Child Maintenance (Assessment of Parents' Income) Ten Minute Rule Bill

Child Maintenance (Assessment of Parents' Income)

Recorded coverage of Conservative MP David Burrowes introducing his Child Maintenance (Assessment of Parents' Income) Bill in the Commons, from Wednesday 19 April.

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Ten minute rule motion. I beg to move that these be given to bring in


a Bill to equalise the assessment and enforcement of child maintenance


arrangements of children of self-employed parents with that of


other employed parents. I do welcome the great interest of an attendance


of Honourable members for my Bill, but feel like something of a filler


in the Prime Minister's San Mitch. The Honourable members attention


will be focused on the next motion rather than my Bill, however many


parents have waited all too long for a fairer child maintenance for their


children and will not let a general election get in the way of their


campaign. The campaign message at the heart of my Bill, to use the


Prime Minister pot pardons, is that we needed help maintenance service


that will work for everyone, not just a privileged few. This issue.


The. Stop the clock, please. I appreciate the interest and other


matters, but the subject matter of this Bill is of very great


importance to huge numbers of parents and children around the


country and I think it is, to put it mildly, unseemly that while the


honourable gentleman is speaking about his Bill, there are a number


of animated private conversations taking place, including those being


conducted by normally immensely courteous members of the house. If


the house could settle down and listen to the eloquence of the


honourable gentleman, we would all be grateful. Of great and broadens


and interests of the public. It is also a great cross-party one. From


the time of the Thatcher Government, recognising the principle that all


Prince Harry continued responsibility to reasonably


contributed children's upkeep. Parents in need of child maintenance


who have nowhere else to turn. It must cater for all children,


including those whose parents are self-employed with complex financial


affairs. My interest in this issue has arisen from my constituent


Elizabeth who is in attendance today. As well as four other equally


brave women, super mums, and there will be other like-minded women who


have come to surgeries. Elizabeth, Melissa, JoAnn, Sue and Kate have


religiously pursued the cases and could read the text but on how


parents good... They're been removed in replacement to the MS processors.


It is useful to have read me to introduce this Bill and my


honourable friend with the Work and Pensions select committee that an


enquiry into the CMS which is due to report imminently. If you are a


child whose nonresident parent is up and Plaid Cymru your risk of being


financially disadvantaged convert HL twos nonresident parent is employed.


Nonresidents other employed parents are being indulged by the CMS. The


Government 's defence to discharge of injustice is that closing the


loopholes which enables such child maintenance avoidance is, I quote,


expensive and time component to do so. -- time-consuming. The


Government does not take such a relaxed attitude to those who avoid


paying benefits taxes. An annual budget of ?4 billion, this money


feels to get a grip of nonresident parents who hide their income from


the CMS by exploiting legal loopholes. It is welcome that the


DWP has beefed up its financial investigations unit to a 50 strong


team and good that the Minister for world for a delivery who is here


today to listen said to be working pensions select committee that the


apparatus of the bank accounts and tax records and seek to clarify


where things are at not adding up. -- have powers to look at bank


accounts. Children should not be paying the price of the ongoing


injustice of unpaid child maintenance. Fewer than half of


eligible children do not receive anything at all. Elizabeth's Sun is


one of those whose should not be paying for the ?40,000 price of what


he is owed over six years in jail maintenance. Simply because his


father has a clever accountant who can help hide his African non-in


comparing accounts businesses and property. This maintenance liability


would not have been uncovered without the determination of his


mother taking the case through to tribunal hearings and relying on the


old rule which would allow for assets to be looked at. They


eventually revealed that the other parent is assets valuing the lot


from the sale of businesses and inheritance and found that he could


regularly pacey as a maintenance to support their teenage son. The


problem may build six resolvers that under the 2012 CMS scheme, the same


parent is held to have a nil child maintenance and is liability. It was


then at 40,000, it would now be nil. Being based largely on gross taxable


income figures are provided by the HMI C. This model, I accept, works


with the majority of straightforward cases were a paying parent pot


school income is to play by claimant. It works as well with the


paying parent takes more in other forms. It is not what at all when


the income does not show up at HMR IC. There are some nonresident


parents who support their lifestyle from income not from income at all.


For example from substantial assets from capital gains, property


transactions. Such paying parents have no child maintenance liability


at all. Parents are now left to a limited child maintenance support


system which may be cheaper and more efficient for a simple cases, but


for more complex cases this speak and weeks to injustice. This


injustice is compounded by the 2012 rules not only abolishing the


grounds to change assessments, but also cutting of the avenue for


redress through the courts. The Government's response was that the


assets ground for a variation proved difficult to administer and


difficult for our clients understand. What has proved


difficult for my constituent Elizabeth is to obtain justice for


the maintenance for her son and what is difficult for Elizabeth


understand is why the state has chosen to prioritise its own


administrative convenience of the interest of her child. The enquiry


into this issue has heard evidence from parents and other nonresident


parents with a lifestyle that does not matter to quote income. The CMS


advisers will go off to the HMR IC and they will be left in limbo


because nonresident parents are not committing tax fraud, but are


avoiding child maintenance because they can hide behind their self


implied status. The organiser finances in a tax avoidance manner.


One mother told a website how it CMS advised her to accept a ?100 payment


from her ex-husband had yourself implied it was the best he could


hope for, regardless of evidence that he was capable of paying more,


hadith is therefore business, multiple properties and more


physical assets than you could imagine. Gingerbread's Chief


Executive said Britain was my child maintenance system is concluded that


into a culture where to meet parents think it is optional rather than


obligatory to play there to help's maintenance. It cannot be right that


someone can avoid paying child maintenance because his relevant tax


year removed is liability. Why did it remit is liability? Because in


that year he bought a truck. The CMS should not allow the financial


interests of a truck to come before a child. The state should not be an


accessory to child maintenance avoidance. The Government has its


eye on the self-employed to make the tax system work for everyone and


issued include the child maintenance system as well. My Bill will reform


the CMS to correct its current failures and cater for children,


company directors and those with private financial affairs. A


notional income could be assumed were a paying parent pot Webster was


inconsistent with income and that should be made available within the


CMS scheme. The new variation ground should be made available whereby a


fair rate of insight should be assumed from an asset where it is


capable of producing a reasonable level of return were a paying parent


has chosen to recall such an income without good reason, bearing in mind


there are maintenance responsibilities for the children.


The Bill were also grab the court jurisdiction with the nonresident


parent has the assets and the CMS is unable or incapable of determining


the child maintenance support. Whilst my Bill comes at the very end


of this Parliament, it may just help prompt the spring report setting out


the 30 month review into CMS. Back in 2012, a Lloyd said we will make


clear our intent is including a specific review. No doubt that will


include the impact on families of the ?20 fee which my Bill will seek


to exempt. The campaign of single families has that the child


maintenance can lift a fifth appearance on low incomes out of


poverty. The lack of child maintenance should be another


burning injustice for the Government to tackle. Given this Bill is


probably the least likely ever to become law in this parliamentary


session, there is every point in highlighting on behalf of


constituents and important for their children the unfairness of it. This


may be an early bid for the manifesto, it may also be an early


public bid to be included in the next Queen 's speech, either way I


look forward to delivering social justice with improved hell-bent on a


system for all. -- tailed maintenance. As many as are of the


opinion, say "aye". To the contrary, "no". I think the Ayes have it. Who


will prepare and bring in the Bill? Child maintenance assessment of


parent pot income Bill. Second reading what today? The 12th of May


I suppose. I shall delete the last two words uttered. 12th of May.


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