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Labour's leader criticises the government plan to put young people


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back to work and proposes to keep Good afternoon.


It looks like the sun is going down It looks like the sun is going down


on plans to move our flocks. First let us meet our guests.


Brandon Lewis and Steve Morphew. Brandon Lewis and Steve Morphew.


A brief word before we move on about the unemployment figures.


18,000 more people are at unemployed in our region bringing


the total to 22,000. It is a wall full figure. It is not the whole


figure. There are more jobs now than when we came to power. But


there is a long way to go. In Great Yarmouth have an enterprise zone.


There is a long way to go. Steve Morphew, what would Labour do?


need to invest in businesses that will create jobs. At the moment


we're not scratching the surface. Thank you.


More on that later when we hear from Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband.


First the campaign to move our clocks forward has taken at


backward step. On Friday MPs defeated the bill drawn up by


Rebecca Harris which called for a full study on it moving it to


If this were ever to happen the sun rises would still be is beautiful,


they would just be one hour later. The benefit - we would get longer


evenings. It is something which the tourist industry has been


campaigning for four years. longer the evenings are, the better


for all tourist providers. Does an extra hour make a difference?


great deal of difference. We do not provide their animals with wrist


watches. The adjust their activities to suit. One way of


adjusting the activity patterns of people is to change the clocks.


arguments go beyond tourism - charities for the elderly, road-


safety, even the dogs trust. They would be more daylight hours


for sport and recreation. It would lead to a reduction in road deaths


and injuries. We have been here before. In 1968 Britain


experimented with European time. Scotland they were in the dark


until mid-morning. Southerners wondered what all the fuss was


about. That is still a problem. In Scotland in winter it would not get


light until mid-morning. Even if Westminster did vote to move away


from GMT the policy could only be implemented with the agreement of


the Scottish parliament. It is a non-starter. It was tried 40 years


ago. People do not like it. How do you get consent from Scotland?


may not be able to. You make their argument about why it is a good


thing. Whether you can convince them is another matter. We now have


Rebecca Harris with us. Tell us what happened to the builders we? -


- tell us what happened to the bill. A small number of people managed to


talk out the bill. The bill ran out of time. That was a great shame. It


was the clear will of the vast majority of MPs attending that the


Bill would progress. Are you disappointed? It is a setback. But


when you look at how many organisations are now backing us,


there are so many people back in this movement, it is an idea whose


time has come. What about those were against it? Is it just


Scotland that is the sticking point? A lot of people have


concerns. My bill was carefully crafted. It was not going to


implement a trial of clock change. I wanted the government to do a


serious analysis across all departments. The Home Office would


look at the potential for a crime reduction. The culture department


would look at the benefits for sport. We could then present to the


public what the benefits would be. That would then help us to reach a


consensus. Brandon Lewis, why do you believe that this should be


revisited? The reasons have been about line. -- the reasons have


been made clear. It is a massive opportunity for tourism. The last


time in this was a look that 40 years ago -- this was last look


that 40 years ago. What I do not understand his of why the


government need an Act of Parliament. I hope that the


government can pick up the idea. am sure Rebecca Harris would agree.


We want to get the government to look at this. A lot has changed in


40 years. Power economic requirements have changed. Our


health requirements have changed. What about the safety issue? That


was one of the most important aspects of this bill. We're always


told that the previous experiment was cancelled because there were


real fears that it was causing casualties on our roads in the


mornings. That panic cancelled the experiment. But overall there was a


reduction in casualties. It is more important to get daylight into


their it afternoon rush-hour. -- the afternoon rush-hour. Rebecca


Harris, what happens next? I will keep campaigning. There is a huge


move across the country for this. There are 600 organisations backing


this. They will not give up. We have come a long way. This is not


the last we have heard of this issue. Thank you.


This week their regions plays host to the visits of Nick Clegg and Ed


Miliband. This is the week that we have heard


that the numbers of youth unemployment had risen to record


high. It is a tragedy. Youth unemployment


has been going up remorselessly since 2004. Even in the good times


for some reason employers were not employing young people on the scale


we would like. The problems are more acute now. We need to do more


now. That is why we are pouring hundreds of millions of pounds into


expanding the numbers of apprenticeships. We will be


delivering a 250,000 more apprenticeships during this


Parliament. From April onwards every single person aged 18 to 24


was out of work will have the opportunity to earn up or learn.


Nick Clegg was not the only party leader here this week. Labour


leader Ed Miliband also visited. Youth unemployment is at a record


high. What would Labour do to create jobs for youngsters?


would do something different to what this Government is doing. We


would tax the bonuses of bankers. We would use the money to put young


people back to work. That would make a real difference to young


people right across this region. Some young people asking what


politics can do for them. I think we can make a real difference to


their lives. The Government is launching a new scheme in April for


young people. Will that help? us hope that as. -- let us hope it


does. We had a scheme, and this government, do that. This new


scheme does not start until April. It is a pale imitation of our


scheme. They are not taking the problem seriously enough. Youth


unemployment in this region has gone up by 200 % in the past year.


That is not good enough. It has got to change. If this new scheme will


do it that is fine. I have yet to be convinced. What about your


recent pronouncements on cuts? You say you are opposed to the


Government's policy, but also that you would keep the cuts.


It is a long last. Now you're saying you were backing the cuts?


We are not saying that. We are seeing that the government is going


too far and too fast. If we were in government today we would be making


different choices. We would be going at a slower pace. We want to


protect services. We think it is bad for the economy that the


Government is making the cuts at this rate. But I cannot pretend to


promise to reverse the cuts. The Government is making a mess of the


economy. I cannot make a promise now. Most people would say that is


a responsible approach. That is a confusing stance for the electorate.


They are now likely to see you as another Tory party. I do not agree


with that. We have got a different position. We are not going to make


promises for the future that we cannot keep. We would make


different choices. The Government is planning to reduce taxes on the


banks. I say that is the wrong choice. It is a different choice.


Let us talk about the unions. The unions have attacked you over this.


Is fighting the unions a good idea? You need to win back support


particularly in this area. I do not think so. Most union members will


think that the priority is jobs. The main disagreement with has and


the unions is over this specific issue. We think there is a choice


between the pay rises or keeping jobs. We think we should keep jobs.


That is in the interests of all union members.


By D. -- thank you. Let us get a response to that.


Steve Morphew you were a former trade union officer. I do not like


what I have been hearing. The message is quite clear. The


policies of the Government are feeling. The economy is flat mining.


-- the economy has gone flat. do not like where he is starting


from? He is relying on the failures of the Government. If tax revenues


were coming and he would have a different set of options. Brandon


Lewis, it is good news for the Conservatives is it not that Ed


Miliband is angry with the unions? You could say that. Ed Miliband is


saying he would put off the tough decisions. We are trying to clear


up the mess we were left. It is like a credit card. Steve Morphew,


do you agree that Ed Miliband is presenting a confused picture?


not. The speed of implementation of the cuts is having a negative


economic impact. Money is being taken out of investments. That is


being capped at the same time as current spending. That is short-


sighted. The IMF recognise that. Labour are not making the point


that we should not be making the cuts. We want to get the interest


payments down and get the economy moving. What about the idea of


putting a levy on back bonuses? Do you agree with that? The tax that


we have put on the banks is bringing in more money than a one-


off tax that Labour had. The Government has to be careful about


how far it delves into private institutions. We have got to be


careful about where the line is. set regulations for all sorts of


things. People negotiate through these problems in the public sector.


It should be the same in the private sector. I'm will come back


to Ian Botham a moment. Now it is time for our political


Where there is discord may we bring harmony. The release of the film


that Iron Lady has raised the question of dementia. This is top


of the government agenda. Top of the agenda for Basildon are plans


for an upgrade of its time centre. It is all concrete.


Under this canal has undergone at renewal.


And a more modern form of transport made the news as the government


promised to look at a new airport in Essex. If we can afford the


Olympics we can afford to give ourselves the sort of a report that


would allow more people to get into the country. This existing airport


wants to double the number of passengers. Luton Airport.


Let us talk about Boris Johnson's plans for an airport. This is one


of the reasons we agreed not to have third runway at Heathrow. We


have got to look at our aviation capability. We have got to look at


that possibility. We will need to wait for the report. Steve Morphew


what do you think about expansion plans for aviation? It should be


about improving the quality of emissions. We should not be pumping


more carbon dioxide into the ear. - - into that atmosphere. We could


make improvements on that the railways between Norwich and London.


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