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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines. Presented by Clive Myrie.

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succeeding Tim Sherwood. It will also tell you how Andy Murray got on


in the French Open. That is all in Sportsday in 15 minutes.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing


us tomorrow. With me are psychotherapist and writer Philippa


Perry and Simon Watkins from the Mail on Sunday. Pretty much all the


front pages are in. The Financial Times carries a warning from the


head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, that delays to banking reforms risk


destabilising the global economy. An Egyptian soldier is pictured


guarding a polling station on the front of the Independent. But it


leads on what it calls the "botched coup against Clegg."


The Metro has more detail from Rolf Harris's court case. Mr Harris and


his daughter Bindi are also pictured on the front of The Daily Express.


But it headlines that ?30 million pounds a year of child benefits is


sent abroad. The Daily Telegraph reports on new


guidance that a third of the population should be sent to state`


funded slimming classes. That story is also on the front of


the Daily Mail. And finally The Guardian reports on


the rising tide of race prejudice across Britain. We are going to


start with a story about wanting from the paper to David Cameron we


are seeing red. By the ago, we do paper told you, the Prime Minister


that EU immigration must be curbed after boat is devastating verdict.


Now it is time to get your finger out. I hope that the main parties


don't capitulate to this sort of pressure, actually. But it sounds


like Cameron is capitulating with his two big, too bossy, to


interfering. It sounds a little bit like a toddler. I feel like it is


too much like UKIP rhetoric to meet rather than anything else. It is so


simplistic. When we are in a sticky situation, financially. When we are


suffering austerities to get, let's run away from Europe, let's blame


the immigrants, blame the EU. When actually, rather than finding things


to project our fear and blame onto, we should be thinking about how to


make more jobs. Growth is a big issue but the fact is what can


actually David Cameron do about immigration? It is fundamental to


the whole European market, capital and business and with that comes


free movement of people. Some of them have gone out of the country


and are still claiming their benefits. We will discuss that later


on. We forget that, deadly? Just as immigrants can come here, we can go


over there. There are many thousands of Britons abroad. There is very


little you can do about this. This has been the problem he has put


himself in. He has been making pledges are the immigration when a


fundamental part of it is simply out of his control. Just as another


point from the business community, the regard the EU is extremely


beneficial. They regarded as being... Bringing skills in. The


idea that it is automatically a negative economy is to say the


least, arguable. But Villa Park, UKIP have moved attack on this. They


are ignoring the economic argument because all the data seems to


suggest that migrants actually help the economy. What you can's argument


seems to be now is what it does on another level and that is social


cohesion. It is causing problems for cohesion. It is


local councils are having to do with 150 languages in a school for


instance. That is you can's argument. Does that have any


residents for the majority of people? What UKIP is doing is up


fear. Fear is an emotion that grabs you and they are sort of stirring it


up and then using it to say, I am making is very frightened but then


vote for us and then you won't have to be frightened any longer. It is


just fear mongering. We are giving so much attention to UKIP and it


feeds our addiction to fear as well. We like the drama of it. There's not


that much that is happening compared to the fuss we are making about it.


The Greens increased their seats by 50% in the EU and I don't see all


the headlines being about that. UKIP is just sort of a story worthy


because they do seem like, not a very serious party. That of very


Brussels are leaving tonight, Brussels are leaving tonight,


meeting tonight. The fact is, some of these parties, they have made


inroads but they are not wiping the floor with the rest of the European


parties and the pro`European parties are still very much in the


ascendant. One of the interesting things about the European elections


in the UK, is that turnout was about 36%. I think very roughly, UKIP


vote, which one would have thought if you're a UKIP supporter, this is


the one election you would turn out for. They would have had a better


can then other parties. And they got about 25% of the vote. That


represents something like 10% of the British population. They voted UKIP.


There is a risk that we get a bit of proportion the idea that there has


been a sleeping UKIP vote across the UK. It has been dramatic in lots of


ways. I think we are more addicted to the drama of it and it actually


being that significant. Interesting. You could did not do very well in


London. Indeed. It is interesting that point about the fear of


something other and actually, oddly, London is where will one can see the


melting pot that is modern Britain more than anywhere else. The


syllabus performances of UKIP have been in part of the country where,


you do not see immigration, it be that melting pot. Those other parts


of the country that have done very well for UKIP. Very interesting. The


front of the times, Lib Dems consumed by infighting. Nick Clegg,


the party to put out very swiftly a refutation of the suggestion that he


was willing to stand down. This is going to sound like a taking a cheap


shot but I am not. I think that surely, he considered standing


down. It would be inconceivable if he didn't. The idea that it never


crossed his mind I find incredible. But what I think is intriguing about


this and we talked earlier about the poll that was done by Lord block


shot which has caused some rows inside the Lib Dems. It was seen as


destabilising Nick Clegg. And here we have Lady Williams saying that


she felt she believed he had considered resigning. This feels


like the beginning of a kind of rot. What is this kind of thing begins in


a political party, it is very hard to stop it. There a danger for the


Lib Dems that becomes self fulfilling that the row just builds


because how you come something like this down. And it seems a relevant


that leading Williams had actually misinterpreted remarks that Nick


Clegg made which was that he would stand down if he felt he was hurting


the party. And he said he does not think he is so he didn't say he


would stand down. She misinterpreted what he said. But that doesn't


matter. No. It was that the bulk of the Lib Dems that if it did got his


mind, it would be extraordinary. One would be rather shocked. Is it


really all about the leader? Is that about changing your mind on tuition


fees? Is it about being with the left party before the election and


then moving the other weight. That was his big mistake. In the


cartoons, he has been shown up as being under Cameron's farm. That has


made him a bit of a laughing stock. Whether he is or not, I do not know


but that is how he is portrayed so of it in the media. And through


satirical magazines and what have you. Whereas, Vince cable is shown


as standing up to David Cameron. But he is the underdog at the moment,


even though he is the leader so that will make him popular again with the


British public. OK. Let's stay with the Daily Mail. Weight Watchers free


on the NHS. GPs to prescribe slimming courses for obese patients.


The trouble is with how we have got used to thinking about medicine and


the NHS is that we tend to think that is a magic will, a pill for


everything. We don't think we have to actually do any work or any


preventive managed `` measures to maintain our health. We have a


passive idea of it may be because we have had 50 years of the NHS that


has been looking after so well that we have got very passive any idea of


our health. Actually, people eat too much, maybe I am speaking for myself


but on the whole, people eat too much in order to soothe themselves.


To make up for a lack of contact with other people in their lives. If


you feel you have avoided, it is quite nice just to stuff it with


food. The good thing about the group like Weight Watchers is that it


gives you contact, it gives you support and so you are far more


likely to lose weight if you do join such a group. I hope my GP


prescribes it for me because I think it would be alien. So you think it


is a good idea? It should be on the NHS was yellow it should be on the


NHS. It is so much better than waiting for someone to be ill then


you have to medicalise. This is way of preventing complications that


arise due to being overweight. Should the British taxpayer, through


the NHS, be paying for people who are too busy stuffing cakes and


biscuits and what ever or have some kind of weight problem? I am


probably with Philip on this. We have got weight, health in this


country. We should regard this as a health problem and not something


that, it is just people 's fault. I think it is reasonable for NHS money


to be spent trying to address that. In the long run, it will save NHS


money. If we can adjust the agree to which we have an obesity problem, it


will save money for the NHS and the like. Whether Weight Watchers is the


perfect solution I do not know. I do not know enough about how effective


it is. I have to say, I googled this issue just before we came on. There


were some research that was quite positive about Weight Watchers being


effective. Not something to dismiss, I think. It is actually very good


fear health. If you have regular contact with a group of people, it


does boost your immune system. Even if you don't lose weight and cause


you may be have no control over your appetite or something, it might


still be beneficial. I wish there was more of these health groups,


smoking group, an anger management group that are also paid for by the


state because I feel as though they would save us money in the long run


and make for a happier population. Very interesting. It go to the


Guardian. Capitalism is doomed. If ethics vanish say Mark Carney


Stockley this is part of a conference taking place with many of


the financial sector including Mike on `` Mark Carney. The headline is


quite personal. I think a lot of the pushback was coming from the


financial services industry. Against regulatory change. A lot of people


in the world regard regular treat pressure as something that is


anticapitalist when in actual fact, capitalism needs to be saved from


itself in some circumstances by having some revelatory pressures


placed on it. If it is to survive. to you? It makes a lot of sense to


me. We all need regulating, actually. If I can get away with


parking on a double yellow line because the wardens never go there,


I will do it because I am corruptible. I won't see the double


yellow lines and think, oh, I mustn't park that even though the


wardens never come here. I will park there. And, I don't think it is any


different if you are a banker and you can get away with stuff that


benefits you, you will do it if no one taps you on the shoulder. If


someone taps you on the shoulder, if the warden is there, we will have


proper regulation. We are all susceptible to being corrupted. I


don't think bankers or capitalist are any different. We need this


regulation and we needed it five years ago. I think a lot of people


will be surprised that five years on after the crash, the kind of


regulation or the kind of smart regulation people have been calling


for, it doesn't seem to have been implemented. We go to the Guardian.


The front page. Google is launching smart watches. We are still in the


middle of this technological revolution. We have only just


started. Indeed. That is where these tech companies are going. Bringing


technology more integrated into your life in some way. I am still amazed


by the revolution we have had with touchscreen up and tablets. I think


they have been a substantial shift. Bringing them into glasses and


watches, it is clearly the next step. I have not tried the glasses,


I believe you had they made a lot of sense. Luna the guy who lent them to


me had to wrestle them from me. `` the guy. Someone told me that people


don't like to wear stuff. That's right. Since we have got the phones,


we have ditched the watch. We run out of time. Simon and Philip, it


has been great having you, many thanks. `` we have run out of time.


At the top of the hour we have more of the meeting of the European


leaders in Brussels to work out how best to deal with UKIP and the like.


Now, it is time for Sportsday. Hello and welcome to Sportsday with


me, Will Perry. The headlines tonight: Scotland's friendly against


Nigeria tomorrow is highlighted for potential match fixing.


Mouricio Pottechetino leaves Southampton to become the new




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