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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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there are Coalition talks after 2015, he'll lobby for ?12,500 tax


free. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow.


With me are writer and broadcaster, Yasmin Alibhai Brown and Vincent


Moss, Political Editor at the Sunday Mirror.


Thank you for joining us. Tomorrow's front pages. The Sunday Telegraph


features the Malaysia Airlines air crash, its headline asking, were


terrorists behind plane tragedy at sea?


The Mail on Sunday claims one of Britain's most senior judges, Lord


Justice Fulford, campaigned to support the Paedophile Information


Exchange. Lord Justice Fulford says he has no memory of having been


involved with its foundation or the detail of the work of this campaign.


He has also added that he has always been a deeply opposed to pedophilia.


A new storm over multi-million pound salaries. And the Sunday Times


claims a secret BBC report is considering a radical plan to scrap


the licence fee. Plenty to get our teeth into, so


let's begin. We will start with the news that we have been getting


throughout the day about the loss of the plane over the South China Sea.


Without information, it is very difficult for the relatives at this


time. The deep mystery around it. It is almost like a Hollywood movie. I


cannot remedy is happening until there was all of this stuff about


the Bermuda triangle. It has been a long time since we have anything


like this happened, something vanishes like this, no


communications. How completely intrigued and shocked by it. And oil


slicks are the only sign to possibly say that the plane is down. Most of


the papers are focusing on the suggestion that at least two of the


people on the plane were travelling with stolen passports, one from an


Austrian and one from an Italian, both from when they are in -- from


when they were on holiday. Astonishing as it may seem, it is


not that rare for people to travel and stolen passports. You would


think that it would be outlawed but it is strangely not. Until they find


the lack box recording, people do not know what the cause is. It


doesn't help when people are speculating already, but of course,


there was this attack in China just a few days ago Palma and the paper


-- ago, and the papers already making a connection to a terrorist


attack connected to what happened then. It is really a complete


tragedy, and if nothing more is known about it, decrease will be


astonishing. It could be quite some time before the black box is


located. That is right, and that is one of the key things, why we need


to find it. It is very unusual for a plane to not give any indication of


something being wrong, which is why it has led some people to speculate


that there was some catastrophic incident, because the pilots --


pilots would not have been able to alert anyone.


Let's go once the second story about assisted suicide, with the headline,


administers clear path for assisted suicide to be legal.


This is a big talking point, and what the paper is focusing on, it is


saying that this has learned that there will be a free vote on this


very controversial issue, and it is suggesting that Lib Dem social Care


Minister as saying that he will vote in favour of this will stop that is


a big kick forward for avoiding this sort of rather horrific situation


where people are doing what they think is in the interest of their


very ill relatives and helping them die with dignity. And some of them


are having to go to Sizzler in -- Switzerland or not go to


Switzerland. We have to deal with this. It is going to be a growing


problem as the population ages. All sorts of illnesses come at a later


age, and we cannot mess around with this decision. It is causing deep


anguish to families and people concerned. And it has led to some


relatives appearing in court. It is something in our society about


wanting to keep people alive who themselves have made a decision, and


yet we don't care when there is so much other misery we could do more


about. Suicide rates are appalling for an advanced country. I find this


very audit. The government would say they need safeguards in place to


make sure that people are not bumping off the relatives. That is


the issue. Moving on. A couple of interesting


stories today. The BBC license fee. A BBC report says to scrap the


license fee, a secret plan for subscriptions. This is a document


that was produced a little while ago from a former Cabinet Minister. This


is a review panel that came up with one conclusion saying that you could


get rid of the license fee and make the BBC a subscription channel and


that some people would pay twice the licensee for that. It sounds a lot


but it is a lot then you would pay for rival broadcasters for some


people pay up to ?700 a year. It is an interesting piece of work. I


think the BBC is saying that it is just something that is being looked


at. Those of us who love the BBC never


wants to have attached, but for so long they have been dependent on the


will of politicians, and years into the next discussion into the license


fee, they have become trapped in political games, not because the BBC


wants it to happen, but that is just how it has been calling for a long


time. Anything that frees up the BBC to become truly independent, by only


anxiety is that everybody wants everything for free. There is a


hidden agenda that many Conservatives believe that the BBC


is full of raging lefties and needs to be tamed.


Have you seen the red colour? Other broadcast channels across the


world have not a patch on the BBC. If you go to the states, lots of


channels, lots of choice, but most of it is rubbish, and people should


look at the options and reduce the cost, but people should protect what


is a fantastic broadcaster. We will use this in the highlights! Another


story, ex-pat Scottish people have the rights to vote, with Alex


Salmond saying, by the paper, that he acted illegally by denying


ex-patriot Scott's a vote. An interesting turn of events. The


diaspora of Scots is huge, and I do not know how far they expect that


this can be extended, but certainly, American expatriates have


a right to vote, so I do not think why expatriate Scottish eagle would


not. -- people would not. It is a big


number. 1.5 billion. Presumably, the reason why Alex Salmond was keen for


them not to vote is because they would not have voted his way I'll


stop if they are brought back and they get to have their say, it could


be decisive. -- his way. Moving on. The co-op Bank is once again in the


headlines. I think you should start with this one. It is a huge amount


of money. There are linked documents which are showing that the Chief


Executive, the new guy that took over from the chairman under the old


regime, he will be getting a total package of ?3.66 million. That


sounds a lot of money. You have to have the best people. No! Absolutely


not. I do think this is so immoral. So immoral. I really do. Once he has


done the job, once he has actually brought the bank back to some of the


house, maybe we can talk about it, but to make it a condition of his


saving the bank is ridiculous. It will be performance linked.


That is what they do with these packages now. It is a long-term


programme. If he only had ?1.5 million, he would just about survive


the modem to think? We come from industries were we are


surviving on a little bit less. I don't believe that. That is the


presumption which has been exploited. There are huge numbers


of. If we had this... Where does it end? You need the best people to do


the job, but the price has gone up to about 120 times of where it was a


few years ago, said there is a strong argument that paying the


executive has gone far beyond. We have got a British Museum, a


world institution they don't ask for the money that these thinkers are


asking for. People want jobs about being this greedy. They can turn the


bank around with a bit less. Moving on, Scotland Yard, this time accused


of covering up institutionalized sexism.


When you are on a roll! When is this going to end? Every single day at


the moment, there are stories about police to misdemeanors -- police


misdemeanors of stop we had the story about the Lawrence family --


misdemeanors. We had the story about how the police behaved during the


Lawrence family investigation. The institutional sexism, this is


another story which the Guardian has been going on with a long time, the


infiltration, benign groups like green campaigners. Any kind of


protest was infiltrated by police. Why? We live in a free country, I


thought. They are saying that they want to


strike out these claims by women who are in relationships, that would be


very bad for democracy and that for the women who are claiming that they


were unfairly and very wrongly duped by people. And they are children in


some places. Thank you, you will be back at 11.30. There is another


chance to see the Sunday Paper at 9.30 tomorrow. The former Fleet


Street editor eve poll land and Jenny Bond will discuss what is


making the news. Coming up next, it is Reporters.


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