16/06/2013 Sunday Politics North East and Cumbria


Andrew Neil and Richard Moss with the latest political news, interviews and debate, including the G8 and an interview with EDL leader Tommy Robinson.

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Millions of pounds in debt, short of staff and other investigations


for poor standards of care. What can be done to turn around the


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- is a warm welcome to your local part of the show. We're talking


about the state of the NHS this week and the serious problems and


our hospitals. The political party that seems to have no problems


finding members. I have been to meet UK's newest recruits. The


Government has admitted their problems in the North East economy


as unemployment went up again. The government seems to think there are


particular problems, is that affair commit? Unemployment is higher now


than at the last election but the biggest worry is the young people


who have been out of employment for a long time. Is there a particular


problem in the North East? Since 2012, it is down year-on-year but


is there a particular problem in the North East? We have the highest


rates in the hall of the country so that has to be of concern. And we


are not making progress and until we get growth back into the economy


we will not see jobs created. there a danger here? There is talk


of recovery but is there a danger the North's could be left behind?


Your correspondent, when these results came out on Wednesday,


there was the news that youth unemployment had fallen,


particularly given by the growth of apprenticeship schemes. Over all,


the figures are relatively flat and perhaps the most interesting


feature of this difficult economic time has been that we have not seen


it enormous increases in unemployment and over all across


the country, we saw the highest level of employee that we have ever


seen. People unemployed for a long time it is doing a lot of damage.


The longer people unemployed, before the recovery and the harder


to find work. That has always been true. We have particular problems


in the North East because if we have an economy that is more


dependent on the public sector and has a smaller private sector than


any other part of the country. issue has to be addressed. Good


jobs are being created and they are coming through Nissan and a catchy.


-- Hitachi. Our top story this week is the NHS and queuing and concerns


about the out-of-hours service. All the signs of a health service under


pressure but it is in Cumbria that problems appear to be most acute.


He an inquiry into high death rates at hospitals in Carlisle is


expected to report soon., and I was utterly shocked. Not being fed, no


water, using the wrong plasters on her and ripping her skin. After the


week of this, she died pretty quickly. She was 94 when she went


into the Cumberland Infirmary for a routine procedure. The coroner


questioned some of the treatment she received. This is the NHS,


something we believe will look after us. She would have been


better off not in hospital. She is not alone in her concerns about


level of care. Inspectors visited the hospital in March and herb


similar worries from other patients with hospital staff raising their


own issues. Patients were in wet One simple way to improve care


would be to fill those vacancies but there is a man going problem


with recruitment. 102 new nurses have been employed since September


but there are still 55 vacancies at the trust. Looking at some of the


text in the staff survey looking at the more numbers and who would


recommend it as a place to work or receive care, it is an indication


of how low the morale is. If I was coming from the outside looking to


apply for a job there, that would have a serious impact on me.


Trust says it is focusing on recruitment but not solely on


nursing staff. I am very concerned about morale and we are already


working on this and it is not just about nursing numbers but how we


are supported on the wards. Some of the problems here are experienced


elsewhere like long waits at A and D and Hospital for bugs. The trust


you also has money worries. The trust this year and needs to save


�16.8 million and on top of that, it has �7.7 million of debt and has


been recognised as a crust put at risk because of its PFI agreements.


The Cumberland Infirmary was the first PFI hospital and the country


and it's estimated running costs are now 10 times the original sum.


Let's not be deluded ourselves and blame the problems on the PFI


scheme because that has Backley not true. Public funding will pay for a


�90 million redevelopment at the West Cumbria Hospital. Both


measures should go some way to improving care but in isolation, it


will not let pressure on the and the staff. It is estimated that by


2033, 38% of the population here will be over 60 so demand is only


going to grow. We need to provide care closer to home. That is why


funding is so essential. In the future, Alex is hoping people like


her mum can have more confidence in Cumbria's hospitals close up they


Carlile MP met the Minister this week.


The important thing was to get across the fact that I want to see


the targets are met and they want to make sure the date is next full


sup why has there been no involvement from the Department of


Health before? There is ongoing involvement and the reason I got


involved with in the light of the recent reports which makes for


uncomfortable reading. I want to reassure the Minister that I think


the right thing for Cumbria as for Northumbria to take over. Part of


the problem as financial and they have to make a lot of savings.


there not more the government could do? That is something we will have


to discuss. What efficiency savings can be made and what resources are


available. You talk about efficiency savings but the staff


here will say they cannot make any more efficiencies, they are already


stretched. You s, but if you only have one management, there will


undoubtedly be some savings there. There are also systems and


processes that can be Brotton to improve care and make savings.


Northumbria will have to discuss what the Department of Health what


sort of funding they will need. NHS is under pressure all over the


region not least at accident and emergency departments. Thousands


waiting for ambulances and the fiasco of the 101 number. What we


are not doing is arguing over the overall level of expenditure


because that is the one the are apart from overseas development


that has been completely protected. The question is how we run and that


minister the National Health Service. 15 years ago, when my


daughter was taken ill I phone the GP. We did not cornea accident and


emergency, but these days, that would not happen. The out-of-hours


services from GPs are not the same as what they wear. The last


government managed to produce a situation where we had an


undermining of the out-of-hours services as well as adding to costs.


If lead put that specific example to Bridget Phillips. To blame


something that happened in 2004 is nonsense. We have seen an increase


in older patients who are not getting the care they need because


of massive cuts to social care. There is not the right support


we're to get them home. David Cameron said there would be no more


top-down the organisation is and what has resulted is chaos and


confusion and the biggest reorganisation in its history. He


also said that waiting times would not increase but may have more than


double it's the number of patients waiting more than 24 hours in the


last year. What is Labour's solution? Roll back to 2010?


Treasury were seeking to massage the figures. We what money put into


social care to make sure that people were getting the right help


they need. Older patients are often having to wait a great deal of time


and it is dead distressing. I have seen many troubling cases like this.


There simply is not enough money going in to the NHS and to social


care and that is what is putting the pressure on? There would be


more credibility at the Shadow Chancellor gave in the indication


he would supply more money, which he has not. It comes back to a


number of individual issues. We saw how it could be to do with


management of the hospitals and historic issues like paying for PFI


contracts. This was not a great time to start to shake things up.


You through it all the pieces into the year. The additional problem to


deal West is the ageing population and the demands on the NHS are


constantly growing. It is not enough for things to stay the same.


We have to find improvements and efficiencies. We have to be careful.


The 101 service was a pioneer in the North East that works very well


there. There may be problems elsewhere but we should not


undermine the service which will make people feel less confident.


The other aspect is BPs I and other hospitals affected by this. It is


like paying for the hospital on a credit cards. The biggest concerns


at accident and emergency waiting times... What PFI and estate?


at know enough. As was said in the peace, there are lessons to be


learned but at the moment, the most pressing issue is the Andy waiting


times. Government Ministers have been looking for scapegoats. First


the GPs and their immigrants and now the patients. We wore have to


wrap that up. We haven't got time! And other big story this week, an


announcement by Jeremy Hunt about children's hearts or jury. Once


again, the future of heart surgery units in the North East.


Tyneside Labour MPs have criticised the decision to suspend a review


into children's heart surgery which has so caller cost �6 million. Nick


Brown says young patients were not being per it first.


I really do feel rather than clinical judgment. Flat defences in


Morpeth have been at inspected. Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg


was in the region on Friday. It planned to get passenger trains


running once again has moved a step closer after a tumble on council


met with Network Rail to discuss options. Passenger trains here were


axed in the 1960s. Their opinion poll rating may have


dipped since the local elections but there is no doubt UKIP are on a


that of our role. They became the official opposition in South


Tyneside after three independent councillors joined the party. Their


most notable achievement is recruiting new members, some of


whom have never joined a political party before.


Tradition means a lot in North the Archer. Richmond and surrounding


villages have have Conservative MPs for 100 years. Not everyone is


convinced you should stick with what you know. There is a growing


force here that wants to shake things up. It wants to change its


politics. Here are three of the revolutionaries. Until April, one


was a Conservative councillor, one that once represented Labour, and


UKIP is the first party this woman has joined. Why sign up? It is down


to the fact the what to give us our referendum and the chance to speak


on the EU. It would not just the reaction to the established parties


but because I thought I may have something to say. Working with the


public, I saw that UKIP fitted with the people of this country


particularly where ILF. They just understand. It is common sense.


While many of the views sound conservative, they have no


enthusiasm for David Cameron. are Orcadia politicians with no


real experience of life. How on earth can the understand the


problems. You have to relate to people to understand what is going


on with their lives and then improve things. A enough of tea and


sympathy, time for tough love. If you thought UKIP, you will get the


opposite of what you want. Labour will get into power as you will not


getting referendum. If they all thought UKIP, that will be great.


UK it is not a protest vote any more and that is just a get-out for


the Conservatives and Labour and the Liberals to say it is a wasted


vote. Five years ago, maybe, but not now. A is irrelevant whether we


will get a Prime Minister or a government. We believe it is right


and that is as far as we need to just that by it. Where we have at


the moment, I'll be with them for a long time. I have put too much time


and effort into wanting to make this work. I was married to the


wrong man in the Conservative Party and I have met the right party for


me. David Cameron once dismissed UKIP as a bunch of fruitcakes but


these three are convinced something is stirring.


These people should be looking to the Conservatives? Athalia on your


party's part? UKIP is pooling from all parties and he will find as


many people who used to vote Labour. It is not surprising that in the


map turn you get people that are worried and look to other parties.


It has happened before or and happened in the 1980s. These things


happen. Their perception, the Mrs Sally disagree with policies but it


is that their party is dominated by people from Eton. They are have not


met Eric Pickles's! There is a mixture. David Cameron surrounds


himself with public school boys. That is a perception you have to


address. People will ask themselves, who do they what to run the


country? Do we what the Labour Party or the Conservatives who are


getting us out of this mess. Ed Miliband or her David Cameron. The


vast majority of people looking at UKIP will make a different decision.


This is a rejection of mainstream politics and that this solution.


They are looking for a mother home. They are of particular concern to


the Conservatives but we take nothing for granted. It is a


challenge for politicians and all mainstream parties to listen to


people's legitimate concerns. It is the Tories who are facing the


biggest challenge. I knew getting this level of membership inquiries?


We have seen a big increase in membership since 2010. What is


important is that the what to be treated as a serious party, their


policies deserve scrutiny. The what to cut maternity leave and scrap


paternity leave altogether. Decriminalisation of prostitution.


If the lot to be as serious party, they deserve the same scrutiny as


any other party but come the general election, it will be asked


great fight between Labour and the Tory East. This may not cause


billion hate any sleepless nights but in the marginals, this could


crucify you? UKIP are most well known for wanting the referendum on


the European Union and the only way they will get that is if David


Cameron becomes the next Prime Minister. Voting for or any others,


you will not get that. To you short-circuit this and offer a


referendum? David Cameron is offering four years of uncertainty.


We don't think this is the right time to have a debate about Europe.


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