10/03/2017 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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Now on BBC One, it's time for the news where you are.


They thought their son was dead - killed in a bombing raid in Syria.


But a refugee family now living in Midlothian have been reunited


with their eldest child who was trapped, alone


Mohamed Karou's father said it was the end of a five year


nightmare and praised those who helped rescue his son.


Cameron Buttle has been to meet them.


It is hard to believe the horrors that this young boy has seen.


Today, playing in a park, a stick and a log are


He never strays too far from his father, enjoying being part


of the family he had not seen for five years.


It is a miracle to have him with me here.


They lost Mohamed during a bombing raid.


They searched for him but were told he was dead.


Years later, after the rest of the family had fled Syria,


a relative got a message out to say their son was alive.


TRANSLATION: It has been a long time.


He really felt desperate until he would come


His father twice smuggled himself back into Syria


Now relocated in Scotland, the family pleaded for help,


and against all the odds, a rescue mission was mounted


and Mohamed arrived in Scotland a few weeks ago.


TRANSLATION: The operation went a very secret way and no


information was revealed to us, just for his protection.


The lack of information made me sometimes worried,


sometimes concerned, but I always knew that it was going


The family's plight hit the headlines when it was raised


in Westminster by their local MP last year.


In the background, a support team from Midlothian Council lived every


On the phone to the Home Office everyday in my office.


The team was there to make sure the family was supported and no


stone left unturned to make sure Mohammed could get here.


Beyond that, there are those we do not know, people on the ground


We will never know who they are and we can't thank them


We will probably never know how he was brought here to Midlothian


Syria is still incredibly dangerous and the agencies involved will not


talk about it because it might jeopardise future operations.


TRANSLATION: He has been denied from his childhood life so I hope


this new life will bring him back some childhood memories.


The funeral has taken place of the Celtic great


Hundreds of fans turned out to pay their last respects


as the funeral procession set off from Celtic Park this morning.


Fellow Lisbon Lions were amongst the pallbearers.


Among the thousands gathered outside Celtic Park,


Others have only seen it on TV, Tommy Gemmill in 1967 scoring


in Celtic's European cup final victory, the first by a British


I am a Celtic fan through and through.


He was a fabulous player and look at the pride he brought a Glasgow.


When the time came to say farewell, the reaction was spontaneous,


the funeral cortege making the journey to the crematorium


where family, friends, former team-mates and rivals gathered.


Green blazered against the sombre backdrop, his fellow Lisbon Lions.


There have been many fine fullbacks who have worn the hoops


with distinction but undoubtedly the name of Tommy Gemmill


will be right up there with the best of them,


A tall, athletic full-back in his prime, a close friend


described his attitude as illness took its toll.


One of his favourite sayings was, why should


I didn't think there was anything left for Tommy Gemmill to do


I was in awe of his courage, strength and character.


In two months, on the 50th anniversary, the Lisbon Lions


Missing will be a cherished team-mate, a life today


This would have been right up his street.


A pilot has been jailed for 10 months for boarding a flight


from Scotland to the United States while under the


45 year old Carlos Roberto Licona from Texas, was due


to serve as First Officer on a United Airlines flight


He was jailed after pleading guilty to the charge


The Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie has claimed his party


now represents "majority opinion" on Scotland's future.


At the party's annual conference in Perth,


Mr Rennie said the LibDems were the only ones now giving full


support to Scotland's place in both the UK and the European Union.


From Perth, here's our political editor Brian Taylor.


Sharing this venue with the curlers, the Liberal Democrats reckon


they are entitled to make a bit of noise, too.


Liberal Democrats speak for the majority of people in Scotland.


We are pro-United Kingdom, but we also wanted to stay


62% of Scots want that, so we represent the majority


of public opinion, and our ambition is to get that high


He talks of healing divisions, but the party's only Scottish MP


reckons nationalism is well out of kilter.


Alex Salmond will tell you that all he wants is for decisions


about Scotland to be made by people living in Scotland.


How is that different from Nigel Farage wanting to take


Or even Donald Trump wanting to do deals, great deals,


Nick Clegg formally led the Lib Dems and is now


He told me of plans for a further EU referendum on the Brexit terms.


If the British people were to say, we don't want to jump off the cliff


and would rather stay on terra firma, clearly, it would then


be for us as a nation to decide whether we actually


after all want to stay in the European Union.


You can see that as a prospect, that Brexit does not happen?


Only if the British people change their mind.


To be clear, a second referendum is roundly rejected


Nick Clegg argued that liberalism was still alive


Party leaders believe they can remedy that in Scotland


by supporting two unions, the UK and the EU.


Well, It's over to Christopher now with the weather outlook


Fairly cloudy and damp tonight with a band of rain moving in of the


Atlantic. This is the chart, the rain edging in across the mainland,


further south and east any wet weather is light and patchy but


fairly cloudy. Tomorrow morning, Saturday gets off to a cloudy start


but should improve because the Rome is clearing away towards the North


Sea. Behind it, a legacy of drizzle holding on. Brightening up across


the far north-west and for parts of Northern Ireland, the North of


England, Wales and the south-west, cloudy and in the south and East


some sunshine, 16 to 18 Celsius. Nothing quite that high here but


nine or 11 Celsius covers it in the south, quite murky at times, the


central belt cloudy, clouding up for Edinburgh. Best of the sunshine in


the north, like wind, 13, 14 Celsius. Perhaps stilts Shari


Shetland. The rest of the afternoon, evening and overnight, mist and murk


on the hills and wet weather edging in across the south. Another weather


front on the Atlantic so Sunday starts cloudy, damp and drizzly. The


rain edges in eastwards through the day and then brightening up so by


the afternoon some sunshine coming in across western Scotland, further


east a few showers but both days it is the afternoon that will fare best


in terms of anything dry and bright. From everyone on the late


team - goodnight. Let's Sing And Dance exploded onto


our screens,


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