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game, the latest from the World Snooker Championship, and a shock


for Ospreys in the Pro 12. That is all to come in 15 minutes on


Sportsday after The Papers. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. With me other


broadcaster Henry Bonsu and the former trade minister Lord Digby


Jones. The Metro is leading on the inquest into the death of Peaches


Geldof. The Express has decided to focus on a rise in house prices. The


Telegraph says dozens of grammar schools in England are planning to


discriminate against middle`class pupils when choosing admissions. The


housing bubble is now the brightest hazard light on the Bank of


England's dashboard according to the Financial Times. The Guardian is


leading on the refusal of barristers to represent defendants in protest


at legal aid cuts. The Mirror is reporting the apology from Jeremy


Clarkson following allegations that he used an offensive term. The Daily


Mail says Nick Clegg is blocking a crackdown on people who carry


knives. Interesting stories there. We will start with the Daily


Telegraph. Mr Jones. The new troubleshooter! We will talk about


that a little bit later. Middle`class pupils losing out on


grammar schools. What is this about? Thank you! The root out for so many.


Did you go to a grammar school? Yes. I was a scholarship boy at a


public school but much the same. It was the way out for kids who were


frankly bright, and with parents who gave them love and enthusiasm but no


money. It was the late Anthony Crossland, but the very living


Shirley Williams, both of whom dedicated themselves to destroying


this way for the not so well heeled bright kids getting a fabulous


education. So what is going on now? They have been under the cosh ever


since. For some reason, if you have done everything well in life, you


will achieve excellence, which is not true. The metropolitan elite are


saying that we can't have all these middle`class kids going to grammar


schools. Grammar schools are responding and saying, OK, we will


positively discriminate. These people will not go there. So if you


actually have moved into an area, if your parents might have bought a


house in a particular area because of a good school, if you are there


by accident of where you were born and what you do, you could be


discriminated against. It is an absolute disgrace. But why? Let's


leave the politics and socioeconomics out of it. It is just


not good for the country. The country needs as many aspiration of


the excellent pupils as they can possibly get. It has got to take on


Asia. You have been talking about poor kids and people from lower


income backgrounds. The fact is that Ofsted has said that grammar schools


in this country are stuffed full of middle`class children. Although


something like 16% of children are on free school meals, only 3% of


those that go to grammar schools are from a low income backgrounds where


the household is earning less than ?16,000 and there is a generational


waste of talent. What are we doing for those young people? The head of


this grammar school association says that people will not see much


difference, because we are not talking about huge numbers. This is


a scare story. It is the Daily Telegraph saying to its tribe, watch


out. Your kids and their aspirations will be destroyed here. We are


talking about a few hundred children. It might be factually


accurate that it is a tribal story but it could be true. So that is all


right then? It is about the skin. At the end of the day you have a kid in


a particular environment. It is not that good's fault but their parents


are middle`class and they will be denied an education because of


socialism. Hang on. Timeout! Has anyone got a mallet? ! But if the


facts are that there is such a tiny proportion of youngsters who are


from very underprivileged backgrounds, those getting free


school meals, going to grammar schools, then that has got to be


sorted out, hasn't it? So increase the number of grammar schools. That


is a big political decision. Exactly. This is about party


politics, not economics. This is about politics. Because socialism


will not allow it to happen, we are going to deny... Do we have a


socialist in the room? We do not. A libertarian in Government? Not as


libertarian as you. The better off in society have always had choice


and the poor never had. For some reason the way you give the poor


choice is to deny everybody else. It is not denying everyone. It is. If


you don't have the money to knock up a view more grammar schools, what do


you do? You have got the money but you have not got the political will


to do so. Let's move on, please, to the Guardian. Fraud trials in


jeopardy as lawyers rebel. A case has collapsed because of barristers


protesting about the cuts in legal aid. This is a big story because the


Government wants to cut the legal aid bill by a million. And


barristers taking on these cases will see their fees cut by 30%.


Their words demonstrations earlier this week `` there were


demonstrations earlier this year. And now a landmark fraud case, it


has been stopped by Judge Leonard. He is not going to give the


prosecution any time... In fact he is closing the case because the five


men accused could not be guaranteed fair representation because no


barristers wanted to take on the case. They searched high and wide


and they could not find anyone to take it on. In fact the person who


pushed this in the court was Alex Cameron QC, who defended one of the


defendants free of charge. I was a lawyer for 20 years and I come from


the spirit that says that even somebody caught red`handed... Even


those guys that killed Lee Rigby, you could not be even more caught


red`handed than them, they are entitled in my view to free,


independent, legal representation. That is the hallmark of a good


society. I don't care who you are. You are entitled to bed. This


Government is saying it will deny people that because it will put


barristers in the position where they can't afford to do the job. Is


that really the case? It is. The public perception is that they all


owe so much `` all earning so much. The reality is that many solicitors


are not earning anything at all. They are representing the challenged


in society. There are two aspect of this that very important it is


irrelevant. I think they are appealing to their tribe, like the


Daily Telegraph, but it is irrelevant if the Prime Minister's


brother is involved. Absolutely irrelevant. It is a journalistic


point. It is appealing to the tribe. It is challenging the Prime Minister


with his own brother. But that is not relevant. The Guardian is right


and on sound ground when they say these people are not getting


representation because people are being denied justice because of


that. And also, in a very concentrated fraud trial, it is time


to look at the way we administer justice. You cannot expect 12 good


men and women to take on complicated stuff. There are several big fraud


cases down the line. Today it is fraud, tomorrow criminal cases. You


probably need to move towards two or three judges, not one, sitting there


in some sort of trial. All right. Let's go on to the Daily Express.


This is their take on rising house prices. The record rise in house


prices, rising at the fastest rate since 2007, as values soar by ?1500


per month. The way they have written that, one might think that it is a


good thing. You might think that. They have been banging on about this


since the credit crunch. About 2007. They have been trying to talk up the


market for such a long time but those of us in the housing market


who did buy in 2005 to 2007, taking a punt, many of us who bought


outside the South East bubble, are still in negative equity, in


Birmingham, Newcastle, so it is a tale of two countries. They are


trying to talk this up but I suspect we will see what happened last time.


Last time prices rose this past was June, 2007, just before the crunch


and the collapse. `` this fast. And a similar story, Bank of England


fears over property spiral. They are looking at the glass being half


empty. I did not think I would agree with Henry then! I think he is spot


on. There is one country called London, possibly a bit wider,


possibly within the M25, and both of those stories are absolutely right.


If you go outside. Out to Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds,


Newcastle, Cardiff, Belfast, this recovery is big and sustainable and


it has nothing to do with house prices. It has everything to do with


all the other big drivers of an economy. What they are saying in the


Financial Times is that if you have property prices and if you have


information and you begin the bubble, and you are quite right,


Henry, you get to the point where you have to do something about it,


which can only mean interest rate rises. The moment you have that,


forget the housing bubble. You choke off access to capital for others.


One of them is consumers, meaning retail goes down, but the other is


business of course. And don't gloss over that. If you have got a small


business then getting back into work and suddenly being charged twice as


much for it because Mrs McGuinness's has has gone up in


Kensington, you have a problem. `` house. I agree! You have agreed on


what seems to be blatantly clear to a lot of people that there is


clearly a huge rise in housing prices in the South East and this


area is doing particularly well. It has not quite caught on in other


places. It has not. OK, but it is catching on. But if there is a crash


in London, that will affect everywhere else anyway. There will


not be a crash in London. Far too dynamic. I am not too sure. I can


not take a headline seriously when it has the... It might be a false


bottom. The false fess! I am far more worried about what the


FT is saying! That was so pompous of you!


But true! One final story ` the Metro. Peaches ` the final echo of


her mother. Very, very sad. I remember, didn't the morning after


she was found dead, the picture of her and her mother taken many years


ago. A lot of people responded by being angry with the Metro, thinking


it was tasteless. In this case people did wonder if she did take


something. Her friend are saying we should remember the former wild


child who became a responsible mother. It would appear from text


cog report that she may have taken heroin. I have two takes. Kids are


dying of heroin overdose every day. They don't get on the front of the


Metro. The reason is because who she is, not what she did. The good ` if


it is the right word out of this ` this f this is a wake`up call... But


it never is. We all hope it could be. You will be


back in an hour and look at some more of the stories behind the


headlines. Many thanks for that. Gerry Adams remains in police


custody. I will speak to Ian Paisley Junior, that will be live from


Belfast. Now time for Sportsday. Hello. Good evening welcome to


Sportsday. The headlines: Chelsea assistant manager, Rui Faria, has


been given a six`match stadium ban. Batting coach Graham Gooch becomes


the latest casualty in a new era for English cricket. Mark Selby


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - Clive Myrie presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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