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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - Martine Croxall presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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The England team arrive at the stadium for their World Cup clash.


Kick`off is in half an hour. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow.


With me are Oliver Brown, Chief Sports Feature Writer


from the Telegraph and Kate Devlin, Political Correspondent at the


Herald. Let's look at tomorrow's front pages


and we will start with the Observer. That says Labour is calling for


cross party talks on how religious education is conducted in the State


sector as the paper highlights its own survey on the funding of Faith


schools. The Independent on Sunday highlights


the crisis in Iraq as Iran offers to help and the US sends an aircraft


carrier to the Gulf. The Mail on Sunday says the Prime


Minister, David Cameron, has issued a pledge to tackle extremism and


reassert British values enshrined in the Magna Carta. The Sunday


Telegraph highlights how the number of families that pay inheritance tax


will rise this year. The Sunday Times has more allegations about the


Qatar World Cup bid. FIFA ignored warnings about a terrorist attack


closing down the event. The Sun carries a story about Mick Jagger


and his alleged relationship with an American ballet dancer. Well, lets


begin now. And this evening we're going to start with the Independent


and the story that's been dominating our news about now, the problems in


Iraq, Iran, the US, all pledging to join in and the Independent there


with the headline, "Baghdad fights back." Kate. It is very interesting.


Baghdad is fighting back, but also the US appears to be fighting back


as well and in the Independent it points out that the US is sending an


aircraft carrier to the Gulf which is a different change from Barack


Obama who on Friday said to the Baghdad Government that he expected


them to really show now that they could do something about this


insurgency and his quote was, "We can't do it for you." Which is a


very strong message to be sending and now 24 hours later, it doesn't


appear as if the American president has 100% confidence that they will


be able to do that. Oliver strangely bringing together two old opponents,


America and Iran looking as if they might go together on this? A bit of


an unholy alliance. Barack Obama wants flexibility in the options he


has. He has been adamant not to send ground forces into the area. He has


got the Fifth Fleet in Bahrain and he has the option of sending


missiles from Turkey and Qatar. Maybe we should see it as at least


the Iranians are willing to co`operate. Otherwise with these


forces, only 60mph from Baghdad that there would be a serious escalation


otherwise. We were speaking to a London School of Economics expert.


He said this was unprecedented this possible co`operation between


America and Iran and it is odd that it should come about? Indeed. You


have got to factor in national interests into all these things as


well. Of course. Decades of antipathy and problems and they seem


to be po continuationly thinking `` potentially thinking about


co`operating. Let's come back to the UK and The Telegraph. I guess we


should give this one to you Oliver being a Telegraph man. The headline


is, "Middle`class face tax sting. " What the story is about, as property


prices have gone up so many more people will find themselves paying


inheritance tax. The single most remarkable part of this story the


inheritance tax threshold remains as ?325 thou. In the US `` ?325 thou.


The Americans don't know how lucky they are. It is the breaking of an


electoral promise and George Osborne said that he would raise the


threshold for inheritance tax to ?1 million. That won't change until at


least 2018. But I think there are two fundamental injustices to this.


The taxing of assets such as family homes bought with income taxed when


it was earned in the first place and also that this gives a whole new


meaning to the notion of being taxed to the end. Surely, accumulating


wealth to pass on to the next generation and ensuring that one's


children are, you know, are not saddled with this kind of tax burden


is a fairly natural human instinct. Kate, there would be a lot of people


arguing hang on ?325,000 for a couple is a lot of money and if you


have got that much money, you should have to pay something on it? One of


the repercussions, why this is happening is because of the


increases that we have seen in the London property market and if a lot


more people are being left more money by their parents, I wonder


what that would do to the London property market. This money does


need to come back into the system. It is complicated how you want to do


that. But I do think we are in an election year and it would be very


trog to see where this `` interesting to see where this goes.


It would put more pressure on David Cameron and in March he was tackled


on this issue by a pensioner and he said that inheritance tax should


only be paid for by the rich. Are you suggesting this is bait offered


before the general election? I think the parties will be looking at these


issues. OK. In the past the Liberal Democrats have signalled that ` they


talked about a mansion tax. This is a tax that the Conservatives talked


about. That was the stumbling block 325,000 remained so because the


Liberal Democrats blocked any move favoured by Osborne to shift it to


?1 million so we can blame them for this burden for the next four years.


They haven't really, I mean in all the years of coalition, they haven't


really managed to convince more people about this mansion tax idea


is a good one. It has problems because people would be potentially


property rich, but cash poor. And if you are taxed on a large lump sum


and you live in London for instance where property prices has gone crazy


that if it goes down to your children they too have got to pay


the high prices in order to afford a property. It is a double`edged sword


and one that's difficult for anyone to square the circle. On to the The


Daily Mail. Sorry on to the Observer next because it links in with a


story about the Mail. On The Observer, headline, "Taxpayers' cash


should not be used to fund Faith schools, say voters." This is that


they have done this survey and it shows clearly that actually people


are anti`funding these sorts of schools? Absolutely. It shows a


clear majority who think that public money should not be used, but it


shows 60% who think the schools promote division and segregation and


I'm probably a little bit surprised at how high these poll numbers are


actually. I went to a faith school and I have to say I am, I do think


there are problems with them. I grew up in Northern Ireland. I went to a


Catholic school and I do think that part of the problems that continue


in Northern Ireland are about the sectarianism. It is unfortunately


and not through anybody's intention, but it is caused by being in


separate schoolsful I am sure many of the schools would say the


standards of exam qualifications are better than many other schools, so


whether it is a faith school or not, the standard is better? Labour are


keen not to antagonise parents. Mr Hunt said they represent an


important part of the electoral landscape. It is striking if you


take the figures in a global sense that there are 6,800 Faith schools


in the UK, but only 18 of them are Muslim and I think within this


Observer article the Church of England came out with a statement


saying that no one could credit bly argue that that they are hot beds of


extremism and you have to imagine that the majority of those schools


aren't fostering those views and aren't liable to be infiltrated by


extremists. This is a background to the Trojan horse story and that's


why I jumped the gun. The Mail is a story that's similar, but different


if that makes sense with the headline, "Cameron tells UK Muslims


be more British." And what being British is about and those so`called


British values that's very much up for debate. I'm uneasy about this up


surge. Michael Gove said that he didn't regard it as terribly British


to have this statement of British values and that seems to be exactly


what David Cameron is doing. He mentioning he wants more muscular


reassertion of British values pointing out that it is the 800th


anniversary of Magna Carta next year, but it happens to be the year


of a general election and you have to get to the penultimate paragraph


of this Mail on Sunday splash to find out how he identifies these


values and the acceptance of personal association social


responsibility and a free press. I'm uncomfortable, we are one step away


from being like the Americans. I seem to remember the last Prime


Minister who thought that was Gordon Brown and it didn't do much for him.


I think there is an argument to be made here that you know, there is


probably something, but I do feel that it's such an uphill battle and


it is interesting that they have kind of gone for this because I do


think it will be a struggle to kind of convince people. The University


of Manchester looked at the 2011 census and around 14% of some


Britons anyway were prepared to say that they were British. It is quite,


maybe it's, we are a bit under stated as British people. Maybe


that's one of the values. All right. Well, of course, tonight it would be


wrong not to mention the World Cup even in the press review. The first


match taking place at the worst possible time for Fleet Street


because all the papers have gone to press, but the Sunday Times going


with the headlines, "FIFA ignored own terror alert." The Sunday Times


coming out with explosive stuff about this. It is explosive. They


have done superb work on this story for the last three weekends it has


been a must read. What I'm slightly wary of, I don't think they have


found the smoking gun, but the latest revelation is fascinating and


the person in charge of the security operation at the 2010 World Cup in


South Africa warned FIFA that it would be a terrorist to hold a World


Cup in Qatar due to its proximity where the Al`Qaeda presence and it


seemed that FIFA ignored this. There is detail about the corruption. We


ought to say allegedly ignored that. We don't have the response back yet.


No, but the fascinating detail about this engrained culture of corruption


at FIFA. Chris Eton saying he received a wonderful watch and


cufflinks from the country's ruler. Kate, trinkets? I agree they have


done sterling work on this. I think I probably do wonder about the


terrorist story. I just feel it is very, it is probably difficult to


find any country in the world that wouldn't potentially be a terror


risk when you hold this kind of event. Briefly, we have got a


statement from Qatar saying that allegation that they are involved


statement from Qatar saying that allegation that they are in paying


officials is baseless and designed to tarnish their reputation. It goes


on saying following successive weekends of headlines, officials are


fighting back and they say that their mref is they are without ``


belief is they are without merit. We will have more as the papers come


out. Thank you very much. Of course, now just quarter of an hour before


kick`off. I was going to ask your prediction for the score. We will do


that in an hour's time. prediction for the score. We will do


that in We will catch Kate and Oliver back at 11.30pm for another


look at the store ies making the news tomorrow. Here, Iran offers to


help Baghdad and Washington stop Sunni insurgents from capturing more


territory inside Iraq.? Coming up next, it's Reporters.


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