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prepare to play Leicester, but Chelsea will be worried about


Chinese cheque-books. There's more throughout the evening


on the BBC News Channel, we are back with the


late news at 10:15pm. Police have arrested the brother


of a man who died in a house fire in East Dunbartonshire on New Year's


Day. 23-year old Cameron Logan was killed


in the blaze in Milngavie, while his partner Rebecca Williams,


was seriously injured. Blair Logan, who's twenty-six,


has been arrested in connection with his younger brother's death


and the alleged attempted murder of his parents,


both in their fifties, He is due to appear


in court on Monday. Independence campaigners have been


holding a conference in Glasgow, to start preparing


for the possibility The event, organised by the Scottish


Independence Convention, brought together politicians,


activists and academics. The Conservatives,


Labour and the Lib Dems Independence activists say they're


determined to be ready All great things in life start from


a dream or someone having an idea about something. Then the typical


thing is, the practicalities. This is the boring stuff of all the


questions that we were unable to answer, in as diverse a way as we


should or could have in the first referendum.


The SNP has criticised MPs on Westminster's Brexit committee,


for coming out AGAINST giving the UK's devolved parliaments


a vote on the final deal ?OOV? to leave the European Union.


The committee chairman Hilary Benn told BBC Scotland that the UK


as a WHOLE voted to leave, so no SINGLE part of the UK


Sir Andy Murray says losing his long unbeaten streak has had no


effect on his preparations for the Australian Open.


The world number one plays his first match in the early


hours of Monday morning, and says he's as well


From Melbourne, here's Kheredine Idessane.


When the defending champion meets penguins and trolls, it can only


mean one thing. Kids stay at the Australian Open. Child's play or


also for the world number one, the pre-tournament round of media


interviews in which he dismissed any notion of disappointment that is 28


match winning streak had been broken recently by Novak Djokovic. If that


had happened at the end of last year, the would have been but


because of the break, it felt as a bit like you were starting from


scratch again in the New Year. I haven't played a match for six


weeks. But good to get back this year hopefully I can get another run


some. Andy Murray is hoping the new sequence of winds begins in this


arena behind me on Monday morning takes on a Ukrainian opponent in the


first round of this Australian Open, it's an afternoon match here in


Melbourne which means it should be on around 3:30am your time.


Rugby, and Edinburgh scored two tries


for an away win against Harlequins in the European Challenge Cup.


Glasgow have just kicked off in their European Cup


The Warriors are trying to reach the quarter-finals


There was heavy snow overnight, but apparently much milder


Kirsteen's here, with the outlook for the rest of the weekend.


It's been a fine, cold, crisp day across much of the country. This


evening, a frost sitting in the eastern areas, although while in the


West, cloudy with outbreaks of rain pushing in and as that rain crosses


eastwards meeting the cold air, it will turn to snow, especially across


the high ground with some snow at times giving difficult driving


conditions, and additional hazards and I'd will be ice on untreated


roads and services. A contrast by the end of the night, nine Celsius


in the West, zero further east. Tomorrow morning much of the ring


pulls away into the North Sea, a legacy of cloud left behind. Patchy


outbreaks of rain. Extensive hill folk in the West and south. A


contrast in temperatures again.


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