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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines. Presented by Clive Myrie.

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him in the side. #we6 will show you how Andy Murray had to do it the


hard way. That is all in Sportsday, in 15


minutes, after the papers. Hello there. Welcome to our lock


ahead to what the papers will -- a look ahead to what the papers will


bring us tomorrow. Paul Kellner and Zamila Bunglawala.


Pretty much all the front-pages are in now. Let's look. We will start


with the Independent. It starts on Nigel Evans. It say says senior


Conservatives warned him about his behaviour four years before he was


charged with sexual offences. He denies all the charges. The Mirror


is speculating on the fate of the missing plane. The express says a


healthy diet can prevent dementia in later life. On the Metro, lead ping


on the trial of a man who ordered the murder of a toddler via webcam.


The Telegraph says it has new information on the Lockerbie


bombing. The Guardian is covering the prosecution's opening of that


trial of Nigel Evans. Free school meal ps plan in disarray


after being attacked by -- meals plan is in disarray after being


attacked by head teachers. The plane en route from Kuala Lumpur to


Beijing. It has completely disappeared. It is an extraordinary


Story. Of course, like the of best mysteries, it gives rise to all


sorts of rumours and speculation. Little bits of fact that get


possibly expanded into something that may or may not tell us


anything. Here we have, what the Mirror is saying, is a mystery


Iranian man bought the two plane tickets for the two men with stolen


passports. Is this true? Question mark! If it is true r they


responsible for the blowing up of this plane? Of course this all takes


place in the context of Iran trying to real brat its relationship with


the -- recalibrate its relationship with the West.


My wife has been out, trying to move relations between the West and Iran


on to a better footing, which would include Iran giving up plans for


nuclear weapons. So, if Iran is involved - a huge if - if - lit up


in lights! If it is, it makes things awkward. Of course the suggestion


that another country is involved in some way is based on the fact that


two people got on to this flight with stolen passports. Yes. It is


bound to see speculation several days in when we still cannot find


this plane. It would, as Peter suggests, it would be a hugeful leap


that it may lead to an entire country being blamed for this jet it


is troubling for the families not knowing what is happening.


Speculation does not help thesmt If the plane is at the bottom of an


ocean and they cannot recover the black box, this will be one of those


things which will give rise to all theories and conspiracies and


speculation. As you say, let's hope for the families we can at least get


closure by finding out what did happen. These black boxes - they are


actually orange - they only have a battery life of 30 days. 30 days -


the thing will go dead any way. It does not leave much time. P indeed!


Let's go on to the Daily Telegraph and the Lockerbie bombers. Carried


out by Syrian extremists, claims an intelligence officer. This is a


story pushed. According to our security correspondent it has been


around for a while. We have not yet seen this documentary. It is news


that we are taking second-hand, that we hope to see once the documentary


has been alive. This person has been living in Germany for some time. The


timing is interesting as to why this is only now coming to the fore.


Based on the headline, we are looking at Iran on a different


light, based on the due political issues we are talking about. The


timing is interesting. I think the fact this person is coming out to


talk about it now is interesting. This is a former intelligence


officer who has defected to Germany. Once in the West you may have


different things to say about countries once you have moved. Oddly


the headline is very... A great story by the Telegraph. Very good


news values. It should Syria's Lockerbie bombers ismts is an ir


Iranian official... If you go back 20 years, Libya was in the dog


house, and Syria, we were trying to have reasonably normal relationships


with. Therefore, it is suited for a wider political agenda to say it was


a Libyan bombing, not a Syrian bombing. It looks looks increasingly


that Gaddafi had nothing to do with it. Had nothing to do with it. And


the suggestion from this article is it was in retaliation, so they got


the Syrians to carry it out, for a strike on a jet which killed 290


people. So, very interesting. And indeed, al-Megrahi has plead pleaded


innocent. And Jim Squire always pointed to the suggestion that it


was something else. And lawyers with level heads said al-Megrahi was not


the person. Passport checks - 20 million passengers avoid thorough


checks. How can that be? 200 million people come to the UK. 10%, that


makes 20 million do not have thorough checks T target is 5%. --


the target is 5%. There'll always be some. We fly to JFK, into America


and we know how long those queues are. We know how exhausting the


process is. Perhaps we in Britain should do the same as the Americans.


But then you have one or both of two options. Very, very long queues for


people coming into Britain or many, many more immigration officials,


which would be a greater expense on the public purse. So, if this story


is true, then it raises the question - what's the cure? As he was saying,


the fact is you cannot count everybody because that would take


forever and cause problems at the border. Exactly. I have been to JFK.


It has taken me an hour-and-a-half to get out of the front door. We


need better security within our airports. We don't have that. We


need more desks just to let people out. . The queues in the airports


are horrendous. Any change will have to make a logistical nightmare.


Going back to the story about stolen passports - the BBC found out today


that 160,000 British passports go missing, or went missing between


2008-2013 - 160,000. So, these are passports that could get into the


hands of terrorists, of money launder launders. Sin any kats. As I


understand -- syndicates. As I understand it, in many countries


they check the passport. They scan it against the actual database. If


the there are people stealing British passports and manipulating,


changing the detail, this may be useful if you are travelling between


two African or Latin American countries. I'm not sure they are not


that useful for getting into Britain. If I am wrong. If checks


are so dreadful that forged and distorted passports will pass muster


then we have perhaps a deeper prom. Interpol -- deep deeper problem.


Interpol and police authorities around the world, for many years on


this problem. I think partly the issue of microchiping lots of


European passports is to try and overcome these problems. We have not


gotten all the countries in the world to do this. In the UK, we are


taking it seriously. We cannot stop people coming in if we don't know


what we are looking for yet. OK, on to the Independent, Tories knew


about senior MP's gay sex assaults - it is in quotation marks. It came


out about Nigel Evans, who is accused of a number of sexual


offences. All I would say. I know Nigel Evans. I like him. The


statement - innocent until proven guilty is not just a form of word -


it means something. The trial opened today. This is the prosecution case.


Now, the allegation is serious, not just in relation to Nigel Evans, but


in relation to the Tory Party, which is why it is on the front-page of


the Independent, the Guardian. If it is true, it has wider ramifications


than Nigel Evans himself. It is just the prosecution case. When we hear


the defence case let's hope it gets all the prominence this does. He


denies all the charges He said that from day one.


It will be something to watch, as Peter said. It has made several


papers. It will be a big story for some time. The Daily Mail - infants


making menu choices - parents chopping vegs - what is this about?


This is an interesting story of where we think the disarray will


happen in our school system and where the food is coming from. The


policy was a good policy because we do have good free school meals for


lots of neighbourhoods now I has worked as a good poll -- now. It has


worked as a good policy. There are free breakfasts as well. If it does


not work on the ground, someone has to revisit why they think it is a


good policy and what is going wrong. Two very good friends of mine wrote


a book called The Blunders of our Governments. Things well meaning


that went wrong. Could this be another one? Feeding kids properly,


you cannot overstate the importance of this. It really is absolutely


vital. The policy must work. It's no good just having an announcement and


the right motives. You have to get down and look back at the poll tax,


or this Government's health reforms - the list goes on of things which


seemed a good idea at the time, but were not properly thought through.


When will we ever learn. You were from blar's Number Ten. You


thought about things clearly or very deeply before you put them to your


master, didn't you? We test things as well. That is why we have pilots


for policies. When you have rollouts on this scale, there are planning


things which need to be dealt W if those things are not taken care of,


lots of people do suffer and I mean, children going hungry is not a good


sign. Have there been pilots of this? At


the borough level. Nationally we're talking about thousands of schools.


It is not just about timing as well. At borough level there is a


manageable number of schools and you can get by and talk to them about


how it is done and make sure it happens properly. National roll-out,


you are going from 50 schools to 2000 or whatever. We can forgive a


few teething troubles, can't we, with a policy as big as this? No! We


have to think about starving children. Precisely because what


Nick Clegg announced was so important and will be so worthwhile,


we jolly well have to get it right. I know personally if my belly is


full, I am concentrating more in this studio. So if you are tiled,


there you go. Onto the Guardian. -- if you are a child. UKIP facing


questions from European allies. This is really interesting because we had


the time is turning them over and raising questions. UKIP is part of a


grouping of like-minded parties from a number of countries that get


together in the European Parliament because they have certain procedural


and financial rights if they join up. It is not UKIP MEPs, but MEPs


from parties they are associated with. Saying terrible things about


child-bearing most women being compared to Osama Bin Laden.


Precisely because UKIP is fighting for first place, Nigel Farage said a


couple of weeks ago that they can expect a lot of scrutiny. Just ten


weeks from the European elections, it will be interesting to see


whether the scrutiny in the end undermines UKIP's appeal. With a lot


more press coverage has to come more scrutiny. As a slim woman, I find it


quite incredible that we are talking about Muslim women in this way. --


Muslim woman. We need to look at why UKIP is supporting these groups and


what it says about them and what tolerance levels we have. Are we out


of time? I think we are. We sped through that and did not get to


Kelly Gallagher, the brilliant success on the slopes of Sochi. We


will talk about that later, in an hour, for another look at the


stories behind the headlines. At 11 o'clock on BBC News, we will have


the latest on the search operation for that missing Malaysia airlines


aeroplane bound for Beijing from Kuala Lumpur. First, Sportsday.


Hello and welcome to Sportsday. I'm Katie


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