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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers with this lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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risk of a shower and highs of 23 degrees.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing


us tomorrow. Not the usual time, because of the World Cup, we are


joined by the author Matthew Green and the political journalist and


familiar face Sean Dilley. Let's just have a quick sneak preview at


some of the front pages. A dire warning about the NHS in the


Observer which says that it could collapse within next five years.


Nurses could take on some of the routine jobs like GPs like checkups


for asthma and high blood pressure. The Sunday Times says that Ed


Miliband is under attack from one of his top advisers for not attempting


bold policies. And the Telegraph is of the Duchess of Cornwall, who says


she was moved to tears with pictures of her uncle who died in the battle


of the Somme. We'll start with the Sunday Telegraph and lack of


development in the European Union. You are cowards, EU leaders are


told. After this humiliating defeat. Do think is to humiliating?


A lot of people are saying he was brave. Perhaps humiliating to


manoeuvre yourself into a position in the first phase where you could


publicly backed somebody and then feel isolated and in the corner.


Would he have backed England for the World Cup? Some of the criticism has


come from parties that would have done the same thing, such as labour,


but that's more privately. His representations is that he has two


fight in the domestic front with UKIP and so forth, he wanted to be


able to say he is going to renegotiate with Mr Juncker. He is a


Federalist. Unfortunately, fools rush in, and that's what the Prime


Minister appears to have done. On to have done. Onto the times. Michael


Gove under the ban on school holidays during term time. Court


tests now, says the ban on Sunday Times.


This is an interesting story. This is about a man who took his kids out


of school to attend their memorial service for the great`grandfather in


America and then got ?120 fine. He has taken great exception to this


and is taking a lawsuit under the human rights act. Said should. We


are using the criminal law effectively because somebody has


gone to a memorial service quest among this is not what the criminal


war is about to be used for. You make a mockery of Mr Goh than any


politician when you use the criminal law here. `` Mr Gove. So what you're


saying is it is criminalising parents? More than that. Nobody


respects a law that is useless in reality. Some tour companies are


actually offering the discount that it would cost you on the holiday to


take a child out of term time. Is all very well that this is somebody


who has a lot of resources, who is a high`flying person who can take on a


case like this, but we would like to know how many people out there are


actually taking their children to school now when they might not have


done before as a result of this law. Perhaps there is some digging to be


done on whether it is actually working. We will talk about it more


next time but interestingly it is being looked at. And I have a lot to


say that. Will say that until 11:30pm. We'll just go through few


wallpapers. Cameron warned the NHS is in danger of collapse in the next


five years. I don't know whether people at home feel the same high


way `` the same way. It doesn't seem that a week goes by that there isn't


a story about the NHS facing collapse all being in trouble.


That's because it's a difficult topic, particularly for the


Conservatives, but all politicians. If I said to you, Wi`Fi asked


Matthew, if you had to define the NHS in its point and its purpose,


would you say? Welcomer is obviously to provide everything to everyone.


Isn't it. `` well, it is. Well what we want from our NHS is to mark it


is poorly defined. Do think it's too much? Psion macro yellow


we sometimes lose sight of that. Do think that there is a danger of the


NHS becoming politicised, if it hasn't already quest amuck we hear


this all the time don't we, about how the NHS can be saved and yet the


stories continue. And they are going to. We talked a few weeks ago about


the story on tax avoidance by these huge multinational corporations.


Amazon has been named, Starbucks and others. We should join the dots


here. We should be doing a better job of enforcing tax payments by


these huge multinationals. This would cover that holding a budget


pretty quickly. All we could just give more about nurses. Nurses to


the rescue, says the express. Tell us about this. The idea is to take


some of the strain of the GPs by having the nurses take


responsibility is like diabetes checkups and so on. On the surface


it doesn't sell a cabal idea. It sensible because a any hours are


being used by people who can't get appointments. His one way to take


the burden of GPs. As long as we don't get to a situation where


nurses are being expected to just do this thing, just do that thing, and


effectively become paramedics rather than what they are supposed to do,


which is very important care and monitoring. I just want to squeeze


this in because you know I am a massive Doctor Who fan. New photos


from the BBC. Also on the inside pages as well, a new look at the new


Doctor based on the rock legend David Bowie. At the new Doctor has


even got the David Bowie look with the shirt button right up to the


top. For Time Lord this seems a little in vogue when he aspires to


be travelling to and from places. Family, is only the shirt which is a


likeness to David Bowie. Its inspiration isn't it. He was a big


David Bowie fan, so it's a dream for him. David Tennant 's words to the


producers was as I will take the job as long as I can have a big long


coat. I would say I would do it if I could dress as top gear Stig. Thank


you very much. You stained with BBC for the latest headlines. Next the


weather. `` to stay with BBC. Hello, the forecast over the next


couple of days will see things settling down as we lose the showers


and many places will be dry. There might still be one or two rambling


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