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perhaps the greatest try ever scored that happened 41 years ago today.


That is coming up in Sportsday, in 15 minutes, after the papers.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


bringing us tomorrow. With me are Angela Knight, Chief executive of


Energy UK, the body which represents energy companies and John Rentoul,


columnist for the Independent on Sunday. Let's have a look at some of


the front pages now. We are going to start with the Independent showing


the former journalist Dan Evans who has been giving evidence in the


phone hacking trial, but its main story is on the election forms of


the Liberal Democrats, who the paper claims plan attacks raid on the


rich. Diabetes could be cured within a generation according to a medical


expert in the Daily Express. The Daily Telegraph reports that the


economy is growing at its fastest pace since the financial crisis


first struck seven years ago. The photograph is to do with the phone


hacking trial and shows Jude Law with his then girlfriend Sienna


Miller. The Metro chooses revelations from the phone hacking


trial about Jude Law for its front as well. The Financial Times leads


on news from RBS bank - that it faces an ?8 billion loss. The


Guardian carries more revelations from the whistle-blower Edward


Snowden that the UK and US spy agencies have been looking at ways


to extract personal information about individuals from their


smartphone apps. We are going to start with the phone hacking trial,


the Independent has a picture of David Evans, Dan Evans rather,


former journalist, who has been speaking today. That's right, he has


been giving evidence that he boasted about his skill at phone hacking to


Andy Coulson, the editor of the News of the World at the time, and was


hired on the basis of those skills, which is not encouraging news for


Andy Coulson who has previously said he knew nothing of what was going


on, but we have yet to hear from Andy Coulson himself as to his


defence, and Rebekah Brooks likewise. They are coming up soon I


think. Indeed, we are looking at the end of the prosecution case over the


next few days with Dan Evans, he will probably be in the witness box


again tomorrow, but Jude Law also appear today. That's right, and Jude


Law has apparently just found out that one member of his family was


telling stories -- selling stories about him. It must be awful when you


find out in your private life that somebody close to you has been


saying this, your family is one that you trust to support you, so that is


a nasty thing. In fact he found out today in the dock, a piece of paper


was passed to him with the name of the family member on it. It makes it


almost worse, how awful. Let's stick with the Independent, and Lib Dems


declare war on the rich, the manifesto for 2015. It seems


everyone is declaring war on the rich, and we may not have any! We


actually need some people who are wealthy, who contribute in the UK


and are paying their taxes here. I superficially think, yes, ?2 billion


per year, they can pay more, and if you then on picket and have a think


about it, a lot of these houses will have been bought along time ago


before we had the big house price rises that we have had. That's the


first thing. Secondly a lot of them will have retired now, so you are


saying to these people, OK, you've made money on your house but at the


same time you paid tax all your life, you are now on a pension and


somehow you have got to pay some more. It doesn't look right to me at


all. It is 2 million, isn't it? I beg your pardon, I said two billion


and I meant 2 million. Howling people have had houses that have


gone up over 2 million? Who says this is the last decade? In London


particularly is where you have got a lot of high-priced houses and in the


rest of the country I agree it looks very different, but I think there is


a principle here. How many times do we tax people? We tax them on their


income, their savings, they have paid their mortgage, their house


value has gone up, then tax them again. John? John will not agree


with me. I think there is a principle here that in times of


austerity the burden has got to be shared fairly, and Labour want to do


it by putting the top rate of tax up to 50p. The Lib Dems need something


to offset that. This is the Liberal Democrats splitting the difference


as ever. That is a valid point that times are difficult, everybody has


got to pay something, and the more you earn the more you pay. An


interesting statistic at the weekend said the top 1% earners pay 30% of


the tax. We need them here to pay the tax and all of this business


about war on new simply because you are already paying a lot of tax


because, OK, you earning it but you are not paying it, it doesn't look


right. We heard Digby Jones saying that Ed Balls' suggestion about


raising the top rate of tax to 50p in the pound was bad economics. Is


this the same? There is an opinion poll in the Independent tomorrow


which has the Labour lead down to one point. The 50p rate of tax which


was dominating the news at the weekend, either people have not


noticed it or they are moved by it. A lot of these apparently popular


policies that sound right and sound like you will get tough on a section


of society, they get the cheer at the moment they are said and then


people go away and think about how realistic it is, what the


consequences will be, and if it is just a sound bite. I worry about


signed by -- about sound bites that are worrying for investors. I am


totally neutral in this discussion, on either side of this. Let's move


on to the Daily Telegraph, the economy is moving at its fastest


pace since the crash apparently. This is where I think politics is


starting to shift under our feet. I don't know if this opinion poll is a


one-off, but if the economy starts to grow fast this year I think


politics will start looking very different, and this newspaper seems


to have advance indication about what is in the GDP figures published


tomorrow. They say it will be 0.8% which takes growth last year to


1.9%. It doesn't sound like a huge amount but it suggests the economy


is growing faster than expected. I think it is a good news story. You


are right, John. Look at the number of jobs. The huge increase in the


number of people in employment, and this is a positive. There is not


that many countries that have managed to do this, to start to grow


their economies, and as good as that. The estimate the IMF has had


to make, they are the ones with egg on their faces. Not so long ago they


said, no, you cannot do what you are doing in the UK, you will kill your


economy, and now they have had to revise their growth figures. It has


taken everyone by surprise really. The Bank of England didn't have a


clue either, never mind the IMF. The thing that has been surprising about


this recovery is just how well the job numbers have gone. The


expectation that unemployment would be much higher than it was and much


slower to recovery has been proven to be wrong. Thanks to 13 years of


the Labour government giving us a flexible labour market. You have got


your tongue in your cheek! He has not! Absolutely serious. The


Conservatives are going to gain the benefit of this. It could well be


the case. They have taken the difficult decisions. The Liberal


Democrats as well. The Queen is broke, down to her last million.


Yes, I am a great wireless. When one gets into the story, there appears


to be some real difficulty. That is the headline. What is it? It is


quite apparent that is a problem in a number of buildings in terms of


the maintenance. The story is more about their household needing to


look at the proper maintenance of the palaces. The important thing is


not that the Queen lives in them, they are a great tourist attraction.


When you have got quite such a history that they have got in this


country, a fabulous history tied up in so many of these places, and the


royalty that people like around the world, the finance is looked after


properly... This story concerns you, you are worried about the finances!


I am not! He has moved to another paper! It is on the front of the


Daily Mail, they are even more royalist and Angela, they are


concerned about the crumbling of Buckingham Palace and Windsor


Castle, it is all going to pieces! You do not want to say any more! The


republican on my left! He wants to move on! The Financial Times, RBS


faces an 8 billion loss. Come to me on this story! Angela knows about


it! Angela has said a lot! I am worried, I am not going to get my


money back as a taxpayer. This is my bank. It looks unlikely we will get


our money back. When Gordon Brown nationalised banks, I was fairly


sanguine that we would get our money back eventually, but we keep on


finding more problems coming out of the woodwork. That is a bit


alarming. I do not understand the small print. We have invested ?46


billion in this bank, we are still allowed the share price when we


bought it. We are not going to get our money back. Not for some time. I


have got nothing to add. There is a whole load of detail here, there are


more losses, you wonder, how come we still see new provisions and legal


cost issues and capital issues? It seems to go on and on. On that


depressing note, you will join us again in and our, to look at some of


the stories. Now, it is time for Sportsday.


Hello, welcome. Here is what is coming up.


Juan Mata is the man, he meets the world's media following his ?37.1


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