13/05/2012 Sunday Politics Northern Ireland


Tara Mills looks at the political developments of the week and questions policy makers on the key issues.

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And in Northern Ireland - charges against Old Bailey bomber Marian


Price may have been thrown out of court this week, but the row all


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 1996 seconds


over her continued detention has Hello and welcome to Sunday


Politics in Northern Ireland. I threat to no one or read


dangerous dissident Republican? Charges against Marian Price may


have been thrown out of court this week, but the row over her


continued detention has escalated. We will be hearing all size of the


argument. Also on a programme, the


householders playing a waiting game with builders who want our cannot


finish what they have started. sick of fawning. I get the same


answer. It just seems that nobody wants to take responsibility of


what has been left behind in this area. And with three for the next


20 minutes to debate that and more, Sinn Fein's Mairtin O'Muilleoir and


Stewart Dickson from the Alliance Party.


It was around this time last year that Marian Price was returned to


jail by the Secretary of State. She was released in 1980 suffering from


anorexia after being jailed for her part in the Old Bailey bombing. But


she was returned to prison by Owen Paterson after her appearance at a


dissident Republican rally in Londonderry. This week charges


against and three arias -- three others arising out of that Riley


were dismissed by Judge -- that rally. This case will be


recommenced in another way. But this case will proceed, perhaps a


little bit later now than would have been the case of a these


events. IM joined by two members of the Justin's committee. -- justice


committee. Should she stay and prison? She should not be in prison


at all because she has been released in relation to that charge


which has been dismissed. Also in relation to the other charges


arising from this, so she should not be in prison because the prison


has determined she should be out in bill. What the Secretary of State


has done is interna without trial. That is the simplest position of --


explanation of the position she isn't. She is facing more serious


charges regarding their barracks mergers. We she denies and she has


released on bail in relation to those. She will be tried in


relation to those in time. That is, due process and I support due


process. The St -- but we do not possess -- support putting people


in prison because of because of intelligence or some political


point of view and we are convinced she is being detained without trial


because of that. She should be released immediately. But it is due


process that the Government is following. It will allow the due


process to go forward. The Rhys contention in relation to that. She


herself says that she received a pardon in relation to the Crown's


which she had committed. -- the crime's -- crimes. I believe that


there is substantial merit in that argument. What I am saying to you


is that if she has been released on pardon, then there is no issue at


all in relation to licensed. What the Crown argues is that there is a


certain element of her sentence that was subject to licence


conditions. I spoke to our two times in prison and she herself


says that when she was released from custody after serving her time,


she was not subject to any conditions whatsoever. In fact was


never asked to report anybody, she was never told that she was under


licence conditions so factually she was not under licence by a legally


she was not under licence. It does not seem work cut -- clear-cut this


licence and one of the documents is missing. You have got a dissident


Republican allowing... It is clear- cut that she was given three


sentences, one determine end to life sentences for her crimes. In


1980 she was released. Two of the three sentences were based on


licences. That was what was revoked. Due licence was followed. She is in


exactly hundreds of other former prisoners who are out on licence. I


am not going to be crying tears over Marian Price. She got a jail -


- get out of jail three-card because she was that debt's door.


She has clearly been involved in other activities and that has led


to the revocation of Alison's and therefore she should beat going


back to jail. -- of her licence. This is what you would expect from


her. Where dupe why it -- due process was followed, the Secretary


of State acted. There is a perfect opportunity for her to do that. She


is also faced, she might have been technically have been given bail,


those have been subsequent to the licence being revoked. I wonder if


the judge felt that it would be better. This was a woman who was


charged with serious offences. I am glad to see the intervention.


briefly, you cannot have due process on the basis of


intelligence reports. That is the basis on which licensing operates.


Nor, it is not. It is following 2001 legislation. It deals with the


individual chap -- circumstances of the person. She does not have her


own counsel to represent her. They are 0.1. -- they will appoint


someone for her. Why does this say about wider


society, we were supposed to have devolution of justice powers?


says a lot about the hand of Owen Paterson. It has someone who we do


not want involved injustice matters. It is sad that what happens is that


the Unionist parties feel obliged to support the Secretary of State


and they reintroduce internment. What we need is to build the future,


have more confidence in the system of justice here. And this case,


every aspect case of it, built twice and returned are kept in jail,


all those things undermine their confidence which we're trying to


build up here. Marian Price should be released, released a hospital,


she is not fit to attend court but they insist on keeping her in


prison. So Stewart Dickson, there seems to be an element of


predictability about how the partys have fallen into their lives, how


the support our do not support Marian Price in this case. Where do


the lies partisan? I agree with Mairtin, it is worrying that he has


a hand in this. I share some of the concerns of that as solely on


intelligence. It is up to the Secretary of State and he has been


remarkably quiet in respect of his case. I believe it is up to the


Secretary of State to give a fair explanation to the public as to why


he has decided to revoke a licence. If that is on intelligence Cruz


then he should be upfront and tell us that. -- arounds. But it has to


be considered extremely serious that politicians have the power to


put someone in jail and keep them there. He obviously believes he is


doing that for the safety and security of our whole community but


I believe we need a explanation for that. As far as the Justice


Department, they have a responsibility as far other


prisoners in Northern Ireland. The conditions she finds herself in an


entirely self-inflicted. She is the person who chose to goal ensued and


be segregated. -- she wanted to be segregated. Medical advice and she


is not fit to be in prison. She was fit enough to be at a dissident


rally this time last year. It does seem... She was in jail because she


committed offences in 1973 and lost the right to get a licence on those.


There were lots of people killed in that incident. There is a


humanitarian issue here. She should have thought of that before the


crime she committed. We are compassionate society. This lady is


ill, Seriously ill. She should at the very least be released into


hospital. That is how difficult her circumstances are. The Prison


Service have said they are monitoring her health and if


professionals think she should be in hospital when she will be


released into hospital. The family certainly believe that she needs to


be hospitalised immediately. Irrespective of all that politics,


she should be in hospital. medical are authorities are the


best to judge that. Thank you, we will leave that there.


I'll across Northern Ireland householders are playing a waiting


game with builders who will not finish what they have started.


Roads and sewers are left incomplete, even street lighting


does not work. The Assembly's regional development committee is


on the case, as Yvette Shapiro This development on the outskirts


of Waringstown has remained unfinished were more than five


years. Now the Road Service has moved into complete the work that


the developer should have done in the first place. It will probably


cost around �50,000 to bring the roads and pavements up to standard,


but that money should be recovered from the bond lodged by the


developer when he started the project.


When a building firm does not finish roads and a reasonable time


or if it goes bust Road Service and Northern Ireland Water can take


this type of enforcement action under the private streets order.


The Department for regional debar - - department regional development


says it is dealing with 83 sites that need to be completed. It has


deployed 14 private contractors who are currently working on 23 of


these sites. Residents have put up with this for a number of years.


They are paying the full rates but they're not getting the full


services. The problem with unfinished developments predates


the recession and some builders are notorious for leaving jobs undone.


But the collapse of many developers in recent years has made the


situation much worse. In the case of an average sewerage works,


Northern Ireland Water says that previously it would have taken


enforcement action once or twice a year. But in 2010, it moved into


complete 14 Sears. This figure more than double last year. Such action


by Government agencies is clearly a last resort. Away can step in


straight away but we want to give a developer and opportunity to finish


his work. He does have an plays by- law what they call a bond which is


financial security held by others. We can calling that want in order


to use that money to employee other workers to carry out this work.


That can create problems for workers if we calling that wants


his son. What we like to give their devolved powers every opportunity.


-- the developer's every power. This is not the view you would like


to wake up every morning but it is the reality far residents of


Silverwood Leaves in Lurgan. Houses, roads and street lighting have been


left unfinished for the past six years. This area was supposed to be


flattened. I am telephoning everyone. I'd get the same answer,


it falls back on the builders. seems that no one wants to take


responsibility of what has been left behind in this area. It will


take one of the youngsters to be seriously injured before something


gets done here. Resident here and in other unfinished developments


have been run it -- turning to the local politicians for help. And it


has prompted the Assembly's Regional Development Committee to


hold an inquiry into an adopted roads and how they are dealt with


the department. The committee will be examining all that findings and


either negotiating to the developers of the committee.


More missing documents now in her and looked at their political


headlines in 60 seconds. This week in the company of Martina per day.


Scandal in the Catholic Church of as Chet -- child sex abuse. Mairtin


McGuinness delivers his judgement. I absolutely atrocious. LF many


young people open to the Prix of this Serial -- ticket sales for the


Irish Open well above par, but with weeks to goal, they still have not


bagged a lead sponsor. Pomp and promises to improve as


sluggish economy but no Northern Ireland bills in the Queen's Speech.


And storeman became a no-go area for nationalist MLAs who were


backing striking civil servants upset of a pension cuts.


And hold the front page, sorry we cannot, it is missing. Can the


first page of the historic Ulster Covenant be found in time for the


100th anniversary? Time is running It was on the programme last week,


we had the exclusive story about the special advisers and what is


happening with Sammy Wilson's guidelines. What does this say


about the relationship between Sinn Fein and the DP? We should look how


people outside this view the issue. The thing that they commented on


favourably was the purpose both parties have and they want to see


more of that. I am pleased that it has been kept at a level of


diplomacy. But a Samuelson is wrong we will have to back down on this.


-- Sammy Wilson. There are cracks appearing now for Education and


special advisers. We know that these are parties that were once


with different ideal the eulogies. -- ideologies. I am not really


surprised. I am also convinced that it is going nowhere, it is not


doing him any good of the Executive any good. Stewart Dickson, a stunt


in Mairtin O'Muilleoir's year. 10 Alastair will bring forward a


private member's bill. Will you be supporting him? I do not believe we


will be supporting him. There should be an open book on who you


are as a special adviser. It is up to the party's then to justify why


that individual is working for you. Our the bringing their skills and


the knowledge to you or their past criminal convictions or whatever?


By not supporting the Bill, you are saying that they do not need to go


through security clearance? I am not suggesting that people should


go through a vetting process. But I think there should be an open


register. We need to know what people have done and why they are


in the position they are in. It is up to the Court of the general


public to decide whether that is a political -- wise move by a


political party. Nobody has a say in this but each individual party


our alliance. You can employed whoever you like?? I think the


public have had their say. I think Sinn Fein have come under


incredible pressure to deal with that situation. Whether they will


put themselves back into that position remains to be seen. What


is their problem with putting this special adviser through the


security clearance? F they -- if we can have a set of criteria then we


can do that. We see the unity and the person against the peace


process pushing against that. The peace process, the idea of having a


set of security, we all heard about security earlier run, any type of


change from the system we have, I think will be a step back. We


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