01/01/2017 Reporting Scotland

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The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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The police have launched a murder inquiry after a man died


in a house fire in Milngavie, north of Glasgow.


A joint investigation by detectives and fire officers has established


that the fire was deliberately set, and is said to have been targeted.


The emergency services were called


A 24-year-old woman was seriously injured in the fire.


A man and woman in their 50s were also treated


The man who died hasn't been formally identified.


Organisers of Edinburgh's Hogmanay have described the event


75,000 people from around the world came to see


a spectacular fireworks and laser show bring in 2017.


Activities continued into today with hundreds braving the cold


to take part in the famous Loony Dook.


January 1st, 2017, and little sign of the 75,000 people


Only the trundle of suitcases as revellers think about


heading home to where they came from.


It is maybe no wonder the street cleaners have been out all night


A matter of hours earlier, it took 1,000 hours to plan


a spectacular light show and firework display.


Organisers say 2017 was one of their most ambitious programmes.


Last night's event was one of the best we have ever produced,


everything fell into place, the crowds, the weather, the music, it


was an amazing party atmosphere. And on a bright New Year's Day,


hardy souls took to the water to clear their heads at the annual


Loony Dook. There is 1200 people here, many of them pretty scantily


clad, and Daft enough to dump themselves in the Firth of. Off you


go. It is not that cold. Have you been in yet? How was it?


Freezing! We flew from Australia, just purely


for this, because we watch it every year on television in Australia, and


we got here and we were like, what is wrong with the Scottish? While


they doing this? Like Tony, who has been doing this


for five years and still has not learned.


At least the lifeguards were here to save the day.


Parents of newborn babies in Orkney and Clackmannanshire will receive


a box of essentials including clothes, nappies,


The Scottish Government scheme's being piloted for three months,


before being extended to the rest of Scotland


The box itself doubles up as a cot,


and comes with a mattress and sheets.


Baby boxes were introduced in Finland in the 1930s,


and they've been credited as part of the reason for a sharp fall


It encourages parents to engage with health services,


and that is one of the ways in which, in Finland, it has


helped to improve child and maternal health.


But it is also about trying to get every young person,


regardless of their background, the best start in life.


This is giving a level playing field to every newborn child.


There is nothing that is not going to be useful, the boxes


will be used in various different sizes, there are things that can be


used immediately and things that can be put by for months to come.


Time for the weather forecast. Good evening, it is a cold one


tonight, a frosty one as well. Clear skies allowing the temperature to


faulty freezing if not lower even in towns and cities, well below in the


countryside. -- hello freezing. Showers falling on frozen ground,


showery tomorrow, by the afternoon, the cloud will have built up


somewhat compared to the morning. For- six Celsius, Sunshine


prolonged, further west showers more frequent. Turning less wintry


through the course of the day. Tuesday, that is a windy day, and


cloudy, rain across the West and north-west. Best of any dry and


bright weather in the east, but it will be milder, highs of ten


We are back tomorrow at one 15 PM. We are back tomorrow at one 15 PM.


-- 1:15pm. We will be back tomorrow. Happy New