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So it will start a proper -- Concession a constituents whose MP


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 2142 seconds


Hello and welcome to the programme. Coming up, a fresh approach to


funding in Essex, and this week his election week across the region.


Voters will go to the polls are to select police and Crown


Commissioners will those in Corby will finally get a new MP.


Today we have the Conservative MP for Bury said Edmonds and former


shadow Policing Minister, and Labour's MEP for the east of the


region. I want to kick off with the


disappearance of the Mid Bedfordshire N P Nadine Dorries.


We'll all and this week she had jetted off to the jungle to take


part in a reality television show. This is what our constituents have


had to say. It shows the content with which she


treats the electorate. She should be dismissed.. I am ashamed of her,


really. She should not be paid well she is away. She has turned her


bridges and she has gone to Australia to try and manifest


unpopularity. Not very happy. Should we have the


power of recall here, so that voters who are unhappy with their m


he can sack them? I believe in a power of recall, it


has been talked about by both political parties in the last


Parliament. I would not just to introduce it for Nadine Dorries,


but it should be for any transgressors. Anyone the public


wants to get it, like Denis McShane who has been found guilty of


serious fiddling, he does not seek to be recalled he just resigned.


With Nadine Dorries I see what the vox pops his, she has very few


supporters. The Chief Whip was not happy, never met supporters.


Are you sympathetic to those constituents, Richard? She has led


to constituents unrepresented. David Cameron welcome to it because


she was MP who called him the bridge Tory Boy, and he has not


recovered from that. Talking about the reality TV show, on this


Remembrance Sunday, and a week when the Royal Anglians have been given


such a wonderful reception in Norwich and Ipswich in Basildon,


this is a higher calling. That is what those in politics should


reflect and Nadine Dorries very definitely has not.


Davies, will she get the whip back? I do not know. Fair enough. I think


her local party at local democracy will call her to account. That will


be the first action. Would you like her to have the whip back? I think


we should wait to see what her local party and local people think.


It should be local people wanting representation, if they want her


out they will get her out. It is not for David Cameron or anyone


else. Ambling to read that there. I will


move on to something new. This is happening in Essex. A fresh


approach to the way that local services are delivered, and set to


affect everything from the way that domestic violence, education and


even young offenders are dealt with. It is part of the Community budget,


and Essex is the largest of four areas running a trial of the scheme.


Our correspondent has looked at the way that cases of domestic violence


would be handled. In May, David talks was convicted


of the horrific double murder of his ex-partner and their two-year-


old daughter. A damning report by the IPCC said there were failings


in the communication between agencies in the lead-up to death,


including Essex County Council's social services and Essex police.


There are other problems, too. The force deals with 32,000 domestic


violence showed Kohl's paired here, but the Home Office believes this


is 12,000 fewer than it should be. Senna said it took one year from


the day she first reported been beaten from her ex-partner before


she was able to move into a refuge. -- Sarah.


She says she felt let down the social services.


I do not know my own mind. I had no peace of mind for one whole year.


They could have reported it to social services, social services


could have come around. I have had them in my life since I have been


in Refuge, and are openly welcome them. I have nothing to hide.


It is hoped that this building mind me will form part of the solution.


It will be Essex police in's new central referring units, to handle


domestic violence calls. New buyer will be a domestic violence up, the


idea is that data will be able to be shared more easily. It will also


be more simple for domestic violence victims to find The Help


they need. They will notice a quicker response, more dynamic risk


assessment. So if an incident is reported to us, it will go straight


to the sacred officers who will make a decision then and there


about what the best plan is. -- to safeguard officers. At the moment


there will be a slight delay as the officer must fill out a form before


sending the referral on to the domestic violence team.


This is part of the no -- he knew whole Essex Community budget, a


pilot scheme that will see many services in the region near her


eyes from scratch. New proposals submitted to the Government for


approval could see savings of more than �400 million within six years.


But this could lead to job losses. This is about delivering more


effective and efficient services through multi-agency work. Working


with the police, with health, with local Government bodies and the


Ministry of Justice as well. It is about making services able to


deliver continued services against increasingly difficult pressures in


these times. These proposals could affect a number of different


services, so several areas must give them the go-ahead. Essex


County Council say they must make these reforms, many people using


these services could see changes beginning next year.


We caught up with the Secretary of Communities and Local Government,


Eric Pickles, had asked him what community budgets would achieve.


The idea is to rule this out nationally, so that when people go


through the door of a local authority there is just one service


there, and completely integrated service. Essex are doing something


interesting, they have looked at things like domestic violence and


not looking at domestic violence endure isolation. They have tidied


up to school truancy and housing conditions and the like. By


bringing the various agencies together they have been able to


offer better services to the customer.


Picking up on that, the situation in Essex at the moment is that they


have 80 different organisations remain 116 different phone lines.


This community budget will hat at this kind of duplication and get


rid of it. It is good to have local services that work closely with


women's refuges and -- in Basildon and Harlow. There are so many of


them. Their close to the victims, and this is not about bureaucracy,


it is about domestic violence. This terrible case in Braintree, and


what did the Police Complaints Commission fined? A huge backlog.


And a huge shortfall of resources. Whether it is the key organisations


or one, if there is not enough money in the system the service


cannot provide protection to women in that case, including a woman who


died. They had to do a Freedom of Information request in every local


authority in the country and it shows that a and genially half-a-


million cuts already by Essex on domestic violence provision. This


is the third worst in the country, so my message is, victims of


domestic violence are not being protected because of cuts.


Moving on to that subject of cuts, efficiency and improvements at the


same time. How do you get more for less? Does the Government have a


magic wand? We must separate two things out. I


am in favour of this pulled budgets. Irrespective of what the funding is,


it is just good Government. None of us found it acceptable about the


case in London where the police were not talking to social services


and vice versa, that must stop. This model could work and we are


trying it out. It is separate from the cuts issue. We all know why all


public services, with the exception of the Health Service, are being


reduced. We have a huge deficit. It is the peacetime deficit. More with


less is something that plenty of parts of Government and plenty of


businesses do it hazels do it. He made a small armoured of money go


far further and I do not accept that less money means were more


domestic violence. Is there is separate from cuts? Is


this the way to dress it up? think the one-stop-shop approach


was pioneered by some local Government ministers when Labour


were in administration. This is not just the Conservative idea.


It was your total police initiative. I am fully in favour of the


principle, but I spoke to my colleagues in Essex County Council


and they said this is yet another Kinnock like every other one and it


will last a few months and in a few years' time they will move on. --


in yet another gimmick. They say that this is like a "big society",


this is cover for taking money out of directly provided services in


Essex. The outcome of that, is that services in Essex and have been


provided by a third party providers at people have lost between two and


�12,000 per year, so you have the poorest paid people caring for the


most voluble people in our society. But you used to run a council,


wouldn't you have liked to have more control over the money was


spent? I have worked with people with disabilities or as well as my


work in politics, and I am proud to campaign with these different


groups. We have always wanted to cut down the barriers between


health and social services and it has proved difficult to do so. It


can only happen if there is a fair bit of faith in the system. After


the long build-up, the autumn of elections reaches its peak. We will


hear from more candidates in the running for the role of police and


Crown Commissioners in. First, that final push for Corby. It is a


result that matters, because the seats being borne by the Government


at every General Election since 1983. If Labour wins Corgi it will


be their first by-election gain from the Conservatives in over 15


years. -- if Labour wins Corby. On Friday the Labour leader was


back in Corby. His fourth visit on the campaign. I take nothing for


granted, and we will fight for every vote. It is very important


that the people of Corby have a representative who will stand up


for them. Stand up against the squeeze in the living standards,


stand up for jobs for our young people and stand up for a fairer


tax system and a different direction for the country.


The Prime Minister has only been here once, and for less than 90


minutes. The Cabinet have all made brief


appearances, well away from the cameras and many other Conservative


MPs have got in to help out with campaigning. Most of my colleagues


will have wanted to get through here at some stage during a


campaign just to show support and show that the Conservative Party is


behind the candidate at whatever anybody says, whatever you read, we


are extremely proud of this Government's record.


In the hustings, as on the doorsteps, the main issue has been


jobs and the economy. You are out of touch with what a young people


want. It is clear that many people are disillusioned with all


politicians. The turnout on Thursday will be interesting.


It will also be interesting to see how much the Louise Mensch factor


plays in this election. He did not have to be here for long to realise


that many people felt their last it he was often absent and celebrity


obsessed. How will Nadine Dorries's exploits in the jungle play among


supporters? You kept are hoping to benefit


substantially from public disillusionment. First day could be


one of the main stories of the selection. We have Conservative


voters in the most shy parts of the constituency who feel very let down


by unit Cameron and Labour voters furious with the Labour Party for


opening up this region to of Eastern Europe.


The Liberal Democrat candidate has not even taking time off work to


fight this election, the party leadership knows that when you are


the junior member of a coalition you face a very big up will


struggle. They are trying their hardest. In the by-election you do


not change the Government, you elect someone to speak up for the


people of a constituency. I hope that this is what the people of


Corby that parts of Northamptonshire see and understand.


With 14 names on the ballot paper, the local council will lot could


the vote until Friday. By this time next week, one of the longest by-


election campaigns in some time will finally be over.


That is the picture in Corby, let's take a final look at the candidates


for the new role of police and crime commissioner. Voting is on


Thursday to elect the head of or eight police forces who will have


the power to hire and fire chief constables. Coming up, candidates


in Norfolk but we begin with the Thames Valley force which covers


Milton Keynes. He must make savings of �31.7


million, and those savings will be found by 2015. Managers calculates


that for and 39 people the staff and 96 officers will have to be cut


to balance the books. One of the things I want to do is


ensure that there is an a quality of service across the region, so


nobody feels bold the dog, everyone feels they have an except -- and


accessible PCC. Milton Keynes is one of our largest towns, it is


very important and I watch as I chaired the performance committee,


I watched the statistics on Milton Keynes very carefully. It is


setting local priorities. I will have to get involved because I am


conscious that in the Thames Valley area or it is a very fast area. It


will not be a case of him one rule fits all, that is not the case.


police and crime Commission will be responsible for all citizens


anywhere in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire.


That include Milton Keynes as much as Oxford and High Wycombe and


slower and anyone else. I would say that every town course City will be


St -- treated exactly the same, in full Furnace. The end result is to


be the voice of the people, two ways and link with local


communities and the local police. He I want devolved decision-making


at a local level to reflect local priorities. I have been speaking to


independent members of the current police authority about plans to set


up police boards, to ensure that local priorities are part of the


police plan. In Norfolk, savings of 25 million


are needed by 2015 and the force expect to reduce the number of


officers by hundred and 50 to 250. All five candidates are acutely


aware of the need for more for less. The Government have delayed from


November to December when they tell the police what money they will be


allocated. That is what I'm concentrating on. I would also go


and see whoever wins in Suffolk, because collaboration to save money


has been going on and still has further to go. Part of the police


role is catching criminals, the other part is preventing crime and


to do that he would have voluntary organisations. A lot of pressure


and input must be put on those lottery organisations to help as


much as possible. I am absolutely opposed to privatisation, what we


need to make sure is that policing remains accountable so the people


that -- to the people they serve not Private shareholders. I cannot


one small businesses over run by big businesses, or policing over


run by G4S. I want to make sure that doesn't happen. The Chief


Constable remains operationally responsible for his old force, and


this will be the same all for England and Wales by end of this


election. Well there is a role of the delivery of public service is a


new business model that will enable us to get the efficiencies we need,


to run up the results you want. additionally it always is old


people who will vote, but many of people have spoken up that there


are encouraged to vote. Whether it is for me of another candidate,


seeing them people active in politics is encouraging. The police


affect some people just as much as the older.


In your experience as a Shadow Minister, where these roles


welcomed? And have to tell you that I would all over the police


authority to the country and there was not one Conservative member who


supported the idea that there will be a low turnout, but you would


expect that for a new kind of election. We all know what Ineke


elections are read out he elections are, this is a new concept and we


must work with what we have. Someone can get on the phone and


speak to someone who is the police commissioner they voted for. It was


kicking often do this and it went on Saturday night, there were no


police, what will you do? There will be value to this, but they do


not pretend that it will be popular. I'll turn it is expected, but these


elections will be costly, as will the role of police and crime


commissioner. Would the money not be better spent on just better


policing? For David to openly admit that I give him credit that you


Conservatives want these elections says a lot to Conservative voters


this week. If we do not have these elections we could save money to


employ 3,000 extra police officers. Most of all for me, there have been


20% police cuts. There are 700 fewer police officers on the


streets and very sponsor authorities across the East. If


people want to say no to those cuts, noted G4S coming in and privatising


air police service, though for a Labour police commissioner who will


fight to keep funding. I want to squeeze in the political


round-up of the week. On this Remembrance Sunday, we start with


the homecoming parade of the First The First Battalion Royal Anglians


marking an end to their tours of Afghanistan. Well defence minister


Mark Francois pledged the Government will do everything it


can to help veterans in the region. I am absolutely determined when I


have this job that he will do everything we can to provide care


for our servicemen. The trial of the expenses of former MP Margaret


Moran has begun in her absence after she was ruled unfit to stand


trial. Meanwhile, a forester given rise to concern is the East is


confirmed as having the highest incidence of ash dieback cases in


the country. We know that some of these genes were found back in


March, we have destroyed 100,000 that and we know that. Young trees


are particularly susceptible. I sometimes think that the Deputy


Prime Minister would like to send me to a jumble and Australia.


-- a tumble in Australia. Let's pick up on ash dieback.


Farmers and landowners are telling us that Government action was too


little too late. Suffolk and Norfolk are particularly badly hit,


I was speaking to one Paterson about this but the disease is now a


mature trees and eradicating it will not happen. We must now make -


- see what we can do to make sure we do not decimate trees in this


region. Friday's Cobra meeting came out saying that we must improve by


low-security. Are our hands not tied when it comes to that, because


you part of your? We now know that this disease came through imports


from the Netherlands in February. I know that the British exports told


a committee in March that this was an outbreak in Britain. Yet


ministers say they were not told by those same officials until April.


This cannot be right. It has taken him a further six months to bring


in the measures they have. They should have been taking those


measures six months earlier in Norfolk and Suffolk in particularly.


Very briefly to reply. I didn't think that Owen is a man of


business, he will do what he can to save this industry. So six months


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