20/01/2013 Sunday Politics East Midlands


Andrew Neil and Marie Ashby with the latest political news, interviews and debate. Andrew Neil looks at David Cameron's future Europe plans with Dr Liam Fox and Douglas Alexander.

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Good morning. The worst hostage In the east Midlands: Ofsted


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Should councillors get a pay rise? The speech has been postponed but


the debate goes on. Europe, in or out, what do you think? Definitely


out. �50 million every day to Europe, for what?


Hello, I'm Marie Ashby. Joining me this week, Heather Wheeler, the


Conservative MP for Derbyshire South and Gloria De Piero, the


Labour MP for Ashfield. Ofsted is sending waves of inspectors into


schools in a single area in one go and 11 in Derby of the first to


face the inspections. It comes after a report found that schools


in the city were among the poorest performers in the country. You are


a Derbyshire MP, Heather. Do you feel for the pupils and teachers?


feel for the pupils and parents and the teachers have tried their best


but there has been a lack of leadership and we are in a


ridiculousness. We have been told the school's are improving. Things


have genuinely started to get better but we are such a low level


that we are failing our children. Will the inspections work? They


really well. They are very hard hitters coming in with high quality


standards, very experienced people. It will be about getting the health


back, the leadership back and getting schools back in the right


direction. It sounds quite scary but some schools in this way with


Ofsted inspectors. Schools cannot be allowed to fail children. My


worry is how long will it take... They do not have the capacity to


cover the entire country. Local and central government need to tackle


it. We need to make our curriculum interesting so that we engage


pupils and that is another worry for me that the government want to


make it more academic. Some pupils are academic but why would you take


computing, engineering out of the curriculum? The inspectors are


going into the schools because there is a problem. They are


failing. Absolutely. But I cannot wait and I do not think any area


can wait for Ofsted to get around. Tackle in now. We are tackling it


now. The results are appalling. Some of my northern parts of the


constituency go to school in Derby. This has been a regular element of


my postbag and there really glad we are doing something about it.


is to blame? Poor leadership? not like playing the blame game.


There is no party politics in this at all. The unions... We have been


tried to get different schools to become academies and the unions


have been jumping up and down. I find it totally unacceptable when


the level of quality of the education has been so poor. What


are they trying to preserve? How bizarre is that? What is special


about our Academy programme is that it required a change in leadership.


My concern now is that the conditions do not exist. Becoming


an academy was more than just a word and the Labour. I think


actually with some new management and new leadership you will see the


ship's turning around very quickly. What happens if these schools fail


the inspections? It is a crisis for the education system. We are


already in a crisis. It underlines how bad things have got. It needs a


shake-up. No teachers should be concerned as long as they are doing


their best. We should know more in the next few weeks. Thank you.


How much should we pay politicians? No, not MPs, but local councillors.


A parliamentary select committee has said it could be time to look


at allowances for people serving on councils. There's an average age of


61 among councillors. It's feared that many people are put off from


getting involved in local politics because the pay is so low that it's


not worth giving up the time to get involved. Des Coleman's been taking


a closer look. They are the people who run vital


services across the East Midlands and employed tens of thousands and


make decisions every day which affect us all. They can work up to


50 or 60 hours a week. How much do they earn? It depends on the size


of the council and its responsibilities but that Hinckley


and Bosworth district council that figure is �3,275. Let us not forget


the 4p! At Derby, it is �9,000. At Nottingham, it is �12,000. This man


is leader of Hinckley and Bosworth council and has paid �10,000 a year


for running the authority. It is difficult to get people to commit


the time to come into local politics because the allowance paid


to councillors is quite low and I could not pay my mortgage if that


is all I did with my time. Jack Stanton is 27 and a Derby City


Council. He fits in council work with a full-time job leading to


long evenings and weekends. I am willing to make the sacrifice. I


knew when I went in to it that it was what I was letting myself in


for. If you want to be in public office, at any level, there is an


element of sacrifice and you have to be willing to do it. At 68, this


councillor is above average age for a counsellor. He believes his


working life as a businessman is good experience for his role in


charge of finance and property at Nottinghamshire County Council.


People who are elected members today of a mature age because they


have already had a working life and are able then to become elected to


put something back into the community and give to the community


at a later age a knife. When I was young, I did not have the time to


be an elected representative -- later age in life. There is one


major stumbling block into paying councillors more money and that is


you, the public. Do you think councillors should be paid more


money? We -- yes. I did not expect that. Do you think councillor


should be paid more money? No. Do they get private income? Some of


them have private jobs. In that case, no. The retail industry is


going down so everything is closing so I do not know why they get paid


so much. I would have the impression they get paid a lot for


not doing very much. Council has no right now the public would not


stand for an increase in their paid -- councillors know. An independent


body has been asked to look at allowances and even they have


stopped short of asking for a rise. Increasing councillor allowances is


still a long way off. What are your concerns on this


issue? First three, we do not have a cross section of people on


councils -- firstly. Secondly, levels of remuneration. Expenses


ought to be covered. It should not be a full-time job, it should be


part-time. It is a public service you are giving back. It is bizarre


that the district council, the backbench trade, �3,000. The public


do not really know. The chief executives, the directors, they get


the big sums of money. Not that the councillors. It is the issue about


how much time you should give as a counsellor. Whenever we are looking


to get candidates for an election, we say to them, it is the amount of


time you can give, five hours, 10 hours, up to you. Gloria, you are


encouraging people from all sorts of backgrounds to come into


politics. If the money was better, maybe they would. I do nothing said.


I certainly do not think the time has now. If there is money in local


government, it should go directly to providing good services. I was


quite interested in what Jack Stanton said talking about the


evening meetings and the meeting culture that exists across politics.


I was talking to women councillors last night and they were talking


about the number of meetings. You can go to meetings five nights a


week. Wouldn't it be better to change the way we do politics so


the commitments you make are there to serve the community rather than


sit in a meeting. You should be paid for that. You have to take the


time to do it. There is a misconception about what


councillors and. People are surprised. I was surprised when I


heard. The leader of the Hinckley and Bosworth gets just over �10,000.


It is not much of an incentive. leader of the Council compared to a


backbencher on Derby City Council... Your husband is a leader. He and


�17,000. As the leader of the council? Absolutely. The


Independent renumeration panel, that was part of our findings, they


will set a local price. In South Derbyshire, they reduced the amount


the leader got. How many hours is he doing? Over 40 hours but it is


his choice. In my community are come across people all the time...


Earlier this week, I was with a couple of people who have been


bidding for lottery funds to help young people with challenging


behaviour. A group of mums, they set up a cheerleading session.


There are people who desperately want to do things for the community.


They do not do it for the money. I would like to open it up so that


more people could get involved. do not have to be a counsellor to


get involved in your community. Parish councillors do not take any


money. Chairman's are allowed to put in expenses but parish


councillors do not take money. There are plenty of councillors are


out there who are doing it 100% for public service. When you get to a


district council and county council level, the budgets are massive,


absolutely massive. You need a quality of person to do the part-


time amount of hours... That comes with experience and when you


started you were only 22. Is that old enough, no offence, but did you


have enough life experience? I was lucky. I finished my A-levels and


went straight into the City. I had been working for four years in the


City. The meetings were in the evenings. It did not impinge on my


work live at goal. But I did three nights a week and most of the


weekend's but it was my choice -- work life at all. Coming to the


Midlands, I did 15 years on the council. We did afternoon meetings.


For a mum, it was fabulous. What we do say, both of you, to people


thinking of coming into council politics? If you have got a passion


for standing up for your community, do it. We need to open ourselves up


as political parties to enable you to do it. We need to get political


groups, councils... All you need is a passion to stand up for your


community. One of our viewers Phil Greasley has said that councillors


should retire at 65. Has he got a point? That would be lovely but do


not forget there is a value in corporate memory. We are going the


wrong way in age. The average age is going up not down.


Now, the speech may be delayed, but the issue won't go away. Europe, in


or out? It's going to be one of the biggest debates for years. But what


does it mean here in the East Midlands? BBC Derby's political


correspondent Wesley Mallin has been finding out what you think.


We should stay in Europe. There are no benefits to leaving. Same


question, in or out? Not bothered. I think there is a future in the


European Union but I am much more generous -- but are more generous


terms. There should be a debate. Every country is part of Europe.


Travelling, passports, it make small sons. Definitely out.


Absolutely. -- it makes more sense. �50 million every day to Europe for


what? You tell me. The debate continues on the streets of


Nottingham as it does in the media and in Parliament. What is the


debate doing for the businesses that rely on Europe? Just down the


road is a communications and technology firm whose boss is in no


doubt about the value of staying in the European club. We employ a lot


of people from Europe. 15% of the people in our head office are from


mainland Europe. They are not taking British jobs, they are


coming to help us been -- build an export led company. If you had an


opportunity to put MPs on the spot over their position in Europe, what


would your Christian be? -- what would your question be? When are


you going to resolve the debate because the uncertainty is almost


as dangerous as leaving itself. What are you going to do to help


business expand into Europe? It is clear we have to grow into Europe,


what are you going to do to help us? You are a Eurosceptic, Heather.


Shouldn't we get the vote out of the way because if we don't your


party is going to be going on about it and it will never get result?


is cross-party. There are Labour politicians who have the same view


as me. Clearly, I wish we could do it in a month's time. But we are


not there yet. The euro crisis has brought things to a head. It is


just the best opportunity to renegotiate. Let us have a decent


referendum and renegotiate and then the public will speak. Pro Europe,


Gloria? If it is in Britain's interests. Jobs is the number-one


issue for me, the number one issue when I knock on doors. Do I want my


leaders to be going around the country talking about Europe now?


No, I want them to solve the jobs crisis. We heard that business so


they want an end to the uncertainty. It is damaging. That was the party


line from the Labour Party. cannot say that two businesses.


That is not what the businesses say to me in South Derbyshire because


we export to China and Brazil and America. 50% of our trade is with


Europe. They cannot do without us. We can't do without them it is what


the businesses so. We have a free- trade agreement with South Korea.


We're working on one with Japan. We will have a free-trade agreement


with Europe. What would the businesses you know say about that?


I am a constituency MP. My belief is that we should take a more


active role in Europe and not sit on the sidelines. That is what one


of my constituents said. Being a member of the EU, another one, it


helps us being able to access the markets and compete with local


suppliers. What do you say to the businesses who say it is vital to


have access to Europe? Absolutely. Just like Norway and Switzerland


and South Korea... Are you really telling week we will not be able to


export? South Korea has a free- trade agreement, we will have one.


Politicians are not that popular at the moment but why is it that the


CBI, the trade union movement, even taking politicians out of it, they


say... This is where at destiny lies, not because of anything else


but because that is good for jobs and economy. What is best for the


British economy is exporting to places like India. I have the JCB


engine plant in my patch. We have 350 people there who were not there


three years ago. They are exporting. There is a global market too. UKIP


have got something to say on this not surprisingly. The EU has never


done anything we could not have retrieved through a simple free-


trade agreement except for what it has done has been damaging -- we


could not have achieved. It has been damaging. Businesses say, why


do we have so much regulation? What are the rules for? Arguably, it has


done more harm than good. This is what it is about, you are worried


about UKIP, D UKIP vote, a Heather. There are plenty of people who find


politicians hedging around questions and it drives them up the


wall so they will vote for anyone but the others. At the minute, UKIP


are the recipients of those votes. We need to be straight talking and


tell people how it is and what is in the best interests of the


country. When does that start? 2010, I was elected then, I have


never been anything other than straight talking -- in May, 2010.


The cap was let out of the bad there by Roger Helmer and I suspect


that lots of Conservatives would like to talk how he does. I fear


they want to bring back when they are talking about regulation...


They are talking about rights like maternity pay, for weeks minimum


holiday a year... These are the ghastly things that have come out


of Europe. Should we pull out of Europe and walked slowly towards


the exit door? Not slowly. Should we be running towards it? We should


use this opportunity to renegotiate. Should we pull out of Europe?


Europe needs to understand we cannot afford to give them the


amount of money they have been having. Huge amounts of regulation


on our businesses. It is not in the best interests... Do you want to


renegotiate the terms or pull out of Europe? Personally, I would be


out. We have got fantastic relationships with our Commonwealth


countries. It is the growing economy from those countries...


Tremendous. Music to UKIP's ears. Not your leaders. This is a


completely different position. party will work towards the


referendum, I am absolutely convinced. Not all of your party


says the same things. Fellow East Midlands MP Ken Clarke says it is


irresponsible to even be having this debate at this time. He says


that it is folly and any vote on this is a gamble. I do not know the


answer to that and I do not know why he said that. He believes it.


He believes it from the 1970s. He was part of the project in the


first place. My brilliant businesses are not from the 70s. If


they tell me that helping them is being a member of the European


Union, I am very happy to take their word for it. You sit in the


committees, you cannot vote against something. By that point, all of


the competencies have been sorted and you have been stitched up.


will go on for a long time this one. Time now for our regular round-up


of some of the other political stories in the East Midlands this


week in 60 seconds with our political editor John Hess.


Leicestershire County Council is asking for views from the public on


plans to cut �79 million from its budget which could see 1100 jobs go.


They are hoping to limit council tax rises in the next three years.


Job losses at Derby City Council which is warning it might have to


cut 200 posts. The council leader says the job losses are needed


after the council failed to reach its target for voluntary


redundancies. Rutland Handicap saw is also


expecting to agree a council tax freeze -- well and can will stop


the region's newly elected police and crime commissioner is drafting


the plans for the next four years. The Leicestershire and Rutland PCC


says he is hoping to maintain the levels of uniformed police officers


while making efficiency savings Do not forget that we want to hear


your views on politics in your area. You can get in touch with us on our


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