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to Stamford Bridge tomorrow. That's in 15 minutes. First, the


papers. Hello there, welcome to our look


ahead to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. With me Shazia


Awan, entrepreneur and British Library ambassador and Martin


Bentham of the Evening Standard. The Financial Times is looking to


Wednesday's Budget with the Chancellor saying people are


beginning to benefit from rising living standards.


The Telegraph is leading on the death of Mick Jagger's girlfriend,


L'Wren Scott, saying the musician was devastated by the news.


The Express is asking if al`Qaeda hijacked the missing Malaysian jet.


The Guardian has news of a Government plan to give families up


to ?2,000 a year to help with childcare costs.


A health story on The Times which says patients are needlessly moved


about between hospitals at night to relieve pressure on wards.


We will start with the Financial Times, Osbourne hones in on cost of


living. He is going to set out his vision for the Budget on Wednesday.


We are going to get lots of little bits in the next couple of days


about what he is going to do. He is basically trying to get across the


message that the economy is growing, it's getting better. Absolutely.


This is classic Osbourne pitching to middle`class families and showing


the Conservative commitment to help hard`pressed families. One of the


interesting things that they're saying is they're going to be


offering up to ?2,000 per child tax relief to working parents but that's


extended ` could be extended to families earning up to ?300,000 per


couple so I am not sure how hard`pressed those people really


are. Is he going to get the balance right do you think? It's hard to


know. I suppose he is under pressure from his own side about the 40p tax


rate which I don't think he is going to address. I suppose things like


this gesture ` I am sceptical as well when you hear it, tax relief on


childcare, up to ?300,000, they don't sound hard`pressed. On the


other hand they are that group the Tory backbenchers are talking about.


At the other end he is going to raise, from what we understand, the


personal tax allowance to ?10,500 to take more people out of tax. There


is research that shows that people who really benefit from that are not


the people at the bottom but people higher up the income scale who get


about two of this of `` two`thirds of the benefit from that. We wait


and see. Obviously the pitch he wants to make is he is appealing


across the board and trying to ` cost of living. The Labour charge


that the cost of living has gone up for lots of people, people are worse


off in large numbers and Osbourne wants to say the figures are looking


better but actually you as individuals are going to feel it in


your pockets, as well. That's what he is trying to deliver, whether he


can do that or not we wait and see, I suppose. That's the key. He has to


sort of say, look, the economy is growing, things are getting better.


And you are feeling it. He almost has to tell you that you are feeling


it. Is that part of the problem that he has got that perhaps people


aren't feeling it or are they feeling it and not feeling it


enough? People are really feeling the absolute pinch across the board.


Everyone's feeling the pinch. It's very difficult for people to relate


to somebody like George Osborne, up there telling them it's getting


better, it will get better and of course I am a former Tory candidate


and, you know, even I can understand it's difficult to have that


conversation with people. People find George Osborne very difficult


to relate to, I think. It's fair to say that. You are a former Tory


candidate, what should he be saying? What should be the basic pitch he


puts forward come Wednesday? I don't think it would be a bad idea to look


at sort of completely reforming something like stamp duty, for


example, because so many people struggle to get on the housing


ladder, buying and selling homes and I think that is actually something


that would significantly help but the Government makes so much money


from that. It would be worth looking... He needs a big, bold


gesture. Something really quite big for people to go right, OK, that's


interesting. That's really something for us, that's going to help me in


my day`to`day life and that would be something, rather than help to


buy... I think actually, on the Government's side on this, I think


what they have... And there's nothing wrong with that, Martin! Are


we having a role reversal, Martin? Not at all, I am thinking the only


thing that ` or the main thing that's positive for them is whether


people feel it or not the question is how you think your life is going


to be over the coming years and that's still where, for Labour it's


more tricky, because they have the backdrop of what happened when they


were in power and maybe people think even if it hasn't come through to me


yet f the economy's picking up that the next few years might be better.


Really, that's going to be part of his pitch. I would have thought what


the Labour Party are going to say is look, are you better off now than


four years ago? Well, they are. Are they feeling it? The phrase will be,


are you feeling better off? They're right to make that point for a lot


of people. That's a valid point. Whether it's political traction in


the long`term because people will be also thinking well, who is


bestplaced to deliver a better future for me over the next few


years? I am not sure yet that Labour has counted the negative effects of


what its record in power was and that the Tories having got the


figures looking better, at the very least, might have something saleable


there. Who knows? There is a year to go before the next election. I don't


think people are going to feel better with Ed Miliband. All right.


On to The Express. Did al`Qaeda hijack the missing plane? Passengers


could still be alive. Two sweeping statement there is. I suppose what


these statements indicate is that while there are no facts, and if


there are no facts you can come up with all kinds of stuff now. I


hesitate to be definitive in anything to this story, the answer I


would say is no. But only because... They would have said so by now, you


think? I don't think there's been any al`Qaeda`related incident where


they haven't claimed responsibility fairly rapidly. There is also what


the intelligence community ` talk of chatter going on, there's been no


indication of that. And I think it's a sort of sex sexy theory to put


about. There doesn't seem to be ` the theorys there are about what's


happened to this plane, there doesn't seem any evidence as yet,


and of course the Americans and all the world's intelligence communities


have been looking into the background of the individuals on


this flight, nobody's found any links. That doesn't doesn't mean to


say it's not possible that they don't exist. It seems unlikely. The


story says, for example, that links ` the plane could have landed in the


Taliban areas, southern Afghan heartlands, you think how have they


got in there with the Americans and ourselves. All kinds of military


hardware would have spotted it, you suspect. The bottom line there,


passengers could still be alive, I mean, that's something that


obviously the families are going to cling on to while there is no clear


indication that unfortunately they are dead. Yeah, there is hope whilst


we have all this speculation and no hard actual facts about what


happened. There is hope. That's only a good thing for the friends and


family of those 239 people. As far as this headline goes, did al`Qaeda


hijack the plane? No. I think that's typical Express, at least they're


talking about something other than the weather. It's an arresting


headline. There is nothing that says 100% that they didn't hijack that


plane. It is possible. That's the point. It seems unlikely. What would


they be doing with these passengers for two weeks? If they had hijacked


it they would have come out with it by now, surely. There was a point


today, while there's been no, etc, etc, there is still hope. Of course


the opening up of these two admittedly vast corridors, one to


the Indian Ocean and one across the central Asian land mast, the latter


gives the prospect of them having landed somewhere, there are air


strips they could have landed on, never mind some stretch of central


Asian terrain. With 26 countries, there's hope. But it does seem


absolutely bizarre to most people that in this day and age when


supermarket will know exactly what you eat, what you buy, what your


habits are and they can't find a plane. Well, it is lost somewhere.


Onto the Daily Telegraph. World Cup chief and family paid millions by a


Qatari firm. There have been allegations swirling around FIFA and


corruption for years and the BBC has done a lot of investigating. Part of


the problem is the impression that can be given that there is


skulduggery or something allegedly going on behind the scenes because


of the bidding process and the way they conduct their business. Yes,


and as you say it is a long`standing concern. Every time there is a World


Cup bid, and in the last one I think they allocated Russian and Qatari


World Cups the same time, meaning allegations of trade`offs between


voting for the different world cups. This story, we can't say the


allegations are correct, but it is suggested that Jack Warner, the


former Vice President of FIFA, received money from a Qatari former


football official. We don't know the rights and wrongs of that allegation


but it is the sort of thing that regularly crops up after the World


Cup. It looks like the whole process has to be looked at. The


International Olympic Committee has had its own problems in the past


with these allegations and it seems to have got its act together and it


is strange that FIFA can't do the same. Sporting beards over the years


have been full of corruption and all kinds of things. `` bids. It is


alleged that Jack Warner has got ?2 million in his bank account from


this. The only reason this has cropped up is because a bank in the


Cayman Islands saw the red lights and raised this. They said it is


happening. It is a shame that it takes something like this for it to


come out. If it is true, of course. These are all allegations. Right!


Onto the Guardian. Very sad news of the partner of Mick Jagger, L'Wren


Scott, who has died at her apartment in New York. She is on the front


pages with Mick Jagger, a number of the front pages. But we have got to


remember that she was a very successful woman in her own right,


as you point out. Absolutely. I think a lot of people will think of


L'Wren Scott as Mick Jagger's other half but she was a famous model,


highly successful, and a very famous designer. Her clothes are in Harrods


and Selfridge's, the high`end stores. This is absolutely tragic.


They have been dating for 13 years and it is unexpected. We have to be


very careful what we say about this because of the circumstances


surrounding it. But of course a big tragedy and it is filling


practically every front page that we have got. He is on tour in


Australia, I think. Yes, in Perth. It is striking because you think


they are couple who have got everything and then it ends in this


terrible way. To go to your point, one of the things that has been


speculated is that she was concerned about the losses that her business


was in caring, and one of the reasons she was concerned about that


was because she was determined the business should stand on its own two


feet and not rely on the vast wealth that Mick Jagger has. That is to her


credit really. Indeed. They look like a picture perfect couple. It


goes to show that you don't know what is going on behind the scenes.


You will be back in an hour for another look at the stories behind


the headlines. Stay with us on BBC News for much more at the top of the


hour, including the latest on the shenanigans going on in the Ukraine.


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