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Hello and welcome to our bite-size look... Oh, dear. There you are. We


have settles down. The look at the newspapers. With me are Tinbergen


from Reuters and Daily Telegraph columnist Lucy Cavendish. -- Tim


Bergen. The independent's FrontPage, no way back for Britain's joining


the Syrian fight. Theresa May, doing something she said she would do some


time ago but it is an exclusive anyway. The numbers are descriptive.


Citizenship stripping powers is probably overstating it a bit. In


April she said they would step up the use of these powers. If you


fight as a jihadist, they will take away your passport. This has been


exercised 30 times since May 2010, much more than happened previously.


It is not an unpopular policy. Many people did not object to this. If


people lose their passport, they could be subjected to torture.


Probably not much sympathy for them in this country though. But Theresa


May is doing what she said she was going to do. There you go. Top


story! It is not going to be unpopular with anybody. Well they're


not be any comeback at the European Court of Human Rights? -- will there


not be? Possibly. You have to prove they are a jihadist and that will


take some time. People do not go to Syria on holidays lately. Not


particularly. Lets go onto another story because we don't have much to


say about that. Rivers of blood panic. Vince Cable speaking out.


Saying there will be no cap on remaining than Bulgarians and


anybody else for that matter coming from elsewhere in the EU. Yes, this


is very interesting. Tom is also pointing out that the Lib Dems want


to differentiate themselves from the Tories. This is an area that they


will be doing it in. We talk about the fact that there is a lot of


panic about remaining than Bulgarians coming in. I think there


is scaremongering going on by the Government that it will be awful and


dreadful and nobody will have any work and they will be swamping in. I


did think that is necessarily true and I think it is pandering to the


UKIP potential voters. I like Vince Cable. It is a big analogy. The


rivers of blood is so divisive, a very strong analogy to make. It is


not quite what he has been saying, is it? Not using appalling images,


have they? I think it is strong language but if you look around


Europe, European leaders have been describing Britain as positioning


themselves as the nasty people. I have been to Romania and lots of


them are doing work in different countries and they come back to


their families. There is this fluid idea. The sense that they will up


sticks with all members of their family and plonk themselves in the


middle of London or wherever, I think that is the panic too far,


personally. Soldiering on over the festive holiday worse for the NHS.


Many of us putting up with ailments. This is a strange message that too


many people are swamping A practices because they are


malingerers and now the NHS is saying that we do not seek medical


attention early enough. It is quite confusing. He is not suggesting


necessarily that you should go to A with every small ailment. Go and


see your GP. You can't because you cannot get an appointment. I could


not get my poor daughter in for her Paulinho. What do you do? Sit in a


anywhere it is nice and warm? Get the chocolate bar from the vending


machine on Christmas Day? It would be quite exciting. On the one hand,


we are told not to go and bother people in A but on the other what


are you supposed to do? The Financial Times, Mikhail


Khodorkovsky, pledging to refrain from Vladimir Putin challenge. He


has plenty of money so he could bankroll other opposition figures.


It is interesting because other headlines were saying the opposite


in some cases. He has made enigmatic comments and he has not made it


clear what he is going to do. He has a lot of funds, so he could be a


thorn in Vladimir Putin's sides. Does he have enough for some


polonium? Who does not want to go back in a hurry. He wants to make


sure that you can leave again if he does go back. That was it. Tom and


Lucy will be back and we will have a proper go at them at 11:30pm. Time


for the weather forecast now. Hello. We have got some rough


weather to content with over the next couple of days in the run-up to


Christmas which is likely to cause


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