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Nigeria in a friendly before the World Cup. That is all in Sportsday


in 15 minutes. Welcome to the Papers. With me are


Jenni Russell of the Times, and a writer from the Daily Telegraph. We


are going to start with an image of Maya Angelou, dominating the front


page of the Independent. The Bank of England committee that says interest


rates has told the Financial Times that the bank needs to start raising


rates sooner rather than later. The Daily Telegraph has more on the row


engulfing the Lib Dems. Vince Cable is implicated in a coup. The


Guardian has the same story, alongside a photo of Maya Angelou.


The Metro is claiming that the EU tax burden from Britain may rise by


half ?1 billion because of the crisis in Ukraine. The Daily Mail


goes with Lib Dems in meltdown. There is also a selfie taken by


Susannah Reid of herself and Tom Cruise. The Times says British girls


are now the fattest in Europe, saying peer pressure to eat fast


food was partly to blame. The Scotsman has more on the war of


words between the yes and no camps. We are going to start with the story


that is dominating a lot of the papers, Neil. The Lib Dems. The Lib


Dems in meltdown, according to the Daily Mail. This is, fortunately


perhaps will Nick Clegg, the guy whose head is on the block, it has


turned into something of a screaming match between Lord Oakeshott, the


man who commissioned these apparently terrible polls, very


disloyal thing to do, commissioning polls before an election, and Vince


Cable, whose knowledge of said polls is under consideration. So, Vince


Cable is now saying, we have researched this since last time we


were on air, he is saying that he knew a poll had been conducted in


his own constituency, and one in Wales, `` Wells, which is a


constituent of his Parliamentary Secretary, but had no idea that one


had been conducted in the Clegg's constituency. You sound sceptical


about that? Even no such direct information was given at the time,


it seems enormously unlikely that two and two wouldn't have been put


together. I don't know if it seems unlikely so much as whether Lord


Oakeshott is directly contradicting Vince Cable. Lord Oakeshott says


that he did know that the polls had been conducted, I don't know whether


he is saying that he knew about it beforehand, but also crucially that


Vince Cable you what the results were some weeks ago. Vince Cable


says he has no knowledge of the surveys, which period of time is he


referring to? This is very like " I did not have sex with that woman" ,


and " I did not inhale" . This is pointing to potentially a disastrous


election night for the Lib Dems. Why would you want to be the leader of


that party? You would perhaps want to wait or someone else to carry the


can in 2015, and then take over. You sound like a much better potential


plotter! Something like members of Gordon Brown's cabinet. There was


almost a leadership who, but then they realised... This might not look


good for Ed Miliband, but you have an article in the Times tomorrow


suggesting that he should be worried. He/she be very worried


about his own position, because no party has ended up winning if this


happens. That is the position that Labour over in right now. The party


around Ed Miliband are worried, because they think he is a good man,


a courageous leader, but he is not cutting through. They are also very


anxious that he, who is much less popular than his party on the


doorsteps, has been running what is essentially a semi` presidential


campaign, and that has paid off badly with the voters. Where is the


Shadow Cabinet? They want to be playing a part, they are the ones


who look normal. OK, but they weren't completely wiped out by the


recent elections, it wasn't as bad as some people had suggested. We


have Lord Ashcroft's own polling in his marginal constituency,


suggesting that Labour are far ahead. We also have Ukip taking


potential votes away from the Tories. There is some good stuff out


there for labour, isn't a? We also have economic growth and the year to


go before the election. They always fall behind, because there is more


good news. One shadow Cabinet member said if we carry on on this


trajectory we will lose big`time. There is no message of hope from a


relevant. He needs to learn this from the Obama campaign, hope and


aspiration. All of his policies are about state intervention for people


who can't take care of themselves, and that is not the majority of


voters, particularly in marginal constituency. Energy prices and so


on, that has resonated? People are doing OK, who can pay their


electricity bill, that is the vast majority of people, that policy


doesn't matter. It is not a question of whether the economy is doing


well, the price of their house is going up, they are feeling


prosperous, that is more important to people. There is a big part of


the electorate that it won't care for the message that is going at the


moment. The big danger for Ed Miliband, because he grew up as the


child of Marxist intellectuals, he became used to being part of an


unlike group. I think he may be too comfortable with the idea that they


are not popular now, but somehow everyone will see the light and


share labour's view as the electoral cycle proceed. People don't do that,


politics doesn't work like that. You have to make them believe `` Recep


Tayyip Erdogan labour. On to the Financial Times. Everyone


knows interest rates will rise at some point, the question is when, by


how much, and how fast? If you are going to raise interest rates, Mark


Carney, do it very slowly. Which means start very soon. That is what


someone in the Monetary Policy Committee has said. This will also


have a big effect on the election, because Mark Carney has made it


clear that he doesn't want to start raising interest rates before wages


start going up, and real wages are still not rising faster than


inflation, so the problem is, the housing market is overheating, so


perhaps they should raise interest rates. But then people can't afford


their mortgages, and you don't want a lot of repossessions before the


election, if you are this government. Exactly! It is all


political. I don't get much credit for Gordon Brown, but he did make


the Bank of England independent. Their mandate is to keep inflation


at 2%, that is their only mandate. If inflation doesn't go above that,


I know he winged addresses, but his actual mandate is inflation at 2%,


and that is roughly where it is `` window dresses. One of the things he


took over was that he would make sure that unemployment fell below 7%


and that wage rates were rising higher than inflation. He has a


broader perspective, which is a help of the economy on the whole, and how


it affects everyone. He must have agreed that with George Osborne


before he took the job. I think it will be difficult for rates to rise


while inflation is 1.7%. We have all this talk about house prices racing


out of control in London. That should be addressed by mortgage


prices and inflation. A lot for Mark Carney to ponder. Let's go to the


Independent. We discussed the widening gap between rich and poor.


I would like to focus instead on Maya Angelou. If you are always


trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be. That is


a quote from Maya Angelou. Obviously an incredibly inspirational figure.


I think mercifully it seems that she didn't suffer a great deal at the


end. She was posting on Facebook as late as Monday as this week, so


mercifully the end came quite quickly when it came. Obviously, a


figure who has bestrode so many different areas. Obviously a poet, a


serial autobiographer, starting with I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, but


going on to be an actress, reading poetry and Bill Clinton's


inauguration. Barack Obama said she is one of the brightest lights in


his life. It is interesting, I was interviewing Bonnie Greer, and I


asked what Maya Angelou's legacy was. And she said, she was proud of


being a woman, in black Hummer she was proud of her past and overcoming


that. She was proud to be who she was. Basically, she celebrated


humanity, and that is part of her brilliance. It is amazing that you


can go from being raped at the age of seven by her mother's boyfriend,


who was killed in retaliation, and then she stayed mute for the next


five years because she thought her voice had killed her rapist. To go


from that to being everything that she was, Jesse Jackson said she was


a Renaissance woman, and that is literally true. She had a rebirth,


and she went on to lead such a flourishing life after a devastating


start up of poverty and segregation. Can you imagine not seeing a word


for five years when you are a kid, and then going on to write these


amazing: , and seven autobiographies! A remarkable


woman. We are going to go on to The Times. British girls have become the


fattest in Europe. Neil and I read this and we immediately put away the


chocolate bar we were eating. 29.2% of British girls under the age of 19


now or overweight. We have one of the worst records in the entire


world. It is only marginally better for boys, a quarter of them are


overweight as well. We absolutely have to do something, and it has to


be about the food industry, which pumps sugar into everything. I think


this I think we do so much, that so many messages these days about the


food industry or about peer pressure to eat fast food, but really just we


have spineless parenting. People need to take responsibility for how


they raise their children. If 30% of them are overweight or obese by the


time they are 19 that is principally a problem with parenting. I really


have for a start, I have had teenage children, and I can tell you you


have very little control over what they eat by the time they are 12. My


daughter is slender, but the second thing is they are surrounded by an


environment where almost anything that they eat at any time is going


to be bad for them, I was in hospital the other day. What you see


when you walk into the hospital? WHSmith. 300 different kinds of


chocolate bar, and not a single thing that you could describe as


healthy. In your household, my guess is that there was fruit and


vegetables, and you took care to make sure there were meals that are


balanced. I can afford expensive food, and eating well is


expensive... Eating well is more expensive than eating unhealthily?


Yes it is. Get a lot more calories out of a Mars bar than you do out of


an apple and a stick of celery. There seems to have been some kind


of leak from the government. This is to replace Lord Patten. I worry that


yet again, we will have somebody at the helm of the BBC who has no


experience in broadcasting. This is what I write about and those of us


who are friendly critics of the BBC and want the BBC to be strong, I


worry that the dot this is where Patten came unstuck. It was not


political affiliation, it was that he didn't get how the news


operation, particularly when the stable problem was at large. And


understanding the pressures that specifically affect the BBC in the


wake you don't see with other broadcasters. Let's get the final


story that is the Telegraph. Cynics are more likely to develop all


timers. Which means everyone who has been on this programme, including


me, is in trouble. I'm acidic! I am a sceptic. It is completely


different. This is the most important new story today. It is


absolutely riveting. 1500 people filled out a questionnaire and those


who agreed with statements like, I think most people would like to get


ahead, it is safer to trust nobody and most people will use you aren't


fairly worth three times more likely to develop dementia than those


others. You'll make it means that we have to start being nice and we will


live long and happy lives. I am not a clinical psychologist. Really?


There are different pathways in the brain. If you focus with mindfulness


meditation, at which I am a great advocate, meditation reinforces the


approach pathways which are key to mental health. My guess is that


these people, the cynics, have been doing their fight or flight version


pathways just a little bit too much. Very interesting. We will have to


edit there, unfortunately. We will all be positive on this programme


from now on. It has been great having you in. Thank you. Stay with


us now, it is time for Sportsday. Hello and welcome to Sportsday. Our


main stories. Malcolm Glazer, man who led the


credential take`over of Manchester United nearly a decade ago, has died


at the age of 86. England's cricketers inflict a


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