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against Novak Djokovic at the Miami Masters. That's coming up in the


next 15 minutes. Straight after The Papers.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing


us tomorrow. With me are James Rampton, features writer at the


Independent. And Kate Devlin of the Herald. Let's have a look at the


front pages. We start of the Independent. It looks of alleged


police corruption and subsequent investigation has found dozens of


Metropolitan Police detectives were in the pay of organised crime. The


Telegraph is leading an energy prices. The watchdog is likely to


order a competition enquiry into the big six providers tomorrow,


apparently. The financial Times says Rupert Murdoch's eldest son is in


pole position to take over as father 's media empire. The guardians of


the Home Secretary will take personal charge of the way the


police respond to domestic abuse in England and Wales after a damning


report. The express is looking forward to cheap energy bills after


today's price freeze by SSE. The mail newspaper reports on fears of


runaway house prices. We will start with a big debate tonight. Between


two party leaders, one speaking five line which is including Dutch, the


other one feels uncomfortable on a commuter train when he hears foreign


managers. Which do you think is which? It's so hard to tell, isn't


it? No idea. They were both, the audience and everybody told were


told they had no idea what the questions are going to be. You just


thought, it's on Europe. But you were there. Technically. You were in


their spin room getting all kinds of jibber jabber from UKIP and the Lib


Dems. Who do you think came out on top? It's very interesting because I


thought it was very close and both of them had at the moment is dying


moments and probably, Nick `` Nigel Farage one but he squeaked it. A


poll says he won by a large margin tonight. What's very interesting is


the last time we had TV debate during the general election, Nick


Clegg was the man of the people, when speaking. He was the outsider.


I think this time, Nigel Farage has managed to beat him. Apparently, in


one of these polls, one in five Liberal Democrats thought Nigel


Farage one. That is interesting. So they don't agree with Nick Clegg


either. I agree with you that Nigel Farage has stolen Nick Clegg's


outsider clothes and he's playing the underdog card for all it's


worth. This front piece in the Guardian says it's interesting


because UKIP has no more major experience of winning anything in


the UK than a town called Ramsay in Cambridge with a population of 6000


people but Nick Clegg is the Deputy Prime Minister. Lord Heseltine


thought was a bad idea to dignify him with this debate and I think a


lot of Liberal Democrats must be nervous about it but you can have


got 30% in the polls going into May's Europe elections and the Lib


Dems are 9%. Nick Clegg has to raise his profile to make it look


statesman`like. He does have to prove he is a statesman. That's what


you may have done tonight. That's the reason they went for it for what


they are rock bottom in the polls. What happened in 2010, he came


across as passionate, and man of the people, to a degree. Also, as well,


because he was the outsider, he was perhaps hoping some of that Sheen


would rub off tonight. Basically, they had nothing to lose another


thing to gain and they had to do this. There was a call at the end


when Nick Clegg said, it is never voted Lib Dem before, us a chance.


They could equally absurd comeback. If you're hacked off at about


tuition fees, for instance. It is very interesting, he made a real


slip and said people always had to read the small print and he was


talking about the combo ideas around EU referendum is but I think a lot


of people will see that as tuition fees. The latter with a small print


you sent to voters will come back to haunt him because people will see


that as the most rank hypocrisy, and that could be why they are 9% in the


polls. There is another debate next week so he could pull it back out of


the fire and be seen to be the man who won an all that kind of stuff,


but was it a mistake, given Nigel Farage's performance? It might be a


mistake given what David Cameron and Ed Miliband aside to do because what


tonight proved was that two people debating was quite dynamic, quite


quick, a lot more sensible in some ways than three people debating.


So, the upshot from tonight is Nick Clegg could end up being cut out of


the general election debates. Then I think they will see it as a massive


mistake. Is that a possibility? Basically, the parties get to decide


themselves. The Lib Dems are going to say Nick Clegg are going to get


on the stage. Many conservatives are keen not to have Nick Clegg are


there. They think there's enough differentiation between Ed Miliband


and David Cameron and their comfortable they can win that and


they think Nick Clegg in the middle could muddy the waters. If Nick


Clegg and David Cameron said we don't want Nick Clegg there, they


can get away with that. Yes, I think Nick Clegg would try to take some


action. I'm not sure if he would go for legal action. He would be


spitting tacks of that was the case. If they said the doubly Prime


Minister Erdogan along powerful enough to stand on the platform. The


old boxing match, the confrontation between two people, that's why the


US presidential elections work so well. It feels much more ponderous,


everybody being asked the same question. Much more laboured. Two


men feels a bit clean and clear. Let's move on to the Telegraph.


Millions are paying too much for energy. No, Sherlock. Ofgem


criticises the Big Six companies amid allegations of profiteering.


This is interesting because it says it could lead to an enquiry that


might even break up the so`called Big Six and this is an incendiary


issues with the election right now. This is a big one in people's minds.


People are being talked about the quality`of`life and the cost of


living and this is absolutely key to that and people thinking that the


increase, some as high as 11% recently, in their energy bills are


unsustainable. That's why, although some people saw it a cynical, I


think SSE has pledged today to freeze its prices for cue years was


quite clever. They are losing 500 jobs at to off`load assets to


achieve that but it seems they were getting ahead of the game so it will


be interesting to see how that plays out. People are hoping that the


other five big energy companies are following suit. Absolutely. I do


wonder, though, what this will say tomorrow. It's basically about


profits and SSE seem to be suggesting, by cutting energy bills


and getting rid of staff, profits might not be too much affected, and


you saw that in the stock market today. Actually, today, it will take


the regulators to go in and change this market and we can't really rely


on the goodwill of the energy companies. That sounds very


tautological to me. On to the Daily Mail. House price bubble. Beware.


The suggestion is we are stoking up house prices too much. Yes, it's


quite worrying for the bid comes from the head of the independent


office the budget responsibility, whose job it is to predict what's


going to happen is the economy and if he says there's worries about


house price bubbles, we should probably listen carefully. The


problem is, as we know, the government has got interests in


this. With helpers abide, they are hoping that this high risk strategy


will get lots of people onto the market `` help to buy. And get their


votes, without stoking a housing bubble remains to be seen. The Bank


of England, Mark Carney, recently, was saying he doesn't think there's


a bubble, but the public shouldn't get too much credit and overextend


themselves just in case. It sounds as if the Bank of England is


slightly worried as well. Interestingly, Prince Charles has


weighed into this debate and I think, in this particular instance,


I applaud what he said. He said is not sustainable, the average house


price in London is expected to jump from ?458,000 up to ?650,000 and the


next few years. Who can afford that? Most normal people would find that I


bought a really expensive and would have to move out of London so Prince


Charles is absolutely right to point this out as a huge issue. How can


people get on the housing ladder if the average goes on up to 650,000?


For the coalition, they're not in any mood to do anything about this


before the election. On the flip side of this, as we always say


before bubbles burst, everybody gets a lot richer. Quite a lot of people


might be quite happy to see their bills... What his activity, I like


that phrase, a lot of developers and speculators are buying things off


plan that they don't intend to live in and that overheats the bubble


which then bursts. I know one developer and where the plans have


been sold twice. The plans. It hasn't been built at full sub sold


twice, foreign investors. Was this when Gwyneth Paltrow kissed goodbye


to her marriage? We've got no idea who the bloke is, someone called


Donavon Leach, but she publicised the fact that she was separating


from her husband, the lead singer of Coldplay, on her website. It wasn't


even on the front page, it was in the blog spot, and she used a


curious phrase which I have forgotten now! Conscious and


coupling. I don't know what it means either! I am slightly conflicted


about this story, I hate to see couples breaking up. But there is an


element of schadenfreude about it, a woman whose very persona reeks of


smugness. Really?! Absolutely, if you read the website, it tells you


how to live your life, fun and banned, you have to knit sandals out


of tofu. You have to leave... Live an incredibly dusty life, and some


people say, I don't want to do that. There may be an element of that, I


am not surprised he's run away if that is the way she is. Do you


agree? This phrase turns out to be a self`help and trap and a whole


industry... You learn a new thing every day on the Papers. Candy


Crush... I did not think you were so cynical! I have absolutely no idea!


Never heard that before! We will end with new media, Candy Crush has King


takes 15%, explain what this is. You are a young person! I do know what


it is, newfangled games that people play on their iPhones while they are


commuting and all that kind of stuff. They are quite simple games,


but they are worth millions, because they are very addictive. The problem


is they might not be worth as much as people thought they were, and


Candy has indeed been crushed on the stock market, taken an absolute


pounding. It raises a couple of questions, is it just that the


markets think this particular company had a one`hit wonder they


will never repeat again? Or do they think that general tech stocks sell


for a lot of money, do they think they are overvalued and we are


heading towards another tech bubble? Oh dear, not like 2001 again! That


does seem to be another bubble, and one analyst says, it is an unproven


business and the presidents for this are not great. You can say that


again! `` precedents. We saw Facebook by that company recently,


WhatsApp, billions. Yeah, one wonders if it is money well spent.


Absolutely. To be fair, the owners of Candy Crush did not help


themselves. They basically admitted they were one`hit wonders and said


the plan is not to find another megahit. OK! An interesting


strategy! Merry Christmas, their one`hit wonder for ever and ever,


live of the proceeds. And interesting business strategy, you


will be back in an hour for another look at the stories, thanks for


that. Stay with us, because at the top of the hour we will have a


little bit more analysis of that debate between Nick Clegg and Nigel


Farage. But coming up now, time for Sportsday.


Hello and welcome to Sportsday, I'm Olly Foster. Here's what's coming


up: Cock`a`Hoops, Celtic hit five at Partick, and they are champions for


another year. It's been 24 years since Liverpool


last won the title, but another victory keeps them in the


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