04/08/2016 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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just bad luck to lose three or we doing something wrong?


Here on BBC One it's time for the news where you are.


A critical report into the state of Scotland's roads has found them


Audit Scotland said spending by local authorities and government


on maintenance was down and 57% of users were unhappy


Every single road, there are potholes.


June has been a career in Edinburgh for 32 years.


It's not very good coming onto this road in the morning after you have


With a fleet of vans, motorcycles and bicycles,


I have had crystal, bottles, and every road, you are petrified


in case something gets broken or the samples leak.


Today's report shows over a third of council roads need repairs,


with trunk roads and motorways also deteriorating.


It is a huge issue of concern to the public.


57% of the public in the Scottish household survey indicated


dissatisfaction with the state of the roads.


The local authority organisation say they are doing well,


The state of the roads is a priority for us.


We have invested ?6.5 billion which we had not


We are investing in major infrastructure projects.


Where the report says we can do more, we will look to do that.


But this is where the cost of poorer repair it. A dozen coil springs. It


is very common. Scotland has the highest proportion of pothole


related breakdowns in the UK. This is the third critical report and it


appears money will have to be found to keep them satisfied.


The government says there's no public health risk to Scotland


It follows the news that a small number of people have been diagnosed


More than 50 people across the UK have been treated for the infection,


which is associated with severe birth defects in babies.


There is no health risk to the general public.


The virus is transmitted by a mosquito and there are no


mosquitoes in Scotland, because our climate is too cold.


There is a very small risk of sexual transmission,


and people who have been infected are advised very carefully


about how to minimise transmission to sexual partners.


One of the world's leading infectious disease researchers


at the forefront of of the global battle against the Zika virus


is Airdrie-born Dr Mario Stevenson, who now lives in Miami.


Earlier, I asked him if there was a danger the world


We want to put the risks in perspective. It is up to scientists


and public health officials to be responsible and not exaggerate the


situation and frighten the population but at the same time I


keep repeating myself. We hope for the best but prepare for the worst.


Six months ago, Governor Scott of Florida declared the state of


emergency there. People thought that was an overreaction to the


possibility that Zika could spread in Florida are now we have 14 cases


of local infection, individuals who contracted the virus in Florida, in


Miami actually. That was the right message. My fear is we want to hit


that sweet spot of being cautious but not over the fear of Zika


infection. It is serious for pregnant women but everybody else?


For most people, four out of five individuals, you would not know you


were infected, there are no symptoms. There is no risk to the


general public but the situation is grey for a pregnant woman and that


cannot be overstated. At least one Scot has been caught up


in an attack on foreign tourists They were among 12 travellers


ambushed while on their way Six were injured as well


as an Afghan driver. The aftermath of a brutal attack


in Herat province in the north-west The targets - an international group


of travellers who had chosen to go One news agency reports a spokesman


for the local Governor saying: 12 Among the 12, there were


Americans, British, a Scot. And now I have got a picture


from the scene from When you see this picture,


the minibus is totally destroyed. They were very lucky


to escape this attack. It is understood that the group had


been in Darmian and may have been on their way to the city of Herat


when they were attacked. It may seem unlikely,


but search the internet and there are companies offering


holidays in Afghanistan. This business, based in west


Yorkshire, has a group in the area where the attack


happened at the moment. I have been trying to contact


them to get a comment. On their website, they say that some


will regard it as premature to go to Afghanistan,


given the continued conflict there and a lack of effective


government control. But, they say, tourists


going to Afghanistan and spending money there is a way of bringing


direct benefit to local people, many of whom are still


desperately poor. The Foreign Office has confirmed


that it is providing assistance to British nationals involved


in the attack in Herat, and is coordinating closely


with local authorities. The hope is that tourism,


money and jobs may freeze out the violence, but perhaps today's


use shows that they react to that by proving that they can strike


anywhere. Part of the island of Cumbrae


in the Firth of Clyde has been cordoned off after what's thought


to be a World War Two mine became The fishing vessel was taken


to Stinking Bay to the north of the island, where it's understood


to have released the device. A cordon has been placed around


the area by local coastguards. A Royal Navy bomb disposal unit has


been sent to investigate the device That's how the makers of the global


gaming craze Pokemon Go are being described after they sited


an animated character on a memorial to offshore workers who died


in the North Sea's worst disaster. The group who maintain


the Piper Alpha statue and garden Pokemon, a virtual game,


the aim to capture animated characters that pop up


on your smartphone Just grew up playing the games,


and I have gone back It's really fun, and it makes


you get out and about. Pokemon and his friends are popping


up all over the place, I suppose it's the future,


but as far as I am concerned, 167 men died in the Piper Alpha


disaster in 1988. This memorial was created


for their loved ones. For the families, their friends


and people associated with Aberdeen, this is a place


of reflection and remembrance. The last thing that everybody wants


connected to this monument is to have hordes of people


basically fussing around the site, looking for these virtual


Pokemon characters. A crazy idea that people who come


here to look for a Pokemon And it's not just there that


the game has been causing distress. Nearby, this baby's memorial garden


has also had a Pokemon character. The charity has been in contact


with the game makers, Game makers Nintendo have also had


requests to remove Pokemon characters from the Hiroshima peace


Memorial Park and Auschwitz. Sport now and Andy Murray admitted


he was speechless when he was asked to be Team GB's flag-bearer


for tomorrow's Olympics He's also found out whom he'll face


as he starts the defence This is the tennis arena where Andy


Murray will play in the singles and's doubles. He has been speaking


about that today and speaking about the fact he has been named the Team


GB flag bearer. He said he has already had a wee practice are


carrying the flag but admits it did not go according to plan. I was


given directions and then ended up putting the flag in front of


Princess Anne's face. I did not know what to do, to be honest. I think


she said, make sure you don't put my eye out. I will try to get practice


in before tomorrow night. A significant day for Andy Murray and


today, you found out he we will play in the first round of the singles.


He is playing with Jamie Murray in the doubles and they will take on a


Brazilian pair. Aberdeen are out of the Europa


League after an own goal in stoppage time saw them go down


1-0 to Maribor. That was enough to see Maribor


progress 2-1 on aggregate. An elderly man has been rescued


by firefighters after becoming stranded on an island


in the River Don at Inverurie. He was walking his dogs at the time


and they were also taken to safety. A specialist fire service water


rescue team was deployed to bring all involved


to back to the riverside. Let's get the weekend weather


outlook now from Kawser. Many of us ended the day with fine


spells of late sunshine. A lovely pictures sent in. This from a lane.


A lovely sunset here. It will be largely dry with any showers dying


away. While it is rather cloudy, there will be clear spells


developing. Mainly across central and western parts of the country.


The winds falling light as well and temperatures dipping to 8-12d. Under


those clearer skies, may down to single figures so quite cool


tonight. Tomorrow, bright start of the day with spells of sunshine. If


you are heading out around ATM, there will be a good deal of dry and


bright with Iran. While in the way of cloud along the West Coast.


Temperatures drop -- 14 degrees and along the east coast more in the way


of cloud. One or two showers for the northern and western isles but the


winds generally light and temperatures 11-12d. If we take a


wider look at the rest of the UK, you can start to see cloud


thickening across Northern Ireland, western Scotland and scattered


showers arriving here is we had today. Elsewhere across the UK


though, largely fine and dry with its positive sunshine. I pressure


dominates our weather for tomorrow. Temperatures in the high teens,


maybe the low 20s and the south-east of England. This feature will play


away from Friday night. Clear spells, and other cool night, but an


area of low pressure heads towards us. This is something we're likely


to see in autumn not summer, but as we had through the weekend, dry and


bright start, but further towards western parts of Scotland, outbreaks


of rain and strengthening winds. Temperatures though still in the low


20s further south. A Met Office early weather warning is in force


for the strength of the winds, especially on Sunday.


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