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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines. With Clive Myrie.

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Another supporting great announces his retirement today. We look back


on the fabulous career of Jonny Wilkinson.


Welcome. With me are former state department official Colleen Graffy


and Jason Beattie, Political Editor of the Mirror. Tomorrow's front


pages...starting with... The Independent is leading with mortgage


prisoners. The Times is leading with Abu Hamza being found guilty in an


American court on terrorism charges. The Express is claiming


that scientists are saying that short, high`intensity workouts can


help event diabetes. The Guardian is focusing on Pfizer giving up on its


planned takeover of AstraZeneca. The Telegraph is leading with the Abu


Hamza verdict that also has the Prime Minister intervening in the


Richard Scudamore row. The Daily Mail says a test that could prevent


thousands of heart attacks and year will be rolled out across the NHS in


the next few months. The Financial Times is leading on the Pfizer story


and also on the story about American intelligence charging Chinese


officials with packing. We are going to start with the Times, Abu Hamza


facing life in jail. When he was here living in London, he had


praised the American care action and now he has been found guilty or very


close to the site of the 9/11 attacks. It is great to see justice


being done. There was concern that he would not be given a fair trial


in New York although that has been shown to be false. There was also


concerned over whether or not it should go through a military


commission rather than a normal trial. For the jury to come to a


unanimous verdict in less than two days was brilliant. It was also good


to see that his claims that he was just preaching religion and


everything was taken out of context did not hold up with the jury. They


had excellent evidence, including the kidnapping that took place in


Yemen, many years ago in which three Mac British citizens and an


Australian were killed. He was also an influence on the shoe bomber and


one of the 9/11 terror plotters. Theresa May has been saying that it


is a positive result but it begs the question, why wasn't he prosecuted


here? He did serve six years here for different crimes. He claimed


that he was being paid by MI5. That is quite the conspiracy theory.


Theresa May must be mightily relieved about this. If they had


found him innocent, he would have been likely to come back here and


then she would have had yet another internal legal battle. I am not


actually sure she can do that. I don't think you can do that under


international law. You have greater knowledge on this then we do. It


seems as if he will be there for a long time now. I am slightly


uncomfortable with some of the pictures of this. It is in quite a


few papers. Obviously, this is a vile man who has committed a number


of crimes but paper trail of Muslims in the media is a difficult one and


`` depiction, and I feel that it could be quite damaging. But it is


his picture. What else would you put on the front page? It is


particularly grotesque. Let's be clear, in the 1990s the area where


he preached was a haven for radical Islamists. It is a very different


place now though. He was very proud of his arm and I as everyone thought


it was from a Jihadist excursion. He played it off to say that he was


someone that should be followed as he had been there and done that


although that was not actually the case. Staying with this paper, the


story of the missing sailors. This is a story that is a tricky one for


the American authorities. The fact is coming they don't believe they


are alive. They say that they would not have survived more than 20 hours


past the time when they thought they could have found them. There is also


concern as the weekends have stopped transmitting. It is a big ocean and


they have already looked over 4000 miles. One question is, why can't


they make these transmissions last longer? We have had several cases


where batteries have died and in this day and age, it seems


extraordinary that we don't have longer lasting batteries. 100,000


signatures on a petition, everyone thinks it is worth one more go. It


seems charitable to say the least but they are not willing to do


that. I'm sure they will come to an amicable conclusion on this. Anyone


would want to volunteer their time to go out and search. For many


people here are, they are wondering why it isn't worth another go. I


have done a bit of sailing in my time. There of people who have


survived numerous days. There was a case in the 1970s of a young family


who survived for 100 days in the southern ocean. If you fall in the


cold water, in the Atlantic ocean, it is less likely but there have


been cases. One man cell overboard and they believe that it takes only


30 seconds to die of hypothermia in this water `` went. Many people are


still hoping that they are recovered alive. Let's move on. Richard


Scudamore. The chief executive of the Premier League. David Cameron


said that he would have sacked him if he was caught using an office


computer to send these sexist e`mails but that they have decided


that they are not going to do that. This it is pretty unpleasant. What


surprised everyone was that they are not going to give him even a minor


slap on the wrist. It is just, carry`on. I think what happened here


is a deeper problem, the institution of football does seem very far


behind when it comes to the quality, particularly when it comes


to women. I like to go to games and there are many women in the crowd.


Every week there why isn't there some consultancy firm that is going


in and looking at these managers and teams, I know that sounds very


American, but could they not say, here is what is unacceptable, here


is language that you are using and this is how it affects people. It is


interesting that you hear `` say that. He says that these e`mails do


not reflect his personal view. Then why is he using that language? He


needs to think in terms of what language would be appropriate and


connects the dots. He still has his job. Exactly. Let's move on.


Millions face becoming mortgage prisoners if interest rates go up.


The bank has signaled that they will. It is from a think tank that


specializes in problems affecting people with limited incomes. What


they are saying is that 700,000 people are in a double bind. When


they have particularly high gearing, putting a small amount of


equity into their mortgage so that they are more exposed and at the


same time, many are self`employed which makes it more difficult to


change their mortgage. They are stuck with their mortgage provider


on a double bind so they cannot get into a fixed term with another


provider. A larger group of people who, between now and 2018, if


mortgage rates go up 3% could be exposed as well. They are in a


slightly better position as they can probably shop around. The issue here


is the politics behind it. It is 12 months until an election and if


people suddenly start realising that they cannot afford their mortgage,


it will feed into many agendas and it will cause a headache for George


Osborne. The Bank of England is independent and do so the suggestion


is that there is no political pressure, one would have thought,


just interest rates need to be put up when it is appropriate. We've


been hearing that interest rates are been hearing that interest rates are


going to go up for quite some time. What I can't understand is why it is


so difficult to get a mortgage that is for ten or 15 or 20 years. Here


it is every two years. It is bonkers. Compared to America. Was


there a suggestion about bringing in longer periods in terms of


mortgage? The major issue is the lack of housing. It keeps coming


back to the fact that we need to build more homes. Mark Carney gave


an interview where he said that there is a fundamental structural


flaw in the housing market. We do not build enough houses. But he


comes from Canada, where there is a loss of space. He has hit the nail


on the head. Why haven't we done anything about this? I am in an area


where everything south of the river is going up. They are very expensive


as well. In London, many developments are going up and being


bought by overseas investors which is a real problem. I am not


American, I just have to say. Not me! The Daily Mail. Life`saving


heart attack tests. Wonderful news. This is identifying the fact that


often individuals are sent home as they are not exhibiting heart attack


symptoms. Particularly women as they have different symptoms to men. They


will have nausea or other symptoms that are not quite as indicative of


those you see with men. This will prevent twice as many heart attacks


as before. It is amazing to think that something so cheap will be able


to do this. We are hoping that it will get put into hospitals as soon


as possible. I don't want to politicize this is but I quite like


that they have this story about people who say that ghosts have


saved their lives right above it in the headline. My favourite was the


two minute exercise and ?5 for a heart attack, it is all looking


good. The Chelsea Flower Show is on, it is all good. Full petal jacket.


It's a great headline! Everyone is going to be demanding a jacket like


that in the local shop. It's a wonderful occasion. I love the


engine unity and creativity with the different displays and I hope the


rain holds off tomorrow. I realise that I'm getting old because I have


started looking at people 's gardens and thinking, that's nice, but I


seem to have the opposite of green fingers. What is the word for that?


I don't know, man. You just kill plants. I have seen some amazing


fake grass. We need that in Los Angeles. Water prices have gone way


up. Thank you. The headlines are coming up and the latest on Abu


Hamza being convicted of terror offences in a court in New York.


Now, all of the latest sport news. Hello and welcome to Sportsday. The


headlines tonight: Louis Van Gaal will lead Manchester United next


season with Ryan Giggs as his assistant at Old Trafford. The


40`year`old midfielder announced his retirement from playing


No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines. With Clive Myrie.

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