moved north and east with through the day. For many,


reasonably dry with reasonably dry and sunny spells but the showers


will be pushing through at times. By mid-afternoon, 4pm, for many central


and southern parts of the country, largely dry and bright and there are


some further showers later. Further east, through parts of Fife,


Aberdeenshire, showers in the afternoon and the further north you


are, the heavier they could be with the odd rumble of hail in the mix.


Shetland likely to stay dry full for the rest of the afternoon into the


evening, heavy shower was arriving for Northern Ireland. Then, as we


head into Thursday night towards Friday, we have low pressure in the


Atlantic which will bring showers across western part of the country


on Friday morning and mainly for the Hebrides but one or two for the West


Coast, as well. And largely fine start to the day but through the


afternoon, the southerly winds delivering showers from down south


and temperatures once again in the mid teens. A quick look to the


weekend. Saturday, low pressure with us. Hello arriving by Sunday. Heavy


rain in the West -- a low arriving. It is one to watch. We will keep you


posted. That is the forecast. Now a reminder of


tonight's main news. I'll be back with the headlines at 8


and an extended late bulletin just Until then, from everyone on the


team, right across the country,