14/04/2013 Sunday Politics East Midlands


Andrew Neil and Marie Ashby with the latest political news, interviews and debate, including the Sunday Interview with Conservative party chairman, Grant Shapps MP.

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Cameron tells us almost fifty thousand jobs have been created in


our region. And a striking miner and a


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businessman give us their views on look at the fight for a living wage


and are legion and on the day the Bishop of Grantham criticises the


cost of Baroness Thatcher 's funeral, we ask, what did you do for


you? Joining in this week is the Conservative MP for Derbyshire South


who praised Margaret Thatcher in this -- the House of Commons.


And the Labour MP for Bassetlaw. More on that in a moment but first,


David Cameron has been on the patch and telling us there is good news.


One of the two Rolls-Royce, the Prime Minister said the economy is


generating tens of thousands of jobs. I think we have seen some good


progress. Here in the East Midlands, 48,000 new private-sector jobs this


year. That is good progress. We have seen a growth partnership set up


with the government committing �1 billion over the next seven years to


really help industries like this. We are seeing a rebalancing of the


economy that we need. I would like to go faster and more export


success. Where are all these new jobs? Loads of them are in South


Derbyshire. Toyota is taking on 1500 people. Nestle are taking on 200


people and it is growing exponentially. It sounds good for


the economy. It is the antidote to Thatcherism. You do have a


government spending a lot of money on advanced manufacturing centres in


Sheffield with Rolls-Royce and then a new educational centre with a huge


amount of money going on. It is the government supporting our industry.


I applaud that. The government should be doing more to support the


industry. So the economy is on the way up? I wish it was. This is a one


off with Rolls-Royce. It is the right to do but what about the rest


of the economy. We are seeing no growth. We have had a lot of tweets


from people saying that these are all paid or part-time jobs. I regret


to say they are very poorly informed. They are superior jobs,


they are quality jobs, they are training jobs and they are going to


have jobs for the future. Nestle have invested �200 million. We have


brought business back from China. We now have proper class Manufacturing


and I am very proud of it. Jobs are jobs aren't they? People are hungry


for any kinds of jobs going but we are our industrial base? What is the


government doing about it and why haven't we got growth in the


economy? We are falling behind the rest of the world once by month. The


dusty mature party always seems to go to Rolls-Royce. Why do they


always go the? Fortunately, David Cameron came to Nestle as well. We


do our bit and South Derbyshire. Obviously I would love him to come


to healthcare. They are going to spend another 150,000. 75% of the


English market they have. They are taking on another 25 people as well.


If you are in work, how much would you say you need to get by? A


campaign is trying to persuade councils and businesses to be a


living wage. That is a way to link to the easy cost of living. It is


reckoned that must for hundred thousand people are paid a lot. --


paid below it. Just smell the coffee. The strategy of one Tory


poster on testing the political mood. His business in Nottingham


supplies copy to restaurants, cafes and hotels. He is also bring up a


political debate over low heat. -- over low pay. His latest recruit,


19-year-old Josh, helps out. He is paid more than the national minimum


wage will get --. A living wage is calculated by independent people who


have worked out just how much things cost and how much you need. It is a


realistic figure. At the moment the national minimum wage is �6 19p.


living wage would add an extra �1 26p, bringing it up to �7 65. The


question is whether the living wage should replace the national minimum


wage by law. As a taxpayer, I do not like the idea of not being people


enough money because they go on benefits. That extra in the hourly


wage rate would make such a difference for these two canteen


workers. Tracy and Rose worked for Nottinghamshire County Council. They


are paid above the legally enforced national minimum but only just. I am


a single mother with two children. At the end of every month, my money


runs out. I look to borrow money from my mother. She is a pensioner.


At the end of the month, I have to work 30 hours a week and come home


and do other things I have to do. I have bills to pay. The way I live


now is that I am putting more in my bells and even in my food. It would


make me a lot more comfortable and it would help a lot to bring up my


children. An estimated 4.8 million workers get less than the so-called


living wage. That is 20% of the working population. Given East


Midlands, it is at 22% which is why campaigners are targeting local


governments. What about those people currently earning �7.45 who would


therefore expect your own salary to incrementally rise? It would add a


huge amount to Council wage bills across the East Midlands and that is


something that council tax payers can ill afford the month.


telling that to this man. He is one of seven children and his family and


is campaigning for the living wage because of the adverse his mum, a


cleaner, has to put in. If it is happening to me, it is happening to


my little sister and a lot of other young people around Nottingham as


well. A lot of people feel ashamed about how much they are working. A


living wage to more accurately reflect living cost. It is winning


some political support at like strong copy, it may need sweet


running to suit everyone's tastes. Why shouldn't everyone expect a


living wage? You can't live without one. The difficulty is that you have


to have productivity to pay for it. Particularly when the unions are


trying to highlight that this is an issue for local council, we are very


proud that we haven't put up our local council tax for two years.


People who are on fixed incomes cannot afford for these things to be


going up. We have the money going to come from? Bassetlaw district


Council has signed up to this hasn't it? Here we have another well-paid


MP telling cleaners and caretakers that they shouldn't be getting seven


or �8 an hour. This is what people need to live on. We need to be


encouraging work. Every council and every employer should be bringing


and the living wage. It motivates people and these people spend their


money and the economy. That creates jobs. Is there a danger that if you


start paying people are living wage, people bother up the line would want


to do? How can we afford that? That is the problem. That is regularly


start getting into problems about how much it is going to cost to run


a council. Instead of giving millionaires huge tax cuts, squash


the people of little bit at the top. They will not notice it. At the


bottom, it will make a huge difference. Because we have taken


the tax threshold up to 9400, these people will not be paying tax at all


so weird looking after them. So we are looking after them. There is


opportunity for employers, including local authorities in the public


sector to PED since wage to all their employers. The lowest paid the


server increase. Is it cost-effective and good for morale?


Absolutely. Every employer understands the worst of their


employees. If they can afford it, fantastic but you have to have


greater productivity for it. Are you saying that that Tory council did


the wrong thing? Every council needs to understand where the money is


going to come from. If you are talking 13 people, you can maybe


find it but if you are talking 3000 people, maybe you can't find.


Vessels need prioritise at the moment. They? Productivity, cleaners


who are cleaning toilets, they should be paid a living wage. That


is what this is about. Local authorities should take the lead.


Well done Bassetlaw Council for doing it. It's the other councils


and other employers doing the same thing. It doesn't sound a novel lot


to some people but it would be a -- a big difference to some wouldn't


it? I stress again, the tax levels have been raised enormously so you


have to earn a lot of money before you start paying any tax at all.


think these people will find that they are the level where they will


not be paying any tax and that is the difference. Local councils are


in the front line when it comes to the campaign for a living wage but


that is just one of the many issues facing them as they approach those


crucial County Council elections in three weeks time. In the run-up, we


will be hearing from the leaders of the main parties in each county are


starting this week with Nottinghamshire. Their promises


include, a freeze on council tax, increasing spending on roads and


pothole repairs, and for every school to have a school hall.


have promised not to be council tax up for the next two years. I am well


aware of how little money people have to spend and we still have to


provide services. We have already succeeded in finding savings there.


Therefore, I know we can do it again without cutting back on those


services. Alan Rhodes leads the Labour group. They say that jobs,


skills and training are priority. They are promising extra care


housing for the elderly and a 20 mile an hour limit outside schools.


A Labour authority will offer a fairness in difficult times to the


people of Nottinghamshire. We know that we are in a difficult financial


situation but at the same time, we must prioritise local government


services to those people in our communities who do so desperately


need them. We will be putting people first. We will be prioritising those


most disadvantaged communities and we will be offering fairness in very


difficult times. Liberal Democrat's pledges include, freezing council


tax for one year at least, no cut and library services and sure start


and �1 million extra for road repairs. I think if people want a


stronger council that runs taxis fairly but delivers social fairness,


then you cannot trust that either of the other two parties. Liberal


Democrats will keep taxes low and other social policies. -- and


deliver social policies. Next week will be hearing from the party


leaders in Derbyshire. We can't hold our politicians back any longer.


Let's talk Margaret Thatcher. One example, she also had a major impact


here in the East Midlands. Joining us to debate how her policies change


their lives, we have Les Raine, a former striking miner from


Nottinghamshire. Les, where you celebrating when you heard of


Baroness Thatcher 's death? Celebrating is a strong word.


end of the day, somebody has died but I certainly didn't mourn her


passing. Some of the people who have been celebrating, you have got to


understand that some of those people have been given an opportunity to


vent some of their anger and frustration that built up during her


time in office. They possibly feel that they have never had an


opportunity to do so because prior to this, you're not going to wake up


one morning and say let's have a party to celebrate. It is like any


other leader of any other organisation. When leaders die, you


have people who will rejoice and your people who will mourn. Whether


you are rejoicing or morning, will depend on what section of the


society you Ireland. What did Margaret Thatcher mean to you?


from an area which was in the industry. What she did for the


working-class in freeing them has led me to where I am today. You are


saying that she inspired you? She inspired me to go into business as


she has done for many working-class people. She privatised a lot of


these big businesses. These working-class had opportunities to


play a part in businesses that they worked on by buying shares etc.


there to say that the reaction we've had from some of our viewers on our


Facebook page has been mainly about the hardship people based during the


Thatcher years and they haven't been terribly complementary either. What


do you see to someone like Les who lost his job and says his community


was destroyed by Thatcher's policies? I think it is very


unfortunate. History is being rewritten because the miners in


South Derbyshire, half of them work is we didn't strike. We have


villages where families are split, villages where you go to one pub


rather than the other. What I am saying is dot mac she polarised


opinions. We may not be having this debate on any other conservative


leaders. You lived through the Thatcher years and lived in those


mining areas in Nottinghamshire. you go to those communities and ask


those people in those communities, some of them have never recovered.


There was nothing there. The thing that fits those communities was the


mains. There was nothing to replace that. Working-class people were also


liberated by her policies, what do you say to that? She doubled up


unemployment and had mortgage rates at 12%. She had inflation at 9%. She


had growth in the economy so she left an economic disaster. Then we


have got what and electric and gas privatised and we are all paying


huge bills because of that. What there is as private sector making


vast amount on the back of all others. What about that? Would it be


profitable? The thing is that is going back to the mains, they were


not making money. It is a business. The Australians are making a profit


out of coal and we can't because we have shut the collieries. I don't


think it is as simple as a profit and loss basis. The communities


looked after each other. Maybe it is not just people who are rewriting


history. Let's leave history rewriting alone and let's talk about


today. The Bishop of Grantham has said that the cost of a funeral is a


mistake. You would believe that the funeral should be more low-key and


personal. I think it is absolutely wrong and I cannot believe he has


come out with this statement. doesn't sound like a very Christian


statement. He thinks it is not going to help this situation by having a


big show. When you look at other funerals in the past, there has been


a private funeral and then a national memorial, you and


Westminster Abbey or other. This is going to be on funeral and on the,


that is it. Did we not have a parliament that costs a lot of money


anyway? Not because this is for the nation to see what is going on.


Parliamentarians want to talk and pay tribute to a massive


parliamentarian. She was a brilliant parliamentarian and I don't want


history rewritten about that. reckon recognise that Margaret


Thatcher had some very fine leadership qualities and that most


people the country would be that there are things they are but when


you talk about a nation, which nation are you talking about? The


ones that prospered under Thatcher or the ones that didn't? You have


absolutely got the wrong idea. Jason Doctor O'Dell about the fact there


were a lot of people who owned their own houses. Let's talk about the


impact that Baroness Thatcher 's death could have on the upcoming


council elections. It could go either way couldn't it? It will have


no impact whatsoever. Everybody is reminiscing about the Thatcher


years. It will have no impact because people will go about their


everyday lives. It is right that she has a funeral but no politician


should have the funeral paid for by the state. Not Margaret Thatcher,


not Tony Blair, no politician should ever have to all edition paid for by


the state. It is fundamentally wrong. How do you feel about this?


It is one funeral. The costs are going to escalate with people


protesting about it. Because we have to put in place police officers to


oversee and ensure nothing escalates to far. That increases costs. They


are talking about arrest is happening on the day. Thank you very


much. Time for a roundup of the other political stories in the East


Midlands this week. Lester's Deputy Mayor has been


chosen as a Labour candidate for the East Midlands for the European


Parliament. He has been asked on Twitter if he will step down from


the Deputy Mayor's role to campaign but he says he will only leave if he


is elected to Europe in next year's elections.


Derbyshire's Fire and Rescue Service has signed up nine councils to its


campaign to install more walking -- Watters fingers and homes. They have


put together a bunch of the hundred and �60,000 to pay for the systems


which significantly reduce damage caused by fire. Nottingham City


Council is offering advice on switching to lower fuel bills are


people in the city. Council is holding sessions and libraries and


information on its website to calculate how to save money.


MPs are to get a taste of Derbyshire this week. A food fair at the


counties to these products is being held in the House of Commons.


Organisers hope the exposure will help local businesses to flourish.


Sounds tasty? It is going to be brilliant. What is known for? I am


taking two producers from South Derbyshire. One produces wine and


Andrew Neil and Marie Ashby with the latest political news, interviews and debate, including the Sunday Interview with Conservative party chairman, Grant Shapps MP. Also, former CBI boss, Lord Jones and TUC leader, Frances O'Grady go head to head on trade union reform, and former cabinet minister, John Reid, on Tony Blair's warning to Labour.

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