27/06/2014 The Papers


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers. Martine Croxall presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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We are looking at tomorrow's paper is slightly earlier tonight because


of the tennis. With me a correspondent James Millar


from the Sunday Post and writer One of the story is looking at what


is happening in Brussels today. 26`2, David Cameron did not stand a


chance. Now, he has been crushed. He has made a very good job of trying


to make a bad result looked like a good thing. By claiming he is


standing up for what he believes, but the bottom line is he got beat


and he got well beat. Does it necessarily mean we are going to


leave the EU? No. It does not mean we are edging closer to exit but it


does not mean we have edged away from exit. Depending on how it pans


out, the direction of travel may well be towards the exit. That is


what it says in the story, that Cameron is under pressure from


Eurosceptic Conservative MPs to say he is prepared to urge an out vote.


Should he not get credit for saying, this is what I believe? Lots of


people in Europe believe it but are not brave enough to stand up. What


is sad about this story is that this week the Prime Minister has really


been shown up as having no mates. There is not the day on his side. ``


nobody. Everybody is against him. I feel quite sorry for him. I think he


is speaking a lot of sense. He went at it like a bull in a china shop.


He did not have very long to do it. Why do you need to take on this Mr


Juncker? We have a description of Juncker which says that he looks


older than 59, testament to a lifetime of heavy drinking,


chain`smoking and countless cups of black copy. Once began a press


conference by announcing he was suffering from kidney stones.


Suggestions he has cognac with breakfast. You should be able to


take on someone like that. A cross between Rob Ford and said blatter ``


Seb Blatter. I do not take any issue with anything, but this comparison,


Cameron is becoming the Wayne Rooney all EU politics. Overlooking the


fact that really `` Wayne Rooney scored a goal. That is about all you


can say. I think the Germans have come up with a very good comparison.


The only reason the British press are hacked off is because they did


not think of it. Also, Wayne Rooney is a team player and the manager


probably has some blame to bear in this whereas Cameron is the manager


and the team captain, years everything. `` he is everything. I


cannot cope with any more footballing analogies.


I do not understand all of those analogies. Favours phasing Isa


misery. Red tape faces the launch of the new accounts. It is going to be


easier to transfer things from one form of Isa to another. Misery,


really? If your money goes missing, you will be measurable, but your


money is not going to go missing. That would be rather concerning


effort went into a black hole. That is not what is happening. It is just


that they reckon there may be a deluge of inquiries and it might


take a while to process them. Otherwise we would dig black holes.


I am not being incredibly money minded. I am not understanding how


much you'll lose if for five weeks your ?15,000 does not get interest.


What are we talking about? Between 1% and 2% for five weeks. It is not


a lot. I cannot believe there are millions of people queuing up and


waiting for the 1st of July to be able to open their eyes. Maybe that


is just me. `` open their Isa. Glastonbury storm alert. Two young


women in an unenviable position. I feel sorry for them. If they were


not women, with this picture have any interest at all? How many men


are we going to see over the weekend? Not many, I suspect. We


will do the school works later on at 11:30pm. `` fool works.


Russia has warned of grave consequences following the


signing of an association agreement between the European Union,


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