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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello, this BBC News. We will take a look at the morning's papers in a


moment that here are the headlines. More storms are respected to batter


the UK in the coming days, engineers are still working to reconnect


thousands of homes across the UK which remain without power.


Talks aimed at settling contentious issues left outstanding from the


peace process in Northern Ireland have broken off for the evening and


are set to resume on Monday. The family of a soldier killed in


Afghanistan say he was an exceptional young man. Captain


Richard Holloway was killed in action on Monday.


Student supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt have clashed


with police at the prestigious Al-Azhar University in Cairo, one


person has been killed. And how football is helping to


rebuild Afghanistan's fortunes after years of war as well as other


features from across the world in Reporters later on.


Welcome to our look ahead of what the papers will be bringing us


tomorrow. I am joined by Jeremy Cliffe from The Economist and Craig


Woodhouse from The Sun. What a better way to meet them over the


front pages. The Observer warns that millions of homeowners will be


plunged into debt and could lose their homes in the wake of even a


small rise in interest rates. The Sunday Times leads with a warning


from the prime minister saying senior MPs are fearing for the


future of the United Kingdom. The Independent on Sunday has an


exclusive report that the Government is to set up a register for women


undergoing breast implant surgery. The Mail on Sunday from page says


that Romanians and Bulgarians will flock to Britain in much greater


numbers than thought previously. The Sunday Express is leaving with the


plight of storm victims who did not receive enough help. The Sunday


Telegraph reports that hundreds of pregnant foreigners are flying to


the UK just days before the birth in order to receive free care on the


NHS. Its front page also features the BBC's Fiona Bruce standing next


to the most expensive painting to have been uncovered by the Antiques


Roadshow. We will start with the Observer


which is a worrying headline for many people, mortgage rises which


may plunge many into perilous debt. We have got used to having such low


interest rates that we have maybe forgotten what it is like to have


mortgage rates go up month by month. We have been living on virtually 0%


interest rates which is great news if you have got a mortgage that


terrible news if you have savings. This story is worryingly predicting


that everybody knows that interest rates will go up in the not too


distant future, we are thinking sometime after 2015 which has now


been linked to the unemployment rate. And so many people who can


afford a house only because rates are low will not be able to afford


them, possibly around 2 million people depending on the speed at


which rates go up. We have seen this before, people just hanging on as


long as mortgage interest rates are level and we know people are


struggling to pay bills so this would add yet another further


squeeze. . As the bigger picture, the piece charts that people should


have used the low interest rates to pay off their debts and have not


done that but this overlooks the fact that real wages have been


falling for several years and to keep up the same standard of living


they are used to, people have been looking to debt to fill the. I


wonder if people have savings to fall back on because the temptation


when you look at the interest rate is to say, it is good for mortgages


but it is so low for savings, what is the point in saving? Lots of


people have done that and this story mentions the fact that a quarter of


people asked by a survey paid for Christmas by borrowing. One silver


lining is that interest rates will not go up until about 2015 so if you


have got a mortgage, you should squirrel money away between now and


then to provide a financial offer. And Mark Carney and the committee


that sets interest rates, have a choice about whether they do this.


There is a tacit understanding between Mark Carney and George


Osborne. There has been an assumption that the Bank of England


keep interest rates loose and tight cuts have been running in


conjunction with that. If interest rates are going up, it means and


implement is going down and the economy is ticking over, bad news


for mortgage owners but good news for savings if they go up. Tories


fear Scots will break away, this is a warning to David Cameron in The


Sunday Times that it might be a yes vote for independence. Ward Forsyth


-- Lord Forsyth has warned David Cameron that he needs to get


involved in this. Polls suggest that most Scots will vote to stay in the


union but this is interesting, Lord Forsyth is telling David Cameron to


go up to Scotland and get involved. Not many Scots like the Tories at


the moment that is what the election showed so there is a debate to be


had as to whether a conservative figure in the prounion campaign


would be a good thing or bad thing. Alistair Darling is doing most of


the legwork. Absolutely and there are Tory critics saying he is not


doing a very good job and the campaign is not being run in a very


good way but many Tories would be delighted if Scotland disappeared


because it would mean 50 Labour seats disappearing for ever and I


cannot say that publicly but there are plenty of them saying that in


the Westminster Parliament bars. The detail of how a break would be


managed will cause problems potentially for those who want an


independent Scotland. We have an article last week saying it is not


that straightforward about how quickly Scotland could become a


member of the EU in its own rights are lots of detail to be picked


over. But the detail is where it is at. There is a middle third of the


boat who are the swing voters who could go either way depending on


whether it will benefit the country economically and that rides on


whether it can be part of the European Union and what currency it


will views. There is no emotion in any of this debate. We'll blew still


be on the union Jack? Those are the things that will make English or


Welsh people sit up and say they do not want it being taken off the


flag. It is all being very dry at the moment. This is our country. But


it doesn't matter what the English think all the Welsh link because


they don't have a vote. For Alex Salmond, his greatest success so far


has been to summon up some of that emotion and the date of the


referendum I think coincides with the Battle of Bannockburn. He is a


man who knows how to use national symbols to summon up passion and


Craig is correct to say that the prounion side could take advantage


of that. We will get David Cameron with the union flag on his face!


Let's look at the Independent. An exclusive on its front page, action


on implants and their is a breast implant, one of the PIP variety that


caused so many problems when they began leaking in the women who had


them done. This is a national register which apparently would


prevent a repeat of this scandal. I don't know how a register would


prevent it, surely it is the type of implants you use grid Jamaat it


seems we have got similar sources because I have got almost the exact


same story as this. Is yours and exclusive? I was led to believe so!


At the moment, where as if you have a hip operation or a knee operation,


it is logged so it is marked with EU have ceramics or metal so there can


be product recalls -- it is marked so that if you have ceramics. After


the scandal with PIP, Bruce Keogh did a review of cosmetics and there


will be a range of things and others by the Government of this is one --


of which this is one. I imagine there is a slump in confidence


around things like this, whatever variety. Precisely, there are lots


of bits of evidence of cowboy activity because they are not part


of the core services of the National Health Service is. Many have them


done by private surgeons so people will now ask what they are getting


when they sign up for these and will look closely at the small print.


They are trying to stop these people preying on people with poor body


confidence so they will not be time-limited offers, people saying


they will give you a boot job for a cheaper price if you make a decision


by next week. Will it stop people going abroad? I would not think so.


In The Mail on Sunday, exposed: The true cost of our open borders.


Apparently Bulgarians and Romanians will come here in far greater


numbers than forecast. Interesting how we know that. This is a Daily


Mail story they got from inside the Home Office apparently from one of


their sources which suggests that some estimates - we're not told


which ones - two conservative. I have to say, if that is the case,


then that is all to be good. Britain has got a demographic crunch coming


and we need hard-working people from Eastern Europe. Those who have come


from Poland and other EU accession states have worked hard and paid


taxes to a much greater way than they have claimed benefits. If you


ask people if they are happy for people to come and work hard and pay


taxes, people don't mind. It also depends where you ask that question.


People in areas heavily affected will take one view of the countries


that have come already and other places will not. Certainly the


controls on immigration being lifted on Wednesday, that is when we will


expect the surge. Looking at the Express, with the question, why


didn't anybody help us? With Cobra meeting, they do not usually meet


unless there is a serious problem. The Government being criticised and


energy companies criticised. Things need a proper looking at. It begs


the question, who can do what? When I was looking at David Cameron


visiting stricken homes, you have to wonder, this is surely a job for the


energy companies when it comes to getting the lights back on, for


local councils when it comes to local transport but what can they


Prime Minister do? I think the pie minister has been on a difficult


tightrope, he does not want to be seen to be making political hay but


he wants to be taking an interest. I do not know what he personally can


do about this. It is the oversight, there are so many different people


and organisations involved and I think it is important that somebody


has a central grip. There are probably lots of people off because


it was Christmas to try to fix it and there may be worse weather on


the way. If only we could control that. Let's move on to the Telegraph


and the final story of this, the picture story of the front page.


Let's skip to that. The antiques road show ?400,000 masterpiece. This


was a picture that was found on ten macro. A priest bought it for ?400.


Ella macro and now it is worth 400,000. I might go and worship at


his church! He obviously has a delightful paintings. Kudos is due


to your own Fiona Bruce, who I believe spotted the painting and


said he should have it checked out, because apparently the chap had


taken it to an assessor, who said it is definitely a forgery. It turned


that he was wrong. Yes, and Fiona had said that she had just done a


whole programme on van Dyck paintings, and she had picked up a


few tips. I think it will pay for new bells in that church. Quite a


lot of bells for ?400,000! You would have thought so. Well done to him. I


am sure they will sound extremely sweet when they chime for the first


time. That is it for this hour, but we will be back at 11:30pm for


another look at the stories on the front pages. Stay with us. In half


an hour, . -- in quarter of an hour, more on the flood devastation.


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