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impressive target of 304 runs. And we will show with the goals from


England's women's victory in the Cyprus Cup. That is all in Sportsday


in 15 minutes after the papers. Hello there and welcome to our


lookahead to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. With Wii


broadcaster Daisy McAndrew and Owen Jones, author and columnist. -- with


me are. Starting with the Telegraph, middle-class Britons have reaped the


most benefits from immigration, but working class people have not. The


Financial Times says the Bank of England is embroiled in the


allegations over foreign exchange manipulation. A warning over sugar


is the lead on the front page of the Daily Mail. And the Guardian leads


on the Ukraine, saying Western attempts to force Moscow to back


down are bailing. Finally, the Daily Mirror focuses on bankers' bonuses,


which it says are sparking more fury. We will start with the


Guardian, deadlock as Russia digs in over Crimea, US making unacceptable


ultimatums as talks to resolve the crisis falter. William Hague has


been speaking this evening, he said no-one has budged on their position.


I would imagine deadlock is a word we will be seeing a lot more of in


the next few days over the situation in Crimea. And the reason there is


deadlock is Russia, for example, is denying they have invaded Crimea,


they are claiming these are autonomous self defence squads who


have sprung up and are defending Russian speaking people within


Crimea. I think the problem is, though, is that it is complex.


Russia have clearly invaded Ukraine, despite their claims, and are


exploiting a crisis on the ground. But a democratically elected


government which abused Ian Wright has been overthrown and replaced by


a government which includes far right extremists. -- which abused


human rights. There was an attempt to ban Russian as a official


language, which caused real fear among the Russian minority. There


has to be guarantees in any deal for the Russian minority, the right for


Crimea to determine its own future. It was gifted, if you like, to


Ukraine. That is not to say that most Russian speakers want to join


Russia, that is not the case, but that has to be settled. And there


have to be free elections in Ukraine to actually have a proper


representative government. There were attempts to ban political


parties in Ukraine following the uprising which took place. It is a


very divided country, divided between West and East, and it is


difficult to see not just how we can get peace between Russia and


Ukraine, but peace within Ukraine. I agree that the situation is much


more complex than the headlines would lead us to believe, it is not


as simple as saying Russia is the bogeyman, the baddie, that were


Ukrainians are being bullied by Russia. It is more complex. Although


most of us might not understand that, all the people around those


tables do understand. All the politicians understand that, John


Kerry understands, David Cameron understands, and yet they are not


getting anywhere with these negotiations, which must mean that


somebody is not budging. And it does look like it is President Putin who


is not budging on anything. Today we have just seen a rash of phone calls


and photo opportunities, and you know, we have had Merkel and Putin


and Obama and Cameron, they have all been at it, and we have had the


meeting in Paris, and tonight we still seem to be no further forward.


Yes, talking about the possibility that it is the Russians who are not


budging, clearly the West is digging its heels in as well. There was an


agreement back in February that would have potentially stopped all


this happening, but we're not in a time machine, we cannot go back, but


there was an agreement just before Yanukovych was kicked out of power


or deposed, that would have changed the constitution and would have made


elections happen before the end of May. If the opponents of Yanukovych


had got their way, we may not be in this mess, and yet the West doesn't


want to go back to that agreement - the Russians do. Yes, but we can


understand why they do, but of course everything has changed since


then, and we are all in agreement that the previous Ukrainian


government was no great shakes, it was violating human rights. So


everything has changed, but where we go from here, apart from the sabre


rattling and that their baiting is difficult to see. It is an awkward


situation in the sense that, if you like, Russia have got themselves in


a position where, in terms of their rhetoric, they are saying, we are


trying to defend an elected government that was overthrown by


force, whilst the West are supporting it. An elected government


that seemed to be murdering its own people. Democracy does, you know, if


you are violating your own citizens, that is something


different, it is undemocratic. I agree, there was clearly terrible


repression which took place at attacks on human rights, but police


officers were violently killed as well. This was not a peaceful


uprising, there was violence on both sides, and the West has got itself


in an order situation where it has supported a democratically elected


government, and it did the same in Egypt as well. From the perspective


of Russia, they would argue, you have violated international in


Iraq, Israel violates international law in Palestine, Saudi Arabia


invaded Bahrain. If we are going to talk about international being


consistently upheld, those issues have to be addressed, because at the


moment it seems international law is used to attack your opponent when it


is inconvenient for you. It is the ultimate political cliche, but two


wrongs don't make a right. You cannot start and picking the last


ten years of international relations. We need to address the


issue, because this is symptomatic of the fact that the international


has broken down, international is not consistently upheld, and we will


get more crises unless it is addressed. This is why this is going


to take a long time to sort out, folks! We will sort out the world in


the paper review! Let's go on to the Daily Telegraph, Daisy, middle-class


people are being blamed for migration, apparently. This is a


speech that James Brokenshire, the new Conservative immigration


minister, will be making tomorrow or this week, and clearly he is going


to be coming down, as the Tory party tends to do, had on immigration, but


he is particularly going to side himself with working-class Brits,


working-class voters, you could fill in the dots, and say that one of the


problems with immigration is that the middle classes benefit from


immigration, both by employing cheap labour, either in their house, as we


might remember his predecessor did, and that is the reason why his


predecessor was kicked out of office, for illegally employing an


immigrant who did not have the right to work. But apparently the middle


class are demanding cheaper labour, they are not just... Their action is


setting the market rate, and as a result only some were Romanian or


whatever, that is the contention, who was willing to work for it. As


with so many political stories, this is much more to do with the way


people feel than the reality. I think what the message really is is


that working-class people or people on a lower income feel more


threatened by immigrants than the middle classes, and not only do they


feel more threatened because these people are taking their jobs, but


they look at the middle classes and see they are benefiting, and that is


why they are pro-immigration. Personally, I don't believe a word


of it, and I think it is blatant electioneering. UKIP could have


written that. I do not like the phraseology, blamed for migration,


like blamed for crime. There are concerns about immigration, but most


people would say, actually, it has enriched our society, there have


been many positives that we all take for granted. And count opposing


middle class and working class, a lot of working-class people are


immigrants or former immigrants, those cleaning the toilets of Tory


ministers, in that case illegally so. The fact is, firstly, we never


hear the positives like the fact that our NHS is propped up by


immigrants nurses and doctors, and a lot of social problems in society,


often wind up scapegoating immigrants. So for example, the


failure of successive governments to build another housing to meet


needs, people go, not enough housing, why is it going to


immigrants? It is the same with wages, wages have been falling


because of minimum wage being allowed to fall in real terms, weak


unions, globalisation, and immigrants get scapegoated for it.


It is quite convenient for politicians of all stripes to say,


not us, these problems are not our fault. But peoples concerns are very


real, and they do feel this, and rightly or only in many people's


opinion, there is a sense that there are too many people coming. That is


exactly the point, they do feel it, and although it is an helpful for us


to be agreeing... It is not an helpful! People feel threatened


because politicians and certain sections of the media are constantly


telling them things that neither of us believe are true. Tomorrow he


will be saying that they push house prices up and push wages down -


they, immigrants. It is a load of rubbish! The evidence we have is


that a report that has been concealed and not released. It is


just being fine tuned, Daisy, please! They get more money in taxes


from immigrants than they pay out in benefits. These headlines do not


help, they are relentlessly negative, they only include extreme


examples which are negative to make people's blood boil. The Telegraph


says British women have been crowned the Queens of leisure. 27 minutes a


day spent watching telly. At least! Repaint our nails and read magazines


and do nothing all day. It says so in the Telegraph. How long do those


nails take? If you could see how chips they are, you would realise! I


spend hours on mine. This is funnily enough a good news story. The OECD


is comparing countries. We should be proud of the fact that our women


seem to have so much leisure time. I must say, British women are beaten


by British men, who have even more. Of course. This report also says, in


a possible blow to national pride, that no matter how they might think


of themselves as new men, British men have been overtaken by their


counterparts in France in terms of pulling their weight around the


house. So even Frenchmen are better than us? They do more hoovering.


Then something is clearly going wrong. I am surprised at this,


because we do work some of the longest hours in Europe in this


country. But not as productive as we should be. And we do have longer


holidays. No, we have less bank holidays than a lot of other


countries. But we have longer weeks off work from our jobs. We do more


unpaid overtime than a lot of other countries. That is worth aliens to


employers. Voices are saying yes, we do, in my earpiece. Dickensian ways


at the BBC! Exactly. We will not go into that any further. 106 minutes


watching TV? Who has time for that 's women! Don't you multitask


mother? You watch TV while doing your e-mails. Facebook stalking, is


that work or leisure? Because we multitask, we save up that extra


free time. Let's quickly go to the Daily Mail. Cut your sugar intake by


half. Children should not be having fizzy drinks. My biggest achievement


last year was halving the amount of sugar I have in my tea, so I am


ahead of the curve. This is fascinating. They are arguing that


all this idea that fat is the problem and that you should stick to


a low-fat diet, when actually, obesity has been going up. So they


have gone, maybe that is not why we have this problem. So they are


suggesting that sugar intake is the issue. It is surprising because, I


am quoting statistics from the Daily Mail, wow! Well, that is fair


enough, because it is the paper we are talking about. They say no more


than 60 spoons for a child. We think one banana has seven teaspoons of


sugar in it -- no more than six teaspoons for a child. If you are


child, you have your daily recommended guidelines. This is a


serious issue, because sugars are often completely disguised. Daisy,


are you working on this with your kids? All the time. If you look


further into this report, it is about obesity and health issues, but


they say the number-1 health issue is into care. How long have we been


saying, don't have so many sweets or your teeth will fall out to our


children? Distil the case, do -- dental care is a real problem . But


how exhausted as everybody at the moment? This morning, we were being


told you must not do the high protein diets because of this


Californian report that says you will get cancer. Now we are told


that the low-fat diet is bad for you. Now it is sugar, so it is


exhausting. What are you supposed to actually eat? It is a simple rule,


variety and moderation. And on that Michelle... It is a kind of Jerry


Springer and to the programme. Wise words. You will both be back in an


hour to look at more of the stories behind the headlines. Stay with us


on BBC News, because at 11 o'clock, we will have the latest on the


diplomatic efforts to resolve the crisis in Ukraine and get a report


from our world affairs editor John Simpson, who is in Sevastopol in


Crimea. Now, time for Sportsday. Hello and welcome to Sportsday. I'm


Katie Gornall. Coming up: England scrape through their final World Cup


audition, as Daniel Sturridge earns them a narrow win over Denmark.


Bale proves too hot to handle


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