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time in the world this year. And, Paola 's banned for 18 months, he


will be free to run again in December. That is in 15 minutes,


after the papers. ``Powell is banned. Hello and welcome to our


look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. With


me are Angela Knight,Chief Executive of Energy UK, and John Rentoul,


chief political commentator for The Independent on Sunday. Tomorrow's


front pages, starting with The Telegraph leading with news that


many men, suffering from prostate cancer, are given "misleading"


assessments, causing them to underestimate the severity of their


tumours. The Express has news of a poll on Europe which it says will


amount to a "historic mini referendum" . The Guardian says the


Conservative Party and the CPS are "at war" over the Nigel Evans case.


In the i, the MP says his life will not be the same following the trial.


The Times also says Mr Evans' acquittal has put the spotlight on


the CPS and how they choose to pursue high profile cases. Air


pollution is the focus of the Metro, the paper says that tens of


thousands of deaths come as a direct result of "breathing toxic air" .


The Sun says Peaches Gefof was found dead with her 11`month`old son by


her side. And the Mail has claims of sexual harassment in the House of


Commons. Let's begin, a lot of the newspapers are concentrating on the


story about Nigel Evans, of course, the former Deputy Speaker and a


clearing in court today. Let's have a look at some of the front pages


with Nigel Evans on. It is interesting to see what some of


those have to save. The news that Nigel Evans was cleared of rape


dominates many of the front pages. This makes the story the main story.


The Guardian says the CPS and the Conservatives are at war, that is


their quote, as the Evans decision comes out today. Lots of newspapers


are leading with that as their main story. John, as the chief political


correspondent for the Independent on Sunday, it is a story that has some


ramifications. It is what a lot of people are talking about in


Westminster today. There are a lot of Conservative MPs who are our


friends with Nigel Evans who are quite angry that the case was


brought forward in the first place. There was never any evidence that we


hurdle was reported that really suggested anything other than some


drunken, inappropriate advances that he made and admitted `` that we


heard were reported. The alleged victim said that they thought


nothing of what happened and nothing should happen to him as a result.


One of the things that comes out of this of course, Angela, is that


although cleared, it will be a cloud that will hang over him and in his


words, his last year has been hell. I am not surprised it has been hell,


it must have been awful. Areas of his private life, it has been worked


through and combed through in court. He is cleared at the end. People


have been watching it, I am not surprised they have, the focus has


been on that. There is a particularly telling comment, I


think, in the Guardian where it says one of the alleged victims of the


trial said, following the verdict, "I do not believe that he should


have been charged, I do not think it was a criminal act, it happens in


every bar, it was not a big deal". This is an apparent victims saying


that this should not have taken place. Poor Nigel. I use that


expression advisedly, he must be feeling dreadful now. Even though he


has been cleared. It will take a long time for this to work through.


It will sit with him for even longer. That quote, that suggestion


in the Times that senior Conservatives and the Crown


Prosecution Service are at war. What do you think of that? There are


Conservative MPs who are very annoyed with that and say that the


Crown Prosecution Service should not have brought forward such a weak


case, as it appears to be. We do not know the full arguments. It is a


huge test of the British principle. Innocent once you are cleared. It


will hang over him for the rest of his life. You have to think that


there is a case to be made. The Crown Prosecution Service must have


misjudged this one. Yes, you are innocent until proven guilty. When


it is this sort of case, and it is somebody who is in the public


domain, we could call them a celebrity... I am enormously


hesitant to come to any conclusions when something like this has


happened. I am a strong supporter of the British justice system. I think


that ours is overwhelmingly a good system. But it seems to me that in


some of these areas, this is just one, but in recent times the very


fact that the individual concerned has been a public figure, that has


resulted in a high degree of concentration on absolutely every


part of the case. In many instances, they seem to have recently been


cleared. Everything has been out there, as it would have been if they


had been found guilty. Do we have the balance right? Well, there is


clearly a difficult line here. You cannot prosecute cases simply


because it is a person in the public domain. At the same time, have they


done right? From an observer 's perspective, it is difficult to look


at this and feel anything other than concern. Let's move onto another


story. Onto the express. On EU at last. `` referendum on GE at last.


It is absolutely absurd. ``the EU. This is about to MPs, they are


headbanging you respect it is, although I hesitate to call them


that. ``eUROSCEPTICS. They will organise an informal referendum


``Eurosceptics. To headline it as the referendum that was promised by


David Cameron... I think this is one of a great many European stories


that we will see. Not only because we have a European election in 6`8


weeks time. We will see what happens there before you accuse anyone of


anything. Let's see who wins. This touches a spot which is something of


concern within the UK. What is our position in Europe? When will people


have their say? Will we have 20 people vote, 2000 people vote? It is


not like it is headline. There is a picture of their Prince William and


Kate, they are flying in a German plane? I don't think so!


Side`by`side, a sheer accident. Doesn't she looks bended? We do not


have a picture of Prince George today `` splendid. I thought they


were lovely photographs. I am going to move on before we get stuck on


that! Onto the Independent. An official statistic, the UK only has


three airports! Have I been miscounting X, `` miscounting? This


is about how net immigration has been miscounted over a 10`year


period because the survey which it was based on has focused on three


main airports. It has missed 350,000 Eastern European is coming into


regional airports. ``Europeans. The Labour Party said they would bring


in a system of counting people in and out, that will be difficult for


the Conservatives to answer. You described it as" uncanny", if this


is correct, 350,000... What about Glasgow, Edinburgh, Luton,


Birmingham, Southampton? I do not think Ryanair flies from any of the


main ones. You cannot have an official statistic that ignores some


of the main airports into the UK. `` entry points. You are extrapolating


from a sample. The point is they are sampling the wrong places. With the


influx of workers from Europe, people are coming into other


airports, that was not reflected in the sample. It is not quite as


ridiculous as the headline suggests. If you are going to have a sample


where you are going to grow something, it has to be


representative. It has to be statistically significant. That


story appears in subsequent newspapers, that will be


interesting, I believe it is a story that will travel. Onto the times. A


story carried by the Times on the Daily Telegraph `` and the Daily


Telegraph. Thousands of men were wrongly refused treatment for


prostate cancer as tests underplayed the severity of the disease. It is a


worrying story. You rely on these tests. The procedure, as I


understand it, looking at the story quickly, the tests tend to suggest


that the cancer is not particularly aggressive. The normal thing to do


in that situation is not to operate. They end up not operating on men's


cancers who were more aggressive. Sometimes they have been advised


against surgery due to the side effects. But, if a diagnosis is


wrong...? If you read this story, it is very concerning. You want people


to be tested for cancer. There is not that assumption that once you


are tested, you have a result that is right `` there is that


assumption. More needs to be done. We need more information about the


analysis itself. Quite often on medical stories, there is analysis,


and then more analysis and then a dispute between experts about what


is right and wrong. I hope this does not put men off getting tested for


cancer. We do not often make it onto the business pages, but there are


some interesting stories. Let's begin with the Co`op bank and the


Co`op group. Angela, care to have a stab at this one? This story is


about the fact there is more losses than have so far been revealed as


far as the Co`op is concerned. On the back of this, there is the


question of how this organisation is run in the future. A few weeks ago,


the chief executive was brought in to sort out the problems, but he


walked. He described it as" ungovernable". In the last 24 hours,


one of the independent directors who was brought in to sort out issues


has walked, Lord Myners. Tomorrow, it seems we will have revealed to us


what was expected, and that is more losses. It is an integral part of so


many towns and cities of this country. Getting the Co`op back on


course in financial terms, in its management terms, strategic


direction, and how it has a ball that can run the organisation is


pretty important dashboard. `` is pretty important, `` board. There


are questions about how you do the government reorganisation.


Underneath, there are a lot of companies like this with their own


independence, and they have a say on how the big organisation is run.


Some sectors are doing very well? Yes, they are our largest


undertaken. I don't know if you have been into a Co`op story in it, but


some are pretty good. The ones that I have been to are, at least. I


thought you were going to say a funeral parlour! Yes, I have been to


one of those as well. There is something about getting this whole


enchilada correct. Sorting out the bank, and ensuring it is well


managed. It is a mess. It seems to be in a bad way. I am no expert,


Angela is an expert. But, it sounds to me like the Co`op bank is not


much longer for this world. And the rest of the movement will have to


find some way... Of sustaining it. Members often vote on mutual future.


These are a lot of questions. I probably should address the new


question to you. Marks Spencer. The picture to go with this story,


their new brand of women, as it were, who aren't really professional


models. Interesting this is all to try to suggest that the Chief


Executive, that the strategy is working. Yes. I think it's a nice


idea, to have a range of non` models modelling the clothes. The Marks


Spencer range is actually rather good. This is Marks Spencer is.


I'm offended because this advert isn't directed me. I am dressed


entirely in Marks Spencer is! But I think the number of times you buy


a suit is probably much less than the times I buy a jacket. I too have


quite a lot of Marks Spencer clothing on but I won't show you


where it is! We don't often get that out of the paper review! I don't


know where to take it now. Well, the clothing sales are up. Absolutely.


Anything you would like to own up to? I think I am being told we have


to finish. Thank you both very much. Revelations indeed. Stay with us. At


midnight, more on the news that a man has been charged over the 1998


Omagh bombing. Coming up next, time for the sport.


Hello and welcome to Sportsday. I'm Hugh Ferris. Day one of the Masters


and it's almost like a year hasn't passed. Defending champion Adam


Scott is right in the hunt again at Augusta. Banned for 18 months but


back by December. Asafa Powell calls his backdated doping suspension


unfair and


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