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Neil Hamilton

Recorded coverage of Arwyn Jones interviewing leader of UKIP in the Welsh Assembly Neil Hamilton, from Sunday 14 May.

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But first to the latest in a series of interviews with the main Welsh


parties ahead of polling day. Last week we heard from my country, today


it is Ukip's turn and its leader in the Assembly, Neil Hamilton. Thank


you for coming in. You said you could as a permanent feature in the


political landscape in Wales now. After those local elections in Kabul


of weeks ago, that can't be a claim you can make any longer. Two Plaid


Cymru. The big difference between Wales and the rest of the UK is that


in the Welsh Assembly elections we have proportional representation


system of voting, unlike in the general election that happening now,


there is a binary squeeze on the smaller parties, by the Tories and


Labour. Squeezing out the smaller parties, but won't happen in the


Assembly elections in four years time and this general election has


come at a very inopportune time for Ukip, we have a new leader who


hasn't had a chance to bed himself in, still got to communicate what


Ukip is for post-Brexit and we have the time to do that. It sounds if I


may say so you are preparing the ground for either a disappointing


set of results on June the 8th. We don't have any MPs at the moment so


we have nothing to lose, the selection is a work in progress for


us, my message to people who voted Ukip in the past to Mike be tempted


to vote for Theresa May is she doesn't need your boards, she will


win by a massive majority, we need Ukip to be an insurance policy to


get the best possible outcome for Brexit. When Paul Nuttall says it


Theresa May gets a good deal for Brexit he'd be happy that UKIP


doesn't do well, it's as if you are waving the white flag already. But


he doesn't believe she will get a good deal from Brexit, we don't


think she can be trusted, she was a remainder, an opportunist, posing as


Boadicea and a Brexiteer. She's been Home Secretary and Prime Minister of


the last seven years, standing under programme of reducing immigration to


tens of thousands, herself adding 2 million people to the British


population, she doesn't deliver. We need to be there to keep her on


track and keep the pressure on because we would never have had the


referendum on the first place but for Ukip and... That your message


but it seems the population of voters just aren't listening. The


Shane Lowry get for Ukip is that you are a party in search of a purpose


and really there is no point to you. That is what the polls tell us,


obviously, but things can change in the middle of an election campaign,


I remember the election campaign the sneakernet and the Sheffield rally


and Labour lost. Things can change. I hope as we move through this


campaign Ukip voters from last time we'll see the sense of keeping Ukip


in the game to put pressure on Theresa May to deliver the best


Brexit for Britain which otherwise she might be tempted to give away.


What are you offering, beyond Brexit, what you stand for? We have


a full programme for the selection which will be announced, the


manifesto launch shortly, several things, let me just mention a


handful. Slash the foreign made budget by 8 billion year to put the


money into the NHS, scrap green taxes to reduce electricity bills by


?300 a year on average, we would take Britain out of the European


Convention on Human Rights and restore the sovereignty of British


courts... That's Brexit. But it has to be a UK Government to do that.


Which green taxes we do is grab? Get rid of the charges on electricity


bills which are necessary to pay subsidies for wind farms. Or do you


get your figures from? That's the conventional figure for the totality


of green taxes. The regulator says ?100 from the average bill, Patrick


O'Flynn your economic spokesman says its ?100 of the bill, why are you


that's the figure I've used all along. But is it correct? I believe


it to be correct. Is your economics spokesman wrong? There are different


kinds of taxes, environmental charges which are added to bills.


Look at your electricity bill, you will see roughly a fifth of your


bill is identified as... But the regulator... I'll tell you. The


regulator says a ?1000, your economic spokesman says it's 100...


Your average electricity bill is ?1500 a year, in this country, 20%


to cover for by green charges, go home and look at your bill. Look at


migration, the policy we see from Ukip is one person in, one person


out, how does that work? Net immigration down to zero in five


years time, is that right? That's the aim. It's the end. We are not


going to be the government of the country but we think that's


achievable. Mr macro says she wants to bring immigration down to tens of


thousands, if she can bring down from a third of a million a year to


tens of thousands, it's not a big step to take it down to zero. How


would you do that? You can't be counting that as anything will


happen between now and 2019. We are still in the EU. We would introduce


a points -based system such as they have in Australia, there would


obviously be temporary permits for people to come and work here for


seasonal reasons, fruit pickers and so what is needed. But ultimately,


the British Government would be able to decide for itself what its annual


target is, Australia has an annual target for how many migrants... But


Australia does not have a one person in, one person a policy, doesn't


want zero immigration. If the economy was growing, we would want


more people coming in to fill new jobs created? Why are you putting


this arbitrary figure of zero net migration down? We are adding a city


the size of Cardiff to our population every year. But let's


talk about what you want to see it coming down to it. We think there


needs to be a moratorium within a reasonable timescale on immigration


in order to be and to get the system under control. Yes, it can vary from


year to year. And that will be an annual decision for the Home


Secretary on -- and the government to take. At the moment we can't take


that decision because we can't control EU immigration but we can


control immigration from outside the year and the government isn't doing


it. If it varies from year to year that zero target is that remain or


doesn't vary from year to year? It will be open for review every year,


it depends what the needs of the economy are and what other pressures


on public services which would be put in issue if the numbers were too


great? That's three different what Paul Nuttall has been saying, your


party leader, within five years net immigration down to zero. What


you're saying now is different. No, it's not different at all, what


we're saying is the aim should be stability the numbers, from there


on, Edward the annual review which is what happens in all countries


which at the immigration control based upon numbers, it's not


something that is difficult to do, it takes time to set the system up


and so... That target of achieving this in five use, it doesn't sound


like it's achievable from what you say? Ukip is not going to be the


government of the country so it's a bit like arguing how many angels


dance on the head of the pin. White of having a manifesto if you are not


going to be the government of the country? Let's be realistic, of


course I could sit here and say, we are in the game to win and indeed we


are but in reality we are not going to be the government of the country


on the 9th of June, we want to get a good fold of the election to take us


to the next stage. But how likely is it you can be the man to achieve


that, look at the polls he mentioned earlier, the most recent in Wales


have your personal rating as the laws that anybody has ever had in


any of these polls. It's low, 1.9 out of ten on average for all


parties, three out of ten among Ukip voters, ie part of the problem, do


you think? I'm only leader of the Ukip in the Assembly, I'm not


seeking to be the leader of the party. You are a leading member of


the party. I've come into this to do a job, to lead the Ukip group in the


Assembly because I've got a great deal of political experience as a


member of Parliament, government minister, and I've been around a


long time and so I've got certain advantages which I've been able to


bring to it, to professionalise Ukip in Wales and get is the kind of


media attention which are scum to enable us to go forward. I don't


have political ambitions beyond this. Neil Hamilton, thank you for


your time. -- which are going to enable us.


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