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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - Martine Croxall presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Europe's clubs risk financial exclusion. That is in Sportsday


after the papers. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. With me are


pension analyst Ros Altman and London Evening Standard journalist


Mihir Bose. They are so much more than that, of course, but that is


the shorthand. Tomorrow's front pages, starting with: The Telegraph


leads on comments by Nick Clegg that the Queen should lose her


constitutional role as head of the Church of England. The Times has the


same story. It says senior Cabinet ministers are split over the role of


the church. The Guardian reports on Russian forces carrying out fresh


manoeuvres on the Ukrainian border. The paper also says the Gherkin is


for sale for more than ?500 million. An extra cup or two of coffee a day


could help slash the risk of diabetes ` that's according to the


Express. Today's court appearance by the Coronation Street actress


Barbara Knox dominates the Mirror's front page. She denies drink


driving. And the Metro says tenants faced with paying the spare room


subsidy in South Wales are offered a free Creme Egg. A housing


association wants them to keep up with their payment. I did not say


welcome, but you are. So let's begin. The Times is looking at this


idea of whether the Church of England should be the established


church and whether the Queen should be the head of it. Nick Clegg thinks


not. I find this idea strange. We are a Christian country with strong


Christian traditions and values. I don't understand what the Vantage to


anybody would be of sending a message that somehow, we want to


divorce the Queen from the church, or the country from this Christian


tradition. We are very tolerant. We don't have a religious issue in


terms of church and date. So from my perspective, I think the prime


minister is right. This is something that is important to Britain, the


Christian tradition. I think this has come about because Cameron wrote


that article just before Easter about this being a Christian


country, and of course, it is. The traditions and history of this


country are embedded in Christianity. I think Nick Clegg


wanted to stand apart, if you like. That has always been liberal policy.


Nobody knew it until Nick Clegg made the broadcast! Or not outside the


party. I can't see the advantage of doing that. If you had an opinion


poll and went around and ask people, is the Queen the head of the church


quez Mac I don't think people would say yes. I am not a believer or a


Christian. I am of a completely different faith and I don't believe


there is a heaven where I will always score 100. But I think we


respect all faiths, and I don't see why this issue should, . It has


become a slightly political issue between parties trying to appear


that they have distinct positions on an issue on which they should not


have a position. It is a shame we have got politics interfering in


religion. But that is how it will be decided in the end, through


politicians, if we disestablish the church. That in itself is sad. It is


a different matter for the bishops in the House of Lords. That was a


historic situation. Whether it should carry on is a different


matter. That is a political decision. We can have Anglican


bishops or other religious faiths in the House of Lords, or none. Do we


need to have the monarch, whether the Queen or Vince Charles, who has


talked about wanting to be seeing the defender of the faiths, not just


the faith, when he becomes king? Do we need the head of state to be head


of the Church? We would still be a Christian country. After all, for


some people it is rather unpalatable that the monarch is the head of the


Church of England, because it was a matter of convenience for Henry


VIII, who established it. The question is, if the monarch is the


head of church and the head of the state, does the state, a liberal?


Does the state become something that prosecutes other religions. If not,


what difference does it make 's if it gives an advantage to Christians


over non`Christians, that would be an issue to be tackled. If it


doesn't, why should it matter if the country is Christian or not? The


fact that it doesn't is something we should be proud of, that we can show


that in a Christian country, Utah right all faiths and religions, or


none. The Telegraph has the same story. It has a quote from Nick


Clegg saying it would be better for the state to stand on its own two


feet. I don't see how that would be better for the church. It would not


make the church any more popular. I don't see you would benefit. `` who


would benefit. The fact that people do or do not go to church does not


make them any more or less Christian. Let's stay with the


Telegraph for a second. Cameron says risk could be given a safe Tory


seat, adding to speculation over the return of Boris Johnson to


Parliament. The prime minister admitted that the mayor of London


could fight the Tory chief whip seat at the general election. He has


still got a job of the mayor of London, hasn't he? Well, Cameron


says he could be both. He gave a rugby analogy, which is interesting.


And useful for you! I think this is Cameron tried to say, I am not


worried about are struggles in becoming an MP. The background is


clearly what happens at the next election, should the Tories not win.


There would probably be a move to remove Cameron, and Cameron is


saying firstly, I am going to win the election and be leader. Boris


would be somebody who would help me. What was the rugby analogy? Boris


used to play rugby, and he said he would be a good member of the scrum.


And he also said beforehand, if someone drops the ball, I will pick


it up and run with it. So this is Cameron saying, if you want to, you


have an opportunity. But it will be up to the people of the party you


are in that constituency as to whether he is selected to stand, and


up to Boris whether he wants to. Keep your friends close and your


enemies closer? Absolute glee. `` absolutely. He is on a hiding to


nothing if he says he shouldn't come back. Let's look at the Guardian.


Putin warning as Ukraine's troops hit back. We have got Russian forces


who are carrying out fresh military drills on the border. They are


warning Kiev to be careful. We have had five pro`Russian people dying in


Sloviansk at the hands of their own government. You wonder, what did


Putin expect? If Russia has invaded Ukraine, is Ukraine going to just


sit there and say, don't worry, guys? They have gone into Crimea and


taken that. With the blessing of most people who live there. Indeed,


but when it comes to the rest of Ukraine, where do they draw the


line? If you remember, Putin, when he celebrated Crimea coming back to


Russia, said, I don't want any other part of Ukraine. So this is a bit of


power politics that he is playing. But I do feel that the West, looking


back, has not played the Ukraine situation very well. What should


they have done? Firstly, they encouraged Ukraine to be part of the


European Union without realising how it would play with Russia. The West


are not going to send in troops. So they are making noises against


Russia and Russia has the upper hand. But the people of Ukraine


generally, not Crimea, wanted to belong to the EU. And strategically,


having Ukraine within the EU makes a lot of sense from the point of view


of gas supply and so on. So they're all these geopolitical forces. The


Ukrainian people have removed and elected a president, so there are


also soft nuances. We don't know what is actually going on. We see


these kinds of headlines, but we are not sure what it means. And we don't


know how much support the Russians may have in the eastern part of


Ukraine. These are imponderables. And there are ethnic Russians in


other Baltic states as well. Where do you stop? Let's stay with the


Guardian. Barclays shareholders scorned the bank over bonuses. A


huge amount of criticism from the shareholders at their annual meeting


today, with the board being accused of greed after handing out 2.4


billion pounds in bonuses last year. This was also supposed to stop. Some


of the quotes from shareholders are fantastic. It is jam tomorrow for


the investors, but champagne today for the investment bankers. I liked


this one ` we are paying for Manchester United, but we are


getting Colchester United. Fans of Colchester United will not be happy


with that! This shareholder meetings are being attended by private


investors who can make a noise, but do not have much clout. The City


investors have already supported most of them. Standard life has


stood out against it. The interesting comment in this piece is


where the Barclays head of the remuneration committee is being,


standard life should not have spoken out at the public meeting, they


should have told us privately if they were not happy. But that is not


how it should be. Prophets down 10%, bonuses up 20%. It is not surprising


that shareholders are little miffed. This is the ridiculous thing about


company democracy. You can make a lot of noise, but don't have any


impact. Experts say the risk of diabetes can be reduced by drinking


coffee. There are so many conflicting reports about what we


should think and eat. If you drink three cups of coughing, you might


never get to sleep but at least you would not have diabetes. Well, I


should start with three tomorrow, because I normally drink two.


Caffeinated? Caffeinated. Caffeine free, that would require five cups,


probably! Let's look at the business pages of the Telegraph, and it says


optimism is rising on the high streets. I suppose the good weather


helped to bring us out shopping? And the UK economy is doing really well.


We see lots of negative stories, whenever we hear something positive


about the economy, there is always a but. If you look at it, the high


street is rising, the front page of the Telegraph, talking about


property at a seven`year high. For first`time buyers. And we have seen


manufacturing optimism at its highest level since the 1970s. This


economy is doing really well. Are you sure this is not another


bubble? Exports are not going up. I agree with you, exports are an


issue. Productivity is a bit of a puzzle. But it looks as if the


economy is firing on most of its cylinders. Investment? Investment is


starting to kick in, that is really important, so we need to get exports


going. What about people who are much, much worse off, who might have


been on benefits, and who are not able to partake in any high street


boom? They are not, but the way the economy works, once you start


getting this general uplift, it filters out. And you have also seen


some of the figures which came out yesterday, where a lot of the people


who were previously on benefits are now in work, and that itself


produces more growth and prosperity. So, this is a long game, not


something which is going to be solved immediately for everybody.


And certainly there has been an increase in inequality, to some


degree, but what is going on now is that it is filtering through the


rest of the economy. We hope it will not lead to regional disparity.


Let's look at a story which might be connected to regional disparity. We


mentioned those figures for first`time buyers, at a seven`year


high. That will be surprising to a lot of people, how are people


affording it? Well, we have got the help`to`buy scheme, we have got


cheap finance, and also help with subsidised finance for first`time


buyers with very small deposits. They are not hurry first`time


buyers? No, they are not. `` not all Qatari? Stay with us, we will be


back to bring you the latest on the suspended peace talks between Israel


and Palestine. Coming up next, Sportsday.


Welcome to the programme. Our main stories tonight's ` Chelsea's title


hopes take another hit, as Ramires is banned for the rest of the


season. And Benfica have the advantage in their Europa League


semifinal against


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