15/03/2014 The Papers


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines. With Chris Rogers.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing


us tomorrow. With me to do that is Eva Simpson and Emily Ashton. Good


evening. We're going to be going through all the front pages, but


let's have a quick sneak preview. There is the Observer. Leading with


Vince Cable intervening in the debate on the controversial HS2


high-speed rail line, calling for the North-South gap to be closed.


Torment of hope if the headline on the Independent.


The questions whether we are really any closer to finding out what


happened with the missing Malaysia Airlines flight.


The top story in the Sunday Times is also the hunt for flight MH370.


The Mail on Sunday focuses on the pilot he was a supporter of a


controversial Malaysians opposition leader. The Sunday Telegraph is lost


plane, it has picture of the Towers in Kuala Lumpur next to the New York


Twin Towers. The revelations today make a great


headlines. The truth is, we have still got nowhere near to knowing


exactly what happened. There is still a lot of speculation. At the


today for the first time, there was something to go on, some concrete


information coming out from the Malaysian authorities. But the Mail


on Sunday, they have an interesting line, they claim the plane was


hijacked by a pilot who was eight political fanatic. -- who was a


political fanatic. They have gone into some detail. They have an


amazing graphic insight, which is their version of what seems to have


happened. We have interviewed one of his close friends who says anything


like that would be totally out of character. Yes, he said if he had to


choose any pilot to fly the plane, he would choose this man. So it is


out of character. There is be the lots of theories around. The papers


have gone for different angles because nobody really knows what has


happened. The flight veered West, nobody knows why, it looks like


somebody has taken control, but who is it? If it is somebody with the


expertise, it looks like you would turn to the pilots first and say,


why do you think they might want to do it? The bill on Sunday said one


of them white -- might want to do it because he is a political fanatic.


That lack the Mail on Sunday. -- the Mail on Sunday. Nobody Willie knows


the truth. There is a new line which has emerged about how the plane


ascended rapidly to 45,000 feet... The Mail on Sunday had phoned their


graphics department! They say he did this in order to knock everyone out.


You do not want to be on a jet that climbs to that height, then descends


unevenly to 23,000 feet. We will be beating to experts later this


evening, but my experience of flying at that height is, it is pretty high


to go, you would be talking about a loss of pressure, a lack of oxygen,


then falling to 23,000 feet, the GeForce would be very great. Sun


violent changes in altitude might have been done to a struggle in the


cockpit. -- violent changes in attitude -- altitude. There would be


a loss of oxygen, a loss of pressure, and people lose


consciousness. MH370 but it is fascinating to read. When we look at


the area they are searching, it is a vast area. And the agony continues


for the families. They must still have hope, possibly unreasonable


hope. That is all you're left with. But that questions as to why


Malaysian authorities have waited seven or eight days to come back


with this. This Sunday Telegraph also agrees with this story. The


headline is not one that anybody wants to read. Nobody would ever


want to read that. That kind of organised terror plots. And Al-Qaeda


supergrass has revealed in court that he was in touch with potential


Malaysian men who were preparing to take control of a plane and use it


as a bomb. There are no specifics of when this was meant to have


happened. But a pattern is emerging of terrorism emerging from Malaysia.


That is why they have the pictures of the Petronas Towers, as a


possible target. Yes, it is one possible target. But this is another


fairly. -- theory. But they are being told that there are so many


securities, so difficult to get near the cockpit. But if the pilot is the


one who is doing this, what can you do? You presume there are power


checks on -- there are checks on pilots. But if somebody did use a


bomb hidden in a shoe, there was no media call from the pilot. There is


no suggestion that up passenger has gone in there takeover. Let's move


onto some of other stories. In the Sunday Telegraph. David


Cameron on Europe. He has written an article for the Daily Telegraph


saying he will campaign for Britain to stay within the EU if Europe


agrees to his terms. He says this a lot. There are European elections in


May. People are fed up with the lack of action on Europe. They feel like


Europe is dictating what Britain is doing and Cameron needs to take


action. But rehashing arguments, people get bored with that. They see


through that. It won't necessarily help them. Is it the EU that will


become a central issue during the general election campaign, or the


migration issue? Immigration is a massive issue for people who feel


their jobs are being taken. This is a massive debating point. They


possibly feel Nigel Farage understands them more, understand


their anger. The worry for the Conservatives is that UKIP takes


votes from them. We have at least a year to go, and they need to talk


tough now. One of those seven targets is tighter immigration


rules, new rules, less interference and more power flowing from Brussels


to Britain. We have heard it all before. Our political team was going


through it, but he saw nothing new there.


Onto the times, and Ukraine is the other big story. Putin goes to the


brink of war. Some of our crews have been filming military activity and


Islands on the course of Crimea. It is really heating up. After the


referendum vote tomorrow, you have the sense it could turn very nasty


very quickly. I hear talking about military action? -- are you


talking? More Russian troops are coming and, and in the Sunday Times


piece, you have the Ukrainian acting president seeing the next step is to


invade Ukraine its self. Presumably there isn't another tight for


military intervention? -- an appetite. Now, but there is a


feeling not enough is being done. We did a piece about the charge of the


lightweight brigade, all the diplomatic measures so far would not


do anything to remove Russian troops from the Ukraine. They will probably


agree asset freezes and travel bans, but Putin and his officials will not


be affected. Everything is very slow and Putin knows that and he is


possibly taking advantage of the weakness of the rest at the moment.


David Cameron is talking about easing the hunting ban. This is a


peculiar one. I haven't heard this story being raised before. He is


searching for MPs who will help them reintroduced fox hunting by the back


door, something that will play well to rural communities. But there was


such a few Rory last time when the ban came into force, to try and


bring it back on again, it could be a vote loser for him. Fox hunting


does continue in some shape or form. It doesn't really exist anyway.


Farmers think... You have to think, how will this help in the run-up to


the elections? Let's look at the Observer. Vince Cable demanding the


high-speed rail link is thought through to ease the north-south


split. It lot of jobs and investment and commuters at the line on this.


There is a lot of debate about the way HS2 is being built. The first of


these of it is only from London to Birmingham, and then years later, to


Leeds. The think tanks has said, should it be but the other way


around? Build it first in the North to get jobs at their, the


infrastructure up there. It kind of looks as if London is getting


everything. But why build it, is it for jobs or to improve links? And


London is an international hub, people fly in from all over the


world to London. A lot of people think sometimes, London to


Birmingham, two hours on the train, an hour and a half, let's get it


down to an hour, great! But how will it benefit those people in the


North? Couldn't you bring some of that workforce down to London to


start building it? No one can afford to live in London. It's a huge


project. I was staggered at the time scale of it. If this all goes


according to plan, the second phase would be completed until 2033. Vince


Cable does mention the property market to being a huge issue about


moving workers down. He is ahead of us.


That's it for The Papers this hour. Thank you, Eva Simpson and Emily


Ashton, you'll both be back at half eleven for another look at the


stories making the news tomorrow. Stay with us. We will have more on


the developments in Ukraine and on that Malaysian Airlines plane.


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