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By only criticism is, it would have been better to do it and then


concluded what financial settlement was appropriate for the BBC. We


actually did it the other way round. And it is hard to comment on it.


One was the recent board Hoddle blunder and accepted what the


Government wanted ultimately. The previous board threatened


resignation and the Government backed off. So it's very important


that we should know how tough a BBC Chair would be in dealing with the


government, because it has financial indications. For example, I've been


told that the BBC now plans, as a result of this financial settlement


and the limitations of it, to scrap Radio 2 overnight broadcasting


completely. Which of course is a very big deal. They're just going to


run repeats. And that is because of these cuts. So it will have a real


effect on programme making. Well, you want to know what my attitude


will be. The next occasion this is going to arise is in 2022. The


licence fee will come up for renewal. The charter requires a much


better process, nevertheless in the end it will be for ministers to


determine what it shall be. But we will have a debate, and I think this


committee has a role to play in that, to make sure there is a proper


debate. Nevertheless, I'm clear... That's where we have to leave our


live coverage from the silly committee rooms. You can continue


watching this session online on our website. -- from the select


committee rooms.


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