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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Chris Morris reports on the Syrian refugees who have sought Santry in


Bulgaria but finding life tough. Hello and welcome to the look ahead


to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. With me to do that are


some familiar faces, Lynn Faulds-Wood and Clarke Carlisle.


Just before we talk to you, let's have a sneak peek at what the papers


are bringing us on Sunday. The Independent has news of a possible


treatment for Parkinson's disease and heart disease. The paper says


the key could be human skin. We will be talking about this later, as Nick


Clegg calls for a debate on Britain's drugs policy, and the


picture shows George Clooney promoting a new range of ethical


clothing. The resignation of Immigration Minister Mark Harper


whose cleaner turned out to be an illegal immigrant leads in the


Sunday Times. The mail on Sunday headlines what it calls a huge data


security breach at Barclays Bank. Claims that keys were stolen at the


Hotel where Madeleine McCann was staying make the lead in the Sunday


express. The Sunday Telegraph has a picture of the seven-year-old boy


who has died in Surrey, one of the areas hit by flooding. A real mix of


stories. Every paper different. The Sunday Times leads on a story that


could have gone on for days, possibly weeks will stop that was if


Mark Harper had not resigned. He had to resign because his own employer


-- law says people have to check the paperwork of people they employ, and


landlords as well. If he managed to get it wrong, how can they check?


GPs are also supposed to be may be getting involved in checking status.


Mark Harper had to resign, because how could he not? He was the guy


that the vans were driving round London, saying if you are illegal,


go home before we make you. We had Keith Vaz from the home affairs


select committee on here earlier, and he said that with the


replacement, he will bring up the issue that he thinks that it


highlights that it's too, located. -- too complicated. This is a man


hoisted by his own petard. If he is placing expectations on business


owners up and down the country and he can't get it right himself, it


just shows how unfair a burden it will be to expect every business man


and woman up and down the country to be able to do the same. He said


himself here that essentially he's a victim of a criminal activity, and


he's gone to extreme lengths to make sure all of the paperwork is right


and his employees fall under his own regulations. And it has proved nigh


on impossible for him to do it, so how does he expect everybody else to


do it? If we had said we checked the paperwork in 2007 and I lost the


paperwork you gave me, then when I joined the Cabinet, this is him


speaking in 2010, I thought, will I check it, no. Then when I became the


Immigration Minister I decided again but I wouldn't check it. That is not


very thorough checking to me. We required a higher standard on


Watchdog. Will we see him back again? David Cameron says the door


is firmly open. It might be, but it won't be for a while. It sends a


terrible message to the country. If a minister can't get it right, we


can't go off on you if you get it wrong either. The Sunday Telegraph,


picture of the boy who has died in Chertsey in Surrey. The police have


told BBC News this evening that it's unlikely to be linked to the floods


but they're not able to say while the investigation is continuing.


There is a question over pumps that the family used to get water out of


the basement. It also says in the article that 17 people are ill in


the area, so something horrible has happened to make 17 people ill. It


was not long ago that Radio 4 had a report last week from some of the


flooded areas where swapping had taken place of a playground, and the


amount of bacteria that was in the playground from the floodwater could


cause extreme cases of gastroenteritis, and this could stay


there for months. It's very worrying. It's very worrying. What


we have to be care of -- careful of is that you almost get like a


sympathy saturation. You get this in times of natural disasters around


the world. Its prominent for a short period of time and then it drifts


away from the public consciousness because life rolls on, but what


actually is going on, these homes have been flooded for months now.


How are the people in the Philippines getting on? Exactly.


When we see the death of a young innocent lad, such a tragedy, we


need to make sure it's not just the visible threat of the floodwater


but, like you said, the potential infection and illness that we are


combating. The police are telling us that all the other people taken to


hospital as a precaution, 15 people, including residents from the


immediate locality and they are still to determine if there is a


link to the floods, but it does highlight the nervousness of what is


in the water. And the poor souls in Somerset who are bathed in sewage.


What will they have is a legacy? Imagine that in your home. Moving


onto the Observer, a picture of George Clooney, but we won't talk


about it. Well, I would like to. I bet you would, especially with him


ripping his shirt open. More on the floods and the threat to food


security. What has become very clear is that because of the flooding on


the Somerset Levels has been in rural areas, it's the farm is really


struggling. They will find it tough to get back on their feet. I live


near the River Thames and it is a tributary that will flood us, we are


a street back but there is a tribute either goes behind. If that floods,


that will flood the houses -- a tributary goes behind. There is an


orange warning, and I understand they want to put the money into


towns and buildings and most of the money has gone into urban planning.


But the problem they are seeing is this is prime farmland that produces


our food that is being swamped and we have to look more to what we are


doing in rural areas. It's not just people 's houses and animals in


small areas, its vast areas of food being ruined by these floods. We


have had farmers in tears on BBC News all of this week as they had to


move livestock to other areas, then get it back, absolutely devastating.


Also on the front page of the Observer, Nick Clegg saying we must


join a new debate in the approach to the war on drugs. He has seen


first-hand the effect of drugs in Colombia recently. Again, it seems


to be Nick Clegg distancing his party from the other coalition


partners. This is a prime example of Nick Clegg positioning himself, as


we go to an imminent election, that they are a party in their own right


and they retain their values. I think this is a very valid debate to


have. You don't normally hear a cabinet minister, Deputy Prime


Minister, or anybody running the country in office, talking about the


way we deal with drug culture. I think it is brave. People normally


don't talk about it until they leave office because it is a hot potato.


The cocaine use in this country has tripled, not just a suit this room


-- not as in this room, in 20 years. One of the things he was looking at


in Colombia is that we are causing horrible problems to happen with


cocaine producers, because the ones who produced the drugs and ship it


over here are in jeopardy. There is a wider issue with him going to


Colombia and see what it causes, there is also the issue that drug


use and dependency has here in our own country. It was two or three


years ago it was estimated that ?3.9 billion was the cost to the country


to treat and maintain addicts and drug dependent users. That is not


just in giving them their treatment, but also looking after the children


who have to be taken into care. These are numbers that have been


nominally falling by fractions of percentages over the past couple of


years and it is high time we took a new approach to drug use. But if you


look at teenagers trying to get legal highs, that has done damage.


There is no easy answer. They sound innocuous at first, but they are not


at all. The mail on Sunday, this will shock a lot of people. Barclays


account details for sale. Barclays Bank is really from an process --


unprecedented theft of data. This is a mail on Sunday investigation. This


is an absolute gold mine. What they say in this is that the business


they shot in 2011, the financial planning business -- they shot in


2011, somebody has taken details from it and at least 27,000 people


with health records, mortgages, savings, they know everything about


them and they have given it to rogue brokers who are now contacting these


people knowing all about them, and trying to get them, without the


people realising they have so much information, and flogging them


products. It is cold calling as well. I did an investigation on this


a few years ago, and it was medical records, but it is staggering how


much is available on the black market in data from your medical


records, bank details, and they get it usually from you by giving it to


a trusted source that is then sold on to a transcribing company and it


gets sold on to the black market. The truth is, is it coming as a


shock to you that this is coming on -- going on? Personal information is


probably one of the most valuable commodities of the modern age, which


is why Internet security is so important, and it's why we get all


of these targeted advertising banners because companies want to


know, and do know, everything we do, and that is why the number of cold


calls go up. I am not shocked by this. I am only shocked by the fact


it's come from Barclays Bank, because I bank with them and I


sincerely hope that they are just a victim of criminal activity. They


say they are grateful to the paper. In a statement they say they are


grateful for them to bringing it to our intent -- attention. Initial


investigations suggest it is isolated to customers linked to the


financial planning business protection -- protection is a top


priority and we take this very seriously. The customer care line


will be hot. But at least 27,000 people have been done, so there is a


whistle-blower. They will be back at 11:30pm but stay with us at 11pm we


will have more on the extreme


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