11/02/2017 Reporting Scotland

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The latest news and weather from BBC News Scotland.

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Now on BBC One it's time for the news where you are.


People from around Scotland have gathered in Edinburgh for the latest


demonstration against President Trump.


They marched through the city calling for his state visit to be


cancelled and for an end to the UK's special relationship


The gathering here in the the Meadows in Edinburgh at the start of


this latest demonstration against Donald Trump. Many have come from


further afield for what organisers describe as a national


demonstration. The obvious groups are represented here, including


human rights activists and lawyers, women's groups and refugees. --


various groups. They say the words to show solidarity for those that


have been demonised by the Trump administration. They are calling for


the end of any further travel bans and they would like the state visit


to be cancelled. We've had a great response. People have been sending


in pictures of banners. Lots of people have said that it is the


first protest that they have been on. We would like a new generation


of Scots. The protest went past the US Consulate before finishing up


outside the Scottish parliament at Holyrood. The people at the


demonstration say they want to make it clear that refugees are welcome


here and they would like an end to the special relationship between


Britain and the United States. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has


written to Theresa May urging her to reverse a decision


to cut off what she calls a vital The UK Government is ending the Dubs


amendment scheme in March, Home Secretary Amber Rudd says


the scheme encourages people traffickers, but Ms Sturgeon says


the government's This is the only safe and legal vote


for unaccompanied children that don't already have relatives in the


UK. To close that Stern is going to expose children that already have


suffered and witnessed the most unimaginable horror. They are going


to be more at the mercy of traffickers.


A woman has died after being struck by two cars


It happened as the 44-year-old was crossing Nithsdale Road


Police have recovered a body from the River Nith,


Searches of the river have been carried out


since 41-year-old Bryan Cowie was seen in the water near Dumfries


The body is still to be formally identified.


A campaign to reunite a woman with her 150-year-old family wedding


dress went viral after a Facebook page asking for help was shared


Tess Newall said she was heartbroken after her great-great-grandmother's


dress, which dates to 1870, went missing when the dry


cleaning shop in Edinburgh, where she'd taken it to be


However, in the past hour the shop's landlord has been in touch to say


he's found the dress in a crumpled heap on the floor.


Football - Moussa Dembele scored his second hat-trick in two


games as Celtic demolished Inverness Caledonian


Thistle 6-0 to reach the Scottish Cup quarterfinals.


Mikael Lustig put Celtic ahead, before Dembele got


In the second half he struck again, twice in ten minutes


Kieran Tierney made it five, before captain


Well, it's over to Kawser now for the weather forecast.


Good afternoon. Many had quite a bit of clouds. There has also been some


bread. Elsewhere, the best and the north, some decent spells of


sunshine. This is from one of our reviewers in Shetland. Some of the


snow might be quite heavy in the east. It will become a bit dry


overnight. Towards 20, clearer skies and potentially -8 in the Highlands.


Tomorrow, a fair bit of clients around. -- a fair bit of Clover


Road. One or two wintry showers. For all of us, temperatures reaching


around 4-5 . Monday, similar conditions lots of clouds around


especially south-east. Some shall we read. The best of the weather


Northwest. Our next update is


at 17.50pm tomorrow. Until then, from everyone


here, enjoy the rest